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NuBest Tall Review

Nutrition will always play an important role in our lives, but it’s especially crucial for growing children. Unfortunately, the foods that meet these nutritional goals can be time-consuming to make or may just not taste that great. So what do you do? NuBest’s line of products for kids and teens, “NuBest Tall”, offers a robust solution to this dilemma.

Catering to different age groups with varying needs and taste preferences, this brand offers nutritional supplements in the form of multivitamins, capsules, and protein powders, all geared toward supporting healthy bone growth and general development. You can even subscribe and save money on each order as you gradually see the positive changes in your child.

Before we get to all of that, though, here’s what’s in store in this NuBest Tall review. We’ll take a look at their absolute best-selling products and what they contain, see what parents and children alike have to say about the brand, and answer any relevant FAQs along the way. Let’s dive right in.


  • NuBest Tall roster offers a comprehensive line of products designed to round out and boost your child’s nutritional profile
  • The products are filled to the brim with more healthy ingredients and fewer fillers and sugars
  • Subscribe and save 20% on recurring orders
  • Made in the USA
  • Highly rated

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

NuBest Tall Review

NuBest Tall Kids Multivitamins, Chewable Tablets

We’re starting off strong in this NuBest Tall review with the NuBest Tall Kids Multivitamins, Chewable Tablets. These multivitamins are chock full of a host of ingredients that every 2-9 year-old needs for healthy development. 

16 vitamins and minerals make their home in this product and they all work together in order to promote an increase in energy and immune system function, healthy bone growth, and a more robust sense of healthiness and well-being. Best of all, they’re chewable and berry-flavored to make it that much easier to take every day. 

The NuBest Tall Kids Multivitamins, Chewable Tablets contain the likes of B Vitamins, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium, and one 60-tablet container can be yours for a cool $39. Of course, you could always just subscribe and get 20% off with each recurring purchase.

NuBest Tall Protein, Chocolate Shake for Ages 2+

The NuBest Tall Protein, Chocolate Shake for Ages 2+ serves as an excellent standalone item or as a complementary partner to another NuBest product like the NuBest Tall Kids Multivitamins, Chewable Tablets. This protein shake includes a variety of healthy additions to round out your child’s nutritional profile. 

Protein, of course, takes center stage, accompanied by the likes of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, probiotics, and vitamins such as D3 and K2. It also includes less sugar and filler, leaving room for only the best ingredients.

That all sounds well and good, but what can the NuBest Tall Protein, Chocolate Shake for Ages 2+ actually do for your children? How about increased energy and bone growth along with a generous helping of healthier brains, eyes, digestive systems, and immune systems? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Right now, you can grab a 15-serving container of this NuBest Tall shake for $46.

NuBest Tall Protein Vanilla Shake 4+

Picky eaters, those following vegan diets, and vanilla enthusiasts rejoice! The NuBest Tall Protein Vanilla Shake 4+ has all of the health benefits of the brand’s chocolate shake but in an even more accessible format. 

Not only does it taste like delicious vanilla that even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy, but it’s also completely vegan. Your kids can enjoy a wealth of protein, healthy fatty acids, and vitamins for breakfast, after sports, or just as a tasty treat while studying.

The NuBest Tall Protein Vanilla Shake 4+ comes in a 10-serving container for only $36.

NuBest Tall 5+ Capsules

The deeper we get into this NuBest Tall review, the more we wonder if the brand makes equally tasty and beneficial products for adults (spoiler alert: they definitely do). Before we do some personal shopping, let’s take a look at the NuBest Tall 5+ Capsules for children and teens who don’t drink milk daily.

What doesn’t this lactose-free product have? Well, lactose, for one. But otherwise, it’s jam-packed with ingredients that can help promote strong bone development. Collagen, calcium, 5-HTP, and precious herbs are all included for a variety of reasons to the tune of bone growth, improved brain function, and a more robust immune system.

All the goodness of the NuBest Tall 5+ Capsules can be yours for $55 for 60 servings.

NuBest Tall 10+ Capsules

We’re not saying we’ve saved the best for last, but among the best-sellers, this is definitely the best-selling. At the very least, it’s the most reviewed out of the products we’ve featured, clocking in close to 5k reviews, of which 88% gave the NuBest Tall 10+ Capsules a rating of 5/5 stars

But what makes this product so special? Lucky for you, we have the highlights down below:

  • Calcium helps build healthy bones and helps muscles contract
  • Collagen aids in maintaining bone density
  • Vitamin D3 helps absorb the aforementioned calcium while also working with collagen to increase bone density
  • Vitamin K2 tells the calcium to head over to the bones it’s needed in most rather than depositing itself in soft tissue
  • Poria Mycelium can help improve the digestive and immune systems while also promoting better sleep quality
  • Eucommia Bark can boost energy while also strengthening bones

It’s safe to say that it makes sense why this product is so sought after. And with 60 capsules coming in at $55, you can get your hands on the NuBest Tall 10+ Capsules just like that.

NuBest Subscription

NuBest Tall Review

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it sure took a lot of time and logistics to make it happen. Managing your child’s nutritional needs can also feel like an equally monumental task, so not having to worry about ordering extra items each month can make all the difference.

