Woolrich Blankets Review

About Woolrich

Woolrich Blankets Review

Woolrich is an American clothing company that produces high-quality apparel for men and women, shoes, and blankets. The brand operates around the pillars of sustainability, diversity and inclusion, responsible sourcing, and ethical business practices. 

Woolrich has over 232k followers on Instagram and 300k followers on Facebook. Celebrities also love the brand, with Sarah Jessica Parker spotted wearing her favorite Woolrich coat, while other actors like Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, and Jaime King have been seen sporting Woolrich arctic parkas and Woolrich sweaters. 

In our Woolrich blankets review, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the long-standing coompany, including its policies, values, and practices. We will supplement this information with product and customer reviews to give you a good idea of whether the brand is worth your buy. 

Overview of Woolrich

Woolrich Blankets Review

Founded by John Rich in 1830, Woolrich received its name from its home in Woolrich, PA. The brand equipped the Union Army during the American civil war, and started supplying the US Army Forces until the present. In 1850, the company decided to add apparel to their brand and hasn’t turned back since. 

The privately owned business is still headquartered in Woolrich, but the company had to stop claiming its ‘Made in America’ label when the oldest mill making wool and textiles shut down. Instead, the company started using cheaper labor overseas to help them supply their customers.  

With such a long-standing and well-loved brand, it might be hard to see any faults beyond its history. Well, this Woolrich blankets review will present some highlights to prime you for what’s to come: 


  • High-quality apparel for men and women, blankets, and footwear available
  • Relatively inclusive size range 
  • Versatile pieces and good variety of styles 
  • Has been in business since the 1800s
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Free ground shipping over $50 
Woolrich Blankets Review

There’s nothing better than seeing a celebrated company preserve their values throughout the 100 plus years they have been in business. And this Woolrich blankets review will look at how some of their products have stood the test of time. 

Woolrich Blankets Review

During the winter, all you want to do once you get home is get cuddly under a blanket, hopefully next to a roaring fire. Blankets are a necessity and Woolrich has been making them since the civil war. 

Our Woolrich blankets review features one patterned piece and one solid piece, both made of the highest quality materials. Check out our picks to see which of the two luxurious blankets tickle your fancy. 

Unfortunately, this review will not look at Woolrich bedding or Woolrich comforters.

Woolrich 50×60 Rough Rider Iconic Buffalo Check Blanket Review 

A classic with its super popular tartan design, this Rough Rider Iconic Buffalo Check Blanket is the best to tuck around yourself for a cozy night in. The brand makes a comfortable movie night with your partner or friends feel even more luxurious with this fuzzy helper. It’s even perfect for Christmas with its fun red or green color. 

Large enough to fit two people easily, the blanket comes in 50” x 60”, making sure you and your loved one can be snuggled in tight. 

Buy this classic Woolrich blanket for $155. 

Woolrich 50×60 Atlas Blanket Review

If the previous blanket mentioned in this Woolrich blanket review was a bit too lumberjack for you, then perhaps the Atlas Blanket will be more up your alley. 

The solid color in a deep wine shade is perfect to wrap your legs when you’re watching a movie with friends or a loved one. Even better? The Atlas Blanket was created to help the company take an eco-friendly step as it is made from 50% reused wool. 

This 50” x 60” blanket is roomy enough for two people or perfect for one. 

The Atlas Blanket retails for $110.

Woolrich Jackets Review

The evolution of Woolrich jackets and Woolrich coats have been fascinating to see because no matter what, the company always puts their customers’ needs at the forefront. Need to go on an Antarctic expedition? No problem. Woolrich has you covered. 

As the company has an excess of jackets to look at, we will only cover one of its best sellers. In this section of our Woolrich blankets review, we will break down what makes their jackets so appealing. 

Woolrich Terra Fleece Jacket Review 

There are those days when wearing a winter coat is just too heavy, but it’s not warm enough to only wear a windbreaker. Enter the Terra Fleece Jacket. This popular jacket is perfect for those days when you need something between the extreme weather. 

Built with a roomier fit, the men’s Terra Fleece Jacket will keep you toasty, and is fully lined to boot! Designed in Japan, it features a mix of wool and knitting fibers. So don’t worry, this thick fleece will take care of your warmth while you worry about your footing when you’re out hiking or on any other adventure. 

