Winged CBD Review

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About Winged CBD

Winged CBD Review

Winged CBD is a women’s wellness supplement brand, soothing symptoms of stress such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety. By using all-natural ingredients and a combination of herbs and hemp products, Winged Wellness gears their creations towards sustainable and daily-use results.

With a solid presence in the media like 17.7k followers on Instagram, Winged Wellness is doing a great job getting out there and being seen. They’ve been featured on Well + Good, Beauty Independent, and Who What Wear

We’ve all heard about the wonders of CBD, but does this brand live up to the hype? This Winged CBD review will cover everything the company does, their policies, and if they have the right products for your needs.

Overview of Winged CBD

Winged CBD Review

For several years, Jessica Mulligan experienced debilitating stress and anxiety in her daily life. After a friend suggested trying CBD, the entire world changed and Winged Wellness grew from an idea in 2017 to what it is today, helping many women — mothers, professionals, creatives — who were suffering from the same stress-related setbacks. 

Based in Florida, Winged is owned by Jessica Mulligan and Tim Mount. Tim a credentialed master herbalist and clinical nutritionist and they developed Winged’s product line together. With all-natural, gluten-free products that are almost all vegan, it’s a product that can help many people deal with their insomnia, anxiety, and overactive minds.

To simplify this Winged CBD review, here’s a quick list of highlights that celebrates the main perks of what this company has to offer:


  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • Tons of positive reviews 
  • Wide variety of products 
  • Affordable pricing
  • 30-day product guarantee
  • Made for women by a woman 
  • Subscribe and save 15%
  • Payment plans through Sezzle
Winged CBD Review

Winged Wellness believes the demands on modern women and the intricate hormonal balances need a lady-specific supplement, one that combines herbs and hemp products to help fight against depression, insomnia, and anxiety. And within that is what we all seek in life — balance.

In today’s world, it’s hard to achieve that balance when there’s so much on our minds, at all times. But, with CBD on the horizon, there is a way for women to make sure they can bring some semblance of balance to their lives. 

Below, we’ll take a deeper look at the company’s best-selling products that can help you achieve your optimal health and wellness. 

Winged CBD Review

Everywhere you look, CBD seems to be the hot topic. And it’s no wonder that this amazing ingredient is now in products, from gummies to sheet masks. It’s only been in the past few years that CBD has taken people’s health by storm. Winged CBD saw this as an opportunity despite the market being fully saturated. 

To give you an idea about the kinds of products the brand has to offer, this Winged CBD review will go over some of their best sellers, so that you know what takes the lead and what the ladies are loving.

Winged CBD Relaxation CBD Gummies with L-Theanine Primrose Oil & Calming Botanicals Review

Sadly, stress has been a part of many people’s lives but thankfully, there are ways to deal with it. If meditation, yoga, or screaming into a pillow just isn’t working for you lately, you can always always try Relaxation Gummies with L-Theanine Primrose Oil & Calming Botanicals.

A vegan supplement to calm any daily anxieties, this non-drowsy formula allows people to feel ease when their nervous system might be going haywire. Made with a gentle blend of chamomile, CBD, primrose oil, an amino acid called l-theanine, and a hint of lemon, each bite will burst with flavor to give you that zen you’ve been seeking. 

With 10 mg of CBD per gummy, this best seller retails at $35 for 30 gummies. If you want to save some money, you can subscribe and get 15% off. 

Winged CBD Happiness Daily CBD Soft Gels with Vitex Berry & Vitamin D Review

Happiness can come from within, but there are days when we really need that extra bit of a boost. With the Happiness Daily Soft Gels with Vitex Berry & Vitamin D supplements, you can achieve that level of contentment easily. 

Made to boost moods and balance hormones with a combo of 25mg of CBD and all-natural herbs, it targets feelings of anxiety or generally low moods. With ingredients such as black cohosh, primrose oil, vitamin D, and chaste tree, it’ll keep you balanced as you go about your day in a lighthearted way. 

This non-vegan gummy’s formula was created by a holistic nutritionist so you know your health is taken care of in the right way. Your Happiness retails for $40, including 30 soft gels.