NuBest’s subscription service truly offers the best of both worlds. Not only will you save 20% on each order, but you’ll also rest easy knowing that your children will never have to go without their multivitamins and protein powders. Since supplements like the NuBest Tall product line often take time to work, this is the ideal way to make sure that you’ll see results.

Who Is NuBest Tall For?

NuBest Tall Review

NuBest Tall covers such a wide range of developmental stages that it’s hard to think of what child wouldn’t benefit from the brand’s products. It can sometimes be hard to meet a child’s full nutritional needs through diet alone, so having a helping hand in the form of multivitamins and protein powders can really make all the difference.

NuBest Tall Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

NuBest Tall Review

We’ve taken a look at the products, the ingredients, and the flavors, so it really does seem like NuBest has something phenomenal going on. But are they the (Nu)best? Puns aside, their customers definitely seem to think so. Let’s take a look at what happy parents have to say about NuBest and the best-selling products we shone the spotlight on in this NuBest Tall review.

To start us off, here are the star ratings for the five products we reviewed as collected by, a third-party rating site:

  • NuBest Tall Kids Multivitamins, Chewable Tablets: 4.7/5 stars based on over 2k ratings
  • NuBest Tall Protein Chocolate Shake 2+: 4.76/5 stars based on 276 ratings
  • NuBest Tall Protein Vanilla Shake 4+: 4.76/5 stars based on 139 ratings
  • NuBest Tall 5+ Capsules: 4.63/5 stars based on nearly 2.9k ratings
  • NuBest Tall 10+ Capsules: 4.75/5 stars based on close to 5k ratings

As you can see, those are some pretty stellar ratings across the board. For the NuBest Tall Kids Multivitamins, Chewable Tablets, quite a few reviews sound a little bit like this one: “I see a good change in my little girl. She eats a lot, sleep well and play more. She grows taller and healthier.”

And that’s all you could really want from a multivitamin, isn’t it? The NuBest Tall line is all about helping your child get the nutrients they need and reach their utmost potential in life. Here’s another review to that effect for the NuBest Tall Protein Chocolate Shake 2+: “It is a powerhouse of nutrients. I appreciate that it’s packed with essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, protein, and more to support my kids’ overall health and body development.”

NuBest’s products also seem to be having a positive effect on parents, as well. One parent (of many) had this to say about the NuBest Tall 10+ Capsules: “Witnessing my girl’s remarkable growth journey fueled by this product brings immense joy. The positive impact on her overall vitality is undeniable.” 

Many customers also reported that, besides taking their joy to new heights, NuBest’s products led to increased growth in their children. This sentiment can best be summed with a simple “gained an inch, yay.”

While we did come across a few grumblings about high prices and a lack of observable effects, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, a high price is usually indicative of high quality, and it goes without saying that we only want the highest quality products. Secondly, everybody is unique, so what may work for some may not work for others. The vast majority of reviews did see improvements in their children and were very happy to report that.

All in all, things are looking pretty great for NuBest. Parents and children alike are quite pleased with the effects their products provide.

Is NuBest Worth It?

NuBest Tall Review

Every parent knows the struggle of parenting life; there’s a lot to think about and take care of when it comes to raising a child. Their nutrition and safety take the utmost priority, so a brand like NuBest can work harmoniously with that vision. 

On top of a good diet, if you want to be sure that your child meets their nutritional needs, check out what NuBest has to offer. If you do find anything that catches your eye, subscribing for automated deliveries just means you have one less major thing to worry about, and it’s hard to put a price on that.

Where To Buy NuBest 

NuBest Tall Review

The best place to buy NuBest products is directly on their website. There, you can easily take advantage of their full line of products, discounts, and subscription options. Besides that, be sure to check out their Amazon Storefront, iHerb, and WalMart for more options. 

NuBest Promotions & Discounts

NuBest Tall Review

Right now, you can get up to 25% off when you bundle items. Subscribing to their newsletter also nets you an immediate 15% discount. You can also receive free shipping on US orders over $90. 

The most reliable way to save 20% on each order, however, is to simply subscribe for recurring deliveries. Less hassle and more savings? That’s a win-win in our books.


NuBest Tall Review

Are NuBest Supplements Certified?

NuBest supplements are manufactured in a FDA-registered facility and lab-tested by Bactolac Pharmaceuticals. Products are GMP certified by the NSF International, and also get the NSF’s Certified for Sport®.

Where is NuBest based?

NuBest is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

NuBest Shipping & Returns

NuBest keeps things simple by offering free shipping on US orders over $90. Otherwise, shipping rates depend upon location (whether domestic or international). Here are the estimated delivery times:

  • Free Standard Shipping: 5-7 business days
  • Standard Shipping: 3-4 business days
  • Priority Express Shipping: 2 business days
  • International Standard Shipping: 11-20 business days
  • Express Worldwide Shipping: 7-10 business days

Certain international locations can also qualify for free shipping depending on the amount spent. 

As for returns, you can take advantage of NuBest’s generous 30-day money-back guarantee for a refund or to exchange a product. All you have to do is email [email protected] within 30 days of the delivery date and the brand’s customer service team will help you with the rest of the process.

How to contact NuBest

If you have any questions after reading this NuBest Tall review, feel free to send the brand an email at [email protected] or [email protected] depending on your location. You can also fill out their Contact Form and they’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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