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Ultimate Sack Review

If you’ve got a lot of tension in your back, it might be time to let go of that lumpy, stiff old couch and let a bean bag into your life. Ultimate Sack makes large, comfortable, and cute loungers for everyone and anyone. 

The brand has even made its way into the world of big business by promoting that comfort at work is just as important as comfort when you’re relaxing. With a following of nearly 10k on Instagram, it seems that customers agree. 

Speaking of big business, companies like Facebook, Coca Cola, and Coors Light have even had custom products made by Ultimate Sack.

This Ultimate Sack review will give you a rundown of the brand and its bestsellers, share customer feedback, promotions, shipping policies, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out!

Overview of Ultimate Sack

Ultimate Sack Review

The origins of the Ultimate Sack are quite mysterious, as the identities of the founders are hidden from the public. What we were able to find out is that the company was started by a family who sought to build a bean bag that would come at the right price, be more comfortable than a couch, and last for years to come

With this in mind, they began experimenting with all different shapes and sizes of bean bags in 2007, using quality materials and working out of their basement. Today, the company operates from their headquarters located in Hudson, Ohio. 

This Ultimate Sack review will now go through the brand’s pros and cons.


  • Durable and fun bean bags of all sizes 
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • A plethora of color and fabric options
  • Removable and interchangeable cover, easy to clean
  • Waterproof inner lining
  • Free shipping within the continental US


  • Sack insert cannot be washed
  • Ships within the US only
  • $150 shipping for Alaska and Hawaii
  • Short 15-day return policy with a $25 shipping charge
Ultimate Sack Review

Ultimate Sack offers bean bags in plenty of different sizes and colors. Comfy and versatile, they can be used in many different spaces. You can bring one into your living room, use it as a pouffe next to your coffee table, or add some fun to your kid’s room. 

If you like to switch things up often, this Ultimate Sack review believes you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading as we share details for the brand’s popular products. 

Ultimate Sack Bean Bags Review

As mentioned, Ultimate Sack carries an impressive selection of bean bags. Did you know they also sell separate inserts and covers, throw pillows, foot stools, blankets, and even dog beds? Let’s take a look at the bestsellers to see which lounger could be the right fit for you!

Ultimate Sack 6000 Review

Ultimate Sack 6000 Review
Ultimate Sack 6000

The Ultimate Sack 6000 is one of the biggest loungers the brand offers, measuring around six feet. It’s the perfect size to share with friends and family, or to lay down on when you’re getting comfy by yourself. 

The bag weighs a sturdy 70-75 pounds, so don’t worry about it sliding away when you slump into it at the end of a long day. Being the most popular option, the 6000 is a great piece for a living room, theatre room, or game room. 

There are plenty of color options to choose from, so pick your favorite! They also have three different fabrics that don’t normally come with bean bags, like suede, fur, and patterned fur.

For an extra $20, these bags can be customized with your name or initials! The 6000 totals at $234 on sale and $354 regular price. If you choose the fur fabric option, it’s an extra $40.

Ultimate Sack 5000 Review

Ultimate Sack 5000 Review
Ultimate Sack 5000

Calling all cuddle bugs. The Ultimate Sack 5000, measuring five feet in diameter, is the bean bag chair for you. It’s also a solid choice for a solo hangout—whether you’re watching TV, catching up on some gossip on FaceTime, or taking a well-deserved nap. 

Like the 6000, the 5000 model comes in 29 different colors and patterns from emerald green to zebra print, as well as three different materials. It weighs 50-55 pounds, so it’s not too hard to move around to different areas of your home.

If you want to have it in the living room one day and in your room the next, all you have to do is open all doors and slide it across the floor! 

The 5000 totals $174 on sale and $294 at regular price. Similar to the 6000 you can upgrade the fabric for $40, add a footstool of the same fabric and color for $40, and embroider it for $20.

