Sezane Clothing Review

About Sezane

Sezane Clothing Review

Not to be confused with the painter, Sezane is a French fashion label founded by Morgane Sézalory. The brand’s name is a blend of her first and last names.

It all started with Sezalory finding a suitcase full of vintage clothing left behind by her sister and taking a chance on selling them on eBay.

Finding a fanbase for her French chic, she quickly graduated to retailing modified vintage finds and opened her own webshop. Before she knew it, she had founded her own label, selling Sezane originals all over the world.

Sézalory has been interviewed by several media platforms, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Doré, and many more. Sezane clothes appear on several lists of the best French fashion brands to wear. People clearly love the brand, as seen by its over 2.7 million Instagram followers.

In my Sezane clothing review, I will give you an in-depth look at the brand, including its products, price points, customer reviews, policies, and more in order to help you decide if the brand is worth buying.

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Overview of Sezane

Sezane Clothing Review

Sezane was founded in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, who started her career in fashion by selling vintage pieces on eBay. Hungry to move beyond eBay, she began to make small adjustments to the pieces she found, and sold her finds on her own platform Les Composantes (meaning the Components).

Her collection grew in popularity thanks to monthly drops she would organize, which had shoppers buzzing with anticipation. Eventually, Sézalory took her shop to the next level, launching an original line and becoming the first fashion brand in France to debut exclusively online.

Since then, her line of vintage-tinged, quintessentially French pieces has grown exponentially and people all over the world love her creations.

The company, which is headquartered in Paris, has a philosophy of sustainability, conscious consumerism, and transparency. Sezane provides extensive information about their production process.

In 2019, the company even produced a series of behind-the-scenes videos of 5 of its workshops:

  1. India (cotton and embroidery) 
  2. Portugal (expertise leather)
  3. China (silk)
  4. Bulgaria (weaving)
  5. Italy (leather)

Sezane strives to produce their clothes in the countries where their textiles are sourced and aims to be transparent about the working conditions, production capacity, and creation process that customers aren’t often shown.

Sezane Clothing Review

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the brand’s story, it’s time for my Sezane clothing review to dig deeper. While I love Sezane’s commitment to sustainability, I’ve made note of some other highlights of their shopping experience:


  • Sell vintage-inspired, fashionable French clothing
  • Also sell bags, footwear, and jewelry
  • Transparent about production process
  • Tailored and clear return policy 
  • Ships to many locations
  • Good quality items 
  • Sells men’s and women’s products 

Sezane Clothes Review

Without further ado, let’s get into the main section of my Sezane clothing review by checking out some of the items currently offered on the company website. Each description will include information about materials used and prices, among other useful facts and tips.

Sezane Barry Jumper Review

The chic Sezane Barry Jumper is made in Italy with kid mohair (taken from Angora goats), baby alpaca fleece, and polyamide.

These special materials are several times silkier, smoother, and softer than regular sheep’s wool, making for a luxurious and comfortable clothing experience.

The long-sleeved jumper comes in 5 sizes (XS-XL) and features a deep V-neck and small enamel buttons with a gold base. The company recommends that you size down one size, as it runs large. This Sezane sweater is a specially priced, limited collection returning favorite, and is unfortunately out of stock.

Sezane Charlie Dress Review

The Charlie is a Sezane dress with a look you can wear day or night. The key material is Ecovero Lenzing viscose, a fiber “obtained from wood pulp from certified and controlled sources using a fully traceable manufacturing process,” according to Sezane’s website. This is blended with polyester. 

This knitted Sezane dress features long sleeves with scalloped edges, a deep V-neck, and decorative buttons running down the front.

The Sezane Charlie Dress comes in black, black uni, and hazelnut and can usually be bought in one of 6 sizes (XS-XXL) for $185, although it is currently unavailable.

Sezane Eny Jacket Review

This velvet, hand-embroidered, open-concept jacket screams high fashion. The Sezane Eny Jacket is everything, no buttons are required.

The base of the jacket is made from 100% polyester, the embroidery consists of fiber spun from glass, metal wire, and metal, and the lining is made of modal and viscose.

To properly care for this silver and black jacket, Sezane instructs you have it dry cleaned with PCE whenever necessary. This item, another returning favorite, is on sale for $130, down from $290. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out.

Sezane Will Jacket Review 

The cool and casual Will Jacket looks like you took your man’s favorite designer button-down and used it as a jacket. It gets even better. You can customize your Sezane coat by having a name, date, or significant word embroidered onto it in red threading (10 characters maximum).

This 100% organic cotton piece features a classic collar style, wide side pockets for lots of storage, and buttoned fastening at the front and on the cuffs.

You can buy the Sezane Will Jacket in a size between XXS-XXXL and one of 25 colors for $145.

Sezane Shoes Review

No fashionable outfit is complete without an equally stylish pair of shoes, and there are Sezane sandals, pumps, and more to suit every mood. Right now, the shop is all about fall footwear: rich neutrals, suede, block heels, and cozy flats. So this section of my Sezane clothing review is going to take a look at some boots and sneakers that might suit your dream look.

