Nebula Genomics Review

About Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics Review

Nebula Genomics uses Whole Genome Sequencing to give you a comprehensive analysis of your genetic makeup. Unlike other DNA tests, the brand decodes your entire DNA sequence and works well for people of all ethnicities. 

The company has received a ton of attention for their thorough approach to understanding DNA. They’ve landed features in MIT Technology Review, Nature, TechCrunch, CNBC, The Guardian, Fortune, Wired, and many other publications. 

This Nebula Genomics review will provide a comprehensive review of the brand and how their Whole Genome Sequencing works. 

We’ll also look at feedback from customers, information on discounts, and more to help you better understand how their DNA testing works and determine if it’s the right choice for you. 

Overview of Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics Review

You could say the lead researcher, Doctor George Church, has some experience in the field of genetics. As a professor at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, and MIT, he founded Nebula Organics in 2018 with Harvard researchers Dennis Grishin and Kamal Obbad. 

Over the years, Church has received awards for his work in developing genome engineering technologies, such as the 2011 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Sciences. 

Church has co-authored over 550 publications, as well as a book called Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves, and has launched over 20 different companies. 

In other words, Church is responsible for many of the amazing discoveries in DNA sequencing, and Nebula Genomics is using those discoveries and changing the lives of people around the globe. 

Now that you know some more about the experts behind the company, this Nebula Genomics review will highlight their pros and cons: 


  • Thoroughly decodes your entire DNA: 20,000 genes & 6.4 billion DNA base pairs
  • Developed by a team of Harvard researchers & an award-winning genome engineer and professor
  • Provides insight on your health & risks for certain diseases
  • Offers information on every aspect of your body and health, such as a predisposition for ear wax and if your hair is likely to thin
  • Nebula Explore gives you access to weekly reports on new scientific findings & how they apply to your specific DNA
  • The Nebula Genomics crypto security platform keeps your information safe
  • Free shipping and free US return shipping


  • More expensive than other DNA tests
  • Has not yet launched their ancestry service
  • Data can be hard to understand & takes time to explore and interpret
  • Return shipping is not covered for international customers
  • Results can take a long time to come in 

Nebula Genomics gives you an all-encompassing view of your genetic makeup. They sequence every single gene in your body to give you the important information you need to know about your health and ancestry. 

This Nebula Genomics review will fill you in on how their Whole Genome Sequencing works, and what you can expect with their DNA test. 

How Does Nebula Genomics Work?

Nebula Genomics Review

Nebula Genomics uses Whole Genome Sequencing to discover the genetic variation in each and every one of your genes. 

The company offers 30x Genome Sequencing and 100x Genome Sequencing, meaning they sequence your genomes either 30 or 100 times for thorough and reliable results. There is also a 0.4x basic package that analyses only the most essential elements of your DNA.

Whole Genome Sequencing analyzes your entire genome: all 6.4 billion DNA base pairs and 20,000 genes, mitochondrial DNA, and the Y chromosome. In comparison, other brands only look at less than 0.02% of your genetic makeup. 

Once you make a one-time payment for your DNA test, Nebula Genomics will send you your test kit and instructions on exactly what to do. It’s a cheek swab test, so it’s easy to administer. 

Once your sample is collected, package your kit up and send it back to Nebula Genomics. From there, they will send your DNA sample to be sequenced in their Hong Long lab and you’ll have your results in 6-8 weeks

You’ll receive information on your entire genetic makeup, health, and if you’re at risk for certain diseases. Soon, when they launch their ancestry service, information on your ancestral roots will also be available. 

After you get your results, check out the Nebula Explore platform to discover how the latest discoveries in genomic research apply to your DNA results. The company publishes new findings weekly and there’s always something new to learn about your genetic makeup. 

This includes access to premium support from geneticists to answer any questions you may have about the report. 

The Nebula Explore platform also gives you access to tools that help you navigate your Whole Genome DNA Sequencing data. For example, use the Variant Search Tool to search your genome for certain genetic variants you may have. 

Nebula Explore is available as a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription. 

The brand may use your genetic results for scientific research if you so choose. This thorough analysis can scare some people, as it is basically giving up their entire genetic makeup. 

On a positive note, the company puts your privacy first and has partnered with Oasis Labs, a privacy-first cloud computing platform on blockchain technology, to keep their information extremely secure. 

