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About Wolferman’s

When you need to get a gift basket but want to send something useful and unique, Wolferman’s is a great choice. Their English muffins are loved nationwide, so you are almost guaranteed to please the recipient. They don’t have a huge social media presence, although the almost 110k followers on Facebook are a pretty good start. 

Wolferman’s is featured in a lot of mainstream media including USA Today, Forbes, New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and Entertainment Tonight as one of the best places to get gift baskets for any, and every, occasion.

In this Wolferman’s review, I’ll take a deep dive into the brand so that you can make an informed decision before you buy. I’ll be checking out their products, promotions, and most importantly—their customer reviews.

Louis Wolferman opened his namesake bakery in 1888 in Kansas City, Missouri. More than 20 years later, he created his extra-thick English muffins and they became the talk of the town in no time. 

Soon after, they went viral, with a loyal fan base across the country. In those days, it would have been difficult to send baked goods across the country and keep them fresh.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case. When 1-800-FLOWERS.COM acquired Wolferman’s Bakery in 2008, they took it to the next level with nationwide delivery of guaranteed fresh baked goods. 

They operate out of Jericho, New York, and own numerous websites for ordering gift baskets/boxes and bouquets like flower arrangements, chocolate, and fruit, to name a few.

Pros & Cons

Before we steer this Wolferman’s review over to check out some of these tasty treat baskets, let’s get a bird’s eye view of what makes this brand so special:


  • High-quality products: Wolferman’s products are made with high-quality ingredients, and the brand has a reputation for producing delicious baked goods.
  • Wide range of options: Wolferman’s offers a variety of English muffins, bakery gifts, and breakfast pastries, making it easy to find something for any occasion.
  • Gift options: Wolferman’s is a popular choice for gift-giving, and the brand offers gift baskets and other gift options for any occasion.
  • Open for business 24 hours a day.
  • Financing options are available with Klarna.


  • Limited vegan and gluten-free options: Wolferman’s does not offer a wide range of vegan or gluten-free options, which may be a drawback for consumers with dietary restrictions.
  • Shipping costs: Wolferman’s products must be shipped, and shipping costs can be high depending on the destination and shipping speed.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.


Wolferman’s is a food company that specializes in baked goods and breakfast items. Some of the features of Wolferman’s products include:

  1. Variety: Wolferman’s offers a wide variety of baked goods and breakfast items, including English muffins, scones, breads, pastries, and more. They also offer gluten-free and sugar-free options.
  2. Quality ingredients: Wolferman’s uses high-quality ingredients in their products, such as real butter, fresh eggs, and premium fruit.
  3. Gift options: Wolferman’s products make great gifts, with options for customized gift baskets and boxes.
  4. Convenience: Wolferman’s products can be ordered online and shipped directly to your door, making it easy to enjoy delicious baked goods without leaving your home.
  5. Sustainability: Wolferman’s is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly packaging materials in their products.


The ingredients used in their products vary depending on the specific item being sold. However, in general, their products contain common bakery ingredients such as flour, sugar, yeast, butter, eggs, and various flavorings.

For example, the ingredients in Wolferman’s Signature English Muffins include enriched wheat flour, water, yeast, high fructose corn syrup, cornmeal, wheat gluten, soybean oil, salt, and various other ingredients depending on the specific flavor.

It’s worth noting that Wolferman’s also offers products with dietary restrictions in mind, such as gluten-free options. In those cases, they use alternative ingredients such as rice flour or tapioca flour to replace wheat flour.

3 Best-Selling Wolferman’s Bakery Products

Wolferman’s Bakery offers a large selection of gift baskets and boxes that include baked goods, breakfast items, and brunch meals

My Wolferman’s review will spotlight a couple of their meal boxes which, of course, include some of their famous and best-selling English muffins.

Wolferman’s Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box Review

Wolferman’s Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box is everything that you need for a baked goods breakfast, including coffee and fruit preserves. 