Sezane Jules Boots Review 

The mid-heel Sezane Jules Boots look fantastically styled on the model, who is pairing them with light, straight-leg denim.

These boots are all about leather. They have a split cowhide leather exterior with a suede finish and a smooth cowhide leather outer sole. While the heels are leather laminated, the inner soles are made of sheep leather.

These Sezane boots feature elasticated sides so you can easily slip into them whenever you are ready to go, and they come in khaki or tan. The sizes offered range from 5-11 and cost $260.

Sezane Jack Sneakers Review

These look like the perfect casual shoe to either dress up with some tailored trousers and a smart blazer, or to add laid-back ease to a cute sundress. But the Sezane Jack Sneakers are also versatile enough to be worn with your favorite pair of leggings, as you run to your next class on campus.

The main fabric is smooth cowhide leather for a stylish edge, while the external sole is made of 70% recycled rubber for optimal grip.

These durable trainers come in three different finishes, ecru, black, or gold, and have smart finishes like gold eyelet details on all their flat cotton laces. The Sezane Jack Sneakers are offered in sizes 5-11 and retail for $145.

Sezane Bags Review

Of course, you will need to incorporate the perfect handbag as the cherry on top of your outfit. These three picks are equal parts stylish and functional.

Sezane Gaby Bag Review

The Sezane Gaby Bag is pure vintage, reminiscent of something you would see doctors carry to their house calls years and years ago.

Made of 100% smooth cowhide leather in Italy, the handbag can be customized with complimentary monogramming of a personalized word (5 characters max) stamped in gold at the lower part of the inside pocket.

Buy it and make the Sezane Gaby Bag uniquely yours in smooth black for $380.

Sezane Claude Bag Review 

There is something so adventurous and tropical about a camel bag. The Sezane Claude Bag is a handmade messenger bag made of tanned cowhide leather with a cotton lining. It holds a zip pocket and an open patch pocket within.

Like most Sezane bags, the Claude is customizable, as you can add complimentary monogramming details to it, and you can either wear it over your shoulder or as a cross-body bag thanks to an adjustable strap.

You can get the Sezane Claud Bag for $240, although it’s currently available for $150.  

Sezane Maxi Totebag Demain Review

Why demain? Why not maintenant? This is exactly what you’ll say when you see this adorable, whimsical, spacious tote made of 100% cotton in a beautiful sandy beige color.

The word ‘demain’ is printed across the front in a sweet, Candyland mix of colors, giving the entire piece an aura of youthfulness and summery vibes.

Every month, Sezane releases a new piece to support its DEMAIN program, Sezane’s organization that raises funds for programs and charities all over the world. The Sezane Maxi Totebag is this month’s offering, with all sales going to partner programs that support children’s education. The tote is made in several sizes, ranging in price from $10-$35.  

Who is Sezane for? 

Sezane Clothing Review

Sezane sells all kinds of apparel and accessories, including shoes, bags, wallets, belts, jewelry, sunglasses, and much more, for both women and men. The brand also offers personalized pieces to preserve important moments and memories, so wearers can keep those special details close at all times.

The products are on the pricier end, so they may be more oriented toward those who want high-quality, luxury fashion pieces as opposed to those looking for a casual wear at casual prices.

Comparison: Sezane vs. Rouje

Sezane Clothing Review

Rouje is another largely online French fashion brand, founded in 2016 by muse and creative director Jeanne Damas. The absolutely gorgeous Damas was inspired to create Parisienne fashion that embodied the uniqueness, dynamism, and femininity of each and every woman.

With a heavy focus on retro-chic and vintage style, Rouje’s product line consists of timeless pieces that can be worn in any circumstance. A couple of the collections featured on the website are A fille in jeans, Chez Hanna, and Ben in Paris. 

One unique thing that really sets Rouje apart from Sezane is that their founder also owns her own restaurant, Chez Jeanne, close to their boutique. You can see more of their fashion on the Rouje website.

Given that both brands focus on French vintage flavors, I was interested to see how their prices compared. I started by comparing two dresses with a similar feel: Sezane’s Aurena Dress with Rouje’s Laura Dress:

The Sezane Aurena Dress is:

  • Available in 6 colorways.
  • Printed with delicate or bold florals, depending on the color, or in plain black or white.
  • Loose, short silhouette with three tiers and long sleeves.
  • Usually, 100% viscose, though some styles are silk or polyester.
  • Costs $185

The Rouje Laura Dress is:

  • Available in two colors.
  • Printed with bold and delicate florals, depending on the color.
  • Body-hugging, longer silhouette with three tiers and short sleeves.
  • 100% viscose.
  • Costs $212

I also wanted to compare a wardrobe staple item with their competitor’s offerings: Sezane jeans. Both brands sell modern vintage shapes in a variety of finishes. A majority of the jeans on Rouje can be bought for approximately $165-$150, while the jeans on Sezane hover around $125. 

