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Select Blinds Review

Nosy neighbors got you down? If so, Select Blinds could be your saving grace, because they sell window treatments and coverings that’ll complete your space at an affordable price

With its endless selection of window and door blinds, shades, and shutters, the brand has everything you need to maintain your privacy. So if you’re on the hunt for some basic or ultra-stylish window coverings, you’ve come to the right place. My Select Blinds review will tell you everything you need to know about this brand.

The brand has over 30k followers on Instagram, and a feed featuring beautiful, cozy homes with perfect and soft lighting—filtered through some stunning window coverings, of course. Select Blinds has also been named one of the Best Online Shops 2020 by Newsweek magazine, making it clear that their wide selection of products is well-loved by many.

If you’re interested in framing your beautiful view with stylish window coverings or want to block the light out so you can cozy up in front of the TV on a rainy afternoon, keep reading this Select Blinds review!

Up ahead, I’ll check out some in-depth product reviews, customer testimonials, promotions, and more, to help you decide if these blinds are right for your home. 

Overview of Select Blinds

Select Blinds Review

Like many good tales, Select Blinds’ story begins with a father’s love for his daughter and his mission to make her happy. It was 2003 and Rick Steele knew that adequate window shades to block out light and sun were exactly what his daughter needed to improve her sleep.

Only, fate would have it that Steele couldn’t find what he was looking for. He struggled to find affordable, custom-made window treatments that fit his daughter’s window(s) properly. 

So, what does a father do in a situation like this? He does it himself! So, he started the company Select Blinds, which provides custom blinds that will fit your windows just right and be easy to install, all at a great price. 

Since its creation, the brand has been on a mission to “improve people’s lives and their home” one set of blinds at a time, providing “a friendly, relaxed online environment where customers can find high-quality, budget-friendly DIY window coverings that meet their unique needs.”

Now that you know a little more about the brand, I’ll show you a list of highlights about the company. Then I’ll steer this Select Blinds review into the nitty-gritty details about the brand to see what they’re all about.


  • Wide selection of window treatments
  • Plenty of colors and fabric/material options to complement your personal style 
  • Free shipping
  • Easy to install
  • Free samples
  • Three to five-year warranty
Select Blinds Review

Select Blinds carries all your window treatment needs—all of which are available in custom sizing so you can get the perfect fit. So whether you’re interested in shutters to decorate the outside of your house or want to dress your windows with some fancy Roman shades, this brand has you covered.

Interested in making your house feel like a home with some special blinds? In this Select Blinds review, I’ll outline some of their most popular products and highlight what makes each one special. So that by the end of this review, you’ll be able to choose the best blinds for your window(s)! 

Select Blinds Roller Shades Review 

Roller shades are super convenient because they easily roll up and down to suit your preferences. They’re also minimalist and feature a low-profile design.

When rolled up, the blinds collect in a simple roll at the top and, when unrolled, they’re sleek, thin, and also practical. Next, let’s roll into some of Select Blinds most popular options!

Select Blinds Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades Review

Select Blinds Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades Review
Select Blinds Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout shades are a must for anyone working the night shift, who likes to sleep in or has a small child. The Select Blinds Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades are a super convenient choice. They’re made from flame retardant vinyl fiberglass material and have a pull or remote mechanized roll.

These roller shades are cordless so kid’s fingers and kitty’s paws won’t get tangled in any cords, while the vinyl is durable and wipeable so you never have to worry about sticky fingers or sharp nails causing any damage, either!

They’re also super customizable, so you can opt for different colors, sizes, mounts, lift styles, positions, and rails, to perfectly suit your space.

The price of these Select Blinds roller shades starts at $22 on sale!

Select Blinds Premier Blackout Roller Shades Review

Select Blinds Premier Blackout Roller Shades Review
Select Blinds Premier Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout shades are a must when it comes to getting some shut-eye, especially as we approach summer and the sun rises earlier and earlier. The Select Blinds Premier Blackout Roller Shades look like they’re made of smooth and natural linen, although the fabric is polyester for durability.

These blinds are available in neutral shades and colors, inside and outside mount types, custom measurements, cordless or corded lift styles, different rail positions, and various headrails. Prices begin at $132 on sale.

Select Blinds Window Blinds Review 

Classic blinds are a must-have for most people’s homes. They allow light to filter through in just the right amount—without being too bright and blinding (see what I did there?). Let’s see what Select Blinds’ top sellers have to offer. I’ll check out some simple, sleek, and functional designs below. 

Select Blinds 1″ Designer Aluminum Blinds Review

Select Blinds 1" Designer Aluminum Blinds Review
Select Blinds 1″ Designer Aluminum Blinds

Plastic blinds have been a tried and true choice for years, but sometimes they just don’t offer the look we want. That’s why many people prefer aluminum blinds. If your home has a farmhouse or industrial décor style, the 1” Designer Aluminum Blinds are perfect for you.