Winged CBD Sleepy CBD Gummies with 5-HTP and GABA Review

This is Winged’s bestseller and winner of the 2021 New Beauty Award for “Best Sleep Supplement”. The worst feeling in the world is lying awake at night, staring at your clock and calculating how many hours you have left before you have to get up. The more you think about the time, the more it seems to just tick by, leaving you exhausted. But insomnia can be a thing of the past with these Sleepy Gummies.

Made with 5 HTP to increase serotonin and GABA to lift your mood, these gummies will help you to relax fully so you can fall asleep faster. Combined with 10 mg of CBD, melatonin, and evening primrose oil, each vegan gummy can leave you feeling refreshed the next morning. For 30 gummies, you can get a good night’s sleep for $35

Winged CBD Radiance CBD Facial Sheet Mask Review

For those days when your face feels super dry or it doesn’t seem to have its normal moisturized appearance, it’s best to have some Radiance Facial Sheet Masks on hand. We knew CBD could change you from the inside, now it can be used to bring out your glow on your skin as well. 

With a combination of 15 mg of CBD, aloe, and snow mushrooms, your skin will feel nourished and allow your glowing self to show through. The masks come in three quantities:

  • 1 mask: $10
  • 3 masks: $27
  • 12 masks: $110

It’s nice to keep these calming masks on hand, or even in the refrigerator, so you can relax after a long day. 

Winged CBD Relief Pain Support CBD Soft Gels with Primrose Turmeric & Black Seed Oil Review

At least once a month, women everywhere have to deal with a painful issue — menstrual cramps. To combat this so you can still go about your day, try the Relief Pain Support Soft Gels from Winged CBD. 

Targeted for intense pain, these gels have a combination of anti-inflammatory herbs so it can take care of any joint and muscle pain, breast tenderness, and menstrual cramping. The gels include 25 mg of CBD and 10 mg CBG blended with willow, turmeric, black seed oil, and frankincense to create an all-natural remedy for those monthly painful visits. 

It’s time to not feel trapped by the pain we feel during our menstrual cycles. The Pain Support Soft Gels retail for $35.

Winged CBD Day & Night CBD Gummies Bundle Review

For those uber-tense days and anxious nights, Winged Wellness has you covered with their Day & Night Gummies Bundle. Combining their Relaxation and Sleepy Gummies (mentioned above) allows you to handle those stress-related days but sleep without any worries at night. 

Retailing for $62 (normally $70), this package combo will have you moving through life like a well-rested zen master. It comes with 21 Relaxation gummies and 30 Sleepy gummies, as well as a beautiful pouch to hold them all.

Who Is Winged CBD For? 

Winged CBD Review

Winged CBD is made specifically for women over 20 who are suffering from common symptoms such as insomnia, depression, or stress. Their supplements are created to gently aid in the daily demands while staying balanced and keeping calm without the use of aggressive prescription drugs.

Best part is their products are designed with all-natural ingredients that can be used regularly without any side effects. Not only that, they’re also free from gluten and aren’t GMO, and almost all of their products are vegan, which is perfect for those with specific dietary needs.

Why Does Winged CBD Focus On Women? 

Winged CBD Review

The creator, Jessica Mulligan, discovered how women experience higher stress levels than men do on a daily basis. The goal of Winged CBD was to create something that didn’t just focus on anxiety relief, but on the physical makeup of what a woman’s body needs.

Winged Wellness wanted to concentrate on relieving common symptoms like insomnia, depression, and stress, in addition to balancing a woman’s body hormonally. Since the creator herself dealt with a lot of sleepless nights, anxiety, and depression, she wanted to make sure other women wouldn’t have to face it alone. 

Winged CBD even has a community of women who use their products called Winged Women. Here, women share their stories to foster connection and inspire each other to go further. As the creator wanted, when women are provided a space to be free from the crushing demands of life, they can do anything they set their minds to. 

Is Winged CBD vegan? 

Winged CBD Review

Nearly all of the brand’s products are vegan. While the creator wanted to make all their products vegan, they were unable to find a gelatin shell for certain gels that were not made of bovine products. In addition to their shells, their collagen products are also not vegan, since collagen naturally comes from animals.

Winged Wellness CBD products that are not vegan include their Relief Soft Gels, their Happiness Soft Gels, and the Glow Up Collagen + Stress Powder

Winged CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Winged CBD Review

Positive Winged CBD reviews are plentiful on their website and mostly rave about how the products work in comparison to other brands. However, it’s always good to get multiple opinions when trying a new supplement. Here’s a few alternative sources for Winged CBD reviews, and what ladies think.

