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PackHelp Packaging Design Review

Whether you operate your business completely online or in the bricks-and-mortar world, product packaging is a key arrow in your marketing bow.

One of the major stumbling blocks for businesses, especially start-ups, is where to get high-quality, customizable packaging. This is where PackHelp comes in.

The company makes a range of boxes, bags, and envelopes to which you can add your desired colors, text, images, and logos to create one-of-a-kind, stand-out packaging.

Our PackHelp packaging design review found features in business publications and industry leaders like Deloitte, Ecotextile News, and TechCrunch. The brand also numbers 25K+ followers on Instagram and 22K+ on Facebook.

So what’s got people so hyped up about boxes? This PackHelp packaging design review will take a detailed look at some of the bestselling products and examine customer ratings to let you know if this is the packaging solution for you and your business.  

Overview of PackHelp

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

PackHelp was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2015 by a six-person team led by Wojtek Sadowski, who serves as the company CEO. The company makes beautiful, personalized packaging for all types of businesses, offering a range of options including bags, envelope-type mailers, and die cutting boxes

Every item is completely customizable, allowing clients to add everything from brand colors to logos, images, and text. PackHelp packaging is also highly sustainable and eco-friendly, which is a major benefit as more and more businesses look to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Recycled materials are used to make many items, and the vast majority of packaging is biodegradable or compostable. PackHelp also follows clean air policy and responsible employment standards, and produces packaging locally where possible. 

PackHelp packaging for small business customers is also available, and the brand offers samples so you can try before you buy. They even post unboxing videos on YouTube to show you what to expect and how your products will look in its boxes. 

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

This PackHelp packaging design review will now go over some highlights of the company: 


  • Vast range of packaging options, including boxes, bags, and envelopes
  • All packaging is 100% customizable
  • Extras, like customizable tape, are also available
  • Options for all types and sizes of businesses
  • Discounts offered for repeat customers 
  • Amazing customer reviews 

PackHelp Sustainable Packaging Review

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

From mailing envelopes and PackHelp product boxes to extras like tape and tissue paper, the brand has the solution for your packaging needs.

All PackHelp eco-friendly packaging features some, if not all, of the following sustainability elements: 

  • Biodegradable 
  • Compostable
  • Certified wood
  • Plastic-free

Do note that all PackHelp packaging is to order, and pricing gets determined by your design and order size. This customized service means that there are no fixed prices for products. To get a better idea of what your personalized order will cost, get in touch with PackHelp for a quote

With those up-front details out of the way, this PackHelp packaging design review will now take a more in-depth look at some of the brand’s bestselling products. 

PackHelp Classic Product Box Review

Need boxes for packaging goods in your retail store? Then you’ll definitely want to take a look at the PackHelp Classic Product Box. These PackHelp packaging boxes are top-opening and use thin but sturdy printed cardstock in white or natural kraft. 

You can add your store’s color, pattern, text, or logos to the outside of these boxes. The inside can also be in any CMYK color you like. All colors are applied using high-quality digital print, which means they will come out super-vibrant and won’t fade. 

The attractive design of the PackHelp Classic Product Box also makes it ideal as an attention-grabbing in-store display piece. Minimum order quantity is 1,500 units. 

PackHelp Full Color Mailer Box Review

The PackHelp Full Color Mailer Box is an ideal choice for those who send their products through the mail and want their packaging to pop. These PackHelp product boxes are made of corrugated cardboard coated with premium paper, which makes them sturdy enough to withstand all the bumps and battering that boxes can take in the post.

PackHelp uses the CMYK color palette, which allows you to print your boxes in a range of vibrant colors. You can also add a final touch of sparkle with a glossy or matte foil finish. Whether you want packaging in your brand colors or simply want to add some colorful fun to your box design, the PackHelp Full Color Mailer Box is the product to choose! 

This PackHelp mailer box is available in 12 standard sizes, and custom sizing is also available on request. Minimum order size is 2,500 units for standard sizes, and 1,000 units for a custom size.  

PackHelp Custom Rigid Box Review

This PackHelp custom product packaging is an ideal choice for brands selling high-end goods. The PackHelp Custom Rigid Box comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can add any patterns, colors, images, or text you want to make this box super on-brand and exactly what you want your customers to see. 