Available only in navy, the jacket comes in US sizes XS to 3XL, but currently only S and M are left. 

The men’s Terra Fleece Jacket retails for $345, on sale currently for $207.

Woolrich Shirts Review

Ever since the 1850s, the brand has been making Woolrich shirts and there is a reason why they remain popular. Made from dependable fabric, the shirts and even Woolrich clothing have been able to withstand the test of time. 

Let’s take a look at one of their more beloved styles and see why they remain the go-to shirt in anyone’s wardrobe. 

Woolrich Alaskan Twill Overshirt Review 

Normally, having a twill shirt wouldn’t get anyone excited. But when you take a look at Woolrich’s Alaskan Twill Overshirt, you will start to see why people rave about them. 

Inspired by one of Woolrich’s more well-known shirts, the men’s Alaskan Twill Overshirt made its debut back in 1927, and has been one of their staples in the collection ever since. Its dependability is unmatched as it’s made from a wool-mix material, and accentuates a subtle pattern that gives it that touch of class. 

Made from a mix of wool and polyamide, this overshirt may look like it won’t keep you warm but it was created to balance your body’s warmth. Available in US sizes XS to XL, it only comes in grey melange. 

The Alaskan Twill Overshirt retails for $175, and is currently on sale for $88

Woolrich Flannel Review

Ah, flannel, where would we be without you? Long before bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam popularized them during the 90s, lumberjacks were the only ones wearing these warm shirts. Well, Woolrich has taken flannel and definitely expanded its scope. 

In this section of our Woolrich blankets review, we will look at the popular flannel shirt for both women and men. 

Woolrich Flannel Shirt Review

Woolrich has taken the flannel shirt and updated it so women don’t have to feel like they look like lumberjacks. And we are eternally grateful for that! 

This is one flannel that is here to stay. Based on its iconic Buffalo Check shirt from 1850, this roomy fit is perfect for those days when you want to hang out and read books or have a night out with friends. No matter what you’re up to, this Woolrich shirt will keep you cozy. 

Made entirely out of cotton, this Woolrich Flannel Shirt comes in three colors:

  • Black check with hints of red threading
  • Red buffalo 
  • White check 

The shirt comes in US sizes XS to XL. This Woolrich blankets review would like to note the shirt is roomier, so if you want something that is more fitted, you could potentially size it down. 

The Flannel Shirt retails for $225. 

Woolrich Classic Flannel Shirt Review

One of Woolrich’s company values was to create dependable and iconic shirts, and they achieved it with their men’s Classic Flannel Shirt

Ever since its introduction to the world in 1850, the Woolrich flannel shirt has withstood the test of time. It helped keep lumberjacks warm, and throughout every time period, it became the go-to shirt for comfort and function. 

Made entirely from cotton, the men’s Classic Flannel shirt comes in four colors:

  • Blue hunting
  • Red buffalo
  • Burgundy hunting
  • Green buffalo

And the shirt comes in US sizes XS to XXL. As it is quite roomy, it’s easy to layer the shirts if you’re looking for extra warmth. 

The Classic Flannel Shirt retails for $170, and is currently on sale for $85

Woolrich Parkas Review

Besides their truly legendary red check buffalo shirts, Woolrich parkas have captured the attention of many, including celebrities like Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, and Jaime King. If the celebs are grabbing the parkas by the handful, there must be a reason, right? 

Whether you’re running errands around town or going on an expedition in Alaska, Woolrich parkas will make sure you’re warm and toasty. In this section of our Woolrich blankets review, we will take a look at two of their most popular parkas for women.  

Woolrich Bow Bridge Parka Review 

The important thing about a woman’s parka is that she should be able to wear it whether her outfit is dressy or casual. And that’s what Woolrich did with the Bow Bridge Parka

Perfect for running your errands during the day and easily adaptable for a night out, the women’s Bow Bridge Parka has elements that will always complement any woman’s closet. With a removable hood, you can tailor this parka to whatever occasion you’re attending. We can see why it’s so popular!

