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SayWeee Review

Not only can grocery shopping be a pain on a good day, but leaving a market empty-handed can feel like a fate worse than death. That’s doubly true if you’re hankering for a tough-to-source international food product.

Thankfully, SayWeee doesn’t want to see you suffer. The American grocery-delivery service can get you everything you want out of both traditional grocers and, more importantly, Asian and Hispanic markets.

What does that mean? It means if you need pickled bamboo shoots within a day then SayWeee might be your saving grace.

Our SayWeee review will cover everything we think you need to know before you enroll in their services. We’ll touch on their history, their products, their customer feedback, and maybe we’ll even sprinkle some surprises throughout this article. 

Overview of SayWeee

SayWeee Review

Larry Liu was in a pickle a few years ago. Living in the Bay Area in California, he found it hard to get good Chinese grocery products. Anybody who has suffered from a crippling laoyou rice noodle craving can relate to his desperation.

Liu used that craving to found SayWeee in 2015 as a way to deliver rare Asian supermarket products to customers. 

But that was back in 2015. Now, in 2021, they offer contactless delivery for a wide array of items. In fact, their highest selling items are fresh vegetables. This is surprising given that their product line also offers pantry goods, meats, fruits, dairy, and anything else you can find in a grocery store.

We were also delighted to find out that the brand’s Asian focus has expanded to include hard-to-find Hispanic foods. They included these products as they noticed their fans clamored for them. 

In a bit of a fairy tale twist, SayWeee surged in profitability due to the effects of the pandemic. People weren’t able to reach the grocery store, let alone the Asian supermarkets that are often tucked away in niche city pockets.

SayWeee swooped in like a personal support worker scooping up an elderly patient trying to get ready for bed. Their numbers sky-rocketed and the uptick in business also helped support Anti-Asian hate sentiments.

All that may have you saying “weee!” but wait until we tell you all of the company’s highlights in the next segment of our SayWeee review.


SayWeee Review
  • Unparalleled food selection for groceries and international items
  • Contactless delivery options
  • Ship all over North America
  • Customers select their preferred delivery schedule
  • No subscription fee
  • Free shipping on orders over $35

Imagine everything you can find in a grocery store and SayWeee probably offers it. Fruits? Vegetables? Meats? Fish? Eggs? Dairy? Baking goods? That’s all available.

Yet their Asian and Hispanic offerings are where the brand shines. Dim sum, milk tea, dried peanuts, and kombu are just the tip of the iceberg. We could keep going but we know you have places to be.

SayWeee Review

This section of our SayWeee review focuses on some of the precious, rare, unique, and heavenly Asian products SayWeee can have at your doorstep in no time.

SayWeee LQQM Puff Paratha Chive Pancake Original Flavor Frozen Review

Oh, we know you’re going to love this. Savory pancakes can be a hot topic around the table, much like pineapple on pizza, but we’ve never seen someone turn down a second chive pancake after tasting their first. 

That’s because the SayWeee LQQM Puff Paratha Chive Pancake Original Flavor Frozen packages the irresistible taste of this famous Chinese street food into a convenient weeknight dinner option. The flaky texture is like a biscuit and the small chive pieces provide a delightfully chewy texture.

A 5 piece bag costs $3, which is a discount on its usual $4 price.

SayWeee Liuzhou Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen Hot Spicy Noodles Review

Guangxi province is one of China’s best-kept culinary hotspots. The autonomous region’s food draws influence from Vietnamese dishes, Cantonese cooking like dim sum, and Szechuan heat.

How does that come together? In the irresistible, province-famous SayWeee Liuzhou Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen Hot Spicy Noodles. The silky broth and the light rice noodles pair amazingly with Guangxi’s signature love of heat.

A full bag of SayWeee Liuzhou Guangxi Specialty LuoSiFen Hot Spicy Noodles costs $4.

SayWeee New Zealand Lamb Racks Review 

“Lamb? How is lamb an Asian delicacy?” we hear you snickering from behind your laptop screen. Listen, cowboy, if you’ve ever tried Xinjiang cumin lamb skewers, then you’ll recognize how essential a good lamb cut can be.

The SayWeee New Zealand Lamb Racks can be used for many meat dishes but we highly recommend braising these delights along with some chilis and mushrooms. 

An entire 2.2lb lamb rack currently costs $26. If you want a more direct number, that comes out to nearly $15 per pound.

