Sock It To Me Review

About Sock It to Me 

Sock It To Me Review

Sock It to Me makes fun and comfortable socks and underwear for customers that like to keep the colour outside of the lines or keep the kid inside them alive. Sock It to Me sells funny and funky socks so that you can show off the true you. These uniquely dreamt socks and underwear are available for men, women and children. This Sock It to Me socks and underwear review will examine key elements of the brand and its products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of Sock It to Me 

Sock It To Me Review

Carrie Atkinson founded Sock It to Me in 2004. She states that “at Sock It to Me, we’ve gotten where we are by working hard and being nice.” Carrie and her clan take the small details into account that connect them to their customers and make their customers feel good, like putting a doodle on an invoice. 

Sock It to Me believes in authenticity, their mission is to make their customers feel like the truest version of themselves. According to Sock It to Me, socks can define your individuality leading you to make your voice heard. They also believe that socks, made and envisioned a little more imaginatively, can help you get there. 

The Sock It to Me team are grown-up kids, inspired, energetic with eyes full of light and possibility. They started small but with a broad, passionate vision and Sock It to Me was doubling in size every year. Sock It to Me socks are now sold in over three thousand accounts. 

The team gets inspiration from real life, they dream vividly and look for the offbeat in everyday life. There are socks with robots, bicycles, beer, sloth, ninja and Abraham Lincoln socks. Sock It to Me has vibrant colours, creative designs and vouches for excellent quality, socks that wash well and socks that stay up. Sock It to Me isn’t just a pair of socks, it’s confidence and customers connect with the Sock It team to tell them that their socks made the wedding or helped them get through chemo. “Sock it to me—there’s a different feeling there.” The Sock It to Me meaning packs a punch. Sock It to Me is original and so are you. 

Sock It To Me Review


  • Available for men, women and children in multiple styles, sock lengths and printed socks
  • Attention to the small details like socks staying up and pinch-free underwear
  • Reasonable prices for the innovative designs
  • Comfortable cotton blend
  • They wash well
  • Good fit
  • OEKO-TEX standards
  • Monthly subscriptions available with easy cancellation
  • Available through many locations
  • International shipping
  • Accommodating return policy


  • Some customers reported the socks were thin

Sock It to Me Men’s Socks Review 

If you’re shopping for yourself to spruce up the look of your suit pants and oxfords, or you’re buying an innovative gift for that special man in your life, Sock It to Me, has a wide range of men’s socks. In this review, we will focus on the Men’s Luxe Top Banana Dress Socks and the Men’s Laboratory Crew Socks but your shopping interests don’t have to dwindle there.

 Explore Sock It to Me Men’s socks and you’ll find dress socks for $22, knee high socks for $11 and crew socks for $10. Socks are made of a cotton, polyamide, elastane blend. Picking your style is the easy part, it’s choosing your pattern that might get you stuck. Worse comes to worse, buy a few pairs! 

Men’s Luxe Top Banana Dress Socks

Why wear banana socks—just ‘cause. Are you looking for a conversation diversion in that awkward meeting or a way to catch a special someone’s attention in the elevator? Then, these luxurious Egyptian cotton awesome socks are for you for $22. Not only will you be the talk of the office but you’ll be leading the charge with the excellent foundation you have with your all day-performance, comfort first socks that stay up. With a reinforced heel and toe, Sock It to Me has the durability of your socks covered in these cheap dress socks. 

If you like them enough, you can purchase the socks in three different colours, black, hot pink and blue. Rotate them through the week and no one will know the difference! The socks are made in Italy of 74% cotton, 23% polyamide and 3% elastane. 

Men’s Laboratory Crew Socks

If you are in need of the ultimate college party sock, then tuck these bad boys away and attend your next party wearing glow in the dark beaker and flask socks. You won’t even need to pull out a different kind of flask to enjoy yourself; dancing around in these amazing socks will create an electrifying chemical reaction in the room for $11

You’ll be comfortable while you make your memorable statement in a blend of 56% cotton, 41% polyester and 3% spandex. It’s important to have fun and make the memories that last but also to stay safe and for that reason the coolest socks are certified by OEKO-TEX standards, so you can check the harmful chemicals at the door. 

Sock It to Me Women’s Socks Review 

In this Sock It to Me Socks and Underwear Review we will focus on the STRETCH-IT Starry Night Socks and the Birds of a Feather Knee High Socks but that’s not to neglect all that Sock It to Me has to offer women looking for comfortable, flashy foot garments. 

Keep your eyes out for the $7 no-show socks, the turn cuff socks for $9, the stretch-it socks for $11, the crew socks for $7, and the knee high socks for $12. If you’re looking for a corgi popping out over the crust of a pizza slice, Sock It to Me has you covered. 