When it comes to affordability, Sezane clothes are the clear winner.

Sezane Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sezane Clothing Review

There are a few Sezane clothing reviews on different platforms that will give us some insight into what customers really think about the brand. One of the most entertaining reviews that stood out to me is by the author of the blog Wolf and Stag.

In her review, she takes readers with her as she tries on the Silk Boy Shirt, the Dune Dress, and the Orson Jumper, all of which she decides to keep by the end of the trial. Her review is incredibly positive, stating that both the quality of the items and the customer service are to her satisfaction:

“While my first Sezane order experience may have been a mix of hits and misses, my love for this beautiful French brand continues unabated. With their quick delivery, free shipping/returns, and no-sales approach, I will absolutely order from them again — and think you should, too.”

In another blog post on Wolf and Stag, the author revisited the brand and featured some different items. She still loves the brand and highly recommends it to shoppers everywhere. She even wore a Sezane dress for her wedding.

When I checked out Trustpilot, however, I discovered not every Sezane clothing review was so positive. There, Sezane averaged 3.3/5 stars after 1.4k reviews.

Most negative Sezane clothing reviews featured complaints about customer service, with customers waiting for their money to be refunded after completing a return or receiving damaged products. However, this seems to be in the minority and is not a unique problem for a clothing brand to have shipping issues these days.

Is Sezane Worth It?

Sezane Clothing Review

After getting familiar with the label for my Sezane clothing review, it’s clear the brand has great things going for them: their clothing is high-quality and ultra vintage-chic. The return and shipping policies are fair.

Overall, Sezane clothes are very accessible, shipping all over the world and having in-person retailers. It’s also priced quite reasonably compared to items from similar brands. The downsides are the lack of discounts and rewards programs, the rarity of a Sezane sale, and the negative reviews they’ve been given for poor customer service.

I hate to leave my Sezane clothing review at a stalemate, but I am truly torn. On one hand, I love the style of the clothing and appreciate that it is reasonably priced for designer fashion. On the other hand, beautiful clothing is only valuable and useful if it actually arrives in perfect condition.

Ultimately, if you’re near an in-person retailer, know someone familiar with the company, or take your own critical eye to the credibility of Sezane’s customer reviews and don’t necessarily find the negative reviews justified, then Sezane is worth a try.

Sezane Promotions & Discounts 

Sezane Clothing Review

The store website does not seem to be featuring any notable sales except for a few popular items that have returned from past collections for a slightly lower price. There are no Sezane coupons, promotions, or other discounts available right now. They also do not publicly advertise any rewards programs or perks that can come from being a member or subscribing to their site.

Where to Buy Sezane

Sezane Clothing Review

In terms of direct-from-brand options, Sezane clothes can be purchased online through their website, or at one of their retail or quick pickup stores (which they call Appartements & Conciergeries) in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Lille, London, and New York. 

The company has also made its products available at select US Nordstrom locations in the past such as Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. If you’re near one, pop in and see whether they still carry the brand, or you can check the department store’s website.


Sezane Clothing Review

Where is Sezane based?

Sezane is based in Paris, France. It ships internationally and has 9 retail locations: 7 in France, one in the UK, and one in the US. 

Where is Sezane made? 

Sezane pieces are produced all over the world, including at its home base in France. Two-thirds of their clothes are made in Europe, and they try to manufacture all of their clothes where their textiles are sourced and where there is expertise in working with particular materials.

Does Sezane fit true to size?

Sezane products do fit true to size, according to some sources. If you would like an exact specification of the sizes, you can check out the Sezane size chart.

What is Sezane’s Shipping Policy?

The method, cost, and time period of shipping can be calculated using their online tool, located in the Sezane FAQs. However, the company offers free delivery for orders from the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and Europe for orders over $200.

What is Sezane’s Return Policy?

For all countries, you have 15 days from when you receive your order to return your purchases for a refund. The company also advertises free returns for the majority of countries they ship to.

While writing my Sezane clothing review, I was impressed by the company’s user-friendly return policy. Starting a return is incredibly easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your account on the website and go to ‘My Returns,’ select the order number containing the items you would like to return, then click on the ‘Process a Return’ button and select a purpose for your return.
  2. Print and put the provided return label on your package that states the return address they give you.
  3. Take your package to the nearest DPD, DHL, or UPS point (depending on your chosen method or your location), and you’re done!

If you want to return your item to an in-person retailer, it’s just as easy: 

  1. On the company website, choose the ‘La Conciergerie’ or ‘L’Appartement Londres’ option when requesting to return an order.
  2. Leave your items at the retailer. 
  3. You will be refunded immediately.

If you want to see specific return information for your country/location, then visit the site’s FAQ page on returns and refunds.

How to Contact Sezane

If you have any questions after reading my Sezane review, there are a few ways you can contact the brand directly:

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