Here’s a breakdown of what customers thought of Winged Wellness’ products on The Vitamin Shoppe site:

  • Happiness Daily Soft Gels: 4.2/5 stars, 52 reviews
  • Relaxation CBD Gummies: 4.8/5 stars, 53 reviews
  • Sleepy CBD Gummies: 4.7/5 stars, 47 reviews 

The Vitamin Shoppe is a solid place to find any kind of natural supplement, which is why they’ve got a Winged CBD review that takes a thorough look at what customers think. Here’s a glance at the verdict from a Vitamin Shoppe reviewer trying out Winged CBD gummies:

“I feel like these Winged CBD Gummies did exactly what they claimed to do: They naturally supported my sleep cycle and boosted my energy in the morning after a restful sleep. I feel really good about putting this natural sleep support in my body.”

The Winged CBD reviews on Amazon predominantly feature Winged Wellness Sleep gummies, and so many of the Winged CBD reviews are positive. It’s mostly feedback from ladies like the following, who regularly experience insomnia, saying “I have chronic insomnia, have for years, so I often feel so run down and fall asleep in the early evening after work.”

When writing her Winged CBD review and speaking to the difference between her experience with other products in comparison with their other products, this Thrive Market customer found Winged Wellness to be the most effective:

“One of the most helpful products I’ve found! I’ve always struggled with anxiety and stress and CBD has been my new go-to for managing these feelings in a healthy way. The Winged brand (I’ve only tried the gummies) works extraordinarily well. I don’t know why different brands of CBD feel so different, but these are definitely worth a try if you need help managing anxiety.”

Overall, the Winged CBD reviews are in sync, with most ladies who have tried their relaxation, sleep, or restorative products to be positive and effective. For a supplement company that reaches toward so many avenues of support, that’s pretty great!

Is Winged CBD Worth It?

Winged CBD Review

There are a lot of natural products and supplements out there these days to choose from — picking something that works can be tricky, since everyone has different needs and symptoms. However, Winged CBD stays focused on their target audience, which is a huge perk. By marketing to only women, they can create products that stay true to a woman’s needs.

Not only is Winged CBD doing everything right with speaking directly to women, they’ve also got an affordable price point and a happiness guarantee. By trying Winged CBD, you’re not taking any risks as a consumer, which is fantastic, since you never know what works for you. It’s safe to say that Winged CBD stands out and this review feels it’s safe to give it a try.

Winged CBD Promotions & Discounts 

Winged CBD Review

Winged CBD offers a one-time 15% off if you sign up for their newsletter. Their newsletter also offers discounts, such as priority access to occasional sales, discounts, or new product launches.

Where to Buy Winged CBD

Winged CBD Review

The Winged Wellness website serves up a bounty of CBD products, with lots of variety to choose from. However, if Winged CBD doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can locate a retail location near you using their store locator tool


Winged CBD Review

Who owns Winged CBD?

Jessica Mulligan and Tim Mount own Winged. The two are long time friends and colleagues who have worked to develop products together for many years

Where is Winged CBD hemp grown?

Winged CBD hemp is grown in Kentucky and Oregon, USA, where their farming is conducted without the use of pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.

Does Winged CBD ship internationally?

Yes, the company does ship internationally to the following countries:

  • The UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Parts of Europe
  • South Africa

What is Winged CBD’s Shipping Policy?

Within the US, Winged CBD offers free shipping for orders over $50. They estimate 5-7 business days for your order to arrive once it’s been placed. They can also do 2-day shipping for a shipping charge, with actual pricing listed at checkout.

What is Winged CBD’s Return Policy?

Winged Wellness has a lot of confidence in their products, which is why they offer a 30-day period (from when you receive your package) to either exchange or refund your purchase, even if you’ve opened and sampled the product. 

To start the return process, you’ll need to follow these steps: 

  1. Send an email to [email protected], include your order number and necessary info (name, address, contact).
  2. The company will send over a return label.
  3. Or, you can choose to send it back to the company on your own. 
  4. It could potentially take up to 4 weeks for you to see a refund. 

How to Contact Winged CBD

If this Winged CBD review hasn’t answered all of your questions, you can reach out to the company through the following ways: 

Their office hours are from Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 6 pm EST, excluding holidays.

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