As the name suggests, these blinds are fashioned from aluminum. But you don’t have to choose the classic metal shade; you can opt for different colors such as olive green or alabaster white. These blinds are durable and super easy to clean so you know this style will last for many years.

If you don’t want to roll them up, you can always open the blinds to allow the light to filter through. You can also opt for different lift styles, brackets, mount types, and more to fully customize them to your space.

The price of these Select blinds window blinds starts at $51 on sale.

Select Blinds 2″ SelectWave Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Review

Select Blinds 2" SelectWave Cordless Faux Wood Blinds Review
Select Blinds 2″ SelectWave Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Are you on the hunt for simple and natural-looking blinds? Then you might like some faux wood blinds. The 2” SelectWave Cordless Faux Wood Blinds feature an elegant, classic design and will complete any window space.

These blinds have whitewashed faux wood grain and, with their neutral look, they’ll look great in almost any room. They’re perfect for a baby’s room since they lift with the touch of your finger and are super lightweight so they won’t make a sound. The 2″ wave-shaped slats also ensure optimal room darkening when the blinds are closed.

Plus, you can customize the mount type and size to suit your needs. Prices for these blinds start at $14 on sale.

Select Blinds Cellular Shades Review

If privacy is a concern for you, cellular shades are a great option. They can be light-filtering or blackout depending on your preference.

Featured in this Select Blinds review, I’ll take a look at two of the brand’s most popular cellular shades so you can see if this style is what you’re looking for.

Select Blinds Classic Cordless Blackout Shades Review

Select Blinds Classic Cordless Blackout Shades Review
Select Blinds Classic Cordless Blackout Shades

Looking for the best of the best when it comes to black-out shades? The Classic Cordless Blackout Shades are rated the best by Wirecutter, so you know they’re a great option. They even have a sound-blocking feature so you can get the best night’s rest possible.

Who said blackout shades have to be dark in color? Not Select Blinds! These babies are dual-sided so even if you choose a lighter-colored option—such as simple white, a peachy tone, or rustic brown—you’ll still get the light-blocking quality you love.

You can also customize the mount type and measurements for the best fit. The price of these Select Blinds cellular shades starts at $48 on sale.

Select Blinds Premier Light Filtering Cellulars Review

Select Blinds Premier Light Filtering Cellulars Review
Select Blinds Premier Light Filtering Cellulars

The bright sun on summer days can really heat up your home, which can be problematic when you like to snuggle under your blankets when it’s time for bed. The Premier Light Filtering Cellulars are your solution—they let the light in but block out the burning heat.

Since these blinds only require a remote to open and close them, they’re super convenient and easy to use.

The blinds are available in lots of different colors, including seafoam green and pumpkin spice. They also come with different mount types, customizable measurements, and lift styles. The price of these Select Blinds motorized blinds starts at $76 on sale.

Who Is Select Blinds For? 

Select Blinds Review

If you want to let the light in but don’t want to sacrifice your privacy, or if you’re looking for some black-out blinds so you can get a good night’s sleep, Select Blinds is for you. Their products are super customizable (literally made to order), so you’ll never have to deal with pre-made basic window treatments again.

When decorating your home, it only makes sense that your blinds, shutters, and shades should match your décor style. Luckily, Select Blinds has options for everyone—whether you like to keep things light and airy or dark and edgy! 

Select Blinds Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Select Blinds Review

This Select Blinds review wouldn’t be complete without checking out some customer ratings and reviews. Customer feedback will help us determine if this brand’s products are worth the buy! Before I get into the testimonials though, let’s take a look at how their best-selling products are rated:

  • Premier Light Filtering Cellulars: 4.8/5 stars from 845 reviews
  • 1″ Designer Aluminum Blinds: 4.9/5 stars from 219 reviews
  • Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades: 4.6/5 stars from 948 reviews

With so many reviews for the Classic Vinyl Blackout Roller Shades, it only makes sense to see what customers had to say about them. One shopper left a 5/5 stars rating and wrote a long list of all the things that impressed them about the blinds: 

“I was very pleased with my vinyl roller shades!! I hope that Select Blinds continues to provide these types of shades for as long as possible. I would never go back to blinds! I am extremely happy with them and the money that I saved!! What was really great about ordering from Select Blinds was that I put in my order on a Sunday and by the following Tuesday I had my order! And I ordered 6 shades..2 that were for picture windows!!”

On Consumer Affairs, the brand received a 3.5/5 stars rating based on 88 ratings. One shopper left a 5/5 star rating for the blinds they ordered. They described how easy the installation process was. Here is their positive review:

“Easy to measure, and came in a timely fashion. Easy to install, look great. We’ve had the same vertical blinds for 32 years, so this was a true upgrade to our renovation at a great price. Love the color and it works perfectly in the windows next to our fireplace.”

