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MaxiClimber Review

The best workouts activate your muscles as much as they work your heart. The MaxiClimber is a new vertical exercise machine that gets your whole body moving to give you an intense effective workout. This machine could become a staple piece in anyone’s workout space.

The device has earned nearly 25k Instagram followers, 69k Facebook followers, and praise from media outlets like NBC, Rolling Stone, and Women’s Health.

My MaxiClimber review will answer the question that’s probably swirling around your brain after reading all that: is this machine all it’s cracked up to be? I’ll cover what makes the device different from other machines, how much it costs, and what people have to say about it. Let’s get moving!

Overview of MaxiClimber

MaxiClimber Review

Many people view cardio exercise and strength training as two mutually exclusive concepts. But what if I told you that they belong together?

MaxiClimber demonstrates that the best workouts are those that work your lungs as much as they do your muscles. It takes influence from the best weight and cardio machines available and combines them into one device.

The MaxiClimber is a low-impact, low-profile, and low-cost exercise machine that strives to make working out as fun and as functional as possible.

This approach can be seen in the way the company designs the product for everyday living. They also make it accessible, shipping every product in a 90% assembled state so that customers don’t have to spend time putting it together themselves.

The machine itself can be folded and stored when it’s not in use. You won’t have to dedicate an entire room in your home just to add the MaxiClimber to your life.

Let’s look at a few key reasons why you should consider adding this product to your life:


  • At-home fitness device that can work your muscles and improve your cardio performance
  • Accessible workouts for different levels of expertise
  • Small footprint allows it to fit in any home
  • MaxiClimber app contains workouts, recipes, and more information
  • Machines arrive in nearly fully-assembled condition
  • Financing payment options available through Affirm
  • Free shipping and handling on some products
  • 30-day return policy

MaxiClimber’s main product is their titular machine which they sell in two versions: the classic device and the extra-large variant. The company also makes accessories that can modify how you use the MaxiClimber device. Let’s explore their products.

MaxiClimber XL Review

This is the largest item I’ll cover in my MaxiClimber review, but it isn’t just its size that makes it an improvement over the original MaxiClimber. The MaxiClimber XL weighs more than its predecessor. This machine supports users who weigh up to 300 lbs and can accommodate users as tall as 6’6”.

This item improves upon the original MaxiClimber in terms of its resistance output. While the first device does not have different resistance levels, the MaxiClimber XL has 12 levels of resistance. This means that you can stimulate your muscles more and engage in a strength-devoted workout.

It also has a few quality of life changes that aren’t as notable as the previous aspects I mentioned but are worth celebrating. It has a dock for your mobile phone, which the MaxiClimber Classic doesn’t, so it’s easier for you to follow along with the brand’s workouts.

There’s also a proprietary water bottle holder. That’s a minor improvement but I love hydration nearly as much as I love to exercise.

You can purchase the MaxiClimber XL for $499. That’s a discount on the regular $549 price.

MaxiClimber Products Review

The next section of my MaxiClimber review will tell you about what else this company has in store for you. Some of these items are accessories to help supercharge your workouts, but the first one I’ll speak about is the machine that put MaxiClimber on the map.

MaxiClimber Classic Review

The MaxiClimber Classic is an ergonomic dream of an exercise device. It takes the best parts of ellipticals, incline treadmills, stair machines, and climbing exercises, and fuses them into one do-it-all machine.

I’ll cover more of the benefits of using this device later, but I wanted to talk about what makes this product worthwhile compared to the larger version.

It has a digital step counter and calorie-burning meter to show you how much progress you’ve made in your workout. It also has handles that are easy to hold but that shouldn’t stick to your flesh or start smelling like bad eggs if your palms get sweaty.

Furthermore, you can fold this device away for easy storage. When collapsed, the MaxiClimber Classic measures only 28.3” by 15.35”, meaning that you should find it easy to store.

This variant can support users who weigh up to 240 lbs and are as tall as 6’2”. The main reason why you’d want to purchase the MaxiClimber Classic instead of the MaxiClimber XL is its price.