Everything, except the coffee, is infused with sweet or tangy fruit tastes. Here’s what you get in this breakfast box, ideal as a gift for yourself or others (because we all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time):

  • Cherry blossom super-thick English muffins, 1 pkg. (4 muffins)
  • Blueberry traditional English muffins, 1 pkg. (6 muffins)
  • Cranberry citrus mini English muffins, 1 pkg. (12 muffins)
  • 2 apple cranberry scones 
  • 2 Wild Blueberry Scones
  • Cranberry orange loaf cake
  • Strawberry preserves 
  • Tiffin blend ground coffee, 2 bags

You can jump into a box of fruity goodness for $55.

Customers say: “Received for Fathers Day and took to the beach for family vacation – everyone enjoyed having a delicious breakfast.” 

Wolferman’s Sweet and Savory Brunch Review

If you are entertaining or want to send a no-fuss brunch to a loved one in mourning, the Wolferman’s Sweet and Savory Brunch has you covered. This tasty bundle comes with:  

  • San Francisco-style sourdough traditional English muffins, 1 pkg. (6 muffins)
  • Blueberry peach crisp (1 lb 11 oz)
  • Sausage and cheese casserole (1 lb 14 oz)

Treat your tongue to this yummy meal for $80.

Customers say: “This was very easy to make. It is delicious and a nice full meal. Also, it was easy to order online and shop and browse through the options.” 

Wolferman’s English Muffins Traditional Sampler Review 

Whether you are a fan already or checking them out for the first time, the Wolferman’s English Muffins Traditional Sampler is a variety of these popular baked goods. You get six flavor packs of six English muffins:

  • 1910 original recipe
  • Cinnamon raisin
  • Blueberry
  • Cranberry citrus
  • Multi-grain honey
  • San Francisco-style sourdough

This sampler is kosher and makes a unique, fresh gift idea for anyone for $30.

Customers say: “Wolferman’s muffins are truly a treat. The variety in the sampler is nice. Definitely worth ordering.” 

Who Is Wolferman’s For? 

Wolferman’s is for any American looking for a unique gift idea for any occasion. While sending chocolate and fruit baskets is quite popular, the baked goods and meals from Wolferman’s are healthier options and more helpful as they are a meal, not just a treat. 

No matter where you are in the contiguous states, you can send fresh bakery goods to anyone.

Wolferman’s Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s see what the customer reviews have to tell us about the brand as of May 2023. On Influenster there are 223 Wolferman’s reviews with an overall brand rating of 4.1/5 stars. One happy customer (of many) had this to say:

“Wolferman’s has a great selection of food gift baskets. They have something for everyone and many different price options. I ordered a Christmas gift a couple of weeks before I wanted it shipped. It was shipped as requested and arrived on time. I was told that the food in the basket was excellent.”

It is important that the basket/box you send is something special, no matter who you send it to, but when it’s to your boss, it really better be special. The next Wolferman’s review on Groupon, with 4.1/5 stars from over 450 reviews, backs that sentiment up with their own testimony:

“Sent as a Christmas gift to my boss and his family to enjoy Christmas morning. He loved it. Said the amazing smell of blueberry when the package was opened made them all hungry to see what each item tasted like. Not my first time sending gifts from Wolferman’s. Would order again. Never disappoints.”

So, they are an excellent choice for gifting but why should others get all the benefits? Macy’s sells a 12-pack of their English muffins that’s rated 4.2/5 stars based on over 10 reviews. One gleeful customer explained how much they love Wolferman’s for themselves:

“These are just the best!!!! I bought them for my husband and myself, then ordered them for both our kids. They both loved them. We froze a few packs and they froze well. Treat yourself with these tasty muffins. We [loved] all the varieties.”

And the same pack on Amazon, Wolferman’s English Muffins Traditional 12 pack, gets this short and sweet review: “Love These English Muffins! Wolfermans makes the most delicious English Muffins. I rate it 5 Stars.”