Select Blinds is rated 2.79/5 stars based on 141 reviews on SiteJabber. Most of the reviewers appreciated the company’s great customer service and the quality of their items. This buyer labels themselves a repeat customer in their review:

“I have dealt with this company for years. If you measure correctly and then make the proper allowances these blinds (mini, 2″, vertical) install properly. I did have one shipment get lost by the shipper. Select Blinds was happy to replace the order. My most recent purchase was in July 2021. But overall I’ve never had a problem and I have spent thousands of dollars with this company.”

Overall, Select Blinds is a highly rated company. They received an impressive A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. On the BBB site, they had 285 total complaints in the last 3 years, and 124 of them have been resolved in the last 12 months. 

Most of the lower ratings are due to confusion about the brand’s return policy, although the company clearly outlines its rules and offers a discount on remakes. 

While this brand is in the business of creating shades, there is no shady business to be found here! Their customer service team is quick to resolve any issues, offering replacements and options for any shopper who is less than happy with their purchase. 

Is Select Blinds Worth It?

Select Blinds Review

All in all, this Select Blinds review thinks the brand is well worth it. Window treatments can be expensive—especially when you’re shopping for customized blinds. Thankfully, this brand offers lots of customizable blinds in an affordable price range

And they have many different styles and designs to suit everyone’s needs. So you’ll most likely find exactly what you’re looking for on their website. 

It’s clear from all the positive customer testimonials that Select Blinds is well-loved for their custom-made blinds that don’t break the bank. Also, their excellent customer service is another bonus. Their team will resolve any issue you might have with your order and, with their quick delivery, you can finish every room in your home in no time. 

I would like to extend one word of warning in this Select Blinds review though. Unfortunately, the brand cannot currently offer returns or exchanges since every order is custom-made.

You can test out different options before making a purchase with their free samples, but I’ll talk more about that later. And once you’re sure about your purchase, happy shopping!

Select Blinds Promotions & Discounts 

Select Blinds Review

On the hunt for a good deal on your window treatments? Here are some promos I found at the time of this Select Blinds review:

  • Save 30% in the sale section, with up to an additional 20% off
  • Additional 5% off all faux wood and fabric blinds
  • Daily deals
  • Exclusive offers if you sign up for emails

Where to Buy Select Blinds 

Select Blinds Review

The brand’s website, is the best place to shop for all your blinds, shutters, and shades! Unfortunately, there are no physical locations at this time, but hopefully the brand will open some soon so you can check them out in person!


Select Blinds Review

When was Select Blinds founded?   

Select Blinds was founded in 2003 when founder, Rick Steele, recognized a gap in the market for window coverings.

Do Select Blinds products come with a warranty? 

All Select Blinds products come with a three-year warranty, ensuring that any defective product will be repaired or replaced. This warranty covers issues with:

  • Parts
  • Fabric and slats
  • Restrings
  • Vertical blinds track
  • Tension/lowering and raising
  • Motorization

You can also opt for a five-year limited or unlimited warranty. With the unlimited warranty, most defects can be repaired for only $5 after the five-year mark is up.

Additionally, if your product isn’t perfect (wrong color, size, shape, etc.), simply contact the customer service team with your order number and a photo of the issue, and they’ll send you a remake for free.

What is Select Blinds’ Shipping Policy?

Before you choose your new window treatments, you can get a free sample to see how they’ll look in your home. The company allows customers to order up to 15 samples per day, each of which are 4-6 inches in size. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Select a category (cellular shades, panel tracks, wood blinds, etc.)
  2. Choose which product you would like a sample of
  3. Select the color(s) you want 
  4. Test the samples out in your room and choose your favorite one! 

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a tracking number and your items (even custom orders) will ship for free and arrive within 7-12 business days. 

Unfortunately, while doing my research for this Select Blinds review I found that the brand only ships within the contiguous US, but hopefully the company will extend its reach soon!

What is Select Blinds’ Return Policy?

Since all Select Blinds are made to order, the brand does not offer returns or exchanges. The company does its best to help you make the right decision before you purchase window coverings, offering free samples (outlined above) and directions on how to measure your window or door for the best fit. 

And they even provide installation tips and tricks as well as step-by-step instructions. 

Also, if you don’t totally love the product, you can order a remake in the same size with an additional 10% off. All you have to do is contact the brand’s customer service team, explain the issue, and they’ll handle the rest!

How to Contact Select Blinds 

I hope you enjoyed this Select Blinds review! If you have any further questions about the brand and its products, please contact the company using the following methods.

  • The live chat function or email form on the website
  • Call or text 888-257-1840

Select Blinds’ customer service department operates between 6:00 am to 7:00 pm PDT on weekdays, and from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm PDT on weekends.

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