Made with a mix of cotton and nylon for the outer layer, this sort of coating can help resist any sort of wind or rain that occurs unexpectedly. The inside will make sure nothing gets through with its 750 fill power—that’s up north cold! 

The parka comes in US sizes XXS to XXL, and is available in two colors:

  • Black
  • Dark navy

The Bow Bridge Parka retails for $935.

Woolrich Military Parka Review 

If you feel the Bow Bridge Parka doesn’t have enough luxe for you, then perhaps you will want to check out the women’s Military Parka instead. If you ever want a coat that lets other people know how much you love functional luxury, then this is it. 

Whether you’re having an outdoor adventure, running around town, or heading to the opera, you will be prepared for any type of weather. The polyester outer layer keeps wind out and repels rain, while its inner layer of polyamide plus goose down will always keep you warm. 

The parka comes in US sizes XS to XXL, and is available in four colors: 

  • Black
  • Midnight blue
  • Dark green
  • White stone

The Military Parka retails for $1,250. Both the midnight blue and white stone colors are currently on sale for $625

Woolrich Vests Review

For those brisk fall days when a Woolrich coat is just too warm, sometimes you just want to throw on a vest. This allows you to move your arms freely without worrying about the cold penetrating your warm body. Not to worry, Woolrich vests are here to help you out. 

In this section of our Woolrich blankets review, we’ll take a look at their men’s and women’s vests in the collection. We’ll go over why they’re so popular and you can see how they might fit into your closet.   

Woolrich Aleutian Vest Review

What’s better than having one Woolrich vest? A reversible one that gives you two options to choose from! We can see why this is so popular for men—you get to switch things up depending on your mood. 

Perfect for the fall or a refreshing spring day, the Aleutian Vest has some of the best features Woolrich injects into their jackets and parkas. Able to resist wind and rain on one side with the brand’s trademark Ramar Cloth, while the other side has polyamide to make sure it keeps you warm. 

The vest comes only in black and is available in US sizes XS to XXL. The Aleutian Vest retails for $455, and is currently on sale for $228.  

Woolrich Abbie Quilted Vest Review 

The one thing about brands making vests for women is that they only focus on the warmth and not the actual fit. Enter the Abbie Quilted Vest—it’ll keep you cozy while emphasizing your silhouette. When you wear this Woolrich vest, you will definitely be stylish yet comfortable in any sort of weather. 

It’s about time brands started melding form and function together. And we are here for it! The Abbie Quilted Vest features a shiny nylon fabric to help repel water and resist wind—two factors that keep a lot of women from going on outdoor adventures. Plus its 750 fill power will keep your body toasty! 

The vest comes in three colors: 

  • Black
  • Classic navy
  • Pearl rose

And is available in US sizes XS to XXL. The Abbie Quilted Vest retails for $195

Who Is Woolrich For? 

Woolrich Blankets Review

Woolrich sells a variety of accessories and apparel for men, women, children, and dogs. The website also features boots and shoes, but if this review was to go through all items, it would be much too long!

And though their website doesn’t list it, you can find Woolrich socks and slippers on other sites that sell the brand. 

That being said, Woolrich is a versatile brand with items tailored for people who are looking for clothing that can go from outdoor adventures to running errands in the city without worry. 

Comparison: Woolrich vs. Canada Goose  

Woolrich Blankets Review

Now that you have an idea of what the company stands for, this Woolrich blankets review will now take a look at one of their competitors: Canada Goose

Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, it began as an apparel company focused on making rain jackets, snowmobile suits, and wool vests. It wasn’t until the 70s that the company created their legendary down jackets, beloved by many even now. 

Though they’re known for their goose and duck down plus coyote fur, the company has made it their mission to stop buying fur by the end of 2022

To compare the two brands, we dipped into their parka catalogue on their respective websites. The Canada Goose Shelburne Parka is a quilted heavyweight parka that has a 650 fill power, which is great for cold weather. The bestseller sells for $1,250 on the site. 

On the other hand, the Woolrich Long Parka features a luxurious outer layer that can resist wind and rain. With its 750 fill power, it’s not surprising this parka retails for $1,550. The hike in price might be due to the luxurious materials like wool and silk that the Canada Goose parka lacks. 

