Self Esteem App Review

CBT Tools in the Self Esteem App

Self Esteem App Review

The Self Esteem App is an extremely new application that uses cognitive behavior therapy techniques to help customers deal with their self-esteem issues. The app is designed to help users stop negative self-talk, make peace with their insecurities, and improve their confidence.

Although the app is only a few months old, they’ve already earned 1k likes on Facebook. In my Self Esteem App review, I will look at what services they provide, how they use cognitive behavior therapy, and what their prices are like.

Before I get into that, let me tell you about Self Esteem’s highlights.


  • All plans are developed by psychologists and behavioral scientists
  • Use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to inspire change
  • Tools have been praised by major publications like Forbes 
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • Online support groups with other members

As such, my Self Esteem App review will give you an overview of what you can broadly expect from the service.

Pros and Cons of the Self Esteem App

What We Appreciate

The Self Esteem App has garnered attention for its innovative approach to enhancing self-esteem using cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). In our review of the Self Esteem App, several things particularly stand out:

  • CBT Techniques: The app skillfully incorporates CBT strategies, aiding users in tackling negative thought patterns and boosting self-confidence.
  • Customized Experience: Users benefit from personalized plans that cater to their specific needs, making the journey towards better self-esteem more effective.
  • Accessible Tools: The app provides an array of easily accessible tools, including digital worksheets and accountability groups, making self-help a convenient daily activity.
  • Supportive Community: Online support groups create a sense of community, offering users the chance to share experiences and learn from others.
  • Expert Guidance: Daily inputs from success coaches add a layer of professional guidance, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the program.

While the app has many strengths, it’s important to consider a few limitations:

Areas for Improvement

  • Scope Limitation: The app might not be fully equipped to handle severe mental health conditions.
  • User Experience Variation: The effectiveness can vary among users, as personal engagement levels and learning styles differ.
  • Privacy Aspects: Users should be aware of how their data is handled within the app.
  • Cost Factor: The subscription cost, although reasonable for many, might be a concern for those seeking free resources.

Self Esteem App Review

Self Esteem App Review

Those familiar with cognitive behavior therapy won’t learn much from this section of my Self Esteem App review as I’ll go over how the company uses those tools to improve the customer’s self-esteem.

If that’s you, then here’s what you should know: Self Esteem provides customers with multiple CBT tools and aids digital worksheets, VIP accountability groups, and progress sheets.

This is all delivered through the Self Esteem App where users get daily guidance from success coaches.

The Self Esteem App uses CBT as a proven method to help clients change their outlook on life by modifying their behaviors. It links thoughts with actions so you can influence one through the other. This is useful for self-esteem issues as low self-esteem can be debilitating and tough to improve without practical action.

Some low self-esteem symptoms that the app can improve include:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Excessive self-consciousness
  • Negative core beliefs
  • An overpowering inner critic

In the next part of my Self Esteem App review, I’ll tell you about the brand’s assessment quiz that helps the app work to create the perfect plan for you.

How Does Self Esteem App Work?

Self Esteem App Review

This section of my Self Esteem App review will walk you through the app’s sign-up process. Firstly, you’ll need to answer some questions in a quiz.

These questions include:

  • What gender do you identify as?
  • What’s your age range?
  • Do you frequently compare yourself to others?
  • How do you feel when talking to a group of people?
  • How do you respond to criticism?

Other questions pertain to your history of self-esteem, how you compare yourself to those around you, and how you feel about your appearance.

I appreciated the last question on the test: “How much time can you dedicate to your plan every day?”

Rebuilding oneself and working through low self-esteem can be tiring. It requires effort and energy, two resources that some customers may have little to spare. I was grateful that Self Esteem took these limitations into account.

Following the quiz, Self Esteem provided me with plenty of information. They rated my overall self-esteem and suggested an improvement plan over the next three months. They encouraged me to improve myself by showing statistics about how quickly their clients noticed changes and how many successfully applied the lessons.

Self Esteem’s plan included:

  1. Over 90 5-minute lessons to help me “rewire” my brain over the next three months.
  2. 24 tools the brand picked to help me with my particular needs.
  3. 390 “life-changing insights,” which I’m assuming are quotes from clinicians and coaches.
  4. A content package that was 99% tailored to my needs.

Self Esteem App Pricing 

Self Esteem App Review

Self Esteem offers three plans that vary based on length. Each one is billed according to its length, so if you purchase the three-month plan, then you’ll pay every three months.

However, Self-Esteem App only shows the prices you’d pay per day rather than the lump sum. Don’t worry, I’ve done the math to provide you with a rough price estimate so you can leave my Self Esteem App review feeling like you learned at least one thing.