SayWeee Bitter Melon Review

You’d better be willing to experiment if you buy the SayWeee Bitter Melon. Its name alone can often confuse potential customers. What really scrobbles their brains is how the fruit improves when it’s cooked.

SayWeee Bitter Melon is a phenomenal stir-fry ingredient because of its density and lack of particular flavor. In that sense, it can be a flavor sponge. It can soak up the juices from meat, additional spices, or balance out dishes that are a little too spicy.

A 1lb SayWeee Bitter Melon costs $4.

SayWeee NewStem and Leaf Mandarin Review

Mandarins are considered a sign of good luck in Chinese culture. They’re often given as gifts during the holidays or left as offerings in temples.

It helps that these sweet, candy-like fruits are tasty as all heck too. We dare you to try and eat just one SayWeee NewStem and Leaf Mandarin out of the box.

A 4lb carton of these mandarins costs $12, which averages out to $3 a pound.

SayWeee NewMama Shrimp Tom Yum Noodles Review

Now we turn to the Thai dishes. The SayWeee NewMama Shrimp Tom Yum Noodles contain all the flavors Thailand’s cuisine does better than any other Southeast Asia country.

These noodles are spicy, savory, sweet, and salty. Though this is the dry pack, we suggest you serve them in a coconut milk broth to add depth and creaminess.

Give our recommendation a try for $1.

Who Is SayWeee For? 

SayWeee Review

Squid Game, anime, Genshin Impact, and especially internet food bloggers have all brought done their part to elevate Asian cuisine’s cultural standing among those who would previously scoff at the idea of dim sum.

If you’re a fan of Asian food but don’t live near an Asian supermarket then our SayWeee review writers believe you’ll find something to love about this brand.

SayWeee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SayWeee Review

There are so many grocery delivery services today that we wouldn’t be surprised if you, gentle reader, owned one too. To discover what really sets SayWeee apart from other services, besides their available goods, we turned to the customers.

This section of our SayWeee review will highlight what customers have said about the brand on a variety of platforms.

We’ll begin by looking at the reviews found on one of the planet’s most popular platforms, the iOS App Store. SayWeee holds an astounding 4.8/5 stars average score from, get this, over 17k customer reviews

Buyers could barely contain themselves in that review section. They left satisfied remarks covering how forgiving SayWeee’s refund policy was, how consistently the company delivered groceries, and the sheer size of their product availability.

This customer review nearly made us tear up because it’s just so sincere: 

If we have to coordinate to same-day delivery once or once every two weeks, we will do it if that’s what would bring you back to us! A lot of items we can only get through you. May I add that you have excellent customer service and products guarantee as well! We miss you, tremendously!

Another reviewer who also graded the brand 5/5 stars said this about the service: 

The prices on the app are very fair, and you get free delivery over $35. Which actually turns out to be a good amount of food because the produce prices are so good on here. They can schedule your delivery within two days, and I’ve never had any issues with delays or bad or missing items.

The few complaints found amongst iOS App reviewers were that the products weren’t always the freshest. In those cases, SayWeee’s refund policy dived in to ensure these buyers weren’t left unsatisfied. 

Additionally, as one customer points out almost in response to that criticism, “Sometimes you get a dud- but it’s the same ordering from any online grocery service or even buying fruit yourself in person- sometimes even though fruit looks beautiful and is heavy, it just tastes awful.

That’s enough love from the Apple crowd. Let’s hear what Android users said about SayWeee on the Google Play App Store.

What a shocker… over 2,000 customers gave SayWeee a remarkable average of 4.5/5 stars.

One ecstatic customer summarized everything she loved about the company in her 5/5 star review. She wrote, “Shipping is really fast, the products are amazing, everything is pretty affordable!

Other fans gloated about how the app was a great way to expand their taste palette and an even better resource for finding rare Asian and Hispanic products. They were relieved that they no longer had to dig about in crowded markets. Instead, Sayweee provided them with a stress-free shopping experience

This positive piece of customer feedback talks about great the produce and meat offerings were. “I ordered fresh vegetables and they were delivered very fresh and good quality I also ordered frozen shrimp and they were packed really well and still frozen.. I was very pleased.

There was a whole lotta love on the Google Play store, but we didn’t stop there. Our SayWeee review team found that Reddit was a terrific hotspot for informative buyer feedback. 

