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Peacock Alley Review

After a long day of work, errands, and other daily responsibilities, how amazing does it feel to fall into a cloud of comfortable bed linens? Trying to find good bed sheets isn’t as easy as you’d think, which is why you’re likely reading this Peacock Alley review.

Peacock Alley is a family-run company that offers high-end bedding and bath linens. A pioneer of the luxury linen industry, the company has been successfully helping customers catch their zzz’s for nearly 50 years.

Luxury linens are definitely a thing, based on the fact that this brand has 17.8k followers on Instagram, and being featured in notable publications such as Bloomberg and CNN. It’s pretty obvious that many people want to just slide into some comfy sheets when they’re ready to lay their heads down to sleep. 

In this Peacock Alley review, we’ll dig deep into the brand including a few of their best-selling product options, their company policies plus some customer reviews to help you determine whether or not this brand is really worth the buy.

Overview of Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley Review

Founded in 1973, Peacock Alley is the brainchild of Mary Ella Gabler. The company emerged after Gabler had the opportunity to sell 250 patchwork pillows to Neiman Marcus for its legendary Fortnight gala. From there, the brand came to life. 

The reason behind the outlandish name was to pay homage to an historical space at the Waldorf Astoria, where rich people would get together during the 1900s. Peacock Alley’s linens aim to recreate this history of indulgence that, once upon a time, only the elite could enjoy. The feeling of coming home and resting your head on what can only be compared to a luxury hotel bed.

According to their website, the linens are “made with fabrics sourced from the finest – and most responsible – mills in Portugal as well as around the world.” The linens are then sewn in their Texas factory by artisans from the local community.

As a family-run business, the company also embodies tradition, making sure no one is excluded. In fact, Peacock Alley works in partnership with the non-profit group, Dwell with Dignity, as their source for linens to help people who are dealing with homelessness.

Peacock Alley also offers wholesale orders and has many longstanding partnerships within the hospitality industry. Before we dive into bed with the rest of the review, let’s take a look at some of the company’s highlights: 


  • Luxurious bedding and linens
  • Peacock Alley Perks rewards program
  • Partners with organizations from the community
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Great reputation of 50 years
  • Amazing reviews
  • Affirm payment plans available
  • Free shipping and returns (US only)
Peacock Alley Review

Perhaps you’ve been coveting your friend’s linens and wondered whether those same luxury sheets can benefit your own home. Well, this Peacock Alley review is here to show you how these linens might fit into your own aesthetic. 

Below, we’ll go over all of the brand’s bestsellers, from Peacock Alley bedding to their towels, showcasing what this company does best. Let’s slip into some luxury, shall we? 

Peacock Alley Bedding Review

Since looking for quality bed sheets is never easy, we’ve compiled this comprehensive Peacock Alley review of some of their best-selling products to date.

First, let’s get into their bedding collections so you can see for yourself if these Peacock Alley sheets can offer you the good night’s sleep you’ve been craving.

Peacock Alley White Goose Down Pillow Review

The first step to creating a night of perfect sleep is with the right pillow. Whether you lay your head on it or wrap your arms around it, nobody likes a lumpy, disproportionate pillow.

The Peacock Alley White Goose Down Pillow is carefully constructed with responsibly-sourced white goose down from Europe. You get the option of choosing between medium and firm to better optimize your resting needs.

Each pillow comes with a removable 400 thread count pillow protector made from sateen so it won’t get ruined in the wash. Available in both standard and king-sized, the Peacock Alley White Goose Down Pillow ranges from $270-$395, depending on your preferred size and type.

Peacock Alley All Seasons Cotton Blanket Review

The Peacock Alley All Seasons Cotton Blanket offers the exact level of coziness you look for in a blanket so we’re not surprised it’s one of their best sellers. Versatile in design, there’s a reason they call it the “all seasons” blanket. It’s soft and plush enough for an added layer in the winter yet lightweight enough to keep you comfy in the spring.

Made entirely from cotton that feels impossibly soft, this blanket features a beautiful border to keep the edges from fraying. Coming in a wide range of sizes — from crib-sized to super king — the colors are available in seven soothing shades, including: blush, flint, and natural.

The Peacock Alley All Seasons Cotton Blanket retails between $75-$290, depending on the size. Unfortunately, not all colors may be available in every size.

Peacock Alley Sheets Review

Bedding is never complete without some comfortable sheets under the blanket. There are some sheet sets out there that don’t understand the importance of fabrication or thread count, focusing solely on appearance. That’s why this Peacock Alley review has looked into some of the brand’s best-selling sheet sets below, and how you can get the best looks and feel all in one.  

Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheet Set Review

If you’re at all familiar with the brand, there’s no way we’d do a Peacock Alley review without the honorable mention of the Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheet Sets.

These sheets are a staple in the Peacock Alley product line, and people have been raving about their quality and “buttery soft feel.” Made from 100% cotton, they’re built to last and provide a luxurious rest for anyone’s weary head.

Each set includes a flat and fitted sheet, along with coordinating pillowcases. Plus, you can expand your set to include duvet covers, shams, and bed skirts too. And if you just need a single fitted or flat sheet, the brand has you covered. 

Available sizes range from twin to split king, so you and your mattress can enjoy the luxuries of Peacock Alley sheets! It also comes in seven soft, neutral colors, including linen, pewter, and ivory, to name a few. 

The Peacock Alley Soprano Sateen Sheet Set is priced anywhere from $435-$700, depending on size and color.

Peacock Alley Nile Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set Review

If you’ve never experienced the feeling of Egyptian cotton against your skin, let’s just say you’re definitely missing out.

To experience these luxurious sheets, the Peacock Alley Nile Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set would be the perfect option for you. With a 300-thread count, these sheets are decadently soft and cool to the touch. The corded detail at the hem provides you with a sophisticated look for any bedroom.

Each set comes with a flat and fitted sheet, plus coordinating pillowcases, and if you just need one item instead of the set, you’ve got that option too. With sizes ranging from Twin to California King, the only color for the Peacock Alley Nile Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is white.

The set retails between $405-$555 depending on the size you choose.

Peacock Alley Towels Review

Taking a hot shower is such a luxury but when you dry yourself off with a rough towel just takes away from the entire relaxing experience. No one has time to deal with that. However, Peacock Alley towels might just be the cherry on top of that glorious shower. 

Stepping out of the shower should feel just as comfortable as slipping into bed, so this Peacock Alley review has gathered some of the brand’s best-selling bath towel collections.

Peacock Alley Liam Turkish Towel Collection Review

Whether you need them for your hands or after a bath, a clean, soft towel is a necessity in the bathroom.

The Peacock Alley Liam Turkish Towel Collection is made from 100% cotton with long fibers for optimal softness and absorbency. And because of the way they’re manufactured, each wash brings out the fluffiness, providing you with more luxury after your shower.

Each set comes complete with a pair of washcloths, plus hand and bath towels. Made in Turkey, these towels will definitely add a bit of sophistication to your bathroom or anywhere they’re displayed. Take your pick from four color options, including white, light grey, and navy, which can complement any bathroom aesthetic.

The Peacock Alley Liam Turkish Towel Collection ranges from $4-$65.

Peacock Alley Jubilee Bath Towel Collection Review

Make a softer statement in your bathroom with the Peacock Alley Jubilee Bath Towel Collection. These towels are another staple within the brand’s line and feature a unique and ultra-soft texture.

Made with 100% softer silky cotton, the collection includes an absorbent yet soft-to-the-touch “scruff” that buffs and smooths your skin while it dries. The refined detailing in its granite weave with ruched striped border adds a modern spin on an otherwise classic bath linen.

Each bath set includes two of everything you need, including washcloths, hand, and bath towels. Need only one? No problem. You can buy them in singles too. Add some warmth to your bathroom with Peacock Alley’s signature earth-tone color options, including white, ivory, linen, or flint.

The Peacock Alley Jubilee Bath Towel Collection is currently priced from $12-$174.

Who Is Peacock Alley For? 

Peacock Alley Review

This Peacock Alley review found the brand is really for anyone who appreciates the luxury of luxurious bedding and bath linens. Their customers are not only looking to upgrade the aesthetics in their home, they also want to feel like they woke up in a 5-star hotel.

People who enjoy a traditional style and soft color tones in their décor will also be interested in this brand. If you’re looking for more vibrant or modern designs, you may not be drawn to Peacock Alley.

Peacock Alley Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Peacock Alley Review

Peacock Alley is in the business of selling luxury, high-end bedding, and bath linens. As they were the first to introduce luxurious linens to the US, their price point definitely matches that. Before you take the plunge and pay top dollar for these sheets and towels, this Peacock Alley review is here to help you make an informed decision. 

