Starkey Hearing Aids Review

About Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Starkey Hearing Aids is an American brand creating high-quality, modern hearing aids for people with various hearing impairments. Their hearing tech can also address common ear problems such as tinnitus. 

This company’s mission is to improve hearing aid technology, functionality, and wearability so everyone can experience excellent hearing. 

Starkey is known for their award-winning designs; their Livio AI Hearing Aid won the Red Dot Design award in 2019 for its cutting-edge technology and fantastic bonus features.

Our Starkey review will give you all the details about this brand and their hearing technology, including their best-sellers, buying highlights, and customer feedback, to help you decide if they’re a potential fit for your hearing needs.

Keep reading this Starkey Hearing Aids review to learn more about the company’s story and products.

Overview of Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Starkey Hearing Aids was founded in 1961 and purchased by American businessman Bill Austin in 1967. 

Under Austin’s leadership, Starkey became a major force in the hearing device industry. becoming a well-respected and familiar name, especially in his home state of Minnesota.

Starkey Hearing Aids operates with the intention to “ensure every person on the planet has the opportunity to hear their very best.” 

Over the years, their designs have changed with the times, embracing new technology and everything that it can do for our hearing. Austin is proud that his company’s newest hearing aids are “revolutionizing” the industry by using artificial intelligence. 

Starkey Hearing Aids are made for many different kinds of hearing loss, including one-sided hearing, and are using Bluetooth technology and app integration to give you better sound and better control over your experience.  

Starkey’s tech gives you the ability to do things like:

  • Choose presets for different environments
  • Enjoy enhanced noise reduction
  • Use hands-free devices to communicate
  • Stream sound directly to your hearing aids

Their Starkey rechargeable hearing aids are also changing the game by freeing people from the expense and challenge of constant battery replacement. 

While doing my research for this Starkey Hearing Aids review I found that this brand’s products have won numerous awards, including the 2021 Big Innovation Award for Healthcare Products and placing among Time magazine’s top 100 Best Inventions of 2019.

Let’s check out the highlights of buying Starkey Hearing Aids!


  • Starkey sells hearing aids to help people with hearing loss and tinnitus
  • Made with modern technology, including Bluetooth connections and AI
  • Award-winning designs
  • Solid customer ratings and reviews
  • Decades of industry experience
  • Online and in-person customer service options
  • Hearing aids can help social life, mental and physical health, and everyday function
  • Free 5-minute online hearing test to help you better understand your needs
  • 30-day warranty for repairs or refitting

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

This company produces different devices to suit a variety of hearing loss needs. Join me in this Starkey Hearing Aids review as I dig into the details of their three best-selling products.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids Review

The Evolv AI Hearing Aids are designed to help you hear clearly without missing a beat. These hearing aids are designed to help you listen to every kind of sound in your environment. 

The Evol AI Hearing Aids adapt to the sound they pick up, making as many as 55 million auto-adjustment per hour, so your ears are consistently attuned to your surroundings and listening effort is reduced. The goal is to create natural sound and consistent quality whether you’re in a quiet room, watching TV, or in a crowd.

While writing this Starkey Hearing Aids review I found that this product line is also made to connect to Android devices so you can easily hear movies, TV, and music without straining.

These hearing aids also have “2-Way Audio” to iPhones and iPads. This means that the hearing aids have small built-in microphones, so the person you’re chatting with can hear you even if you put down your device. 

Starkey also includes a number of other handy features with the Evol AI model:

  1. “Fall Alert” – your hearing aids will register if you’ve had a fall and alert your emergency contacts
  2. “Reminders” – set reminders and your hearing aids can give you a heads up throughout the day
  3. “Rechargeable” – Don’t change the battery, just recharge it!
  4. “Healthable Technology” – Keep count of your steps and mobility each day
  5. “Translate” – Translate any language you hear into yours

If the Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids seem like a good option, check out their product page for more details and informative videos on how these devices work. 

There, you’ll also be directed to the closest Starkey provider so you can get pricing details and more information, and place an order. 

Starkey Livio Hearing Aids Review

These award-winning hearing aids have cutting-edge technology to give you a consistently clear and natural sound experience. The Livio Hearing Aids can be easily paired with different devices so you can enjoy conversations and your favorite entertainment.

