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About The James Brand

The James Brand Review

Whether you’re out on an adventure or hiking in a heavily wooded area, nothing can make you feel safer than a high-quality blade with a comfortable handle. Now, here’s a company that can give you all that you need and more. The James Brand sells a variety of knives, tools, and writing utensils that are sleek and practical. 

The James Brand has a respectable 62.1k followers on Instagram, and 5.3k likes on Facebook. Featured in Men’s Journal, Gear Patrol, and Forbes, you can see why the brand has become more popular over the years and garnered such a large following. 

That being said, we like to take a step back and look at companies with a critical eye. The James Brand review will go through all of the details about the brand, including its policies, practices, and reviews in order to uncover whether it is worth your buy.  

Overview of The James Brand

The James Brand Review

Founded in 2012 in Portland by a group of explorers and makers, headed by Ryan Coulter, an industrial designer. He started carrying knives since childhood but noticed there was a big gap between the knives he could easily store in his pockets versus what was on the market, which consisted mostly of hunting or fishing knives. 

He set out to create knives that were both practical and refined and put together a team that included some impressive people such as American celebrity chef Chris Cosentino, famous mountain guide Clark Fyans, and notable American surfer Conner Coffin, and several others who work in a variety of industries. 

Ever since its inception, The James Brand has captured the attention of explorers and people who like to carry slick and handy tools in their pocket. The company continues to design items that anyone can use on a daily basis, even collaborating with Timex to create a limited edition watch. 

Much like a knife needs to be sharpened for optimal use, your mind needs to be primed for optimal information absorption. That is why we have put together a list of preliminary highlights for you to look over before we get into the James Brand review: 


  • High-quality knives and tools available
  • Innovative product design and features 
  • Has stockists in the same countries it ships to 
  • Great customer reviews
  • Payment plans with AfterPay available 

With that quick overview of the brand, The James Brand review will look deeper into the label to see what else they can slide into your back pocket, much like The James Brand the Randolph item. 

The James Brand Knives Review

The James Brand knife can be taken with you, no matter where you go. Even if you are looking for something discreet and sleek, or something tactical and showy, you can find it in the selection the company offers you.  

In this section of The James Brand review, we will take a look at the picks that stood out from the rest. Even with all the options available for the label, we will not be reviewing The James Brand chapter knife, but we do encourage you to check it out on their website. 

The James Brand Elko Review 

Mighty objects can come in the smallest of packages and this could not be more true about The James Brand Elko. The brand packed the most amount of usage into this fundamental design, making sure you are covered on all the essentials. 

This blade can easily slip into your back pocket, on a key ring, or lanyard, and comes with a shorter blade you can use on a daily basis. Made from stainless steel, the Elko also comes with a bar that can be used as a bottle opener, screwdriver, or anything you need to pry open. 

The knife comes in 12 colors:

  • Black + stainless: $60
  • Silver + stainless: $60
  • Bone + black: $60
  • Primer gray + stainless: $60
  • Red + stainless: $60
  • Electric moss + stainless: $60
  • Champagne + stainless: $60
  • Black: $70
  • Natural micarta + black: $75
  • OD green micarta + stainless: $75
  • Black micarta + stainless: $75
  • Titanium: $85

Payment plans with AfterPay are available.  

The James Brand Folsom Review 

If you are accustomed to having a blade in your hand, then The James Brand Folsom would be a classic choice for you. Once you get your hands on this liner-lock knife, you will use it for the rest of your life. 

Easily opened using either hand, this drop point blade allows adventurers to have it at the ready whenever they’re out in the wild hunting. And with its all-round beautiful, straight blade design, you will want to use this general purpose knife in any of your outdoor activities. 

The Folsom comes in eight colors:

  • Bone + black: $99
  • OD green + black: $99
  • Black + stainless (with serrated blade option): $99
  • Primer gray + stainless: $99
  • Black + black: $99
  • OD green + stainless: $99
  • Black micarta + stainless: $125
  • Black micarta + damascus: $165

Payment plans with AfterPay are available.  

