Worthy Diamonds Review

About Worthy Diamonds

Worthy Diamonds Review

Buying or selling valuable items like diamonds or jewelry can be a nerve-wracking and tiresome process. It’s important to work with trustworthy and knowledgeable retailers to make sure your jewelry is taken care of and that you get the right price.

Worthy Diamonds provides all of those things, all with great customer service. In business for less than a decade, they’ve already been recognized by Forbes, Business Insider, the New York Post, and plenty of others. They have also gathered nearly 38k Instagram followers.

However, just because they’re the right team to handle some people’s precious jewelry, it doesn’t mean they’re the right folks to help you. So let’s take a closer look at what they do in this Worthy Diamonds review. We’ll also take a look at what customers have to say about them and answer some FAQs to help you figure out if you want them in your corner.

Overview of Worthy Diamonds

Worthy Diamonds Review

Worthy Diamonds was launched in 2014 in New York City by Ben De-Kalo. De-Kalo felt there was a gap in the diamond market for a trustworthy and knowledgable third-party retailer that helps connect buyers with a vetted resource and fantastic jewelry purchase opportunities.

By hitting this niche market, Worthy Diamond’s popularity has soared. Before we get into our Worthy Diamonds review, let’s see some of the brand’s key highlights:


  • Trusted jewelry-selling platform that helps you through the entire auction process
  • They prepare your jewelry for sale and ensure you get good value for your items
  • You set your reserve price
  • Partnerships with reputable jewelers and grading services
  • Professional buyer network that will pay proper value
  • Offers sellers payment in 2-4 days
  • Frequent promotions

If you’ve been holding onto that ring or necklace for far too long and know you need to sell it, we hope this list of highlights is helping you decide if this company is right for you to partner with. But don’t worry, there’s still lots of info we will cover in this Worthy Diamonds review. 

How Does Worthy Diamonds Work?

Worthy Diamonds Review

Selling your jewelry with Worthy Diamonds is a simple and easy process. All you have to do is ship your items to Worthy Diamonds and they’ll put them through an approval and preparation process to get them ready for auction.

Once it’s been accepted, cleaned, and registered, the company will put it up for auction. After the item is sold for the best price through their secured auction platform, you’ll get paid! It will only take 1-5 business days to receive your payment (minus the percentage kept by Worthy Diamonds).

What Percentage Does Worthy Diamonds Take?

Worthy Diamonds Review

Worthy Diamonds always takes a percentage of each sale, the number of which is based on what your item sells for. Below is a breakdown of their commission:

  • $5,000 or less: 18%
  • $5,001$15,000: 14%
  • $15,001$30,000: 12%
  • $30,001 or more: 10%

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Ring On Worthy Diamonds?

Worthy Diamonds Review

How long each item takes to sell varies. The demand for the item or the price of the piece will contribute to determining how long your jewelry will take to sell.

How Do You Get Paid From Worthy Diamonds?

Getting paid by Worthy Diamonds for your jewelry is a quick, simple, and easy process. Once you’ve completed the necessary process, and your jewelry is sold, you will receive your payment within 1-5 business days. You get to choose what method you want to get paid.

Worthy Diamonds Recent Sales

Worthy Diamonds Review

With their frequently and successful auctions, Worthy Diamonds has recently sold plenty of their customers’ jewelry, including the following items:

  • Diamond ring: $2,092
  • Luxury watch: $8,662
  • Diamond bracelet: $7,028
  • Diamond necklace: $5,556

Based on these recent sales, you can see that Worthy Diaamonds has a wide variety of types of jewelry and price points on their website. Their expertise isn’t limited to one type of jewelry. But to get more exact, let’s take a look at one specific example.

Worthy Diamonds 1.10 ct. Round Cut Solitaire Ring, G, SI2 Review

This Worthy Diamonds 1.10 ct. Round Cut Solitaire Ring, G, SI2 is the perfect example of what this company frequently handles, and how a professional sale can take place. This custom-designed 14k gold ring features a round, solitary diamond in flawless condition. 

Measuring 6.77mm x 6.74mm x 3.97mm, and weighing 4.37g, this beautiful ring was bid on by 291 interested parties. It eventually sold for $3,553.

Who Is Worthy Diamonds For? 

Worthy Diamonds Review

Worthy Diamonds serves folks who are looking to sell their precious jewelry or diamonds but don’t want to go through a pawn broker or other unsecured methods of selling.

By offering extensive knowledge, quality customer service, and a vetted reputation, this diamond seller helps its clients by creating a trusting relationship. If you want to avoid the messiness and uncertainty of an auction or other forms of sale, then Worthy Diamonds is for you.

Worthy Diamonds Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Worthy Diamonds Review

With their reputable partnerships with Lloyds of London and GIA, it might be tempting to work with this diamond company, especially in comparison to working with your local pawn broker. However, regardless of their great names, it’s important to do the leg work to find out what this company is really made of.

