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About Mushie

Mushie Review

Mushie is an American baby accessory company that sells everything from dishware to swaddling clothes, educational tools, skincare, and essentials. By retailing everything high quality at a low price, this baby brand has risen to success, and is now carried in most big name box stores worldwide.

Their popularity doesn’t end with third party retailers, either. They’ve had features done in countless well-known magazines including Forbes, Influencive, The Houston Chronicle, and Motherly. That, and they’ve collected 1M followers on Instagram—a pretty impressive feat since they only started in 2018.

With such a strong presence in the baby accessory scene, it’s hard not to take interest in what they’re up to. You’re in luck, because in this Mushie review we’re going to take an in-depth look at the company and its policies, customer reviews, and other FAQs you may have to see if their goods are the right fit for your baby and your pocketbook.

Overview of Mushie

Mushie Review

Mushie was launched in 2018 by Levi Feignson and his wife, Mushie, when she was pregnant with their second child. The couple felt there was a lack of affordable, chemical free, washable baby supplies on the market, and wanted to change that.

As a Houston-based company, this baby brand started out small and headed into the big time at lightning speed.

Fast forward a few years later and the success of this company has been met with grand popularity and plenty of fantastic Mushie reviews from happy customers, not to mention their widespread availability

By entering the market with fashionable baby supplies that suit both the aesthetic and the budget of many expecting families, Mushie has succeeded in rising to fame with their Scandinavian-inspired accessories and educational toys.

And if you want more info on what that looks like, keep reading, because while writing this Mushie review we found lots of information on them!

Mushie Review

Before we get into all of the brand’s details, here are some highlights to start us off: 


  • Wide variety of baby products to choose from
  • Free shipping over $50 
  • 10% off first order
  • Silicone products are 100% food grade
  • Toxin & chemical free
  • Some products designed & manufactured in Scandinavia
  • Available in third-party stores
  • Plenty of great Mushie reviews
  • Available in-store or online

You always want the best for your baby, and we get that. Not only should safety be top priority for you but you want to make sure the items can also grow with your child too. 

While this baby company sells virtually ALL things baby (you name it, they’ve got it), in this Mushie review we will focus on showing you the stuff that has been at the core of their sales since they launched this successful baby brand, including bibs, pacifier clips, and dishware that is both practical and educational.

Mushie Bibs Review

Mushie Review

Of course, this Mushie review wouldn’t be complete without a close look at their best-selling products! As a brand that primarily focuses on your baby and growing toddler’s needs, you’re going to want as much information as possible before investing in their learning tools and other fun games. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and collected some vital details.

First, we’re going to check out the Mushie bibs bestsellers category. Here, we’ll graze over some customer favorites for these adorable accessories. Read on to see what we mean!

Mushie Silicone Baby Bib Cambridge Blue Review

The Silicone Baby Bib Cambridge Blue is an easy-to-clean asset for all your baby’s dining needs. With a deep front pocket made to catch every tidbit that slips through your little one’s fingers, this pale blue bib is made of soft food-grade silicone, and is able to be adjusted behind the neck.

As a washable accessory, this bib doesn’t absorb water and dries quickly. Designed in Sweden, these bibs have been created to be both practical and cute, and retail for $13.

Mushie Pacifier Clip Review

Mushie Review

Next up on the list of bestsellers in this Mushie review are their pacifier clips. With numerous functions and designs, these clips will give you peace of mind that your little one won’t lose what’s likely their most comforting soother, and ensures you stay organized while keeping your baby’s accessories adorable, of course.

Mushie Pacifier Clip Cleo Wood Review

The Mushie Pacifier Clip Cleo Wood is an attachable unit that clips to the garments of your little ones so they can keep their pacifier close at hand. Crafted from wooden beads, this vintage-inspired accessory can soothe your baby at all times.

At 8.2” in length, the Cleo makes keeping pacifiers clean and handy a breeze. This natural and eco-friendly clip retails for $15.

