Stix Pregnancy Test Review

About Stix

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

When taking control of our body and health, we need products that are trustworthy. Enter Stix, a doctor-approved pregnancy test brand that was made by women, for women. 

Starting as a way to avoid the possible embarrassment that comes along with the purchase of an intimate test, the Stix brand blossomed into what it is today: a discreet, non-judgemental way to receive reliable products that allow you to confidently manage life’s planned and unplanned events.

We’ve conducted this Stix pregnancy test review for the rundown on what the brand is all about—looking into their emergency tests, some customer feedback, FAQs, and more, to help you determine whether or not this service is worth checking out.

Overview of Stix

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

American-born Stix was founded in September of 2019 by Cynthia Plotch and Jamie Norwood. Co-founder Cynthia proudly admits that the brand, whose headquarters is in Philadelphia, PA, was born out of sheer embarrassment

She ran into her boyfriend’s mom at the drugstore while holding a pregnancy test (the horror!), and experienced a feeling of shame that should not have come along with purchasing such a personal item. 

After confiding in her entrepreneurship fellowship colleague Jamie about the encounter, they found common ground with each other. So many women face the awkwardness of taking this dreaded test to the cashier’s counter. Couldn’t there be a better way?

Stix was created to provide the discreet experience that we all desire when facing the uncertainty of our future. And, it is a way to provide doctor-approved products right to your door (before taking the appropriate steps in seeking further medical advice). 

Stix has a total of eight women on staff who helped develop these products. The tight-knit team prides itself on its inclusivity, with three members being visible minorities. 

Before we dive further into our Stix pregnancy test review, let’s take a look at some of the immediate pros and cons:


  • Stix provides a non-judgemental way to conduct your pregnancy, ovulation, and UTI tests at home
  • Pain relief/ prevention for UTIs and prenatal capsules also available 
  • Combo packs help save extra money, along with Subscribe & Save option on all products 
  • Customer appreciate the discreet packaging 
  • Stix’s policy expands to how the charges are displayed on bank statements
  • Extensive and educational blog called The Library 
  • Tests are FDA + doctor-approved, urologist and OBGYN recommended 
  • Free US shipping 


  • No international shipping 
  • Lack of transparency behind manufacturing 
  • The results screen on the pregnancy and ovulation tests can be too small to read
  • Prenatal pills have been reported as difficult to swallow 
  • Not proven to be any more accurate than other home pregnancy tests

Are Stix pregnancy tests accurate?

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

No matter how you choose to purchase your pregnancy indicator, you need to know that the one you’re using is reliable. Stix uses FDA-cleared technology in order to bring you tests that are over 99% accurate if used on the first day of your missed menstrual period. 

Backed by doctors and obgyns, our Stix pregnancy test review easily found the names and qualifications of the professionals behind their products on the brand’s website. 

In terms of Stix pregnancy test accuracy, they can detect the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) at 20mIU/hCG, which most often accumulates in the body 7 to 10 days after ovulation. 

That being said, Stix recommends waiting to take the test at a minimum of three days before your missed period, or 19 days after the date that you last had sex to maintain its precision. It should be noted that they do not list the accuracy rating of waiting for this period of time. 

For a complete rundown of instructions for each product, and to learn about other factors that could affect accuracy, this Stix pregnancy test review recommends checking out the brand’s website. 

How do you read a Stix pregnancy test?

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

Stix provides clear instructions on both their website and inside of their packaging on how to read a Stix pregnancy test. Essentially, they contain a test window and a space where the control line will appear. 

It’s simple to interpret one of the two possible outcomes: 

  1. One line in the control window and one line in the test window: positive result, you are most likely pregnant
  2. One line in the control window: negative result, conception did not occur

In some cases, users may receive that confusing Stix pregnancy test faint line in their test window. You might wonder if this faint line signals to pregnancy, or if you’re just seeing things.

Stix does a great job on their website of detailing why this may occur, as well as answering other common questions as to whether pregnancy tests expire.

Stix Subscription Review 

Wondering if you could benefit from Stix’s Subscribe & Save option? Overall, this service seems to be a great deal. Without ever being locked into a recurring contract (members can quite literally cancel after their first purchase), you save 5% right off the bat. 

Those who know that they’re going to require these products regularly can highly benefit from the convenience factor of this subscription. It totally eliminates the risk of being caught without a test or medication that you need at an urgent moment. 

Plus, receiving pregnancy, ovulation, and UTI test strips gives you a regular reminder to check up on your body. 

Stix Pregnancy Tests Review

If you’re looking to buy Stix pregnancy sticks by themselves, they come in four options: one, two, three, or four packs. In this Stix pregnancy test review, we’re taking a look at their bestselling options, being the 1-pack and the 4-pack. 

Stix Pregnancy Test Review 

When we’re in a state of panic, it helps to have extra reassurance. Tests can sometimes indicate a false positive, and they might slip and fall out of your hands. 

For these reasons, you get two indicators in each Pregnancy Tests pack, wrapped individually inside a white and pink pouch. The words “Take a deep breath” are displayed on all of its packaging, as a gentle, well-needed reminder, when the results could potentially change your life!

