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Tylko Review

Have you ever struggled with fitting furniture into a tricky space? Do you have an idea for the perfect wardrobe, desk, or shelving unit, but feel you’ll never find the right one?

The folks at Tylko have had the same problems in the past, which is why they went and created an empire based on customizable furniture that can fit in your space, no matter the size or shape.

By offering customers modern styled units with durable and easy to assemble qualities, this furniture company has hit a niche market with their exciting portfolio, their classic and simple designs, and their affordable products.

Tylko is a European company that has managed to become a popular and well-loved furniture brand in the UK and throughout Europe by taking their fashionable and flexible units and adding the bonus of fitting in any room for any function. Customers love not only their prices, but their style and offerings too, which is likely why they have so many great Tylko reviews.

The brand’s personalized approach and durable quality materials have gained them notoriety in the interior design world, as well as 228k followers on Instagram. They’ve been recognized on multiple interior design blogs and have had features in Financial Times, CNN, Die Welt, The Times, and C. Design

But are their units as easy to assemble and gorgeous to look at as they claim? With places like IKEA offering inexpensive and tons of furniture options (yet rumored to be impossible to put together), it can be hard to break into an already populated market of modern and affordable furniture.

We want to give their designs a chance. After all, convenience is invaluable, and if Tylko has customizable and easy-to-use build units. So sit tight, and we’ll let you know if their products are worth their price tag.

Overview of Tylko

Tylko Review

Founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland by Mikołaj Molenda, the goal of the company was to offer quality customizable furniture to folks who want to fill their space with something functional, quality, and beautiful. By keeping their prices low, the assembly easy, and the designs modern, Tylko have definitely lived up to their word.

Their popularity in Europe is becoming notable, and we can see why. Who wouldn’t want to have furniture they can easily fit into their space instead of scouring the internet for something that fits but is ugly? We think it’s important to know the highs and lows of a company, especially before committing to something as big as furniture. So first, let’s start with some highlights:


  • Wide variety of customizable units and styles
  • 100-day return guarantee
  • Free UK and EU shipping
  • Promo codes & discounts available
  • Made from durable materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free EU returns
Tylko Review

If you’ve got awkward corners and spaces taller than they are wide, among other quirky and difficult to navigate concerns, you might be worried you’ll have to settle for something ugly, cheap, or worse (i.e. super expensive) just to furnish your home. But Tylko is working to amend those concerns.

To show you what we mean, we’ll steer this Tylko review into our next (and favorite) section: the best sellers. By taking an in-depth look at their furniture and offerings, you’ll get the best idea possible of what this interior furniture company has to suit your spaces.

Tylko Review

Since the brand has so many awesome offerings, we could only include a select number of customer favs in this Tylko review. Plus, when your space has some tricky corners, you definitely want something that can fit in easily, without you having to find an IKEA hack somewhere online. 

We’ll only go over items you’ll definitely need, so sit tight, we’re going to help you style your new pad. 

Tylko Bookcase Type02 Review

Tylko Bookcase Type02 Review
Tylko Bookcase Type02

Always looking for a certain height in a bookshelf but never finding enough space to store all your books and decorative pieces? The Bookcase Type02 is a flexible and spatially appealing shelving unit that will accommodate all of your books, plants, or home decor items. 

Offered in 8 beautiful colors and 4 shapes, this unit can hold up to 110-360 kg, so you won’t have to worry about that heavy decor piece or when your overweight kitty decides to go exploring. Made out of non-toxic 18 mm particle board, you’re free to play around with all the dimensions of this piece, including the width, height, and depth. 

Fit this bookshelf into your life from 161€-9,820€.

Tylko Sideboard Type02 Review

Tylko Sideboard Type02 Review
Tylko Sideboard Type02

The Sideboard Type02 is a standing storage unit that gives any room plenty of space to store items while providing style and vibrancy. As a flexible shelving unit that can feature drawers and cupboards if you choose, this 18mm thick particle board sideboard can hold up to 30-380 kg based on the model you select, which is fantastic given the slender style of it. 

This unit is open to change, and can be assembled with or without legs, and vary in height, width, depth, and style. It’s also available in 8 colors, including cotton beige, sky blue, or matte black. It retails for anywhere between 109€-5,589€, depending on the size and shape that you decide.