STRETCH-IT Starry Night Socks

In our Sock It to Me socks and underwear review, we determined that there is no more perfect place to stretch Van Gogh’s version of the starry sky than across a pair of Stretch-it socks for $12. The number one customer request that Sock It to Me received was to create stretchier socks. These women’s colourful socks are 21 inches in circumference and they don’t compromise or distort graphics. Sock It to Me’s custom built machine creates a higher thread count and socks that stand up to the test—they just don’t fall down!

 Starry Night Socks are Sock It to Me’s best selling sock, period; you’ll want to add them to your sock collection. The Stretch is size, in 57% cotton, 41% polyester and 2% spandex, really does the sky and the famous artist justice. These dazzling socks will inspire your Spring knee sock outfits!

Birds of a Feather Knee High Socks

You don’t have to be an avid bird watcher to look fantastic in these socks—although it doesn’t hurt! Let the delicate, intricate design of these beautiful birds inspire your creativity and motivate your day, as the first signs of Spring chirp through the window. In our Sock It to Me socks and underwear review, we got the latest scoop that these bird socks are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, meaning they’re free of harmful chemicals for $6. They’re made of 62% cotton, 37% polyester and 1% spandex. 

Sock It to Me Men’s Underwear Review

Tacosaurus Boxer Brief

Let’s face it, when taco night is coming up, you dream fitfully the night before, tossed between dreams of lettuce and hot sauce. You wake up stoked, so you may as well own the feeling and put on a pair of Tacosaurus Boxer Briefs for $20. Before this Sock it to Me socks and underwear review, we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams that there was such a thing as a tacosaurus brief—but we’re delighted! 
There are other reasons to put the Briefs beside their style and jolt of inspiration. They are comfortable, breathable and offer support with their super soft jersey material. If you’re going to look fly on taco day, smooth fit matters, which is why there’s a seamless back and sides and a crossgrain crotch gusset for extra stretch so that your legs stay in place. Maximum support is the way to go, which is why there’s a contour pouch with no fly.

Light My Fire Boxer Brief

Barbequing in boxer briefs with a beer in hand is a seasonal style, no? Whether you like your steak rare, or your burger laced with cheese and bacon, these briefs will give you credit in the kitchen before you even begin flipping for $20

In the hot steamy summer air, the combed jersey fabric blended with elastane is ultra-stretchy and breathable. If you’re going to flaunt your abs, it’s best that you are complimented by a seamless back and sides for a smooth fit. The 1 ½ “ elastic waistband stays with you and the contour pouch with no fly gives you max support when you’re in the heat of the moment behind the grill. 

Sock It to Me Women’s Underwear Review 

Pandacorn Women’s Bikini Underwear

Panda’s are adorable and rainbows and unicorns are great too, so Sock It to Me thought, why not put them together? On your most whimsical day, the Pandacorn still upscales your mood for $8. It’s a rare breed and it will fill your day with that little bit of magic you need to get by. 

The mid-rise bikini fit lays evenly against the body with a ¾” lace waistband. There’s nothing more irritating that a pinching line and the stretchy lace prevents it. The back liner hides staining, because let’s face it, life happens. The ultra-stretchy, soft and breathable combed cotton and elastane blend is supple against your skin. 

Dogs of Rock Hipster Underwear

Let the hounds loose (and the corgis!) With these cute undies, you may dawdle while putting your pants on in the morning. Wait a second though—we’re missing a detail. These dogs are wearing makeup that resembles classic rockstars of the past. Now, these panties seriously rock!

With the pinch-free stretchy lace trim that lays evenly on the body with a ¾ lace waistband, you might just be singing along. The mid-rise hipster fit is comfortable and the forgiving black liner hides staining. Made with ultra-stretchy, soft and breathable combed cotton/elastane blend, you can really rock out, like a bulldog! 

Sock It to Me Monthly Subscription

Sock It to Me Review

What is the monthly promise?

  • There are two pairs of socks in each box (either men’s or women’s)
  • Personalize with a digital gift message
  • Prepay for a full subscription
  • Sock It to Me ships internationally. Select U.S. or International when choosing your sock box
  • Boxes begin shipping on the 10th of every month
  • When it’s your last subscription, you’ll get a reminder so that you can renew your subscription if you like

1 Month$22/month prepaidSave up to 8%Free U.S. shipping2 pairs per box$25/Month prepaidFree global shipping2 pairs per box
3 Months$20/month prepaidSave up to 17%Free U.S. shipping2 pairs per box$23/month prepaidFree global shipping2 pairs per box
6 Months$19.67/month prepaidSave up to 18%Free U.S shipping2 pairs per box$22.67/month prepaidFree global shipping2 pairs per box
12 Months$18.33/month prepaidSave up to 24%Free U.S. shipping2 pairs per box$21.33/month prepaidFree global shipping2 pairs per box

Sock It to Me Review: What Do Customers Think?