For an added touch of elegance, you can add on foil stamping, UV finishes, or embossing. And don’t let the pretty face fool you: these boxes are tough enough to take whatever is thrown at them (or wherever they’re thrown) and to keep your business’ products safe and secure inside.

This box is generally a little more expensive than other PackHelp custom shipping boxes, but it’s totally worth it for the incredible experience it will bring to your clients. Minimum order size is 1,000 units. 

PackHelp Magnetic Box Review 

Your packaging says a lot about your brand. If you’re looking to make a big impact on your customers, then the PackHelp Magnetic Box is for you. This sleek box features a magnetic hinged closure so that the lid simply snaps shut, instead of having to be tucked in as with regular cardboard boxes. 

Made of premium solid cardboard, this elegant PackHelp product boxing solution is perfect for jewelry and high-end cosmetics. With a classy enough design and presentation, these boxes can become keepsakes in their own right, and your customers can store your products in them for the long haul.

Minimum order quantity is 1,000 units. 

PackHelp Plain Shipping Box Review 

Sometimes it’s best not to complicate things, and just go with a tried-and-true classic. The PackHelp Plain Shipping Box is a must if you’re shipping large and/or fragile orders. It’s sturdily built and large enough to fit multiple products, plus protective packaging if needed. 

The Plain Shipping Box can hold up to 20kg and is made from strong corrugated cardboard. Bonus: the cardboard is recycled and recyclable, making this box as eco-friendly as it is functional.

Custom sizing is available, and the minimum order is 1,500 units. 

PackHelp Printed Paper Bags Review 

PackHelp isn’t just about boxes! If you use bags in your retail store, they have awesome products for you too. PackHelp Printed Paper Bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable themselves, making them an ideal choice for brands with an eco-friendly commitment. 

PackHelp Printed Paper Bags are available in white or brown, and can feature any logo or text you like. Even the bag’s handles can be customized to a color of your choice. Best of all, the printing on these bags is done with water-based inks, making them completely environmentally friendly.

These bags can hold up to 3kg, and are available in six sizes. Minimum order quantity is 5,000 units. 

PackHelp Classic Poly Mailer Review 

Rigid boxes aren’t the right solution for all packing needs. That’s why PackHelp also makes high-quality envelope-like packaging, such as the Classic Poly Mailer. Perfect for products that are light and unlikely to get damaged in the mail, these lightweight PackHelp mailing bags will still protect their cargo from environmental damage like rain or dust.

The PackHelp custom poly mailers feature two sealing strips, and they can be adorned with your logo, brand elements, or whatever other designs you like.

Available in white, black, or transparent as per your preference, the minimum order quantity is 20,000 units. 

PackHelp Custom Tissue Paper Review

Whether you need to protect what you’re shipping, want to bundle up in-store purchases in cute gift wrap, or are looking to add a bit of extra detail, PackHelp Custom Tissue Paper works for a variety of needs. You can choose from a range of Pantone Palette colors and other design elements, including polka dots, rain clouds, and diamonds. 

PackHelp Custom Tissue Paper is soft to the touch and eco-friendly to boot. Let your imagination or whimsy run wild and give that extra loving touch to your product packaging. Minimum order is 20,000 units. 

PackHelp Packaging Tapes Review

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect packaging box, you’ll need a way to seal it. That’s where PackHelp Packaging Tape comes in. Waterproof and super-secure, this tape is designed to fit in a 50mm tape gun, which makes sealing up your packages easy. 

This isn’t just any tape though: PackHelp will print your branding and logo on it to ensure all elements of your packaging are consistent, no matter what items you’re shipping. PackHelp Packaging Tape is available in white and brown, and minimum order quantity is 5,550 units. 

PackHelp Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

This PackHelp packaging design review will now take a look at what customers have had to say about the brand and its packaging solutions.

PackHelp gets an overall “Excellent” Trustpilot rating of 4.3/5 stars based on 556 reviews. Buyers love the brand’s amazing customer support and the quick delivery of their orders. The competitive pricing is another plus.

One satisfied customer leaves the following glowing review summing up the general feeling: “It was just a great experience: products are awesome and prices are very competitive! Customer service is available to help and support anytime! I am about to reorder: Definitely recommended!”

Another customer seconds that emotion, saying, “Absolutely fantastic company with phenomenal customer service. Thank you guys again for the beautiful wine boxes. PackHelp is an absolutely brilliant company with stellar packaging and excellent customer service.” 

