Shari’s Berries Review

About Shari’s Berries

Shari's Berries Review

Shari’s Berries is an American company sending berries, desserts, gifts, and flowers to customers across the US. This company is best known for their chocolate-covered strawberries, which you can order in a variety of chocolate coatings, drizzles, and decorations, including their signature Strawberry Smiles.

Looking for a delicious gift or just want to treat yourself? Our Shari’s Berries review will check out the brand’s best-selling products, real customer feedback, and their order pricing, telling you everything you need to know about ordering from this unique delivery service.  

Shari’s Berries was founded by entrepreneur Shari Fitzpatrick back in 1989, who later sold the company to major flower delivery service 1-800-Flowers

Shari gained some attention for her hand-dipped, chocolate-covered strawberries in her hometown of Sacramento. Turning her artful approach to dessert into a thriving business, Shari expanded and this brand continues to offer a variety of strawberries, as well as other desserts.

This company also delivers bouquets such as roses, tulips and lilies, which buyers can combine in the same order as their dessert purchases. Keep reading to see the highlights of buying from this brand.


  • Delivers flowers, chocolate-dipped strawberries, gifts, and other desserts to your door
  • Choose from different decorations and toppings on your strawberries
  • Huge variety of bouquets
  • Dessert offerings include birthday cakes, cheesecake bites, brownies, and truffles
  • Godiva chocolates and Godiva berry dip available

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Shari’s Berries Gifts Review

This brand has a number of best-sellers their customers are loving, from gourmet strawberries to cheesecake bites. In this Shari’s Berries review, I will take a closer look at their sweetest options below.

Shari’s Berries Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries Review

The Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries are a beautiful treat with a hand-crafted look. Each decadent berry is coated with dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, or coated with white chocolate and drizzled with dark, giving them an elevated twist.

These sweet treats are exactly what comes to mind when you think of a high-end chocolate-covered berry. They’re a lovely, substantial gift for birthdays or other celebrations. 

These berries are available in 3 different sizes:

  • Two dozen strawberries for $75
  • Full dozen strawberries for $45
  • Half dozen strawberries for $35

Each berry weighs approximately 140 grams. Shari’s Berries gives customers the heads up that this product contains milk and soy. 

Buy the Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries starting at $35 for 6.

Shari’s Berries Celebration Cheesecake Bites Review

If you love the idea of sending chocolate-covered strawberries but want to make it even more special, the Celebration Cheesecake Bites can take your order to the next level.

These desserts are dainty, square-shaped cheesecakes coated in chocolate and glittered with sprinkles for a fun, celebratory look.

Each order of Celebration Cheesecake Bites comes with 9 pieces in 2 different styles:

  1. 5 Milk Chocolate New York Cheesecake Bites 
  2. 4 Dark Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake Bites

An order of Celebration Cheesecake Bites costs $55, or you can add them to a purchase of 6 Shari’s Berries for $80 total.

Shari’s Berries Time To Celebrate Birthday Cake with Birthday Strawberries Review 

Whether you want to treat yourself on your birthday or let your friend know you’re thinking of them on a big day, the Time to Celebrate Birthday Cake with Birthday Strawberries will put you in a celebratory mood.

This classic vanilla cake is flecked with rainbow sprinkles and filled with vanilla buttercream. It’s topped with white buttercream icing and cute rainbow confetti sprinkles. 

This small cake has 3 tiers and comes with a festive birthday candle.

The strawberries included with this order are coated in either dark or white chocolate with a rainbow drizzle and even more sprinkles. 

Buy the Time to Celebrate Birthday Cake with Birthday Strawberries with 6 strawberries for $65, or with 12 strawberries for $80.

Shari’s Berries Sweet And Delicious Review 

The Sweet and Delicious gift makes for an attention-grabbing – and incredibly delicious – display. 

This edible bouquet combines plenty of sweet fruits cut to look like flowers and leaves, including:

  • Honeydew melon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Grapes
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapples

While writing this Shari’s Berries review, I found that you can send the Sweet and Delicious bouquet on its own, or accompany it with 6 or 12 Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries.

Buy the Sweet and Delicious fruit bouquet starting at $73. 