Overall, customers say that Canada Goose wins out when it comes to practicality and performance, but Woolrich wins out when it comes to versatility in styles and materials. To learn more about Canada Goose see more from their site.

Woolrich Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Woolrich Blankets Review

This Woolrich blankets review wants to paint the full picture for our readers. Curious to know what shoppers are saying about their purchases? Keep reading!

Woolrich holds a variety of reviews on Amazon, where the Arctic Parka is rated 4.2/5 stars from 250 reviews. One customer states:

“I have ordered size large in almost every coat I’ve ever owned but I decided on medium after reading product reviews. The medium fits just like a large in my opinion so I’d say size down one size. The warmth is exceptional.”

Another buyer shares, “It’s the right fit for Arctic weather layering (thermals, wool, high loft down bib overalls). I’m a top end Medium and ordered a Medium. If you are at the lower end of measurements for a size, I would recommend ordering down a size.” 

Some others also commented on how heavy the parka is, stating that they didn’t even need to layer underneath. One reviewer exclaimed, “I live in Chicago. 5’9″, 175. I ordered a MEDIUM and it fits just comfortably loose. This is not a coat that you need to layer under.” 

On Reddit, there was high praise for Woolrich items as well. One customer shared this touching sentiment: “My Woolrich John Rich peacoat is something I plan to give to a grandson one day. Its amazing.”

On SSENSE, the brand is rated 4.7/5 stars from 1,753 opinions. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find individual comments about Woolrich products sold through this retailer.

Overall, this Woolrich blankets review found positive statements from happy customers across the board! The brand scored points in areas such as quality, construction, warmth, and especially fit.

Is Woolrich Worth It?

Woolrich Blankets Review

This Woolrich blankets review has determined that the brand is definitely worth the purchase. It offers clothing and outerwear that will last for years, and may even to passed down to future generations. Plus the blankets are available in classic colours and patterns that are pleasing to the eye.

Woolrich also does well in terms of accessibility, as it has several locations around the world. We would expect nothing less from a company that has been in business for over a century now!  

Woolrich Promotions & Discounts 

Woolrich Blankets Review

Woolrich consistently features some of the most loved styles in its sale section, where you can find discounted mens and women’s apparel.

Where to Buy Woolrich

Woolrich Blankets Review

Woolrich products can be bought from their website at and Amazon. If you are looking for a Woolrich outlet, you can find one in Pennsylvania. 

The brand also has various brick and mortar locations in Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and US. You can access their store locations through the ‘Find a Store’ tab at the bottom of the web page. 


Woolrich Blankets Review

Where is Woolrich made? 

Up until 2018, Woolrich manufactured all of its products in the US, specifically in Woolrich, PA. There has been speculation that the brand is now made in China, however, this is not confirmed.  

Is Woolrich vegan?

Woolrich is not a vegan company. Key materials used in their products include wool, down, and feathers that come from ducks and geese. That said, the brand does its best to only source Responsible Down Standard (RDS) down and only Global Recycled Standard (GRS) recycled down. 

Though the brand is not vegan, they do emphasize that all of their down and feathers are by-products of the food industry.

Does Woolrich run big? 

Woolrich offers details on the way their sizes fit on their size chart. Generally, in both men’s and womens’ apparel, the slim fits require a size higher, whereas the comfort and oversize fits require a size lower. 

Ultimately, the preferred fit is up to the customer. 

What is Woolrich’s Shipping Policy?

Woolrich ships to locations within the US using one of three shipping options for delivery, with costs being: 

  1. Ground Express: $13 
  2. Two Day Express: $20
  3. Next Day Express: $30

For any orders over $50, you can get free shipping

What is Woolrich’s Return Policy?

Woolrich accepts returns on items that are in their original or new condition within 30 days of delivery. 

To initiate a return:

  • Head to “My account” or “Track my order” 
  • Fill out the return request
  • Print your return label
  • Pack your items
  • Drop them off at a UPS location or have UPS pick them up
  • Expect your return within 14 days

How to Contact Woolrich

Woolrich offers the following methods of contact on their website: 

The company’s hours of operation are from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST.

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