In any case, here are Self Esteem’s plans and prices:

  1. 6-Month Plan: less than 28 cents per day with the total coming out to $49.99 on sale and $199.99 regular price.
  2. Three-Month Plan: less than 41 cents per day with the total being $36.99 on sale and $111.99 full price.
  3. One-Month Plan: $0.99 per day with the total coming out to $29.99 on sale and $59.99 regular price.

Who Is Self Esteem App For? 

Self Esteem App Review

The Self Esteem App is designed for people who struggle with low self-esteem due to societal pressure or cultural stigmas. However, it’s not for people whose self-esteem is anchored to depression or other mental illnesses as the app’s services are not designed to treat them.

Self Esteem App Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Self Esteem App Review

Since the service is so new (remember, it only launched in November 2022) there weren’t any Self Esteem App reviews online from third-party sources. However, there were a few customer testimonials on the brand’s website and before I hit my plan page, I saw on their website that the app has a 4.7/5 star average from over 5,000 users. I’ll draw from the testimonials available to assess what people thought about the service.

In general, Self Esteem App reviews from customers were very positive. Users said the app helped them recognize their faulty thinking and gave them a roadmap to improve themselves.

“I like the short lessons for everyday. It is very convenient and doable to complete a lesson in under 10 minutes. Over time, that really adds up and makes a difference in the healing process,” wrote Heather on Trustpilot.

Many users who wrote Self Esteem App reviews suffered from some form of social anxiety. They were thankful the app gave them tools to improve their disposition without negating their lived experience. One buyer wrote:

“For someone who’d get super anxious in social situations, Self Esteem was heaven-sent. The plan taught me how to be more confident and relaxed in the company of other folks. All my relationships improved. Now I look forward to dinner parties!”

Details weren’t too specific in Self Esteem App reviews, but it’s evident that users experience some incredibly positive changes. Improving relationships? Increasing confidence? Those are two major hurdles for anyone that struggles with low self esteem.

The feedback we’ve seen so far has been great, so I’ll wrap up this section with one last customer review:

“Chronic low self-esteem was the biggest hurdle in my life. Self Esteem pulled back the curtain and showed me why, and then it helped me build habits that set me up for success. No more fear of rejection. Finally, I feel like I’m good enough. Even better, I KNOW I’m in a lane of my own and there’s no need to compare myself to others.”

Even though I wasn’t able to assess an abundance of feedback for this app, the comments I did find were very encouraging.

Is Self Esteem App Legit?

Self Esteem App Review

Self Esteem App is brand new and gathering reviews and ratings takes time. While I wasn’t able to track down ample feedback for this service outside of their website just yet, I’m confident that with time, more will emerge. Based on the comments I did find, this program looks to be quite beneficial for users, and I have yet to come across a single piece of negative feedback.

Is Self Esteem App Worth It?

Self Esteem App Review

I think at this point in time, even with the company being so new, the Self Esteem App is definitely worth a try.

To put it simply, whether you’re a kid, teen, or adult, self esteem matters. If anything, I recommend taking the quiz (it’s totally free) to learn more about yourself. 

Practicing self-love, compassion, and understanding takes work, and it’s not easy to do alone. Therapists can help, but they’re also pricey. If you choose the 6-month subscription, Self Esteem App costs under $0.28 per day, and the best part is that you can use their service any time—not just 1 hour every week as you would with a therapist. 

Giving you the tools to change toxic patterns and destructive thoughts, their CBT app has proven to be effective, even life changing, for many.

Self Esteem App Promotions & Discounts 

Self Esteem App Review

The discounted prices I listed earlier in this Self Esteem App review are available for the first 15 minutes after you complete your self-assessment.

How to Sign Up on Self Esteem App 

Self Esteem App Review

To sign up for Self Esteem App, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Take the quiz.
  3. Enter your email to get your results.
  4. Pay online.
  5. Get access & download your program


Self Esteem App Review

Who owns Self Esteem App?

I was not able to find any information about who owns the Self Esteem App.

What is Self Esteem App’s Privacy Policy?

You can read Self Esteem’s full privacy policy on its website. In short, they will not sell your information to any third parties.

What is Self Esteem App’s Refund Policy?

You can cancel your Self Esteem App three-month subscription anytime by contacting them. Sadly, there is no Self Esteem App free trial, though.

Are there any disadvantages of the Self Esteem App?

Although the Self Esteem App leverages cognitive behavioral therapy to tackle self-esteem challenges, it’s important to recognize its limitations. It’s not a comprehensive solution for severe mental health issues and may not resonate with everyone, given the subjective nature of self-help tools.

Additionally, while technology can be a great aid, over-reliance on an app for mental wellness might overlook the value of direct human interaction. Users should also be mindful of how their personal information is managed within the app. Plus, the subscription cost could be a consideration for those seeking cost-free mental health resources.

How to Contact Self Esteem App 

Self Esteem App Review

If you have any questions after reading my Self Esteem App review, you can shoot them an email at [email protected].

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