Like all Starkey products, these hearing aids are rechargeable, so you won’t have to stress about the batteries running out and needing replacement. They come in a little recharging case, just like some wireless earbuds. Once powered up, they should work for 24 hours before needing to be recharged.

These hearing aids are made to be paired to the Thrive app where you can check how they’re working and adjust their settings as needed

You can make the adjustments on your own – something that used to require a sometimes challenging visit to an audiologist – or use one of Starkey’s presets.

For example, if someone is speaking softly or wearing a mask, you can use your phone to turn on Mask Mode and increase the volume in your left or right ear so you don’t miss a thing.

Here are a few more key features of these Starkey Hearing Aids:

  • Set a reminder in your phone and your hearing aids will let you know
  • “Thrive Assistant” will answer your verbal questions through the app
  • “Self Check” run tests on your devices to make sure they’re working properly
  • Use Bluetooth to connect to Android and Apple gadgets to stream audio for all your communication and entertainment needs

Read more about the Livio Hearing Aids and find a provider here

Starkey Picasso Hearing Aids Review

These subtle hearing aids are made to give you hearing solutions that are exactly right for you. While writing this Starkey Hearing Aids review I found that their Picasso Hearing Aids can be customized to fit your exact ear shape.

Starkey understands that the right shape and fit are an essential part of enjoying your new hearing aids. That’s why they produce their Picasso Hearing Aids (as well as some other models) in these four wearing styles:

  • In The Ear
  • In The Canal
  • Completely In Canal
  • Invisible In Canal

This makes the Picasso Hearing Aids great for people with different types of hearing loss, different levels of hearing loss in each ear, and single-sided hearing loss. 

Starkey explains that these hearing aids might also help people who are suffering from tinnitus, as they can help you focus on ambient sound and distract you from the ringing.

Find out more about the Picasso Hearing Aids and find the closest provider to you at their product page.

Who Is Starkey Hearing Aids For? 

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

While people of all ages can experience hearing loss, this condition is more likely to affect older people. Hearing loss is a very common condition as we age, and Starkey explains that it can affect your quality of life in more ways than we may realize.

Hearing loss can lead to more isolation and loneliness in older age, as hearing impairments cause us to miss important points and social cues. People who are hard of hearing will appreciate Starkey Hearing Aids’ ability to help them pick up on more sounds and conversations, helping them maintain their relationships and remain independent.

Hearing loss can also reduce people’s ability to function in everyday life, and cause a decline in mental health. Anyone who feels their hearing is beginning to impact their life and relationships will be glad to find Starkey’s testing resource and different product options. 

These hearing solutions aren’t just for those new to hearing devices. The tech in Starkey’s various hearing devices also makes it easier to do things that weren’t ideal with older models of hearing aids, like talking on the phone, watching TV and listening to music, dealing with crowds, and adjusting your own levels to have more control over your hearing experience. 

Starkey Hearing Aids Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

This company shares plenty of customer testimonials on their official site. Most of these Starkey Hearing Aid reviews mention how the brand’s products helped hard-of-hearing people enjoy auditory activities again.

One customer who was new to hearing aids admitted that he didn’t realize how disconnected he was from his own surroundings because of his hearing loss. He shares in his Starkey Hearing Aids review, “I never knew how much I was not hearing until I got hearing aids.”

Another buyer loves that their purchase allows them to tune into music and TV shows again, as well as connect with other people more easily. They write in their Starkey Hearing Aids review, “Your hearing aids have opened a whole new world for me. I can now enjoy music, TV and conversations.”

One customer purchased the best-selling Livio Hearing Aids and found that he could hear much more clearly when wearing them. He shares in his Starkey Hearing Aids review, “The sound quality of my Livio Edge AI hearing aids is exceptional.”

This brand also has customer feedback on the review site TrustPilot, where they currently have a 3.6/5 star rating based on over 300 reviews. 

Most of these reviews are quite positive. Customers feel that their new hearing aids are a helpful, convenient investment that makes it easier to enjoy conversations and engage with the world in a more meaningful way.