Tylko TV Stand Type02 Review

Tylko TV Stand Type02 Review
Tylko TV Stand Type02

The TV Stand Type02 is your television’s ally in style. As an easy to assemble unit, this well-designed piece of furniture can provide a variety of functions while offering any room a gorgeous centerpiece. With storage in mind, this TV stand can be designed in a variety of sizes and carry a shelf load of between 20-1470 kg, depending on shelf number and density.

The smooth matte finish of the particle board and the versatile buying options make this unit a perfect fit for any function. Coming in a variety of densities, widths, depths, and heights, you can snag this unit with or without back panels, and in any of its 8 color options, including sand/midnight blue, burgundy red, or white. It retails for between 185€-9,505€.

Tylko Shoe Rack Type01 Review

Tylko Shoe Rack Type01 Review
Tylko Shoe Rack Type01

The Shoe Rack Type01 can be used for a variety of functions, including holding all your most worn and best loved shoes. By adding a touch of style into any space, this birch plywood unit is a durable and smooth design, with rounded edges and a colorful finish. As an easy to assemble unit, this shoe rack is all you need, and more.

Coming in a wide variety of styles, heights, depths, and widths to suit the parameters of your room, this beautiful unit is available in 6 fashionable colors, including white, red, or yellow. It retails for between 272€-13,083€.

Tylko Wall Storage Type01 Review

Tylko Wall Storage Type01 Review
Tylko Wall Storage Type01

The Wall Storage Type01 unit is a full-sized, room wide piece that combines function with style. With multiple shelves, cupboards, and storage options, this wall storage unit features 13 layers of plywood and a finished wood grain edge for a natural emphasis on the details. With dimensions that flex to the room you’re placing it in, it can fit virtually anywhere.

This piece is easy to assemble and comes in different styles, densities, widths, heights, and depths, the unit can have the back panels on or off, and have strictly upper or lower storage. It can come in 6 colors, including dusty pink, gray, or black, and retails for between 269€-14,264€. 

Tylko Vynil Storage Type01 Review

Tylko Vynil Storage Type01 Review
Tylko Vynil Storage Type01

The Vynil Storage Type01 is a piece built strictly with storage in mind. With the custom availability of coming in different styles, depths, widths, and heights, this piece can option you cupboards, shelving patterns, and panel additions. Crafted from 13 layers of birch plywood, this stunning unit shows off its wood grain edges with a modern twist.

Available in 6 separate colors, including red, white, or yellow, this storage unit retails for 390€-14,789€, and is an easy to assemble piece full of charm and detail.

Who Is Tylko For?

Tylko Review

For people who love fashionable, stylish interior design accents combined with flexible, long-lasting furniture, they’ll fall in love with Tylko. Instead of letting the furniture dictate how your place should look, the brand gives you the freedom to design your place as you’ve always dreamed. 

The main audience Tylko has focused their marketing on is people who have big ideas of their furniture needs, but can’t find their solutions anywhere. By offering interior design enthusiasts a solution through stylish and vibrant furniture, the company provides a new layer of options in their furniture selection.

With a mass of vibrant colors and materials, and a piece of furniture for every function, Tylko hasn’t left anyone out. Their modern looks and affordable pieces make their units perfect for any customer.

Tylko Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tylko Review

To ensure you see this Tylko review from all angles, we scoured several third-party sites to collect some honest customer feedback. Their units look gorgeous online, and claim to be easy to assemble. But do their promises hold up once you get their furniture into your home? We wanted to find out the truth, since that’s such an important aspect of buying units online.

First, we located their average ratings on their best-selling items. From 7,438 customer reviews on their website, customers give Tylko an average of 4.8/5 stars. But that isn’t the only place you can find great ratings and reviews.

For example, on Trustpilot, Tylko reviews are predominantly awesome, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars out of 1,202 reviews. People love their stuff, including this excited customer, who gave 5 star feedback: “I love the new sideboard, that comes exactly as I designed it to my needs! Delivered earlier than expected.”

The same customer went on to talk about their easy assembly and gorgeous result:

“The pieces were easy to assemble and if one can intelligently interpret some minor mistakes in labeling the boxes, there should not be any problem! I even did it by myself, my husband just watching curiously. Okay, so the drawers are not not fitting by the mm, but by 2 mm is enough for me. After a day I didn‘t see the minimal inaccuracies any more! Fully up to my expectations!”