The James Brand Barnes Review 

The very first knife the label forged using a single piece of steel, The James Brand Barnes is a blade that will inspire awe in others. Much like the James Bond of knives, this blade can handle almost any situation. 

It is the epitome of elegance and style, the framelock is made of titanium and encompasses the least amount of parts in the brand’s collection, created around a 3.5 inch Bohler M390 steel that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Plus, with less parts, there’s less of a chance of anything breaking down. Talk about minimalist design at its best! 

The blade comes in two colors:

  • Titanium + stainless
  • Black + stainless

The James Brand Barnes retails for $599. Unfortunately, at the time of The James Brand review, both colors were sold out. However, you can sign up to be notified when it comes back in stock. 

Mind you, the company has many popular items that sell out quickly, such as The James Brand Sebo, a stunning collaboration between the brand and skateboarder artist, Sebo Walker. Which is why you should always sign up to be notified when you come across a piece you love on their site. 

The James Brand Ellis Review 

If you are known as the ‘handy’ person in your friend group or family, then you need The James Brand Ellis knife in your backpocket. It is similar to the Swiss army knife, with multiple tools at the ready, to use in any situation, and has nicks you can use to unsheath each gadget. 

Screwdriver. Bottle-opener. Scraper. All-round badass blade that can be used in any situation. What more could anyone ask for? The aesthetics of the drop point blade is something to marvel at, and can be used when you’re capturing or hunting animals. 

The multitool comes in six colors:

  • Primer gray + stainless
  • Bone + black
  • OD green + black
  • Silver + stainless
  • Black + black
  • Black + stainless

The James Brand the Ellis retails for $99. Payment plans with AfterPay are available.  

The James Brand Carter Review 

One of their most progressive everyday carry (EDC) blades, The James Brand Carter has several features not found on their notable knives. 

First, the Carter has a slidelock to keep the blade in place, without worry about getting stuck. With its sleek design and the ability to open it using either your left or right hand, this is a knife you will want to keep by your side at all times. Even the special thumb disk composition allows you to have more power in all of your cuts. 

The Carter comes in two sizes, M or XL, and has two options for blades: straight and serrated (only with specific colors). It also is available in nine colors: 

  • Black + stainless: $139
  • Black + black: $139
  • Primer gray + stainless: $139
  • Bone + black: $139
  • OD green + black: $139
  • OD green micarta + stainless: $159
  • Black micarta + stainless: $159
  • Natural micarta + stainless: $159
  • Black micarta + damascus: $199

Payment plans with AfterPay are available.

The James Brand Hell Gap Review 

The knife that you can use in any situation, The James Brand Hell Gap is the label’s first fixed cutting tool you can’t carry with you. But just because you can’t carry it in your back pocket doesn’t make its use any less significant. This multi-purpose tool can be used in a lot of situations—from digging holes to cutting ropes. 

Named after an arrowhead where the thickest part of the blade is its midsection, the durability of the cutting tool is evident whether you’re hunting wild animals or trying to cut through a beautiful piece of steak.

Not only can it withstand a lot, it’s also lightweight so you can cut for a long time without tiring out. The Hell Gap comes in four colors: 

  • Black micarta + stainless
  • Black micarta + black
  • OD green micarta + stainless
  • Primer gray + stainless 

The James Brand Hell Gap retails for $275. Payment plans with AfterPay are available.

Who Is The James Brand For? 

The James Brand Review

The James Brand is for anyone who requires a handy knife whenever they are outdoors—hiking, camping, or hunting. But the label doesn’t limit their collection only to explorers, they want anyone who loves sleek and stylish knives to have them in their back pocket. 

Not only does The James Brand cater to explorers and your everyday person who collects knives, they also collaborate with different brands and artists to create limited editions, such as Timex or The James Brand The Benton (pen). Made from 304 stainless steel, the pen is a stylish tool you can keep in your pocket without fear of ink ruining your clothes. 