One woman writes in her Starkey Hearing Aids review,I very much like my new hearing aids. They are comfortable and the charging station is much better than changing batteries. I particularly like being able to hear better in lectures and performances…I would recommend obtaining hearing aids from this company without reservation.”

Another customer was delighted with his new hearing aids, as they helped him tune back in to the world around him. He reports in his Starkey Hearing Aids review, “After getting my new hearing aids I am now hearing things haven’t heard in years. Wish I had got them years ago.”

A buyer of the Livio Hearing Aids loves their comfort and useability. He writes in his Starkey Hearing Aids review, “I have the Starkey Livio 2400which I wear for at least 14 hours each day being profoundly deaf in both ears…This product is far better then any previously used and are well worth the money.”

Starkey Hearing Aids also has some customer comment posts on their official Facebook page. One customer, in particular, was happy to share that updating her devices with Starkey left her hearing much more clearly.

She writes in her Starkey Hearing Aid review, “I cannot believe how very much improved my hearing is after today’s appointment! My aids stay in place and I hear so very much better now! Thank you!”

The company also has solid ratings on the review website Out of 95 reviews, Starkey Hearing Aids has a rating of 3.8/5 stars.

There, I noted a review from a woman who purchased Starkey Hearing Aids for herself and her husband. She loves that this company’s technology is effective and complimented their approach to customer service

She writes in her Starkey Hearing Aids review, “My husband and I both have Starkey hearing aids. We are happy to be able to hear conversation so much better. Customer service is outstanding. We particularly enjoy the rechargeable batteries, preventing us from having to replace tiny batteries every so many days.”

This brand seems to have a great reputation among hearing device users. The modern design, friendly service, and rechargeability have also been a major success with customers. To sum up this section of my Starkey Hearing Aids review, I found that customers enjoyt their new hearing aids and notice a significant difference in how well they can hear.

Is Starkey Hearing Aids Legit?

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Definitely! Starkey is reliably creating modern hearing aids for their customers across the US. 

The brand has authentic reviews and reputable physical stores that handle the buying and maintenance process. While writing this Starkey Hearing Aids review, I did not pick up on any major red flags about how this brand conducts business.

Is Starkey Hearing Aids Worth It?

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

This company has decades of experience in manufacturing hearing aids and it shows. 

Starkey is making efforts to modernize hearing technology, making their devices both more functional and convenient, with features like Bluetooth connections and rechargeability.

This brand is thinking creatively and trying to improve customers’ quality of life with their hearing aids. Starkey’s products provide solutions beyond hearing – they can also provide daily health assessments, help you remember tasks, tune you into your devices, and even translate languages! Pretty neat stuff.

As always, I didn’t just take their word for it. I took a closer look at their customer feedback, and learned that most buyers feel their new hearing aids are delivering on the brand’s promises and enhancing their lives.

For these reasons mentioned in this Starkey Hearing Aids review, I can happily recommend buying with this brand for your own hearing needs.

Starkey Hearing Aids Promotions & Discounts 

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

All Starkey Hearing Aids come with a 30-day-warranty for any necessary repairs or refitting. I did not find any other discounts or promotions at the time of this Starkey Hearing Aids review.

Where to Buy Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Purchase all Starkey Hearing Aids at their official site.


Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Who owns Starkey Hearing Aids?

Bill Austin owns Starkey Hearing Aids.

Does Starkey Hearing Aids ship internationally?

No. This company’s US website will direct you to stores within the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) to make a purchase – your local store will handle the purchasing process. However, if you live in Britain you can use their British website and Canadian buyers can visit their Canadian version

What is Starkey Hearing Aids’ Shipping Policy?

This brand will help you find Starkey locations near you, where you can order your new hearing aids. These locations will inform you about their shipping policies if you are not picking up your hearing aids in person.

What is Starkey Hearing Aids’ Return Policy?

This company’s products all come with a 30-day warranty so you can feel confident in making your purchase. This covers any necessary repairs, as well as remaking the hearing aids so they fit your ear properly.

How to Contact Starkey Hearing Aids

I hope you enjoyed this Starkey Hearing Aids review! I’ve learned that you can get in touch with this brand through their official website Contact Form. Their website also has a live chat feature during business hours, so you can get in touch with their customer service ASAP.

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