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Outlaw Soaps Review

Outlaw is a young company with big dreams — it’s the new kid in town, ready to take on the endless competition in the soap market. And if you’re looking to disrupt that space, you’ll definitely have to be an outlaw to do it. 

In its lifetime, Outlaw has been seen in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Esquire, and Bored Panda, and has a whopping 25k followers on Instagram. Perhaps it’s the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients, their ethical and environmental practices, or maybe it’s as simple as making a difference with their fragrances, branding, and attitude.

Whatever the reason, the company is not to be messed with — they’re serious, and seriously fun. This Outlaw Soaps review will give you a better idea of why they’ve been victorious in their business, and let you decide if you want to smell like cloves, whiskey, and cinnamon, or be a part of their scrappy fight to become a leader in the soap industry.

Overview of Outlaw

Outlaw Soaps Review

Founded in 2013 by Danielle and Russ Vincent, who were exhausted with the grind of city life, and decided to move to the American outback (Sparks, NV to be exact) and try their hand at entrepreneurship. Their mission was to create something unique, different, edgy, and fun. And that’s exactly what they did.

With values set in ethics and environmental practices, this small American business has a ton of personality, just like their products. In a few years, Outlaw has climbed to the top of the food chain quickly, with plenty of great reviews, features, and interviews with well-known periodicals, journals, and personalities.

From their branding to their fragrances, Outlaw embodies a sassy and sultry persona, true to its owners, whose sense of humor and friendliness has driven the company forward.

While this company’s bottom line is enough of a reason to invest in their products, here’s a quick list of highlights to complete this Outlaw Soaps review and convince you of their worth:


  • Ships internationally
  • Made in the US
  • Quick delivery (within the US only)
  • Ethically made and cruelty-free
  • Uses recyclable packaging
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Uses fragrance oils for powerful scents
  • ShopPay payment plans available
  • Subscribe and save 25%
Outlaw Soaps Review

You’ve gotta admit, these highlights almost make you want to yell ‘YEE-haw!’, don’t they? Well hang in there, because on top of the perks of this Outlaw Soaps review, we’re also going to dig into the brand’s customer favorites and go into detail on some of their top products below.

Outlaw Review

Outlaw has plenty to offer in terms of soaps, colognes, lotions and body washes. Due to their large catalogue, it can be overwhelming to decide which scent or product you might want to pick. And that’s why this Outlaw Soaps review includes a list of best sellers — to show you what their customers are going crazy for.

Outlaw Solid Cologne Samples Review

The Outlaw Soaps Solid Cologne Samples is a collection of the brand’s favorite scents, in half ounce containers. These are perfect for sampling smells, to figure out which cologne you might want to commit to, wear for different moods, or as gifts to friends — together, you can throw on a scent and be an outlaw gang.

The sample set contains 5 scents: Calamity Jane, Fire in the Hole, Blazing Saddles, The Gambler, and The Badlands. All are made up of natural ingredients, including beeswax and grapeseed oil. Each scent comes in a 0.05 oz container, retailing for $23.

Outlaw Fire In The Hole Handmade Campfire Soap Review

The Outlaw Soaps Fire in the Hole Handmade Campfire is a rich bar of soap with a scent reminiscent of standing around a campfire. Made with all-natural ingredients in a cruelty-free manner, the soap has a rugged and adventurous vibe, and will awaken your badass self.

Coming in a nearly 4 oz bar, it’s a combination of olive and avocado oils with an addition of artificial smoky fragrance, the Fire in the Hole soap is naturally scented, smelling of gunpowder, whiskey and campfire, and is definitely something you won’t find in the drugstore. It retails for $8.

Outlaw Blazing Saddles Handmade Soap Review

If you’re about to embark on a great crusade to get rid of runaway decency in the west, you’ll need this Blazing Saddles Soap by your side. With all the perks of its fiery brother above, it combines sandalwood, sagebrush, and leather to give Mel Brooks a run for his money.  

Packed in recyclable materials, this almost 4 oz bar is made of natural ingredients, including coconut and castor oils. Step into the shower with this bad boy and you’ll emerge feeling like the Waco Kid. This handmade soap retails for $8

Outlaw Blazing Saddles Western Solid Cologne Review

Even when you’re headed nowhere special, it’s best to be packing a scent like the Outlaw Soaps Blazing Saddles Western Solid Cologne. This little pocket-sized bit of manly heaven is made from beeswax, vitamin E, and cocoa butter, this leather and gunpowder-scented solid cologne will keep you smelling irresistibly slick.

