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Trouva Review

Imagine being able to leisurely shop at boutiques in London, Paris, and Madrid all at the same time. Does that sound like a dream come true? Well, that’s what Trouva is all about. 

While Amazon and Wish allow you to find the cheapest prices on merchandise globally, Trouva is about finding that perfectly ‘you’ item, whether in clothes, home decor, or gifts. Those special items that speak to you might be found in a small, obscure shop in the UK or in a larger boutique in France.

By having their products curated by the boutiques themselves, the brand allows the shops to do what they do best—design their space to look and feel as close to being there’ as possible. 

My Trouva review will take a deep dive into the brand to help you decide whether their items are worth the buy. I’ll take a look at some of their best-selling clothing products from several independent boutiques, check out customer ratings and reviews, and answer pertinent FAQs. 

Overview Of Trouva

Trouva Review

Trouva, originally named StreetHub, was founded in 2015 by three British men who discovered a hole in the online market so they jumped in to fill it. 

Alex Loizou, Mandeep Singh, and Glen Walker realized that, while large stores were spending a lot of money on creating an online sales portal, many brick-and-mortar shops and small boutiques were having a harder time transitioning to the world wide web. 

These retailers carefully curated their stock and designed their shops to attract customers and help them really experience the products firsthand. However, they couldn’t offer that same experience in a digital space.

The company started out working with 150 independent boutiques in the UK. And based on the last tally that I could find for this Trouva review, the brand now works with more than 800 retailers in the UK and 12 European countries. 

Also, from 2017 to 2020, Trouva was ranked one of the UK and Europe’s greatest startups year after year. 

Before my Trouva review really goes deep-diving into the products on the brand’s website, let’s take a quick look at some company highlights.


  • Offers an extensive variety of clothing, homeware, and lifestyle products from hard-to-find shops
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • More than 800 boutiques and 200,000 products to choose from
  • High-quality products curated by independent boutiques
  • Financing options available through Klarna

Trouva Women’s Review

The Trouva women’s section is divided into clothing, accessories, jewelry, and footwear. Truly, there are far too many items for us to count. But luckily, they provide filter options based on location, price, brand, color, and even discounts, so finding what suits you is as easy as can be. 

In my Trouva review, I’ll take a close look at some new styles from a few designers found in the brand’s bestselling merchants’ boutiques. 

Trouva Renate Dress Warm Leopard Review

Trouva Renate Dress Warm Leopard Review
Trouva Renate Dress Warm Leopard

Designed by the Danish Ravn Ravn brand and offered by Blue Saffron Walden in Essex, UK, The Renate Dress Warm Leopard combines a Bohemian style fit with animal print to create a dress I didn’t know I needed for the chillier months. Made of 100% viscose, this lovely product is a handwash-only item.

At the time of writing this Trouva review, the stunning Renate Dress Warm Leopard can be yours for the sale price of $166 (regularly $461).

Trouva Brodie Strata Cuff Jumper Black Review

Trouva Brodie Strata Cuff Jumper Black Review
Trouva Brodie Strata Cuff Jumper Black

Straight from the Brodie Cashmere collection, the Brodie Strata Cuff Jumper is a classy black sweater with a twist. The cuffs of the sleeves are fitted for days and change colors in bands around the wrist through the spectrum of black to white. 

Although the cuffs are fitted, the arms of the sweater flow nicely without ballooning or getting all puffy so you can stay sleek and fashionable with no worries. 

Known for designing stylish, soft sweaters with playful colors and details, this jumper from Brodie doesn’t disappoint. It can be dressed up or dressed down for practically any occasion or non-occasion (we all like to look nice lounging around while watching TV after all). 

This stylish sweater retails for $230 (regularly $459).

Trouva Barbara Dark Winter Flowers Maxi Dress Review

Trouva Barbara Dark Winter Flowers Maxi Dress Review
Trouva Barbara Dark Winter Flowers Maxi Dress

As a stunner from the Stella Nova collection from Denmark, the Barbara Dark Winter Flowers Maxi Dress is made to fit nicely on a range of body types. The dark and small floral print, loose flowing silhouette, and strategically placed ruffles give it a prairie-style look. The slit at the neck can be worn open or tied closed, depending on your preference. 

Since it has a 100% polyester lining, this dress is machine washable in cold water and can be ironed on low heat. Talk about low maintenance for high-end looks! Quite frankly, I’m sold. This pretty number costs $148 (regularly $385). 