We love that every detail about Stix’s packaging is meant to appeal to the modern woman, with “Made by women” printed right on its main pouch. The pregnancy tests themselves are white and pink and contain a control window, a test window, and a pink cap that protects the urine strip when not in use.

Inside, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to use these, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. At the super reasonable price of $13, this Pregnancy Tests set is a steal for an FDA cleared and OBGYN approved test. 

Stix Pregnancy Test: 4 Pack Review 

While the Pregnancy Test: 4 Pack contains the same product as the Pregnancy Test pouch, this option gives you a discount when purchasing double the amount. 

This is a great option for those actively trying to conceive each month. If you grab pregnancy tests regularly, this could save a little money along the way. Plus, it saves frequent trips to the pharmacy.

The Pregnancy Test: 4 Pack is also ideal if you wish to test before the date of your missed period, and again after the recommended waiting time. Or for those who enjoy seeing their line progression from day to day. 

The Pregnancy Test: 4 Pack comes in at $22 for a one-time delivery.

Stix UTI Tests Review

While this is a Stix pregnancy test review, the brand offers other incredibly useful women’s health products as well. They provide an at-home method of not only checking for a Urinary Tract Infection, but preventing one from occurring in the first place. 

Stix also makes pain relief available for those already suffering from an UTI. Let’s put down that glass of cranberry juice and take a look at some bestsellers in this category. 

Stix UTI Tests Review 

Stix provides the opportunity to rule out UTIs from the comfort of home, saving you a dreadful appointment at the local clinic. If you’re experiencing itchiness, burning, notice unfamiliar discharge or blood in your urine—it’s good to have these in the bathroom cabinet. 

While these at-home UTI indication strips are not a new product in the world of women’s health, they are far less common than home pregnancy tests. In fact, many are unaware that such a product exists!

These UTI Tests are clinically tested, as well as FDA-cleared and urologist-approved, and give accurate results in as little as two minutes. The packaging is sleek and modern, with “Get back on track” printed in purple on its white and light green packaging. 

Stix’s UTI Tests come in 1-pack of three for $13 and 2-packs of 6 for $20

Stix UTI Fast-Acting Pain Relief Review 

Got a positive reading on your UTI Test and are looking to escape the pain associated with it? Then the UTI Fasting-Acting Pain Relief has your back. It numbs the area and soothes your system from the inside, so that the urge to run to the bathroom is less frequent. 

This fast-acting medication contains 99.5 mg of phenazopyridine hydrochloride and provides temporary relief from the discomfort associated with a UTI. Users will know it’s in effect when their pee briefly changes to a reddish-orange shade

This product costs $11 for 24 tablets or $17 for two packs of 24. Remember, this product does not treat an urinary tract infection—if symptoms persist, seek medical assistance immediately. 

Stix UTI Daily Protection Supplement Review 

UTIs can occur for many different reasons: kidney stones, poor hygiene, diabetes, a compromised immune system, or most commonly, unprotected sexual intercourse. But, you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. 

Welcome the UTI Daily Protection Supplement, the dietary pills created by Stix specifically to guard against this uncomfortable experience. These are formulated with effective ingredients like cranberry and turmeric

All-natural and vegan friendly, this urologist-designed supplement should be taken daily to prevent recurrent infections. Each bottle contains 60 capsules for $19

Stix UTI Emergency Combo Review

Do you have a burning feeling that you have a UTI, and don’t want to be caught without the pain relief you know you need? Then the UTI Emergency Combo is a great solution for you. 

This combo comes with a 3-pack of Stix UTI Tests as well as one pack of 24 tablets of the UTI Fast-Acting Pain Relief. Purchasing these two products in a combo allows you to save some money, at $19 for this duo.

Stix UTI Complete Combo Review 

This Stix pregnancy test review understands the annoyances that come with UTIs. Suspicious urine, being unable to sit without itching, feeling tired all the time…Why would anyone want to live through that twice? 

The UTI Complete Combo provides three popular products for those looking to stock their medicine cabinet. The bundle includes: 

  • UTI Tests
  • UTI Fast-Acting Pain Relief
  • UTI Daily Protection Supplement

Allowing you to save over 25% overall, you can get this entire power trio for just $34. If you’ve taken a trip down this road many times, this three-product set is a fantastic deal. Plus, users can save even more if they opt to purchase two or three combo packs at once.

Stix Ovulation Tests Review 

Ovulation tests are some of the handiest tools out there for hopeful couples, or even for tracking your cycle to make sure that you don’t conceive. Stix Ovulation Tests contain seven easy-to-use wands that are 99% accurate, allowing you to find the 12–48 hours when you are most fertile. 

Stix’s Ovulation Tests have a similar appearance to the Pregnancy Tests (with a control and a test window) but have a reddish/dark-pink protection cap for the urine strip instead. This way, you won’t grab the wrong one in the heat of the moment. 