The bonus of this cologne is its easy-to-pack size and profile. Since it’s a solid cologne, it can be taken anywhere, unnoticed, and won’t give you any trouble — unlike some of the folks you might run into out there. The Blazing Saddles Western Cologne comes in a 1 oz tin, retailing for $22.

Outlaw Blazing Saddles Natural Body Wash Review

You may want to loosen your bullets with this Outlaw Soaps Blazing Saddles Natural Body Wash, as it’s a fresh, sudsy experience for your skin, bottled up in a perfectly sized 8 oz container. With a scent of sandalwood and gunpowder along with a blend of olive and sunflower oils, this soapy Outlaw body wash will leave you feeling cool and clean.

Even doubling as a shampoo, this Blazing Saddles Body Wash retails for $13

Outlaw Calamity Jane Lotion Review

The Outlaw Soaps Calamity Lotion is a sassy lotion that’s made from natural ingredients meant to keep you smooth and suave – just like this scent. Calamity Jane lotion has a light but bold perfume, smelling of clove, orange, and cinnamon. It’s a trio of qualities you won’t want to mess with. 

It may be made from sugar and spice and everything nice, but let’s be real, legends aren’t made from being too sweet. With a hint of fieriness, the Calamity Jane Lotion comes in an 8 oz bottle, and is a combination of natural ingredients, including avocado oil, sweet almond, and cocoa butter. It retails for $16

Outlaw Handmade Soap Subscription: Try 2 Scents Every Month Review

The Outlaw Soaps Handmade Soap Subscription is about as awesome as it sounds– and it’s a great ‘valentine’ to pass on around Cupid’s day! If you’re all about trying out different scents for various moods, then you’ve got to sign up for this. 

When you subscribe to this monthly soap offer, you’ll receive two different scents every single month. That’s a full bar of cold processed soap, handmade with the same all-natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including avocado, castor, and sunflower oils. 

With scents we’ve mentioned previously, including Calamity Jane, Blazing Saddles, and Fire in the Hole, you won’t want to pass up on this offer– especially if you’re buying for someone who’s signature scent is “adventure”. 

At $12 (down from $16) a month, you can even have your crush build a customized subscription that sends Outlaw soaps, lotions, body washes, air fresheners, and colognes at whatever frequency is right for them.

Who Is Outlaw For? 

Outlaw Soaps Review

Outlaw Soaps are not average, and therefore they are feared towards people who live outside the box. The brand’s soaps are created with a sassy, daring edge, plus their provocative, playful branding that speaks to a crowd of cowpokes who want something different

With their earthy, bold scents and in-your-face designs, Outlaw Soaps is not to be messed with. However, despite their badass branding, they come across as a fun and friendly company! With their environmentally friendly and cruelty-free practices, and personable customer service, they’re here for you if you want to give them a try.

Is Outlaw Soaps Natural? 

Outlaw Soaps Review

Darn tootin’ they’re natural. One of the biggest bragging rights featured in this Outlaw Soaps review is respect for their commitment to all-natural ingredients, including their fragrances and oils. Unlike their competitors, the company regularly uses olive oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond, caster oil, grapeseed oil, and sunflower oil, among other ingredients.

They also boast that their use of scents is unlike any other. Instead of essential oils, they infuse their soaps and products with fragrance oils, giving an honest and inspiring edge to Outlaw Soaps.

Outlaw Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Outlaw Soaps Review

Since Outlaw Soaps is such an outlandish and unique brand, bringing wildly popular products and fragrances right to your door, it might be nice to know what happens after your soap suds arrive. Will you love smelling like gunpowder and leather? Well luckily, there’s a ton of Outlaw Soap reviews out there, letting you know what customers think.

For a quick look at some of the more popular reviews, check out this list:

  • Fire in the Hole Soap: 680 reviews, 4.5/5 stars
  • Calamity Jane Body Lotion: 686 reviews, 5 stars 
  • Hair of the Dog Body Soap: 200 reviews, 4.8/5 stars
  • The Gambler Solid Cologne: 189 reviews, 4.7/5 star 

To get an idea of how Outlaw Soaps are doing in winning customers over with their products and service, check out a 5-star rating (out of the 167 reviews) on TrustPilot: 

“Clean and fresh. Best sundries available anywhere! The lather of the soap and body wash is rich and creamy. Smells wonderful, natural not fru-fru. The spray cologne comes on kinda strong but mellows to a long-lasting subtle scent.”