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

This 5-star reviewer appreciated the great support she received and the fact that you can get PackHelp samples before ordering: “Customer Support has been second to none! Not only is it prompt, none of my demands were too much. I received customized sales sample packages which enabled me to evaluate the different options.”

As PackHelp is all about personalized branding, it’s important to know what clients think about the company’s packaging design. Short answer: extremely pleased. One buyer noted how PackHelp designs are “Professional and easy to create! I always design my company packaging with them and all my clients are really impressed.”

I was delighted with the quality of the finished product,” noted another commenter, adding, “the quality of their ink and materials is second to none.” 

Inevitably, there were a handful of customers who were not quite so satisfied with their experience with the brand. Negative comments mention delivery delays and issues with damaged products.

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

While these are legit complaints, it must be noted that the positive reviews greatly outweigh the negative. Customers love PackHelp’s high-quality packaging, quick delivery, and the outstanding customer support they receive. The fact that PackHelp replies to all negative reviews, apologizing and trying to fix the issue, is also to the brand’s credit. 

Is PackHelp Worth It?

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

Committing to a new packaging supplier is a big deal. Choosing the wrong partner can cost your business time and money, and nobody wants that.

Luckily, PackHelp offers a vast range of packaging options, and gives you the ability to add any design to them you like. Overall, clients appear to be extremely satisfied with both the products they’ve purchased from the brand, and the company’s attentive customer support. 

With those two simple facts stated, it seems like something of a no-brainer for this PackHelp packaging design review to conclude that the brand is indeed worth it. No matter what type of packaging your business needs and what design elements you’d like, PackHelp can get it done. 

Some things to keep in mind are that you’ll need to contact PackHelp for a quote, and that minimum order quantities can range from 1,000 to 5,000 units plus. If you’re ordering from outside of the EU, you may also incur customs fees, so factor this into your pricing analysis. 

Ultimately, if you choose PackHelp to be your packaging supplier you should get incredible designs that meet your specifications and will wow your clients! 

PackHelp Promotions & Discounts 

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

This PackHelp packaging design review could not find any current deals or promo codes at the time of writing.

PackHelp does offer discounts to returning customers, though, so if you plan to work with the brand for the long term you’ll likely benefit from savings. Customers may also benefit from quantity discounts if placing large orders. 

Where to Buy PackHelp

PackHelp Packaging Design Review

You can buy PackHelp products through the brand’s website, As all pieces are custom and made-to-order, the brand does not have retail partners at this time.  


PackHelp Packaging Design Review

Where is PackHelp based?

PackHelp is based in Warsaw, Poland. The company services clients around the globe. 

How do I order a custom box?

If this PackHelp packaging design review has encouraged you to purchase from the brand, then follow these steps to order PackHelp custom packaging boxes for yourself or your company. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Start Designing” 
  3. Search through the vast collection of boxes, bags, and mailers 
  4. Choose the packaging you want 
  5.  Add the design you’d like (colors, text, images, and logos) using the Box Editor tool 
  1. Click “Get a Quote” to find out what your perfect packaging order will cost
  2. Add the dimensions, number of units, and finish you want, then click “Continue”
  3. Choose your shipping location, add any extra notes you may have, or upload relevant files for PackHelp’s reference (e.g., your packaging design)

Once you submit your request for a quote, someone from the PackHelp team will get back to you, and then they’ll get to work on your beautiful new packaging. 

What is PackHelp’s Shipping Policy?

As with its product prices, PackHelp shipping costs vary. The cost and expected delivery time depend on your location and what your order consists of. 

PackHelp does ship to most countries, but anyone outside of the UK and EU must contact them directly for a shipping quote.   

All items get delivered flat for self-assembly. You will receive an email when your order gets shipped. 

What is PackHelp’s Return Policy?

As all PackHelp boxes are made to order, returns and exchanges are not accepted. If you are not satisfied with your order, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to and select “Something’s wrong with my order” 
  2. Use the contact form to file a complaint and send a detailed message about your issue 
  3. You’ll receive an automated email that acknowledges that PackHelp received your complaint, and a customer service representative will follow up with you in 3 business days

Where possible, PackHelp will resolve the issue and reprint and resend boxes if warranted. 

How to Contact PackHelp

If you have further questions after reading this PackHelp packaging design review, you can contact the brand via its online contact form and messaging system online.

PackHelp’s customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm CET (Central European Time).

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