12 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Finding The Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

It’s no secret that we need vitamins and minerals to function, and yet, sometimes it feels near to impossible to get enough through our normal diets. If you’ve been considering a multivitamin, then you may know there are a ton on the market.

To help make things a little less overwhelming, we’ve rounded up 10 of our top picks, including whole-food favorites, tried-and-true brands, and a few innovative new kids on the block that deliver effective results in a modern format.

This review will explore leading brands and their products, but it’s up to you to assess your unique needs and make a responsible decision.

Ahead, this review will give you a few things to consider when you’re looking for a multivitamin. We encourage you to keep them in mind as you make your way through our Best Multivitamin for Women list, as the products mentioned here are incredibly diverse and cater to women with different needs.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Multivitamin for Women

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Walk into any pharmacy’s vitamin section and you’ll find a wall of options.

Some promise enhanced results while others focus on the basics, and you may feel drawn to the trendy bottle of one, but feel comforted by the dependability of a brand name you actually recognize. In the end, you may even go home empty-handed.

When choosing a vitamin, or anything in life really, it’s important to know what you need. According to the U.S. Office on Women’s Health, most women do not need to take supplements.  All vitamin and mineral requirements can be met through a healthy whole foods diet. 

However, this is not possible for everybody. For example, a young woman needs 1,000 mg of calcium a day, which equals 26 oz of milk, 5 oz of mozzarella cheese, or 22 oz of broccoli. Of course, you can combine them to achieve the goal. 

Ideally, if you think you may have a nutrient deficiency, you should get a blood test done with your doctor, but it’s understandable that this may not always be possible.

Particular risk groups may benefit from micronutrients supplementation:

  • Pregnant women or women planning to get pregnant. The CDC and Canadian health guidelines recommend that all females of childbearing potential and pregnant women receive 400mcg of acid folic each day to prevent fetal anomalies (neural tube defects like anencephaly and spina bifida). 

Did you know that the neural tube is completely formed 4 weeks after the conception day? That’s why it is so important to have a sufficient store of folic acid folic when planning to have a baby. The CDC and Health Canada also recommend iron supplementation for pregnant women to prevent anemia.

  • Postmenopausal women: At this stage of life, estrogen levels decrease and women start losing bone density faster. Vitamin D and calcium requirements are higher (around 800IU and 1.200mg a day). Health Canada recommends daily supplementation with 400IU of Vitamin D for men and women over 50 years of age. 

The US. Preventive and Services Task Force concludes that there is insufficient evidence to widely recommend vitamin D and calcium supplementation in menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis.

However, if you are not meeting vitamin D and calcium needs with your diet, you should talk to your doctor and consider oral supplementation.

  • Vegetarians. Vitamin B12 is not found in plants. Other vitamins may be lacking if you are not consuming a broad variety of foods. We recommend looking for professional advice if you are following a plant-based diet. 

… So, with all that considered, here you are. Standing in front of the vitamin aisle, you see names you recognize and new brands that look really cool.

Is the brand important to you? You’ll need to consider how many vitamins you want to buy, of course, as certain companies supply large bottles while others may hold just 20 tablets.

What’s the price like? Does it align with your budget or is it full of so much goodness that it’s worth splurging on? Pay attention to the ingredients and vitamins found inside.

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Certain multivitamins include more than just vitamins, packing in probiotics, antioxidants, and sometimes stress relief, too.

If you’re a stickler for quality, you’re going to want to check out what the brand’s testing process is like. You’ll notice that certain multivitamins are certified by safety organizations while others just wing it.

And what’s going on with your health? If you’re low on a certain vitamin or mineral, be sure to look out for formulas with high amounts of that particular element.

If you have allergies or diet preferences, comb the nutrition label. Most products will clearly state whether they are allergy-friendly or don’t contain certain ingredients.

Finally, remember to shop for your unique body and age. The majority of brands will offer multivitamins for menstruating and menopausal women, along with special formulas for those who are pregnant.

In the next section, we’ll jump right into our picks for the Top Multivitamin for Women.

12 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Now that you know what to look for, be diligent in your reading of this Best Multivitamin for Women list. Below, you’ll find 12 of our favorite picks, but you’ll also notice that they’re not all created equal.

We’ll start things off with a modern multivitamin brand, working our way through natural, whole-food picks, and those with long, dependable histories. Alright, let’s get into it!

#1: Pharmaca

Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Shopping for supplements online can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for pure, sustainable, and expert-approved products that come at affordable prices. That’s where Pharmaca comes in; the web’s one stop shop for premium vitamins, rare herbal and homeopathic formulas, and organic and natural beauty products.

For nearly two decades, Pharmaca has been providing access to some of the highest rated health and wellness brands like Garden of Life, New Chapter, MegaFood, Rainbow Light, and Thorne, online and in-store across six western states. 

In addition to upholding strict quality assurance guidelines and ensuring that their formulas are continually tested for purity, Pharmaca has a staff of licensed naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and estheticians that you can rely on for advice. 