Mushie Pacifier Clip Halo Sage Review

The Mushie Pacifier Clip Halo Sage is a non-toxic clip that keeps your little one’s soother within arm’s reach. This 100% food grade silicone clip is crafted from 8.2” of beads, and is BPA free, mold resistant, and lead free to keep your baby safe and healthy.

This Mushie pacifier clip comes in gorgeous vintage colors and retails for $15.

Mushie Snack Cup Review

Mushie Review

The next category for our Mushie review of best-selling products is the snack cup section! As a super popular item, these snack cups are perfect not only to help your baby eat with ease, but to offer them a learning opportunity while they enjoy their food.

It’s no wonder these little marvels are so popular with parents! Let’s take a look and see what they’ve got.

Mushie Snack Cup Cloudy Mauve Review

The Mushie Snack Cup Cloudy Mauve is an easy-clean dish that is made of 100% food grade silicone, which means it’s free from harmful chemicals like PVC and BPA. This cup has been created to reduce spillage and increase motor skills by covering the opening of the cup with soft flaps, encouraging your little one to reach in to pull out their snack.

As a dishwasher-safe asset, this Mushie cup features two handles and comes in some cute earthy colors. It retails for $14.

Mushie Stacking Cups Review

The Mushie Stacking Cups are certainly one of this baby brand’s most popular sellers, and we can see why! Created for children 0-3 years old, these 100% food grade silicone cups come as a set of 8 in a variety of colors and sizes to stack on top of the other. Not only are they great to play with, they offer an engaging game while being easy to clean too.

These Mushie Stacking Cups are made in Denmark, and can be easily washed with soap and warm water. They retail for $15.

Who Is Mushie For? 

Mushie Review

Mushie is for parents, mothers, babys, toddlers, families, educators, and beyond. With a huge selection of toys, comfort tools, accessories, dishware, and educational units, this company can appeal to most folks who are associated to any degree with children. By offering a wide variety of products, they market themselves to everyone.

With affordable baby supplies that are chemical free and easily accessible, Mushie can be purchased by anyone who has the health, education, and safety in mind when it comes to their little ones. If you’re in the market for simple yet stylish everyday toddler and baby items, then look no further than Mushie!

Mushie Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mushie Review

Based on what we’ve shown you in this Mushie review so far, the brand sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it? But, we need to be honest, the only real way you can assess a company is through their real customers and their thoughts. That way, you can have a fully unbiased look at how the company performs in real life. 

Our goal was to showcase every angle of their designs and tell you what happens when their baby gear makes it out of the store and into the home, whether we’re looking at Mushie stacking cups reviews or how their customer service team handles any problems.

For example, on Amazon, Mushie reviews are plentiful on one item alone, Their silicone bib has a whopping 4.9/5 star average, from 18 recent customer reviews. With so many happy customers, it comes as no surprise that this 5-star rave is among them:

“I started feeding baby solids and these bibs are a must have! He is still not sure about solids so he spits lots out and the bottom of the bib catches all of that. It is the easiest thing to clean I just grab a wipe or run it under sink water.”

Mushie Review

The same customer goes on to speak of the impressive durability of the bib:

“I was worried about the buttons on the back breaking they seem very delicate but my husband is not gentle on things like me and just pops the bib off and it has held up great so no need to worry about them! The only thing you have to be careful of is when taking the bib off or carrying the bib after use support the bottom trough because it will spill if you just carry from the top.”

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Mushie has a grand total of 653 reviews and is rated 5/5 stars. That’s a hard rating to get, so it’s pretty impressive to see! Below, we’ve showcased one of the many 5-star customer reviews:

“Mushie hands down has one of the best baby products for dinnerware and teething that is safe for baby, not to mention aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean, for a reasonable price! They also are so friendly and approachable to their customers, one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had.”

Mushie Review

Then, we checked out the review platform, Access Wire, to see what they had to say about this baby brand’s products. There, we found another impressive collection of Mushie feedback. The feature on this website said:

“Mushie products were made to fill the needs of mothers who want to give their children the safest possible products while still enjoying the benefits of top-quality design. Simple products with quality sources that address a market need. Great social media outreach that hits people where they live. That’s what Mushie did right.”