This product only costs $299 regularly, but it’s even cheaper if you buy it now. MaxiClimber is currently selling it for $229.

MaxiClimber Waist Trimmer Belt Review

You may not believe that a waist trainer can positively impact your physical fitness, but I wouldn’t have included this item in this MaxiClimber review if I didn’t believe that it could.

No, the MaxiClimber Waist Trimmer Belt isn’t a magic potion that will melt away belly fat while you sit on the couch. What it can do is insulate your waist and abdomen, and the hotter you get the more likely you are to sweat.

Many people don’t realize how much of their body weight is just retained water, and this belt can help you sweat away that water so that your body can burn calories more effectively.

The contrarians reading this MaxiClimber review are probably thinking that they could reap the same benefits by just wearing a heavy sweater. They’d be correct if the only thing this waist trimmer did was help you sweat more.

The Trimmer Belt can also support your lower back by giving it a tighter base. Many people report suffering from lower back pain when they exercise. That pain often comes from underdeveloped core muscles and spinal erectors. So the MaxiClimber Waist Trimmer Belt can also incentivize people to stick to working out by reducing their back pain.

You can purchase it for $20 right now before it returns to its regular $29 price.

MaxiClimber Weighted Vest Review

This weighted vest is the final item I’ll speak about in this MaxiClimber review. What’s the simplest way to make your workouts harder? Make them heavier. That’s easy when it comes to weighted exercises, but is a bit more counterintuitive when it comes to cardio or bodyweight movements.

That’s where the MaxiClimber Weighted Vest comes in. All you need to do is strap it onto yourself and you can feel its effects immediately.

Its purpose is to make you heavier to add more resistance. It’s the same thing as putting a backpack full of bricks onto your back, except that it’s much more comfortable and functional.

You can upgrade your exercises with the MaxiClimber Weighted Vest for $35. You’re going to want to act quickly because this item may return to its $49 price before you know it.

Who Is MaxiClimber For? 

MaxiClimber Review

MaxiClimber has a wide target audience. The device is as good for dedicated fitness enthusiasts as it is for people who haven’t broken a sweat in the past decade and are looking to make some healthy changes. 

I think the MaxiClimber is particularly suited for people with bad backs or weak knees because the machine is low impact and it shouldn’t further damage those body parts.

How Does MaxiClimber Work? 

MaxiClimber Review

Each MaxiClimber machine takes a two-pronged approach to help you improve your fitness levels. It’s as much of a cardio machine as it is a resistance training device. Combining both of those exercise styles helps you achieve a bunch of fitness goals.

The MaxiClimber can help you:

  • Burn calories
  • Lose fat
  • Build strength
  • Stimulate muscle growth
  • Lower your resting heart rate
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Regulate your appetite

Many of these positive effects influence each other. For example, building more muscle through resistance training means that your body burns more calories than it was if you didn’t have as much muscle mass. So not only will you be burning calories by working out, but you’ll be burning more calories after your workout.

The MaxiClimber can provide you with a full-body muscular workout. You’ll be using your lower body on the lower pedals while you pull the upper levers with your arms. This process engages your back, arms, core, shoulders, forearms, glutes, quads, and calves. 

Most full-body resistance exercises are high-impact, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but can damage your joints over time. One shining aspect of the MaxiClimber is that it’s a low-impact device. Your feet don’t leave the pedals, they move them up and down similar to an elliptical. 

So the MaxiClimber is easy on the joints in your lower body, but since you’re working against gravity you should still feel the burn. It’s less taxing than a treadmill because there’s less shock from the movement.

Additionally, the company has a host of different workout programs on its app. You can follow along with their coaches as they take you through routines including;

  • High-intensity interval training (also known as HIIT)
  • Strength training regimens
  • Long-distance endurance workouts

You don’t have to perform their workouts if you don’t want to. You can make your own routines or just give it your all until your body screams out in exhaustion. 

That’s the broad overview of how the MaxiClimber workers! The machine itself is intuitive to use, much like an elliptical. You simply pump your feet while you “climb” the handles. Soon enough you should establish a rhythm that’ll get you sweating like you’re in a sauna with George Costanza.