The James Brand Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The James Brand Review

Next up, The James Brand review will take a look behind-the-scenes to let you know what their customers really think. 

A handful of the best selling knives have been reviewed by various sources online. The James Brand Folsom was reviewed by Matt Davidson of Knife Informer, who said that,As an EDC knife for normal tasks the Folsom is a pretty sweet tool…It carries extremely well, it’s solid, it cuts well, and at least on our sample the color itself is eye-catching.” 

Cam Vigliotta of Inside Hook reviewed the Barnes knife, which he said is an integral folder that is every bit as beautiful as it is unique. He writes, “…For collectors and those that have the means, the Barnes is as good as it gets. From the polished materials to the superior build quality, this blade will last for years to come.”

The author of Everyday Commentary wrote a review on the Carter knife, which was overall positive in nature. He concludes, “This is a really strong entry into the midsized, mid-priced EDC market. With a better clip and better steel, it would be at or near the top of the heap…There is no denying that TJB makes fundamentally good knives that look good and cost appropriately.” 

Here is a quick overview of how the knives rated among different reviewers:

  • The James Brand The Carter: 4.2/5 stars by Outdoor Gear Lab
  • The James Brand Folsom: 3.6/5 stars by Knife Informer

Any negative reviews generally stem from personal preference. The James Brand review didn’t find any massive red flags while scrolling online for reviews.  

Is The James Brand Worth It?

The James Brand Review

The James Brand review feels there are a lot of great things about this label: it has lifetime warranties on its knives, generally great reviews across the board, the shipping fees are reasonable, and its products are high-quality and aesthetically pleasing

If you are a knife enthusiast, love the wilderness, or just want convenient items in your pocket to make your life easier, then The James Brand may be something to look into. Again, the label does more than just knives so be sure to check out the other items they offer on their website. 

The James Brand Promotions & Discounts 

The James Brand Review

As part of their agreement with GovX, The James Brand review found it offers people in the certain industries a Pro Deals discount, which amounts to 20% off your order. 

To find out if you qualify for a GovX discount, you can locate your profession on the brand’s website. 

Aside from the Pro Deals discount, The James Brand offers 10% off for customers who sign up for their mailing list and newsletter subscription service. This offer is only valid on your first purchase

Where to Buy The James Brand

The James Brand Review

The James Brand sells its products through its website, and other online retailers such as: 

  • Backcountry
  • BladeHQ
  • Gallantry
  • Huckberry
  • Revir
  • Uncrate
  • Knives and Tools
  • Windup Watch Shop

And if you live in the US, Canada, the UK, or Europe, then you can use the brand’s store locator tool and visit a physical retailer that carries the company’s products. Access the store locator tool here


The James Brand Review

Who owns The James Brand?

The James brand was founded and is run by industrial designer, Ryan Coulter. 

Where are The James Brand knives made? 

The brand has stated their products are manufactured in China, however, the company does not specify exact locations on their website. 

What is The James Brand’s Shipping Policy?

All shipping fees are calculated at checkout. However, free shipping is available for orders over the following amounts to specific locations:


  • For orders over $75: Free shipping


  • For orders over $99: Free shipping

The UK/Europe: 

  • For orders over $99 to Europe: Free shipping
  • For orders over $150 to the UK: Free shipping

What is The James Brand’s Return Policy?

The James Brand states that all of its knives and tools come with a limited lifetime warranty. This means if your knife doesn’t live up to its expected lifespan (and not due to any sort of abuse, mismanagement, or carelessness), then you can contact the company and they can help you out. 

That being said, if you are unhappy with your online order, you have a 30-day window to return the item. Any item you are trying to return has to be in its original condition and be in its pristine packaging. If you are overseas and trying to return an item, you will be responsible for any shipping fees and duties. 

To start your return process, you can click here and enter in your information to receive a return authorization number.

How to Contact The James Brand

The James Brand Review

If you have any questions after reading this The James Brand review, the brand offers the following methods of contact on its website: 

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