The same customer goes on to speak highly of some other Outlaw Soap products:

Candles are very fragrant and slow-burning. Lotion is light and creamy, not greasy. The beard elixir is perfect conditioning for all my hair. Easy to budget the most flexible subscriptions. Also lots of bonuses and free samples. Not to mention exceptional customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Oh and you can feel great about supporting a small American company.”

An Outlaw Soaps review found on the GN Guide platform was stoked on what Outlaw has to offer: “I have to say we have come to really admire Outlaw soaps for their uniqueness; they’re not trying to be anything they’re not, they’re not trying to fit into the status quo; you either love their brand or you don’t – end of story!”

On Amazon, we came across another Outlaw Soaps review, boasting about its variety and uniqueness, giving a 5-star rating out of nearly 1000 reviews: “Beautiful colors. Great scent! Lasted a good long while. Gunpowder was a surprisingly pleasing scent.”

An added bonus? Personalization: “What I liked most of all was the awesome, personal shipping. There are so many soaps out there that seem mass produced. This didn’t. It seemed more personal, came with a note inside, and just felt like I was buying something that was crafted with thought and love. Would make for a good gift. Definitely will purchase again.

Today, there’s about a billion soaps out there to choose from, so it’s easy to ask yourself what makes this brand so different. Well, this collection of Outlaw Soaps reviews should give you a little insight. Not only are their products made in the US, coming in unique scents and packaging, they’re a badass, scrappy little company, too.

Overall, customers enjoyed the unique smells of campfire and gunpowder suds on their skin, and you might, too.

Is Outlaw Worth It?

Outlaw Soaps Review

There’s nothing we could dig up on these outlaws that would dissuade us from trying out their cool, edgy, and uniquely marketed products. Why would we want to smell like leather and grass, you ask? Well, if you’re tired of all the recycled scents on the market, then you may just want to change things up with this company. 

Between their scrappy yet friendly services and their badass collection of scents and packaging, there’s nothing to dislike. The bonus of Outlaw Soaps is their commitment to natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

What you’re putting on your body should be just as friendly for your skin as it is for the earth, and that’s what Outlaw Soaps specializes in. That, and being super, crazy distinctive. We love different, and so, we love this brand and give it a positive Outlaw Soaps review, and we hope you do too!

Outlaw Promotions & Discounts 

Outlaw Soaps Review

Outlaw Soaps has done something entirely different for their customers to receive a discount. They’ve added a “Scent Quiz” that gives their customers 20% off their first order, and matches them with a fragrance. Such a fun and interactive way to earn a discount!

The brand also offers discounts when you sign up for any subscription services, and gives military personnel, first responders, teachers, and medical workers Outlaw Soaps discount codes to use.

Where to Buy Outlaw

Outlaw Soaps Review

For top opportunities on subscription offers and discounts, the company website is the best way to get your hands on the widest variety of products and shipping options. In addition, they sell their products online or in-person at the following stores:

  • Amazon
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • Tru Western


Outlaw Soaps Review

Who owns Outlaw?

The founders and current owners of Outlaw Soaps are Danielle and Russ Vincent, who started the company in 2013.

Where are Outlaw made?

For the good of this Outlaw Soaps review and the product, we’re happy to report that all of their soaps are made in the US. They’re also cruelty-free, packed in recyclable materials, and made of natural ingredients. 

Does Outlaw ship internationally?

As a matter of fact, they do. While they can’t guarantee shipping providers, delivery times, or shipping costs, they will work with you to get your Outlaw Soap out the door and into your shower. All they ask for is your patience in working together to figure out how to best deliver.

What is Outlaw Shipping Policy?

Outlaw Soaps shipping policies vary per package — they’re about as spontaneous as their product. The price of each delivery depends on the shipping provider and speed you choose at checkout, in addition to the weight of your package.

Don’t worry, you won’t be spending a fortune. Shipping costs are pretty reasonable, unlike your typical outlaw. Regardless of weight or carrier company, Outlaw Soaps tries to have your package delivered to you within 1-4 business days, so long as it’s within the US.

What is Outlaw’s Return Policy?

Outlaw Soaps makes it pretty darn easy to return their goods. If you aren’t a fan, reach out to the brand through email at [email protected]. And, they’ll even cover the cost of shipping it back to them. They don’t appear to have a cut-off window to work within, so you don’t have to decide right away.

How to Contact Outlaw

There are a few ways you can get in touch with Outlaw, as per the list below:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Call: 1 (877) 929-9359
  3. Contact form

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