That’s why we decided to take a peek at what other diamond specialists and folks who have had personal experiences with Worthy Diamonds are saying. Here’s how the websites we looked at rated the brand:

  • The Diamond Pro: 3/5 stars overall rating
  • Sitejabber: 4.77/5 stars over 111 reviews
  • Wealthy Single Mommy: 9.5/10 total rating

The first stop on our mission was the Diamond Pro, a platform that frequently gives ratings on all matters of buying and selling diamonds. In their Worthy Diamonds review, they gave plenty of compliments:

“Worthy is an interesting company with a hybrid business model. Before they came around, there were two options for selling your diamond. Worthy’s unique approach is to take your diamond ring and auction it to many diamond dealers, wholesalers, and retailers. This way you get the highest bid from all of them instead of having to go to each of them, one at a time.”/

Next, we went over to the reliable rating platform Site Jabber. Along with such a high average rating, one customer gave a review filled with praise:

Worthy Diamonds Review

“I had sent a beautiful bridal set that was my mom’s and she passed before getting married. I worked with Kendall who kept me informed of my ring during the whole process every single day. If I ever do this again I will definitely make sure to get Kendall to work with me! He understood the meaning of the ring to me and all of my concerns.”

“Such a genuine honest young man. I hope that whoever reads this asks for Kendall Vamburg to work with you through your process. You’ll be happy and feel very comfortable with him. Thank you so much, Kendall.”

Lastly, we decided to read up on a Worthy Diamon review conducted by the platform Wealthy Single Mommy. With an impressive high score and great overall feedback, the reviewer had this to say:

“They have a solid reputation. In addition to its Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and hundreds of customer testimonials, Worthy has been featured in many magazines and newspapers and has strong name recognition. partners with GIA, the most reputable gemstone and jewelry grading laboratory in the world, as well as top insurer Lloyds of London.”

After reading through a massive number of Worthy Diamonds reviews, we had to give them kudos for having such a strong reputation and following. Their sellers trust them and commend their service and fair market prices. With that said, we’re excited to give a green light to this diamond retail company.

Is Worthy Diamonds Legit?

Worthy Diamonds Review

Worthy Diamonds has been in business since 2014, and in that time they’ve worked to become vetted, creating alliances with reputable diamond retailers around the world. Between their great reputation and the fantastic Worthy Diamonds reviews you can find online, it seems that this company is totally legit.

Is Worthy Diamonds Worth It?

Worthy Diamonds Review

Typically, folks are forced to deal with trade retailers such as pawn brokers and public auctioneers. But when you’re dealing with precious diamonds or jewelry, it’s more important to take your pieces to a trustworthy service like Worthy Diamonds.

With plenty of recognition and positive Worthy Diamonds reviews, we’d have to say that between their services, their price offerings, and their speedy payments, this company is worthwhile.

Worthy Diamonds Promotions & Discounts 

Worthy Diamonds Review

Although Worthy Diamonds doesn’t offer coupons or discounts, they do offer their customers the best possible market price for their jewelry. That in itself can be considered a discount.

Where to Buy Worthy Diamonds

Worthy Diamonds Review

Worthy Diamonds is an independent enterprise that works directly with sellers so that they can get the best possible deal for their previously loved jewelry and diamonds.

As its own company that handles the buying and selling of these goods, you can only access its services directly through its website, or at its New York City location.


Worthy Diamonds Review

Who owns Worthy Diamonds?

Ben De-Kalo is the owner, founder, and CEO of Worthy Diamonds, which was launched in 2014. The headquarters of this diamond enterprise is in New York City.

Does Worthy Diamonds offer a warranty?

Worthy Diamonds considers each piece of jewelry that they encounter unique, and so each piece comes with its own criteria of eligibility for a warranty. Some pieces may be sold with a warranty and some are not. Each warranty also differs. 

Worthy also has insurance policies per item, and upon buying, selling, and shipping your jewelry, you can inspect the regulations.

What is Worthy Diamonds’ Shipping Policy?

Worthy Diamonds takes care of the scheduling pickup for your diamonds using FedEx. They also cover the cost of shipping, so you won’t have to worry about that. Upon buying or selling to Worthy, they will send you a prepaid shipping label that you can use to pack your box.

What is Worthy Diamonds’ Return Policy?

Since Worthy Diamonds works directly with the seller, they maintain their own set of return policies with the auction participants. However, for a return policy with Worthy, this may mean that you’ve sent them your jewelry but changed your mind.

So long as the piece is not yet auctioned, you can use one of the methods below to contact Worthy and inquire about getting your jewelry back, as it is on a case-by-case basis.

How to Contact Worthy Diamonds

If you still have questions after reading our Worthy Diamonds review, the best ways to contact them are:

  1. Live Chat: Here
  2. Phone: 1-888-222-0208
  3. Contact Form: Here

Their customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST.

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