On the Trusted Shops platform, Tylko has raked in an average of 4.7/5 stars from 72 certified customer reviews. Folks here are equally pleased about the designs and the assembly, including this 5 star rave from a recent buyer:

I bought a Tylko library and I appreciated all the stages: from the modeling, to the delivery and the assembly, everything went perfectly. The delivery times were respected, the delivery itself went very smoothly (and I live on the 4th floor without an elevator). The packages containing the shelves are labeled as well as each shelf. It’s impossible to be wrong.”

Another great example of Tylko feedback is the following review that came from an interior design platform focused on reviewing the function and aesthetic of furniture. From A Bavarian Sojourn, the enthusiastic reviewer had this to say:

“I love the few bits of design furniture/Scandi objects that we picked up along the way, and now I have another timeless piece of custom-made furniture to display a lot of the smaller pieces too, the 9 remaining removal boxes have gone and it looks amazing (even my Dad who’s something of a carpentry expert was impressed with the quality!).”

Meanwhile on Facebook, Tylko reviews have been given with generosity, counting 631 pieces of customer feedback and an average rating of 4.4/5 stars. With lots of positive comments to choose from, we found this rave 5 star review: “We are super happy with our huge bookshelf wall, as well as the 2 smaller extra shelving walls.”

“The construction took a while, but the instructions are absolutely clear and it all fit and worked out wonderfully. We are super happy with the shelf and would like to thank the entire Tylko team for the ingenious idea of such a product, and that they can also do it perfectly in the implementation (speech, production and delivery).”

It’s undeniable Tylko has a bounty of positive reviews for their modern, customizable furniture, where many people are speaking highly of their quality, service, and the easy-to-assemble pieces. While there was a customer or two who wasn’t dishing out the same kind of 5-star feedback as the rest of their consumers, their average rating was out of this world.

Furniture bought online can be a tricky process—from knowing how it really looks to understanding the quality and trusting the delivery process—it’s a fair commitment that isn’t cheap. But Tylko reviews show their company believes in going above and beyond their reputation, gathering a loyal following and great word of mouth.

Is Tylko Legit?

Tylko Review

Tyklo products are durable, sturdy, and customizable. Their overall offerings require attention from the company, since not only do they offer their customers a wide range of styles, but each of those styles can be altered to fit into the space and needs of the buyer. 

Over the seven years this company has been in business, they’ve acquired a ton of happy customers, positive Tylko reviews that prove their offerings are legit, and their delivery and services are trustworthy. No red flags here! 

Tylko Promotions & Discounts 

Tylko Review

A bonus of Tylko is their occasional sales, promotions, and deals. That includes their current discount offer, which is a promo code that gives customers 20% off shelves and 10% off wardrobes with the code: LIGHT20. However, this promotion is for a limited time, so get in there quick while you can!

And we found at the time of this Tylko review that if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive a 75 gift. 

Where to Buy Tylko

Tylko Review

As a unique manufacturer of customizable furniture, Tylko offers a specialized service that is only available through their website. However, with their free UK and EU shipping, and their prompt delivery services, selecting something from their website should be no problem for most customers!


Tylko Review

Who owns Tylko?

Founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2015, this furniture company is owned by Mikołaj Molenda.

Is Tylko a Polish company?

It certainly is! Poland is where the company was founded, and where its current headquarters are located.

Does Tylko ship internationally?

Tylko will ship internationally, but you’ll have to reach out to them personally in order to get an estimate for shipping. Once they know where you’d like the item shipped, they can provide you with a proper quote. 

What is Tylko’s Shipping Policy?

Tylko offers free shipping within the UK and the EU. Depending on your location, they will find the most efficient mail service or courier to get you your goods. Since their shipping providers vary from order to order, they can’t give a specific delivery time right away, but will let you know how long your order will take once they locate the right courier.

What is Tylko’s Return Policy?

You have 100 days from the delivery date to decide if your Tylko products are right for you. Plus, return shipping is free if you live within the EU. All you have to do is contact them through email or by phone, and they will arrange a courier to pick up the unwanted product. Once they receive it, Tylko will give you your money back within 14 days.

Unfortunately, the company’s return policy doesn’t mention anything about refunds for those living outside the EU. 

How to Contact Tylko

If you still have more questions this Tylko review hasn’t answered, the best ways of getting in touch with the company are the following options:

  1. Contact form on their website
  2. Live chat
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Phone: +44 113 868 0195

Their customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 10 pm, or weekends from 10 am to 6 pm CET. 

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