This feature went on to specify how Mushie reached this type of succes:

“With their revenue spiking and their products gaining recognition in stores everywhere, Mushie has managed to carve out a space for themselves rapidly. Those safe, reliable, eco-friendly baby products have put them at the head of the pack.”

When it comes to your little ones, we know that safety and quality is at the top of the list of importance. If Mushie has pretty accessories that don’t function, then you’re going to want nothing to do with them. However, this baby brand has what seems like an unlimited supply of positive feedback.

With real customers which include loving mothers and families giving top notch Mushie reviews, we trust that their baby accessories stand up to every bit of great feedback they’re getting.

Is Mushie Worth It?

Mushie Review

In a sea of baby accessories, it’s sometimes hard to know what to choose, especially when considering the safety, well-being, and overall health of your little one. However, with the chemical-free makeup of all of Mushie’s accessories, plus the addition of education opportunities with so many of their toys and products, it’s easy to get on board.

Since it was a mother designing baby gear for other mothers, it’s no wonder so many great boxes get ticked when reviewing what Mushie’s products have to offer your little ones. An added bonus is simply that they’re totally accessible and affordable. Are they worth it? Yep!

Is Mushie Legit?

Mushie Review

Since 2018, Mushie has been growing exponentially as a company. Starting as a modest start-up side venture for the husband and wife duo, this popular baby brand has grown into a full-sized baby store, and is carried in some of the biggest names in retail worldwide.

Which is why we can confidently say that Mushie is legitimate, with no red flags in sight.

Small startup companies can have a hard time making a name for themselves among all the competition, and the baby accessory market is no different. It’s impressive to note that in only 4 years, this little mom & pop business grew to be a trustworthy, reputable, and well-known company in such a short time.

Mushie Promotions & Discounts 

Mushie Review

Mushie often offers sales, promo codes, discounts, and awesome offers. For example, for International Women’s Day, Mushie is offering 20% off for a limited time, with a promo code found on their website.

They also give first time customers 10% off their first purchase if they sign up for their newsletter, which will also keep you up-to-date with upcoming sales.

Where to Buy Mushie

Mushie Review

While it’s always great to visit the official website of so many retailers, sometimes it’s easier or better for your location (and your wallet) to check out what third-party stores have in stock.

In this case, Mushie sells a ton of their products with third-party retailers, both in-store and online. A few primary store names are listed below:

  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Nordstrom
  • Bambini Fashion
  • Little Minimalist
  • Indigo Books
  • Poshmark
  • Snuggle Bugz


Mushie Review

Who owns Mushie?

Levi Feignson is the owner of Mushie. He co-founded the baby product company with his wife (who is the namesake of the company, as her name is Mushie).

Is Mushie made in China?

Some of Mushie’s baby accessories are both designed and manufactured in Sweden and Denmark, which are the countries that inspired most of the designs for this company’s products. However, some of their items are also made in China.

Does Mushie ship internationally?

Though it doesn’t specify on the site whether they ship internationally, it’s safe to say if you order from the brand’s site, it will only ship within the US. 

But since Mushie products are carried on third-party platforms, even if you’re not a resident of the US, it should still be fairly easy to find their products elsewhere.

What is Mushie’s Shipping Policy?

Mushie ships anywhere in the US for free on orders over $50. The orders will be prepared immediately and be shipped within 3-5 business days of ordering.

Typically, the company uses standard shipping, but expedited and priority shipping methods are also available, and costs for that will be calculated at checkout.

What is Mushie’s Return Policy?

Unhappy with any of the brand’s products? Not to worry, Mushie will be happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days from your order date. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Use their returns portal to initiate the refund.
  2. Provide all the necessary info.
  3. Choose which item(s) you want to return.
  4. After your return is approved, you’ll get an email with further instructions.

All you have to do is make sure the item(s) haven’t been used and are in a resellable condition with their original tags attached. Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping items back for return.

How to Contact Mushie

The two best ways of getting in touch with Mushie can be found below:

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