The English muffins are what Wolferman’s have been known for since 1910, so it is no surprise that they are so well-loved. Before I wrap up this section, let’s take a peek at a few of their product ratings:

  • Wolferman’s Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box – 2 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • Wolferman’s English Muffins Traditional 12 pack – 21 reviews – 4.1/5 stars
  • Wolferman’s English Muffins Traditional Sampler – 4 reviews – 4/5 stars 

They have good ratings but they also have about 30 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. 

Although I didn’t check out every single one, the first several told us that everyone was complaining about not being unsubscribed for emails. Nothing to do with their service or their products. 

Is Wolferman’s Legit?

Other than having problems with unsubscribing, there are no glaring issues with the brand. They offer a replacement/refund guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, although reaching them to let them know may take longer than you would hope.

Is Wolferman’s Worth It?

Drumroll please; is Wolferman’s worth your money? To wrap up this Wolferman’s review, I’m going to say yes. This brand is a fresh idea for gifting that seems to rarely disappoint its customers. 

Also, their English muffins have proven to be delicious with their popularity since 1910. This is an old, traditional, and beloved brand brought into modern times through the internet and speedy delivery.

Wolferman’s Promotions & Discounts 

I found a few ways for you to save money on their website at the time of this Wolferman’s review, including:

  • BOGO 50% off select items with promo code WFBOGO50
  • Weekly deals up to 30% off
  • Promotional sales around holidays

Where To Buy Wolferman’s

The only place to get a large selection of Wolferman’s goods is through their website at You can also find a few products here and there online like on Amazon and Macy’s.


Looking for more unique gift ideas? We’ve got you covered:

  1. Harry & David: Harry & David is a gourmet food and gift company that offers a wide range of bakery products, including English muffins, bread, pastries, and cakes. Like Wolferman’s, they also offer gift baskets and boxes for various occasions.
  2. Zingerman’s: Zingerman’s is a specialty food company that offers bakery products, such as bread, pastries, and cakes. They are known for using high-quality ingredients and traditional baking methods.
  3. King Arthur Flour: King Arthur Flour is a company that specializes in baking products, such as flour, baking mixes, and tools. They also offer a variety of recipes and tutorials on their website to help customers with their baking.
  4. Williams Sonoma: Williams Sonoma is a retailer that offers a wide range of kitchen products, including baking tools and ingredients. They also have a bakery section that features bread, pastries, and cakes.
  5. Dean & DeLuca: Dean & DeLuca is a gourmet food retailer that offers a range of bakery products, such as bread, pastries, and cakes. They also have a selection of gift boxes and baskets for various occasions.


Who owns Wolferman’s?

Wolferman’s is owned by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM who are a group of gift brands including Harry & David, The Popcorn Factory, Alice’s Kitchen, and more.

Does Wolferman’s ship internationally?

Wolferman’s ships internationally to Canada only.

What is Wolferman’s Shipping Policy?

The price for shipping from Wolferman’s Bakery is dependent on how much your order costs. To check out the full list, visit the brand’s shipping page. 

If you would like to speed up the standard shipping of 4-7 business days, there are options, for an extra fee on top of the standard shipping cost. Here are your choices:

  1. 3-Day Express – 3 business days – $10
  2. 2-Day Express – 2 business days – $12
  3. Overnight Express – next day – $20 

What is Wolferman’s Return Policy?

Wolferman’s promises satisfaction, so if you aren’t happy, you can contact them at 1-800-798-6241 for a replacement or refund.

How to contact Wolferman’s

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this Wolferman’s review, you can reach out to them through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone: 1-800-798-6241
  • Mail:
    • Wolferman’s 
    • Attn: Internet Services Department 
    • 2500 S. Pacific Hwy. 
    • PO Box 9000 
    • Medford, OR 97501-0700

Their customer service hours are 5:00 am to 9:00 pm PST daily.

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