Plus, Pharmaca’s Integrative Pharmacy brand has over 300 products for you to explore in addition to carrying formulas for men, kids, and women from all the companies we mentioned before. 

Pharmaca’s Integrative Pharmacy Women’s Multivitamin is a combination of nutrients, herbs, and antioxidants that reduces the need to supplement with extra calcium or vitamin C. Basically, this balanced blend supports all the nutritional needs of women. 
Pharmaca’s Integrative Pharmacy Women’s Multivitamin (120 capsules) is currently on sale for $18, down from $23. Shop and save 20%!

#2: Ritual

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

With Ritual, it’s all about the ingredients. Founded in 2016 by Katerina Schneider, the brand prioritizes transparency and does a ton of social media marketing to attract younger crowds. In fact, the vitamins themselves are see-through and have even been described as “sexy.”

Based in LA, the customer-centric company offers multivitamins and protein supplements for men, women, and kids, and even has a prenatal line.

The brand’s multivitamins sure do look appealing, almost futuristic. The clear capsule is filled with 9 traceable ingredients tailored to specific ages and even pregnancy. You can learn about each one on the site which clearly displays the ingredients in raw form by picture.

You’ll also learn where each ingredient came from and why the brand chose that specific location. In each bottle, a mint tab has been placed, making your morning ritual all the more appealing and warding off the typically earthy scent and taste of multivitamins.

For women, the brand offers 13-17, 18+, 50+, prenatal, and postnatal options. These capsules cost $30-$35 for a 30-day supply.

Scored at an average of 4.3/5 stars, Ritual Women’s multivitamin is enjoyed for its character and transparency.

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  • Vegan formula
  • No artificial colors
  • Traceable ingredients
  • Transparent about ingredients and sources
  • Delivered to you monthly
  • Slow-release capsules digest in the intestine for better absorption
  • Roughly $1 per day

#3: Care/of

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Since we’re all different, customized vitamins are incredibly smart. Care/of delivers a personalized regimen of vitamins and supplements to your door, curated into daily pouches that bring an edgy sophistication to getting your RDA.

Founded in 2016 by Craig Elbert and Akash Shah, the NYC-based brand believes that “Everyone has a different path to personal health,” and they’re “here to help you find yours.” 

You can purchase vitamins a la carte, but the brand urges shoppers to take its quiz. It’ll get to know your lifestyle, diet, and stress levels, then whip up a list of its offerings and send them to you in a nice little email.

With an online pharmacy-like setup, the brand carries a full spectrum of vitamins and packs specifically picked to tackle common health issues, like lack of sleep, immune function, and even anxiety.

Loved for its transparency and packaging, Care/of has a 4.6/5 star rating on Trustpilot with about 78% of customers scoring the brand 5/5 stars.

People love the personalization of the service (your name is displayed on each daily packet) and feel that they’re receiving a more effective treatment plan that can be altered at any time.

Because this list is about the Best Multivitamin for Women, we’ll be specifically focusing on the Women’s Care Pack. Within your daily pouch, you’ll find a Calcium Plus tablet, a Probiotic Blend, and one for Vitamin C.

The Women’s Care Pack is available for $24 for a 30-day supply. 350 customers who purchased the care pack on Target gave it an average of 4.3/5 stars.

The brand also offers a Multivitamin + Iron tablet, as well as a Prenatal version.

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  • Personalized, you can create your own pack
  • Contains probiotics
  • Shipped to your door
  • Pre-packaged in biodegradable packs

#4: Garden of Life

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

If you can’t tell by the name, Garden of Life likes to keep things natural. Its founder, Jordan Rubin, created the brand in 2000 with the mission to create all of its vitamins and supplements out of the base of real, nutritious foods.

Its over 300 supplements, ranging from B12 sprays with antioxidant blends to general wellness supplies, are sold for reasonable prices and are reported to be extremely effective and one of the best supplements on the market.

Garden of Life is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and customers appreciate its whole foods, and often raw, approach to health.

The brand’s multivitamin supplement, Vitamin Code Women, is specifically made for those in their reproductive years. It’s centered around the needs of active women who are still menstruating and need a higher dose of certain vitamins, like iron.

Vitamin Code Women is made with raw, non-GMO ingredients, and is NSF and gluten-free certified. Made without dairy or soy, it contains over 20 servings of vegetables and fruit to boost breast, heart, reproductive, and gut health. Right now, a one-month supply is available for $37, from $46.

The multivitamin has a 4.8/5 star rating from 48 shoppers and is said to be highly effective. It comes in vegetarian capsule form, but you can also buy other multivitamins (not women-specific) in liquid or spray form.


