Upright Pose Review

About Upright Pose  

Upright Pose Review

Upright Pose is a wellness company that sells digital devices and other accessories to help you maintain proper posture and protect your back health

Founded by Oded Cohen in 2015, Upright Pose has created posture correctors, lumbar pillows, and palm and foot rests to empower regular people to work on their posture and understand how to improve it over time.

Want to know how it all works? This Upright Pose review will look at this unique company’s products, purchasing information, and reviews to help you understand if they could help you, too. 

Let’s start by looking at some of Upright Pose’s best features!

Brand Highlights

  • Chiropractors and physiotherapists were consulted on product design
  • The Upright device has been studied by universities and clinics with favourable results
  • Thoroughly tested product that use scientific biofeedback principles
  • Offers a 30-day money back return policy
  • Products come with a warranty
  • Free US shipping

Upright Pose Review

Our Upright Pose review will now take an in-depth look at the company’s best-selling products. We’ll begin with the Upright Pose Go S.

Upright Pose Go S Review

Upright Pose Go S Review
Upright Pose Go S

The Upright Pose Go S is a small posture-correcting device worn on your upper back. When you slouch, the device vibrates gently, alerting you to sit up straight. 

Like all of Upright Pose’s products, the Upright Pose Go S was developed with input from chiropractors and doctors, and went through Upright Pose’s thorough product testing. It contains a movement sensor that assesses the position of your spine.

This device targets back pain caused by poor posture. By making you aware of how you’re sitting, standing, or moving, the Upright Pose Go S works to train your body to keep your posture in check without even thinking about it, eventually correcting the source of your discomfort. 

Not only does it make you mindful of your posture, but the act of holding your back in the right position conditions muscles that keep your spine aligned, which can also help relieve back pain with time. 

This device is intended to pair with Upright Pose’s app, which monitors your back health and analyzes the posture feedback from your device. This allows you to track your bad posture habits as well as your improvement, and connects you to some specialized posture plans.

The device itself is a white rectangle, quite small and subtle, that you can also attach to an Upright Pose Necklace if you don’t want to adhere it directly to your body. If you are interested in the adhesive option, the kit comes with 10 reusable, skin-safe stickers and a tool to remove any residual glue. 

This product also includes:

  • USB-C charger
  • Soft travel case
  • 5 silicone adhesives
  • Adhesive removal tool

Once charged, the device has 2.5 days of battery life

You can purchase the Upright Pose Go S for $60.

Upright Pose Go 2 Review

Upright Pose Go 2 Review
Upright Pose Go 2

The Upright Pose Go 2 is a more advanced version of the original device. This product boasts 5 days of battery life (double the original device’s 2.5 days) and two multi-movement sensors instead of just one.

It also gives you access to more feedback from the app and twice as many adhesive pads.

The Upright Pose Go 2 purchase includes:

  • The Upright Pose Go 2 device
  • A USB-C charging cable
  • A hard shell case for storage
  • 10 reusable silicone adhesives, to stick the device on your upper back
  • Adhesive removal tools

The Upright Go 2 is available for purchase through their website for $80.

Upright Pose Necklace Review

Upright Pose Necklace Review
Upright Pose Necklace

Are you wary of adhering anything directly to your body because of sensitivities or allergies? Or maybe you’re just not into the idea of attaching your device to your back with sticky stuff? 

Upright Pose made sure there is a comfortable, durable option for those who would rather wear their device without glue, by creating the Upright Pose Necklace.

To use this Necklace, simply attach your Upright Pose device into the plug at the back of the necklace. Then fasten it around your neck using the magnetic clasps. The Necklace will keep your device in place on your back, and look like a funky modern necklace from the front.

These necklaces come in black, grey, white, turquoise, pink, and blue. You can pick them up for  $20 each.

Upright Pose App Review

Upright Pose App Review
Upright Pose App

An essential part of the Upright Pose program is the app that connects to your device. The app analyzes data from your Upright Pose tech so you can track your posture (both good and bad!) throughout the days, weeks, and months that you use your device. 

Rather than trying to guess if you are improving, the Upright Pose App will keep track of your progress and give you the data to prove it. 

You can also get real-time coaching from the app, and set daily goals you can use to further hold yourself accountable, learn better habits, or help keep you on track.

This app is free for anyone using the Upright Pose device and can be downloaded from the app store of your choice.

Who Is Upright Pose For? 

Upright Pose Review

Upright Pose is for people of any age who are looking for a solution to poor back health and weak posture. Upright Pose’s devices rely on biofeedback to get results. 

This approach informs you about the state of your body by sending a vibration signal every time it feels your spine move out of alignment, gently reminding you to correct your behaviour. 

Rather than wearing something that physically stops you from slouching, like a restrictive harness or body tape, Upright Pose products help you train yourself to sit and stand up straight

Our Upright Pose review has shown that whether you are feeling the effects of aging, spending hours sitting at your desk, or doing repetitive activities that are creating excess strain, Upright Pose’s tools are designed to help you overcome poor posture.

How Does Upright Pose Work? 

Upright Pose Review

The Upright Pose device is a small electronic machine you place in the centre of your upper back. You can do this by using a sticky silicone adhesive, or by attaching your device to one of Upright Pose’s necklaces so it can hang over your upper spine. 