This technology lets you control who can access your data and for what purpose it’s used. Keeping it private is as easy as a click of a button.  

With all of this information at your fingertips, you can learn a lot about yourself and make choices that positively affect your life. 

Now that you know how Nebula Genomics Genome Sequencing works, let’s move on to what’s involved in their DNA Testing service

Nebula Genomics DNA Test Review

Nebula Genomics DNA Testing decodes every single piece of your genetic makeup to give you a complete picture of who you are and where you come from. 

This process decodes your entire genome, providing 10,000 times more data than other popular DNA tests. The company offers 0.4x, 30x, and 100x Whole Genome Sequencing. 

The tests use the same process to uncover information, the only difference is that the 100x helps to uncover deeper, rare genetic mutations. 30x Whole Genome Sequencing is said to be the “current gold standard for genetic testing,” while 0.4x only gives you the highlights. 

Because every letter of your DNA is read numerous times, it creates a huge amount of information that is extremely accurate and provides more reliable results in terms of your genetic traits and ancestry. 

Discover who you are and what makes you tick with the Nebula Genomics Whole Genome Sequencing Test.

How Much is Nebula Genomics?

Nebula Genomics Review

The company has 3 different Whole Genome Sequencing options:

  • The 0.4x Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test: $199
  • The 30x Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test: $299
  • The 100x Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test: is $999 

This is a one-time fee, but the brand also offers a subscription to their Nebula Explore Premium service:

  • Monthly commitment: $20/month
  • Yearly Commitment: $10/month 
  • Lifetime: a one-time fee of $300

Nebula Genomics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nebula Genomics Review

This Nebula Genomics review is certainly impressed by the company and their DNA testing services, but the information is nothing without results. 

So, we took to the internet to find out what customers are saying about the brand and their cutting-edge Whole Genome Sequencing DNA Test. 

Ahead, you’ll find customer reviews sourced from dnaweekly.com, Trustpilot, and producthunt.com, all providing accounts of their personal experiences with what Nebula Genomics tests involve and the data they provide. 

A thorough Nebula Genomics review conducted by Moss Stern of DNAweekly.com gives the full inside scoop on the test. His report reveals the entire findings of his DNA test in comparison to other DNA test services 23andMe and Vitagene. 

Stern’s review starts by pointing out the defining features of Nebula Genomics and what sets them apart from other DNA testing services. He notes that the companys’ results match those provided by other tests, and in some cases, provide more information

His main issue with Nebula Genomics is that the company definitely produces a ton of data, but “it didn’t give me much information I can understand.” 

For him, the less expensive and less thorough options provided “similar information and also told me all about my ancestry, my genetic health risks, my likelihood of being a carrier of various hereditary diseases, and a lot more,” in an easily-read format. 

Nebula Genomics is rated 4.2/5 stars by 333 customers on Trustpilot. Happy buyers write how this service has helped uncover health risks and helped them to understand their genetic makeup. 

One review reads, “This is the best place to find out a lot about yourself! It’s helped my doctor and I diagnose my Crohn’s Disease.” This test has real-world applications that can take the guesswork out of diagnoses.

Most complaints are about the time it takes to receive results: “I sent my kit 4 months ago and no results… There’s no proactive communication about delays and responses are “due to Covid we have delays”. Science might be good, but operations and support are really bad.”

Customer reviews on producthunt.com write of the pros and cons of the Nebula Genomics DNA Test service. 

Some reviews mention the large amount of “raw data” you receive with your results, but for many, that’s something they like about the results – data to uncover instead of being “spoon fed” by other DNA testing services. 

This Nebula Genomics review can see why that’s a good thing, as it puts the power in your hands, letting you take control of discovering exactly what each gene and mutation means, instead of reading a line written out by someone you don’t know. 

One customer whose life was changed by the service wrote, “There is no way I could explain how Nebula impacted my life. Made significant changes in my life based on the data from them. Those changes led to a completely new life for me.” 

The only negative review was about customer service, and they simply ask the company to “try a tiny bit harder to satisfy customer request[s].” 

Well there you have it, it seems as though the science is sound and the process is rigorous, almost to a fault. Although it takes time for customers to get their results, the majority report that they’re happy they took the test in the end.

Is Nebula Genomics Worth It?