Trouva Men’s Review

Trouva’s menswear collection, much like their women’s clothing, is sourced from an extensive range of boutiques around the UK and Europe

You can let your fashion senses run wild while perusing their clothing, footwear, and accessories collections. Plus, shopping is super convenient due to the filter search options that are available. Going forward, I’ve picked some of my absolute favorite menswear items for your consideration.

Trouva Woolrich Alaskan Microfiber Overshirt Dark Green Review

Trouva Woolrich Alaskan Microfiber Overshirt Dark Green Review
Trouva Woolrich Alaskan Microfiber Overshirt Dark Green

Woolrich is an American company that’s basically a pioneer of modern cold-weather clothing. I say this because their start in 1830 is not too far off from the days of the pioneers themselves. 

It’s safe to say that this brand has cultivated extensive knowledge when it comes to keeping humans warm and stylish at the same time. This is best exemplified in the Woolrich Alaskan Microfiber Overshirt Dark Green, a shirt that looks as snappy as its buttons.

This product is intended for those days when a jacket is too warm, but it’s too cold to go without at least a little something overtop your tank or tee.

Carefully crafted from polyester microfiber that laughs in the face of water and wind, this overshirt is lined with quilted nylon and has snap buttons for easy closing. It costs $247 (regularly for $424).

Trouva 2 Pleats Corduroy Pants Golden Brown Review

Trouva 2 Pleats Corduroy Pants Golden Brown Review
Trouva 2 Pleats Corduroy Pants Golden Brown

Straight from a designer in Italy (but made in Japan), the 2 Pleats Corduroy Pants Golden Brown from Beams Plus are a 100% corduroy thing of beauty. You can unleash your inner vintner (i.e. wine merchant) and channel the majestic Tuscan countryside.  

“But mysterious Trouva review writer,” I hear you saying, “can I really pull off two-pleat chinos?” Of course you can—especially with their wide cut—which makes them suitable for a variety of people and styles. Perfect for wine tastings, coffee shops, and everywhere in between, you can grab a pair on sale for $250 (regularly $294).

Trouva CHPO Silver Lara Watch Review

Trouva CHPO Silver Lara Watch Review
Trouva CHPO Silver Lara Watch

With its stylish and graceful design, CHPO’s Silver Lara Watch will leave your eyes a little happier after you check the time. The black 34mm face provides a stark and opulent contrast to the silver steel band, so it goes without saying that this piece is as much for fashion as it is for function.

Time’s running out for the CHPO Silver Lara Watch because it’s in quite high demand with its $107 price tag.

Who Is Trouva For? 

Trouva Review

Trouva offers something that no other global retail sites offer—they give you access to independent boutiques in the UK and across Europe. Previously, you would have to travel to each country separately and scour the streets of their large cities. 

As much as I would all love to have the time and money to do that, it really isn’t viable for 99% of us. So Trouva lets you put that travel money toward buying something that really speaks to you, which could have been found in a shop all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. And the best part is you don’t even have to leave your own home.

The prices of Trouva’s merchandise range, as do the products, but mostly it’s not recommended for people on a budget. Trouva is about finding unique items that you can be passionate about from designers and boutiques that are known for quality. 

No matter your age or personal style, I’m confident that you’ll likely find something that speaks to you on the brand’s website after perusing this Trouva review.

How Does Trouva Work? 

Trouva Review

The Trouva platform is truly different from any of the other global retail sites because it’s a portal to their merchants’ shops, rather than a place for them to list available stock. 

Trouva allows retailers to create digital versions of their boutiques. And each site has the same feel and merchandise that’s found in their brick-and-mortar stores. To do this, the company makes the boutique owners the curators of their own website.

Independent boutiques don’t carry things that you can find in any department store. Instead, they select merchandise that interests them and that matches the vision of their store, its feel, and atmosphere. Their spaces are smaller but well-designed and filled with unique and interesting products.

Trouva lets the merchants be the curators of their very own online collections. So they can express their unique essence and vibe through the products that are handpicked and sold online. This gives shoppers access to a truly exclusive shopping experience.

How Do I Shop On Trouva?  

Trouva Review

Even though Trouva carries more than 200,000 products via more than 800 independent boutiques, they make shopping easy. The platform offers keyword searches, product categories, and filters to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for while shopping. 

Or you can just browse the variety of items in any given category until something jumps out and speaks to you. Then it only takes a few clicks to add your coveted item to your shopping cart.

Trouva Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Trouva Review

While it was difficult for to find ratings for the products, other Troua reviews were easy to come by. Below are the ratings I discovered.