Some SayWeee reviews on that website went incredibly in-depth in their praises and criticisms of the brand. 

One fan praised SayWeee’s wide Taiwanese and Chinese offerings. They loved that the company provided them with incredibly tough-to-find products. Some of these products were so rare that the customer hadn’t even seen them outside of Taiwan!

While this next pro was more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers appreciated the lengths SayWeee went to to ensure that they delivered groceries safely. The contactless delivery options were hailed as flexible and the deliverymen wore high-grade masks and gloves

One of the few critiques buyers had about SayWeee was that their VIP offers weren’t fully fleshed out. Some customers who signed up for the service reported no changes in their deliveries nor any special offers.

In case you need a summary, here are the main pros customers spoke about in their reviews, according to our SayWeee review team:

  • Amazing product selection
  • Safe delivery
  • Reliable refund service
  • Good product quality

Is SayWeee Worth It?

SayWeee Review

SayWeee is definitely worth scrolling through at the very least, though we wouldn’t be surprised if you end up with a shopping cart filled with ramen noodle packets and jars of Lao Gan Ma.

The brand’s strong customer reception proves that their commitment to delivering fresh groceries wherever possible is paying off. All in all, we definitely recommend this brand.

SayWeee Promotions & Discounts 

SayWeee Review

Whispers from the cosmos tell of a unique grocery delivery service that, for a limited time, provides customers with a 20% discount and free delivery for their first order if customers sign up. The peasants dare not utter the brand’s name, the heralds proclaimed its arrival, and kings bow their heads in deference.

Of course, we’re talking about SayWeee. Like other grocery stores, the company routinely offers sales on certain items, but those sales are controlled by which products are in season.

SayWeee rewards those who stock up on groceries by giving them free shipping. How many groceries do you need? We’d say over $35 worth of items is enough for you to earn free shipping.

There aren’t many other offers or discounts in terms of potential SayWeee coupons or secret members-only items. But, since we just said the word members, there is a SayWeee VIP club which comes with three benefits.

SayWeee VIP club members receive members-only prices, 2% cash-back for any eligible order, and gain access to exclusive events. All that makes our weekly book club pale in comparison.

Where to Buy SayWeee

SayWeee Review

SayWeee is a delivery service that is hip to modern delivery trends. That means that you can place orders through their website, their iOS app, or their Android app.


SayWeee Review

Who owns SayWeee?

Company founder Larry Liu owns the gracious grocery brand.

Does SayWeee ship internationally?

If our SayWeee review writers wanted to be pedantic patty cakes then we could say that technically the brand ships internationally because they deliver all over North America, but we know that’s not the answer you’re after.

Currently, the brand can only ship to addresses in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Does SayWeee offer contactless delivery?

You bet they do. Whether you’re a social hermit or playing it safe while the world returns to normalcy, SayWeee can cater to your requests. They can leave your delivery wherever you want.

What is SayWeee’s Shipping Policy?

Hopping off of the back of available shipping, customers get to select their delivery time and date. Our SayWeee review writers found that that makes the brand’s shipping policy pretty flexible as it allows customers to receive orders when it’s most convenient for them.

What is SayWeee’s Return Policy?

As unexpected as we find it to be, you can find, in fact, get a refund on your SayWeee purchases. You’ll have to go through their refund request process on their website. 

Different product categories have different windows in which you can still receive your money back. Here’s what to look out for:

  1. You must request refunds for restaurant deliveries within 1 business day of receiving them
  2. You must request refunds for perishables like fruits and vegetables within 3 business days of receiving them
  3. You must request refunds for frozen goods, pantry items, appliances, and other non-perishable goods within 7 business days of receiving them

How to Contact SayWeee

SayWeee Review

Let’s wrap up this SayWeee review like we’re wrapping up a toddler in the crib. We’ll make this goodbye snug but give you some wiggle room. What we mean is that you should have learned everything you need to know about SayWeee. 

If there’s another burning question we haven’t answered for you then the lovely SayWeee customer service team would be delighted to speak with you. Here are the best ways you can get in touch with them:

  • Send them an email at [email protected]
  • Call them at 510-358-8960 or 888-826-0880
  • Commence a quick return through their Quick Return and Refund portal found on their website,

Their customer service representatives are available 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm ET, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm CT, and 6:00 am to 8:00 pm PT.

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