Ultimate Sack 4000 Review

Ultimate Sack 4000 Review
Ultimate Sack 4000

If you’re just heading off to college, Ultimate Sack’s 4000 is the ideal choice for your college dorm. Four feet in diameter and 35-40 pounds in weight, you can easily carry it around wherever you’d like to. 

Whether you’re lounging in your dorm, bringing it to a friend’s for a movie night, or taking it to the park to hang out, it’ll go wherever you go! Just ask for a buddy’s help when moving it so you don’t pull your back. 

It also comes in all sorts of color options and fabrics like the brand’s other bags. Each bag is also super easy to set up—all you have to do is slip on the cover and let it expand. 

The polyurethane foam filling is made for sinking into, so you can get all your homework done and relax at the same time.

The 4000 is currently on sale for $194 from $274. You can choose to include things like the embroidery for $20 or a blanket to snuggle up with, which is currently on sale for $49 from $99.

Ultimate Sack 3000 Review

Ultimate Sack 3000 Review
Ultimate Sack 3000

If you’ve already got yourself a bean bag picked out and need something for the kids, the three feet Ultimate Sack 3000 isn’t too big or too small, it’s just right! These easy-to-move chairs will entertain your kids in any room of the house, functioning as the perfect place to play, read, and hang out with the family. 

This bean bag chair comes in 25 different colors that can match your little one’s room, and you can choose from suede or fur for the fabric. The cover is removable and washable so any spillages or markers won’t ruin it. And don’t worry about the zipper—it’s kid-friendly. 

The 3000 bean bag is currently available for $99 on sale from $219. If you want to choose a fur fabric color it’s an extra $40, or you can include embroidery for $20

Ultimate Sack Ultimate Lounger Review

Ultimate Sack Ultimate Lounger Review
Ultimate Sack Ultimate Lounger

The  Ultimate Lounger is longer and narrower, filling out a shape that is similar to a traditional sofa. Around three feet wide and five and a half feet long, this lounger is intended for a living space since there is room for more than one person. Grab a partner to watch a movie or hang out with, or play some board games. 

As the name suggests, it’s also designed for lounging after a long day when you just need some rest, or if there’s a good book you want to read. The length is great for laying down on, just slip one of Ultimate Sack’s throw pillows under your head and you’re ready for a nap!

Available in 25 fun colors ranging from neutral camel to bright orange, the Ultimate Lounger is on sale for $204 from $324, and if you choose the fur color option it’s an extra $40.

Ultimate Sack Foot Stool Review

Ultimate Sack Foot Stool Review
Ultimate Sack Foot Stool

The Foot Stool is a harmonious addition to any of the Ultimate Sack bean bags. Whether you want to use it for a reading nook or to put your feet up on when you’re watching TV in the ultimate lounger, it only heightens your comfort. 

The foot stool is available in all 29 colors and three different fabrics so you can mix and match it with your bean bag however you choose! It is around 20 inches in diameter, making it small enough for a cozy space. Two of these would be ideal for the 6000 or 5000 models.

Originally $200, the Foot Stool is currently on sale for $60!

Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair Cover Review

Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair Cover Review
Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair Cover

Since style and design is always changing, Ultimate Sack keeps things flexible with the Bean Bag Chair Cover. It’s a great option if you like to switch things up often because you can always interchange your old cover with your new one!

The 6000, 5000, and 4000 Ultimate Sack covers are all available in 29 colors and patterns, while the 3000 is available in 25 colors. The zipper has a child safety lock on it and the covers are double stitched so you know they’re made to last.

If you like to have options (or do laundry frequently), you can also purchase an extra one just in case! The Bean Bag Chair Cover ranges in price depending on the size you need:

  • 6 ft Bean Bag Chair Cover: currently $99 on sale from $159
  • 5 ft Bean Bag Chair Cover: currently $89 on sale from $149
  • 4 ft Bean Bag Chair Cover: currently $79 on sale from $139
  • 3 ft Bean Bag Chair Cover: currently $59 on sale from $179

Is Ultimate Sack Waterproof? 