  • Brodie Strata Cuff Jumper – 4.5 stars from 36 reviews
  • Trouva (on Trustpilot) – 4.4 stars from 4,155 reviews
  • Trouva (on the brand’s website) – 4.64 stars from 4,460 reviews 

Let’s start off by reading a rave review of the Brodie Jumper: I am obsessed with Brodie Cashmere, their pieces are so unique, of outstanding quality and feel very special. I always get the biggest compliments when I am wearing either one of their jumpers, a hoody or a cardigan. Can not recommend highly enough. 

With thousands of Trouva reviews on Trustpilot and on its own website, lots of people explain why they like Trouva. This first-time customer wrote a glowing review: First time shopping on Trouva and it won’t be the last. My order was gift wrapped beautifully and packaged so well. So impressed with the service. Thank you

And there’s no shortage of positive reviews. This happy shopper was really impressed by all that Trouva has to offer: Great selection of small businesses & interesting & unusual products. Easy to navigate website. Very fast responses. Nothing but good here!

Last but not least, with a bit more enthusiasm, this reviewer praises Trouva’s flawless service. Also, they can’t wait to get the word out about the company: 

So pleased I found you! I ordered a jumper from an independent boutique and delivery was prompt, beautifully wrapped and my receipt in an envelope with a large thank you Simply a perfect service! I am going to shop through you again and have a nosey round the site! I would recommend others to do the same! Fabulous! 

Is Trouva Worth It?

Trouva Review

If you can afford the products, Trouva is more than worth it due to the unique finds alone. Using modern technology, the company offers customers an exciting and rewarding shopping experience. Short of traveling to each boutique in person, the brand is the closest thing to the independent boutique experience that you can get. 

Basically, if the thought of shopping at independent boutiques appeals to you, then you definitely need to check out Trouva. And the carbon-neutral shipping is an added bonus, so it’s no surprise that I’d wholeheartedly recommend the brand.

Trouva Promotions & Discounts 

Trouva Review

Everyone likes to save their hard-earned cash, and fortunately for us, Trouva has some deals available to help make that a little bit easier.

  • Get 10% off your first purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter (just give your email and be sent a Trouva promo code)
  • A large section of items on sale from the various boutiques
  • Seasonal sales 

Where to Buy Trouva

Trouva Review

Did something in this Trouva review catch your eye? is the company’s website portal. So items from the brand can only be purchased there or individually at select boutiques across the UK and Europe.


Trouva Review

Who owns Trouva?

Trouva was founded by Alex Loizou, Mandeep Singh, and Glen Walker in 2015 and continues to be owned by the trio to this day. 

Does Trouva ship internationally?

Yes, Trouva ships internationally from the UK and Europe, although some products may not be available for international shipping. These items include perfumes, aftershave, aerosols, and any items with batteries included. 

Additionally, some items are made for the UK and European standards like electronics and light fixtures, so an adaptor may be required if it works at all in North America.

For customers outside the UK and Europe, such as Canada and the US, customs and duties may apply, which are the customer’s responsibility.

What is Trouva’s shipping policy?

Trouva’s merchandise ships directly from the independent boutiques, so there is no central warehouse. The boutiques are located in the UK, Luxemburg, Sweden, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Austria. 

For orders shipped to the USA, there are two delivery services available. The first option delivers packages within three to five business days. But, for a higher cost, you can choose the other service and receive your package within one to three days. Shipping costs anywhere between $20 and $43 per boutique, depending on the service.

Trouva has carbon-neutral shipping. This means that they work with delivery companies to offset the carbon footprint by paying a fee for initiatives that reverse the damage—such as reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction. This is good news for those interested in helping to neutralize the damage done to the environment.

What is Trouva’s return policy?

Trouva gives you 14 days from receipt of the purchase to let the company know that you require a refund. Then you have 14 days to return the purchase. Three to five days after the boutique receives the return, the charge will be refunded to whatever method of payment you used. 

However, some merchandise is non-refundable and non-cancellable. These include:

  1. Perishable items
  2. Personal items with a broken hygiene seal
  3. Personalized and made-to-order products
  4. Any product that has been used, not returned with original tags and packaging, or is in an unsaleable condition
  5. COVID-19 related items like masks  

How To Contact Trouva

I hope you enjoyed this Trouva review. If you have any lingering questions about the company or its products, you can reach out to the brand via their online contact form.

Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm BST. Keep in mind that most requests receive a reply within 24 hours.

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