MaxiClimber Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

MaxiClimber Review

It can be tough to know just how effective a tool is without consulting with real customers, so I looked at MaxiClimber reviews from across the internet to see how the machine performed in real life.

I started with MaxiClimber’s website where I found the following ratings:

  • Overall Score: 5/5 stars from over 1.2k reviews
  • MaxiClimber XL: 4.8/5 stars over 580 reviews
  • MaxiClimber Classic: 4.8/5 stars from 304 reviews

These ratings paint a very positive picture of the products. I read numerous reviews that praised how time-efficient the machine’s workouts were. People could get a solid workout finished in just 15 minutes nearly every day and see results. 

The machine was also applauded for being incredibly easy on their joints, so they didn’t have to recover for as long as they would’ve if they had run on the treadmill or gone to the gym.

Those two points were included in this buyer’s review: “This has given me such an awesome workout in such a short amount of time. It is very stable, I don’t fear falling off of it. Do yourself a favor and just get it already! It only took fifteen minutes to put together and a week to ship after payment.”

Other people loved how convenient the machine was in terms of size and storage. Some of them posted photos of their MaxiClimber beside their ellipticals and treadmills and the size difference was shocking.

People who lived in cramped apartments, dormitories, or other communal living spaces all found the MaxiClimber handy. Here’s how one customer described her love for the machine: “This fits perfectly in my tiny bedroom. It’s quiet. It’s easy to use. And it gives a great workout. No exaggeration.”

I also read some positive testimonials on another popular website, Trustpilot. One person wrote about how they loved the company’s shipping, delivery, and customer service:

“The Maxi Climber XL is a really nice looking product. Assembly was easy (except for the pedal straps), and the company behind the product is great before and after the purchase.”

The final place I looked at MaxiClimber reviews was on Amazon. Customers echoed many of the compliments that other buyers paid the MaxiClimber.

I read many accounts of people losing weight, learning to love exercise, and quickly assembling the device. The MaxiClimber seems to be a new favorite way for people to lose weight and get active in small spaces.

Is MaxiClimber Legit?

MaxiClimber Review

Given how many people said that the MaxiClimber machine provided a stellar workout and arrived in a pre-assembled state, I couldn’t find too many negative MaxiClimber reviews about the brand’s practices. I think that you can trust this brand.

Is MaxiClimber Worth It?

MaxiClimber Review

MaxiClimber’s multi-dimensional approach to home fitness is attractive enough, but the advantages that come from the brand’s generated workouts and the machine’s low-impact nature make us strongly recommend this product.

MaxiClimber Promotions & Discounts 

MaxiClimber Review

If you want to get a MaxiClimber coupon code then jot this down. The company will send you a code for 10% off of your first purchase if you sign up for their email newsletter.

They’ll also send you news about upcoming sales, new products, and blog posts about the best ways to use your new MaxiClimber.

Where to Buy MaxiClimber

MaxiClimber Review

You Can buy the MaxiClimber from the company’s website,, or the brand’s Amazon page.


MaxiClimber Review

Who owns MaxiClimber?

The MaxiClimber brand is owned by General Marketing Solutions, LLC.

Does MaxiClimber ship internationally?

It seems that MaxiClimber does not offer international shipping.

What is MaxiClimber’s Shipping Policy?

Both the MaxiClimber XL and the MaxiClimber Classic are delivered with free shipping and handling. Their accessories come with their own shipping costs.

MaxiClimber claims that it takes them 2 to 3 weeks to process all of their orders. They ship all of their products using ground shipping. As such, they say that they cannot predict how long your order will take to reach you until it is placed.

What is MaxiClimber’s Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 30 days to return any unused or unopened MaxiClimber product to the company for a refund. You will have to fill out a customer service form or contact MaxiClimber directly to start the return process.

How to Contact MaxiClimber

If you have any comments or questions after reading this MaxiClimber review, you can contact the company directly using one of the below:

  1. Phone: (888) 433-9083
  2. Contact Form: Here

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