After reviewing dozens of customer comments, we have a pretty good idea of how people really feel about Peacock Alley and its products. Here are some star ratings of the products we reviewed above from the brand’s site: 

  • White Goose Down Pillow: 4.7/5 stars, 19 reviews
  • Soprano Sateen Sheet Set: 4.9/5 stars, 69 reviews
  • Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set: 5/5 stars, 6 reviews 
  • Turkish Towel Collection: 4.8/5 stars, 257 reviews
  • Jubilee Towel Collection: 4.8/5 stars, 69 reviews

First, we looked at Peacock Alley’s website itself, which not only features customer reviews on each product page but also includes their very own page dedicated to it. Based on over 3000 reviews, there appears to be an average of 5/5 stars.

Customers particularly praise the brand’s products for their softness, durability, and high quality:

“This is our third sheet set from Peacock Alley. I love their quality! Nile Egyptian Cotton set feels different right out of the package though – so soft and smooth. My husband and I have been sleeping on these sheets for a week now and love it! The fabric stays cool and feels really luxurious.”

On Trustpilot, one highly satisfied customer gave the brand 5/5 stars, writing: “Excellent customer service and response. Great quality bedding. The shipping was efficient as well.”

It’s not hard to see from all the Peacock Alley reviews why people are falling in love with this brand. Especially from this satisfied customer on Amazon, where the All Seasons Blanket has a 4.5/5 star rating from 113 reviews:

“[Now] that I have this, we both love this blanket for lots of reasons. 1. The warmth. This is not a heavy feeling blanket, but the warmth is just right. Not sweat inducing, not too thin. Warmer than the woven blankets you see so often. 2. It is incredibly soft. […] 3. The quality. Nicely stitched and finished edges. This blanket will last for years. I would recommend this blanket.”

Customer service and logistic slip-ups are bound to happen from time to time, and there are generally very few complaints that we could find in this area. Still, Peacock Alley has received numerous honorable mentions in many publications, including a post on CNN outlining their top picks for luxury linens worth the investment.

Is Peacock Alley Worth It?

Peacock Alley Review

Based on countless customer reviews and research, we can say without a doubt that Peacock Alley is worth the cost. Not only do their customers swear by their incredible softness, but also by their high quality and longevity. Not to mention, the company has been going strong for nearly 50 years, so they must be doing something right.

If you’re someone who enjoys the simple pleasures of luxurious sheets to end off your day with, Peacock Alley will likely not disappoint.

Peacock Alley Promotions & Discounts 

Peacock Alley Review

There are currently no Peacock Alley promotions or discounts at the moment, and according to their website, you’ll rarely see them. They do have a continuously updated sale section you can always browse through. Though they may not advertise it often, you may even see a promotion on things like shipping rates.

They also reserve a lot of their promotions for their loyal customer base, creating the Peacock Alley Perks program where you can earn points, redeeming them for promo code and discounts.  

Also, if you’re a student, you’re in luck! There’s no need to rely on those rough IKEA sheets anymore as Peacock Alley offers a student discount through Student Beans. 

Where to Buy Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley Review

Aside from the official Peacock Alley website or any of their storefronts, you can find their products through a number of different retailers such as Wayfair, Bloomingdales, and Linen Society.


Peacock Alley Review

Who owns Peacock Alley?

Peacock Alley is owned and operated by founder Mary Ella Gabler and her two sons, Josh and Jason.

Does Peacock Alley ship internationally?

Yes, Peacock Alley does ship internationally but it depends on your location. For all international orders, you’ll have to first contact them (at [email protected]) with your address, and one of their customer service team will provide you with a more precise shipping quote, along with other details on what you need to do to complete your order. 

What is Peacock Alley’s Shipping Policy?

Peacock Alley offers free standard shipping (between 5 to 7 business days) within the continental US (Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are charged expedited rates).

If you prefer to get your sheets sooner, they have expedited shipping (between 1 to 3 business days), which ranges from $30 to $90, and will be based on the total value of your order.

What is Peacock Alley’s Return Policy?

There will be times when Peacock Alley bedding or towels don’t live up to expectations. Totally understandable. This is why the brand offers a 30-day window from the day you receive your order to return your item(s) for a full refund. Note, this only applies if you bought products from their website or through an authorized retailer. 

To start your return, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Head to their Returns Portal
  2. Fill in the necessary information
  3. Make sure your item(s) are unused or laundered, customized in any way (such as monogramming), or damaged 
  4. Pack up your pieces in its original packaging and provide your original receipt before shipping it off

And send the package back to:

Peacock Alley
Returns Dept
2050 Postal Way
Dallas, TX 75212

You will be responsible for any return shipping fees. 

How to Contact Peacock Alley

If you need to contact Peacock Alley, you can do so through the following methods:

The Peacock Alley customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am to 5 pm CST.  

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