Ultimate Sack Review

This Ultimate Sack review found that the inner lining of the bean bags are waterproof, while the covers of the bags are not. This is great for spillages or messes because the cover can be easily removed and tossed in the laundry hamper. The inner lining protects the foam filling. 

What is Ultimate Sack Filled With? 

Ultimate Sack Review

Ultimate Sack bean bags are filled with brand new shredded polyurethane memory foam. The foam helps reduce back pain or trouble with posture in the same way memory foam beds do. 

So if you’re looking for a seat or sofa alternative that is just as comfy and supportive as a bed, then Ultimate Sack bean bags are for you. 

This Ultimate Sack review also found that the foam filling is better than regular beans or polystyrene beads because it is more durable and supportive under pressure. It retains its shape for longer. 

Memory foam is also resistant to moisture, meaning you don’t ever have to worry about a mouldy bean bag. Also, it’s super easy to compress memory foam, meaning it is super easy to transport and pack when you are moving it around. 

How Long Does it Take for Ultimate Sack to Expand? 

Ultimate Sack Review

Ultimate Sack bean bags arrive at your home in compressed packaging. Start by breaking up the foam so that it’s not as tightly packed, slip the cover over the foam, and zip it up. Then, give it two to three days to expand. 

The more you break up the foam and the more time you allow the sack to expand, the bigger it will get!

Who is Ultimate Sack For? 

Ultimate Sack Review

Ultimate Sack bean bags can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a perfect choice if you have a bad back and need somewhere comfortable to sit after work, or if you’re worried that your children will ruin your furniture. The brand offers plenty of options that are versatile and easy to clean. 

From living room loungers to the first chair you buy when you move into your college dorm, the brand has it all. This Ultimate Sack review found that it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you change your mind in the future, simply purchase a new cover and you’ll have a whole new bean bag. 

Comparison: Ultimate Sack vs. Lovesac

Ultimate Sack Review

Ultimate Sack and Lovesac both seek to deliver comfortable seating options in the form of bean bags. Lovesac is more customizable because there are a lot more sizes, fabrics, fillings, and colors to choose from. They also offer ‘Sactionals’ which resemble a sectional and include a sturdy frame. 

Both brands sell washable covers, foot stools, blankets, and pillows to go alongside their bags. This Ultimate Sack review found that while both brands sell comfortable bean bags, Ultimate Sack offers a better price and still plenty of options. 

If you are looking for something that resembles a couch but is at a higher price point, Lovesac is also a good choice.

Want to learn more? Then check out our full Lovesac Furniture Review to see how they stack up.

Ultimate Sack Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ultimate Sack Review

Customers of Ultimate Sack seem overjoyed with their purchases, commending the brand for great products and stellar customer service. Here’s the lo-down of how their bestsellers are rated:

  • 6000: 4.7/5 stars out of over 1200 reviews
  • Bean Bag Chair Cover: 4.8/5 stars out of 68 reviews
  • Foot Stool: 4.7/5 Stars out of over 500 reviews
  • Ultimate Lounger: 4.7/5 stars out of over 150 reviews

One buyer rated the brand 5/5 stars on their website. They claimed that they had a wonderful shopping experience and enjoyed the product: 

“I ordered the 6000 and the chair was delivered in a short time.. Very easy to set up and within a few days the most amazing and comfortable redesigned bean bag chair to relax in.. Customer service is so very easy to talk to, I give this company 5 stars and thumbs up.”

An Amazon shopper described the Ultimate Sack as the perfect addition to their home theatre, comparing it to the Lovesac they almost bought, saying, “It is nice, big and super comfortable. Is the Love Sac more comfortable? Maybe, but it isn’t 4x the price more comfortable! 

Bottom line, if you’re rich and have money to spend, then by all means buy the Love Sac. If you’re not rich but want a great comfortable bag for 1/4th of the cost, the Ultimate Sack is the way to go!