When you slouch, the device vibrates gently against your back, alerting you to your poor posture and prompting you to correct it. It also sends your data to your Upright Pose app, where you can see a real-time record of what’s happening with your body.

Eventually, the feedback process prompted by the device becomes subconscious, so you start adjusting your posture without even thinking about it – no invasive devices needed. 

Is Upright Pose Safe? 

Upright Pose Review

Yes, this device has been tested extensively by the company itself, and by universities such as San Francisco State University and Texas Tech University. 

According to the brand’s website, San Francisco State conducted three separate studies on Upright Pose’s products, which found that their devices had a positive effect on users’ overall well-being

Texas Tech University’s study focused on sedentary office workers who spend hours a day sitting at their computer. Their study results showed that Upright Pose can help improve people’s posture and reduce the possibility of developing spinal problems later in life. 

Upright Pose is not only proven to be safe, but has demonstrated positive user outcomes.

Upright Pose Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Upright Pose Review

Upright Pose has an incredible 15,000 verified reviews on their website. This company’s customers appreciate the innovative, user-friendly nature of the Upright Pose posture corrector. 

Many people who purchased a device Upright Pose commented on its ability to create a long-term change in their behaviour. One customer wrote in their Upright Pose review: “It has really helped with my posture issue which in turn helps with my back pain.

Another buyer echoed this in their own Upright Pose review: Upright is easy to use, especially after I got the necklace. Gentle reminders all day to stand up straight and bring my shoulders back.” 

Upright Pose customers have also complimented the design and functionality of the device. One reviewer shared in their Upright Pose review that the product is,Small and functional. it has different levels of vibration intensity (gentle, medium, strong). Wearing it all day at work.” 

As Upright Pose only sells their device on their website, the majority of customer reviews are found on their own site. To get some perspectives beyond the brand’s official site, we checked out what some other Upright Pose reviewers had to say.

A reviewer from lifestyle blog The Stripe tried an Upright Pose device for over a month and found the device easy to wear and had positive results: 

“The device is so lightweight that you forget it’s there. I remember my first day. I did eight minutes of training mode with near perfect results. Then, I switched to tracking mode (no vibrations or reminders) and failed miserably at it – slouching the majority of time. With time though, I got better and better.”

Another reviewer at Wired felt that the Upright Pose device helped her stay aware of her body and posture: “After a few days of wearing it, I was more conscious of my posture even when I didn’t have the tiny device stuck to my back…If you’re struggling with poor posture, give it a try. Back health isn’t something to skimp on.”

Overall, people who have invested in Upright Pose are happy with their purchases, feel they have more strength and less pain, and noticed the impact of the biofeedback process.

Is Upright Pose Worth It?

Upright Pose Review

The Upright Pose device is a tool which helps you shape your own instincts and behaviour, not a band-aid solution to posture problems. Using non-invasive tech and a proven method of behaviour coaching, it allows you to create long-term posture change for your back health. 

Our Upright Pose review has learned this device has excellent reviews from everyday customers and reviewers. And unlike many posture correctors, Upright Pose has been included in university studies where it’s been shown to have a positive impact on study participants

Considering both the sophistication and effectiveness of this device, it is affordably priced and very user-friendly too! With all this in mind, our Upright Pose review can confidently say this brand is worth your effort and investment.

Upright Pose Promotions & Discounts 

Upright Pose Review

You can receive discounts on Upright Pose products when you buy them in bundles on Our Upright Pose review has learned that you can currently purchase a bundle of three Necklaces for $42 and can receive up to 30% off on products across their site as part of their holiday sale.

Where to Buy Upright Pose  

Upright Pose Review

All Upright Pose products can be found on the brand’s official website.


Upright Pose Review

Do posture correctors work?   

It is important to do your research and consult your health care professionals to pick the right posture corrector for you. Some posture correctors, such as harnesses and braces, physically restrict you to prevent poor posture. This means that when you take them off, you are very likely to revert to the same posture as before. 

As our Upright Pose review has shown, this device is different because it helps to train you to maintain good posture, builds your back and core muscles, and keeps you mindful of your body. This means that over time, you build new posture habits that last.

How do I set my posture?  

You can set your ideal posture on your Upright Pose in a few easy steps:

  1. Stand or sitsitting in a comfortably upright position, without straining yourself.
  2. Tap the button “Set Posture” on your app
  3. Hold your position for a moment while the device vibrates twice to register your ideal posture.

What is the adhesive made of?  

Our Upright Pose review found that the adhesive is made from hypoallergenic silicon.

Does Upright Pose create any kind of radiation?  

Upright Pose creates a small amount of radiation (1 mW) in order to communicate with your smartphone –  which is less than the average radiation caused by a cell phone, according to the brand’s FAQ. 

If you wish, you can set it to airplane mode to stop any radiation.

What is Upright Pose’s Shipping Policy?

Upright Pose ships globally, and shipping is free for customers in the US. International customers are responsible for paying any necessary fees and duties.

What is Upright Pose’s Return Policy?

Upright Pose will accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

How to Contact Upright Pose

You can contact Upright Pose by email at [email protected]

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