Who Is Shari’s Berries For? 

Shari's Berries Review

Shari’s Berries will appeal to anyone who wants to send a thoughtful and classic gift, like chocolate-covered strawberries or a bouquet of flowers. 

This brand’s goodies are meant to help you celebrate friends and family on their birthday, or mark a special occasion like a graduation or anniversary. Their products are luxurious, and have a bit of a luxurious price tag, making them a great option for gifts that call for a splurge (though maybe not a regular indulgence for every budget).

People who live far away from their loved ones will appreciate the chance to use Shari’s Berries’ online delivery options, to send a gift from wherever they are. It’s also great for far-away friends and relatives to treat their loved ones to a fresh dessert, regardless of distance.

Shari’s Berries Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Shari's Berries Review

This company does not share customer reviews on their official site, so for my Shari’s Berries review, I did some digging on the web to discover how customers found shopping with this brand. 

Out of their 210 reviews on TrustPilot, Shari’s Berries has a 1.2/5 star rating. Unfortunately, many buyers on this site had some significant complaints about this brand’s products; many arrived warm and not in very good shape. However, there were also positive reviews on TrustPilot about their Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries

One customer shares in their Shari’s Berries review, I received the gift from my grandson and granddaughter today. The packaging and presentation was perfect. The strawberries WERE DELICIOUS…”

The company also has customer feedback on, where they also have a rating of 1.2 stars out of 5. One of the positive Shari’s Berries reviews I found was from a woman who received some strawberries to help celebrate a special occasion. She writes, “A friend sent me Shari’s Berries as a birthday present and I cannot be more pleased. They arrived in perfect condition. They are juicy and delicious.”

Shari’s Berries has also been featured in a few ‘unboxing’ videos on YouTube, where reviewers open up their purchases and give viewers a look inside. These Shari’s Berries reviews give you an excellent sense of what the products look like and how they’re delivered, and are considerably positive

One YouTuber, The Jovan’te Experience, loved opening up her Shari’s Berries order, saying that the strawberries she received were, “Perfection…These strawberries are da bomb.”

Another Youtuber, RoroTube, also tried out Shari’s Berries and purchased some Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries and a bouquet of roses that looked beautiful and stayed fresh

She tells viewers in her Shari’s Berries review, “Look how gorgeous they are…I think this is the first time in my life I have roses that last for that long.” 

Based on all of these Shari’s Berries reviews, customer experiences with the brand are pretty satisfying—people were pleased with their purchases, enjoyed the quality of their gifts, and had their deliveries go smoothly.

Is Shari’s Berries Worth It?

Shari's Berries Review

Shari’s Berries has a great concept: combine flowers with chocolate-dipped strawberries and other sweet treats, for beautiful and convenient gift orders. This brand’s products are as delicious to eat as they are beautiful to look at, and I would recommend checking them out. 

Shari’s Berries Promotions & Discounts 

Shari's Berries Review

For Sheri’s Berries coupons and deals, keep checking their website. For a regular discount, this company also has a “Celebrations Passport,” available for $20 per year. This will give you perks like free shipping on all orders and the ability to earn points through your purchases. 

Where to Buy Shari’s Berries

Shari's Berries Review

Buy all of Shari’s Berries products on their official website.


Shari's Berries Review

Who owns Shari’s Berries?

The parent company owns Shari’s Berries.

Does Shari’s Berries ship internationally?

No, this brand only delivers within the US.

What is Shari’s Berries’ Shipping Policy?

When you order from Shari’s Berries, the site will send your order through a local store. Shipping costs are 15% of the price of your product, added on to your total. 

If you love your Shari’s Berries order and think you’ll be making regular orders, you may want to consider joining their “Celebrations Passport” for $20 per year. This will allow you to get free shipping on all your orders for the next year.

What is Shari’s Berries’ Return Policy?

While this brand doesn’t share return details, they do say they have a “Smile Guarantee” – if your product doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can reach out to customer care for help in rectifying the issue.

How to Contact Shari’s Berries

Shari's Berries Review

I hope you enjoyed this Shari’s Berries review! I found two ways of getting in touch with the brand:

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