On Best Leather, one customer describes the nostalgia attached to a bean bag and the joy they feel being able to bring one into their adult home. This shopper described the bag as being “very comfortable. So much in fact that I’ve been sleeping on it at night over my bed. I really like the nestled in feeling, kind of like being a giant man-child baby back in the womb again.”

Overall, this Ultimate Sack review finds that customers are happy with their experiences and purchases from the brand. They appear to love their bean bag over what is offered by competing companies. 

Is Ultimate Sack Worth It?

Ultimate Sack Review

This Ultimate Sack review feels that these bean bags are a great choice at an affordable price.  Not only do they offer comfortable seating to replace old, uncomfortable couches, but they also are versatile pieces that can entertain anyone. 

With plenty of five-star reviews, it is clear that the brand satisfies customers with their low prices and quality products. Since there are so many size options in terms of the bags, they will always find a spot in your home. Plus, you can always buy a new cover if you feel like switching things up.  

No matter where you place an Ultimate Sack bean bag or what you want to use it for, the durable material and foam can transition through anything. 

Ultimate Sack Promotions & Discounts 

Ultimate Sack Review

This Ultimate Sack review found that the brand offers some great promotions! They currently have a pre-labor day sale where all bean bags are $120 off and you can get free shipping.

Where to Buy Ultimate Sack

Ultimate Sack Review

ultimatesack.com is the best place to apply Ultimate Sack coupons and browse the brand’s entire catalog. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, try Amazon and Walmart. 


Ultimate Sack Review

Where is Ultimate Sack Made? 

Ultimate Sack bean bags are manufactured in two warehouses located in Hudson, Ohio. The brand promises that it uses all-new materials for production, but while they state that all products are made in the US, it is unclear where the materials are sourced.

How do you shrink an Ultimate Sack? 

Shrinking your Ultimate Sack is easy, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Hold on to the plastic bag your bean bag originally came in
  2. When it’s time to move or pack up the bag, return it to its original packaging
  3. Use a vacuum and place the nozzle directly on the bag
  4. The air should suck out of the bag slowly—but be careful not to let the plastic go into the vacuum!
  5. When it’s compact enough, tie up the bag and you’re good to go

Can you wash Ultimate Sack? 

The removable cover of the Ultimate Sack can be washed and dried on a gentle cycle. This Ultimate Sack review found that the inner lining and actual bean bag cannot be put in the washer, but you can use a wet cloth and some soap to wipe stains off the waterproof liner. 

What is Ultimate Sack’s Shipping Policy?

This Ultimate Sack review found that the company frequently offers some free shipping deals. Depending on what the brand has in stock, your items can take between 1 day–2 weeks to leave their shipping warehouse. Packages are shipped from Ohio by FedEx.

Customers can opt for free 4–5 day shipping or one-day shipping for $15. Ultimate Sack ships within the US only; shipping to Alaska or Hawaii costs $150.

What is Ultimate Sack’s Return Policy?

Ultimate Sack provides full refunds for items sent back up to 15 days after delivery. Unfortunately, a $25 fee will apply, as well as return shipping costs. Plus, customized products are non-refundable. 

This Ultimate Sack review found that the brand also offers a 10-year warranty for manufacturer defects and they do replace items for free if they arrive damaged. To make a return:

  1. Cut open the bean bag and discard the foam
  2. Pack the inner lining and cover into a box
  3. Include a printed email confirmation and mark it as a return
  4. Go to your nearest post office and address the package to their mailing address

How to Contact Ultimate Sack

We hope you enjoyed reading our Ultimate Sack review! Here are a couple ways to contact the brand for any follow-up questions: 

Ultimate Sack’s customer service team monitors their phone lines between 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM, EST, Monday to Thursday.

Looking for more options? Then check out Yogibo, a brand that enhances relaxation with its selection of supportive lounging solutions.

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