Our Sock It to Me socks and underwear review investigated the opinions of Sock It to Me customers. Customers were happy with the sock design and the quality of the sock. Washing the socks made them even more comfortable for wear. When individuals gave Sock It to Me socks as a gift, they reported that their loved one “went crazy over them,” “was excited about the design” and “loved them.” One granddaughter was wearing her narwhal socks on every occasion that her grandma saw her and loved the socks for their warmth and softness. Customers loved the fit and said their feet did not sweat—a big bonus! The wide calf stretch socks accommodated customers who otherwise struggle to find socks that fit and they were delighted. Some customers complained that the socks were thin. The socks were fun and affordable, according to customers.

If you’re looking for novel, quirky socks, Sock It to Me is no stranger to getting a laugh or inventing a mythical creature. The prices are reasonable for the novelty designs that set you apart. The underwear and socks are made of comfortable cotton blends, with thoughtful details like the waistband or no fly zone. The garments held up in the wash and the fit was good. 

If you like to keep fun and imagination alive and well, our Sock It to Me socks and underwear review concludes that these garments are an excellent way to inject a “spoonful of sugar,” into your day. If you like to say it with a sock or make a good sock pun, Sock It to Me might be for you. The next time you’re strolling down the street, a passerby may catch a glimpse of a meerkat, flamingo, or genius at work. 

Sock It to Me Promotions & Discounts 

Our Sock It to Me Socks and Underwear review emphasizes that you can save 15% on orders over $50. Additionally, get 20% off your socks just for signing up to the Sock It to Me newsletter. 

Where to Buy Sock It to Me

Sock It to Me Review
  1. Sock it to me Website


How to Get Sock It to Me Subscription 

Sock It to Me Review

The gift that comes to your door monthly is deliberate, timely and it surprises you every time. There’s nothing like being caught off guard in the most pleasant way on a regular old Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re a sock lover, you won’t be able to wait to dig your heels into your latest pair of socks. Beyond your socks, there are other surprises to look out for—the top secret kind. You’ll have access to socks that aren’t otherwise on the site or shelves. Surprises is the name of the game. 

  1. Select your sock subscription options
  2. Two pairs of mystery socks arrive
  3. Repeat monthly 

How to Cancel Sock It to Me Subscription

Our Sock It to Me Socks and Underwear review showed us how flexible Sock it to Me is. You can cancel your Sock it to Me Monthly at any time. The remaining months (anything which has not been processed or shipped) will be refunded. The cut-off date for cancellation of subscriptions is the 9th of each month. Give one business day to process the request. Keep in mind if you cancel on a Friday evening, Sock it to Me won’t see it until Monday morning. 

Sock It to Me Shipping Policy

Sock It to Me Review

Sock it to me ships everywhere in the world. You can pick from U.S. or International shipping when you select your sock subscription box. For international shipping, Sock It to Me only accepts PayPal payments. Sock it to me uses the United States Postal system because it’s the cheapest method for small orders. Wholesale orders are shipped using UPS Ground. UPS Priority Mail Innovations shipping may take up to four weeks for delivery. If you require a faster delivery, please choose the USPS Priority International shipping option. Customers are responsible for payment of all duties and taxes.

  • Sock it to Me ships from Monday – Friday. 
  • Allow 1-4 business days for your order to be packed and sent out
  • It can take 1-8 business days to process your order
  • Orders typically take 2-7 days from the ship date to arrive
  • International orders can take 2-4 weeks to arrive
  • Log in to your account to check the status of your order or call (503) 419-6428

Sock It to Me Return Policy

Sock It to Me Review

Our Sock it to Me Socks and Underwear Review highlighted that Sock It to Me is accommodating. Sock It to Me will happily exchange or refund your damaged or defective socks. Fill out the RMA form so that Sock It to Me knows that your return is coming. Returns are accepted within 90 days from your date of purchase. Items must be unworn with tags attached. 

Sock It to Me honours replacements of items which have not worn prematurely within the first weeks of wearing. You can keep your item if they determine that you qualify for exchange. No, they don’t need proof of your smelly socks! You may exchange or gift exchange within 90 days and if Sock It to Me sees an exception to the rule, they’ll make it; they know that life is hectic! 

Contact Sock It to Me

Our Sock it to Me Socks and Underwear review are certain that Sock it to Me is happy to hear from you: 

  • Sockstars are available to help Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time. 
  • For immediate assistance call (503) 419-6428
  • To sell socks and underwear fill out the wholesale application form
  • You can contact Sock It to Me using the contact form

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