Nebula Genomics Review

Originally, we were very intrigued by the information provided about Nebula Genomics Genetic Sequencing on the brand’s website. Upon reading customer reviews about their testing service, our view of the company was muddied, and we began to question if it was worth it. 

Yes, Whole Genome Sequencing is extremely thorough, and yes it can provide more results than other DNA testing services, but what good is that information if the regular person can’t decode the raw data

Now, that opinion would have stuck if Nebula Genomics didn’t provide support to help you with any questions you may have when interpreting your results – and they do. They have geneticists that can help for as long as you’re subscribed to their Nebula Explore Plan. 

This Nebula Genomics review also has to side with one of the customer reviews mentioned in the previous section: decoding your own data is actually a meaningful process and provides a more purposeful approach to understanding your genetic makeup. 

This is much more personal than reading what some person has written about a general trait. 

With that being said, your Nebula Genomics report doesn’t leave you in the dark, as the information they give is very thorough, and we believe you can learn a lot from this service. 

In terms of privacy, a Nebula Genomics Reddit thread stated that the company has better data privacy standards than many other DNA testing services. 

In terms of price, if you get a lifetime subscription to Nebula Explore, your thorough DNA test will cost you a total of $599. This is on par with other Whole Genome Sequencing tests but is naturally much more expensive than other, simpler DNA tests. 

Skeptics can download a Nebula Genomics sample report to see exactly what you’ll get. 

If you’re a hands-on person who wants to take the time to discover your genetic makeup and read about new scientific findings and what they mean to your DNA, this Nebula Genomics review believes this service is worth the buy. 

Nebula Genomics Promotions & Discounts 

Nebula Genomics Review

Currently, Nebula Genomics has a DNA Sale that lets you save $500 on a lifetime membership. 

Sign up for Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics Review

Signing up for Nebula Genomics is simple, just head to nebula.org and follow these steps:

  1. On the homepage, click ‘Get Sequenced’
  2. Choose between 0.4x, 30x, or 100x genome sequencing
  3. Pick whether you would like Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime Access to the Nebula Explore Reporting service
  4. Enter your payment information and you’re good to go!


Nebula Genomics Review

Who owns Nebula Genomics?

George Church co-founded Nebula Genomics with Kamal Obbad and Dennis Grishin. To the knowledge of this Nebula Genomics review, the three own the company. 

Where is Nebula Genomics located?

Nebula Genomics is located in San Francisco, California. They sequence their samples in a lab in Hong Kong but will be offering sequencing in America and Europe in the future. 

Is Nebula Genomics safe?

Nebula Genomics takes your privacy very seriously. They’ve partnered with Oasis Labs to give you access to “cutting-edge privacy-preserving technology.” 

How accurate is Nebula Genomics?

Genome sequencing is said to be more accurate than other kinds of DNA testing on the market, as they analyze 100% of your DNA, whereas other companies only look at an extremely small portion. Typical read accuracy for genome testing is between 90-99%. 

How do I cancel my Nebula Genomics subscription?

To cancel your Nebula Genomic subscription, head to nebulagenomics.com and follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the credit total at the top right of the webpage
  3. Select ‘Edit Profile’
  4. Click on the Subscription tab
  5. Select ‘Cancel Subscription’

What is Nebula Genomics’ Shipping Policy?

Nebula Genomics ships to US and international addresses. Us orders usually ship within 3 business days, and get to you in about 14 business days after that. International orders take about 2-6 weeks to reach their destination. 

Once you’ve collected your sample, US customers will have a prepaid return label that they will need to stick to the box. International customers are responsible for the shipping fees required to send their samples back to the company’s lab. 

The Nebula Genomics address that international customers should send their samples to is,

AKESOgen, Inc. 
ATTN: Nebula Genomics
3155 Northwoods Place
Peachtree Corners, GA 
30071, USA

What is Nebula Genomics’ Return Policy?

0.4x, 30x, and 100x Whole-Genome Sequencing services are non-refundable. If your kit becomes unusable during shipping, Nebula Genomics will send you a new one. All 3 sequencing services come with a subscription called Nebula Explore Premium. 

This service operates as an auto-renewing monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. Once you cancel, you’ll have access to the service for the remaining period until the next billing date only. 

How to Contact Nebula Genomics

If you require any other information that this Nebula Genomics review did not include, you can get in touch with the company by using the Contact Form on their website. 

There is no Nebula Genomics phone number listed online. 

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