Coming in at $17 for a one-time delivery, this is a product that you’re going to want to select the Subscribe & Save option to save that additional 5%

Stix Pregnancy Prep Combo Review 

Ovulation test? Check. Pregnancy test? Check. Prenatal vitamins? Check. Stix’s Pregnancy Prep Combo delivers everything you need in order to be fully prepared for the big event. It contains the following three items: 

  • 7-pack of Ovulation Tests
  • 2-pack of Pregnancy Tests
  • 30 soft gel tablets of Prenatal Multi + DHA

While the Subscribe & Save option is also available for the $51 Pregnancy Prep Combo, it does not make much sense to invest in this one regularly. Having said that, it is one of the best deals in this Stix pregnancy test review. 

Stix Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

This Stix pregnancy test review aims to give readers an accurate portrayal of the company. It should be noted that customer feedback on external sources is scarce. This is largely due to the fact that their products are only sold via their website, so it makes sense. 

Stix does allow buyers to easily post reviews or ask a question right on their online platform, allowing you to rate any product out of 5 stars. And with a total of 813 posted reviews and counting at the time of this article, their feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Overall, the number one selling point of Stix products for customers is the fact that they are discreetly delivered to your door. Customers love both the plain outer packaging of the products, as well as the inconspicuous way that the charges are displayed on your debit or credit card. 

This 5/5 star review for the Pregnancy Tests and the Ovulation Tests echoes the sentiments of many: “The instructions are very clear, and I don’t feel like I have to hide these tests (both ovulation and pregnancy) in my bathroom, they are so pretty and it doesn’t feel like a super medical or scary process!”

A customer wrote for the Prenatal Multi + DHA, “I no longer get sick and the fact I have the luxury of getting it sent to my house every 4 weeks makes it so much better!” 

Stix users also love the abundance of information provided on the website under The Library blog, and praise service representatives for being on the ball when it comes to product knowledge and response time. 

Products ship quickly, and customers have been known to receive their products in as little as 3 days with standard shipping.

One happy customer shared, “Tests came quickly in the mail. I absolutely love the website that walked me through each step of the test and even provided fun tasks, videos, and mindfulness exercises while waiting for test results.”

Only 54 of Stix’s 813 posted comments are less than 5 stars, which is pretty impressive. Customer complaints mainly stem from the fact that they found the control and test windows to be too small, making their test results hard to read. Additional complaints are minimal and are not consistent.

Is Stix Worth It?

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

All in all, Stix products are worth it if privacy or convenience are issues in your life (and most of us have experienced an unfortunate encounter with at least one of these!). Nobody wants to shove a bulky box into their purse when going to the bathroom. Or request a UTI test at the clinic for the 3rd time in two months. 

Those looking to slip under the radar will be thrilled with the brand’s plain brown envelope—it fits right in your mailbox, and comes in a plain, unmarked shipping label. Additionally, your bank statements won’t show any unwanted traces of this personal medical purchase. 

Plus, Stix’s Schedule & Save service allows you to save money while providing the reassurance that you’ll never need to pace down the Family Planning aisle again. Having said this, if you’re looking for a product that does more than any other standard pregnancy test on the market, then these won’t impress you much.

Stix Promotions & Discounts 

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

Looking for some ways to save money? We’ve got you covered! Here’s what this Stix pregnancy test review has been able to find on their official website:

  • Sign up for the brand’s newsletter to receive a Stix pregnancy test discount code for 20% off your order
  • Receive 50% off Stix’s UTI Daily Protection Supplement, UTI-Fasting Acting Pain Relief, and Prenatal Multi + DHA
  • Receive over 25% off all other bundle products, excluding 2-pack Stix Pregnant Sticks and Ovulation Tests

Where to Buy Stix

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

This Stix pregnancy test review has found that all products are sold exclusively through getstix.co

Sign Up for Stix 

Stix Pregnancy Test Review

You can sign up automatically for Stix’s Subscribe & Save service by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit a product page 
  2. Select the frequency of delivery (every 2 weeks is the most popular choice) 
  3. Choose the quantity
  4. Add to cart
  5. Review your purchase and make any last minute additions if desired 
  6. Proceed to create an account and checkout 

Stix does not lock you into their subscription service—it gives you the option to cancel before putting through the next shipment. Customers can make changes by logging into their account. 


Stix Pregnancy Test Review

What is Stix’s Shipping Policy?

Looking to get your Stix pregnancy test delivery today? While the brand does offer free shipping on all of its orders, it does not provide any information on estimated delivery times, tracking, or international deliveries/duties.

All other options will be available to customers at checkout. That being said, it appears from the website that Stix does not offer international delivery, as there is no option to select a country outside of the United States. 

What is Stix’s Return Policy?

This Stix pregnancy test review assumes that due to the nature of the product, they do not accept returns. The brand does not offer any information on its website concerning refunds of any kind, or an exchange policy. We recommend contacting customer service for additional information. 

How to Contact Stix

For questions beyond this Stix pregnancy test review, get in touch with the company in the following ways: 

  • Fill out the contact form on their website
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Reach out on Facebook Messenger

Send a message on Twitter: @getstix

Looking for more options? Check out these popular telehealth companies:




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