  • Raw, whole-food ingredients
  • Accessible at many stores and e-shops
  • Organic, non-GMO
  • Full spectrum of ingredients, including fruits and veggies for antioxidants
  • Contains probiotics for gut health
  • Vegetarian

#5: Pique Life

Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

After scanning this list of the best multivitamins for women, you’ll probably conclude that vitamins don’t need to be complicated to be effective. Pique Life knows this, and the brand has come up with good-for-you health and beauty formulas by tapping some of the highest quality ingredients from a host of densely biodiverse areas worldwide. 

Made in collaboration with a network of multi-generational farmers, tea masters, traditional medicine doctors, and scientists, Pique Life’s doctor-approved products are also supported by celebrity health gurus like Kelly LeVeque, Dr. Will Cole, and Mark Hyman. 

Founded by Hong Kong native Simon Cheng in 2014, Pique Life resulted from Simon realizing that he’d become out of touch with his roots and family rituals once he began his adult life in America. After graduating from Harvard and succumbing to numerous health issues, he decided to take control of his health and travel the world in an attempt to heal. 

Pique Life is the first tea company to Triple Toxin Screen all of its teas for heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic mold. To make Pique’s signature Tea Crystals, the company sources 100% organic loose leaf grade tea leaves and cold brews them for up to 8 hours to extract all their benefits. This Cold Brew Crystallization method preserves up to 12-times the nutrient content compared to other teas on the market. 

When it comes to fitting your multivitamins into your daily routine, Pique Life makes it easy with products like Daily Radiance Elderberry Liposomal Vitamin C, made with just seven clean ingredients. This antioxidant-rich infusion of black European elderberries and liposomal Vitamin C produces brighter and smoother skin, increases collagen levels, and encourages a healthier immune system. 

To make sure your body absorbs the most of this product’s antioxidant power, Pique encapsulated the vitamin C in this formula in liposomes that prevent oxidation and waste. You can try Pique Life Daily Radiance Elderberry Liposomal Vitamin C for $58 or subscribe and save 10% off the original price. Each carton comes with 28 servings (56g). 

Another nutrient-filled powerhouse product from Pique Life is the B.T Fountain Beauty Electrolyte: a yuzu and raspberry-flavored formula that promotes a healthy, dewy glow from the inside out. Full-Spectrum Isolate Synthesis technology gently extracts and preserves active compounds and phytonutrients, including ceramides, hyaluronic acid, electrolytes, and minerals.

Within 15 days of use, B.T Fountain Beauty Electrolyte is clinically proven to increase skin hydration, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity. Twenty-eight servings come in each carton of B.T Fountain Beauty Electrolyte for $68. If you subscribe to receive the product regularly, you can save 10%. 

Pique Life is unique because its Tea Crystals easily dissolve into hot water, which means you don’t have to wait around for tea to brew or worry about what’s leeching into your cup if you were to use a tea bag. Cool, huh? 


  • Original Cold Brew Crystallization process ensures you’re getting the optimal amount of nutrients, better bang for your buck
  • No wait time for brewing or need for a tea bag
  • 100% organic ingredients 
  • Never any added sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • Vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free products
  • Supported by reputable nutritionists, health professionals and doctors 
  • Free shipping and a percentage off when you buy multiple cartons
  • 30-day 100% happiness guarantee

#6: One A Day

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

One A Day was founded all the way back in 1940 and is now owned by Bayer. Its “goal is to formulate every one of our multivitamins with good stuff you want and keep them free of the stuff you don’t.”

The brand is perhaps one of the most well-known multivitamins in the USA and you can find its supplements on the shelves of any major or minor pharmacy and even some grocery stores.

Offering a spectrum of vitamins, health, and energy support products, One a Day, which once only came in tablet form, is now sold in gummy and fruit bite versions for men, women, kids, and those who are pregnant.

The company is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and aims to help support a healthy lifestyle and boost nutritional health.

Loved for its budget-friendly supplements and large bottles, customers can buy one bottle and stay stocked up for three months before having to trudge to the store again.

The One A Day Women multivitamin contains a full array of vitamins and minerals but pumps up elements like vitamin A, C, and Zinc to enhance the immune system. On Amazon, a 90-day supply is only $8.

This multivitamin for women has an effectiveness score of 4.5/10 according to The Multivitamin Guide, which tested 100 vitamin brands and scored them in a list. One a Day comes in at #59 on that list, showing us it’s a mid-range product with average results.

When trying to find out what the Best Multivitamin for Women is, we need to pay special attention to what users say. This vitamin has quite a low rating on WedMD—2.9/5 stars. With that said, some customers say it’s a great, simple choice that supports their daily vitality.


  • Good price
  • Available at pretty much every pharmacy
  • Offers other forms of vitamins for women in gummy form
  • Dose of the multivitamin is only one pill per day

#7: Megafood

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Megafood is another whole foods supplement brand that’s valued for its transparency. Founded in 1973 by Carl E. Jackson, the brand provides links to the farmers it sources ingredients from to help customers see where and why they’re included in its formulas.

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Megafood exists “to nourish a world in a nutritional crisis.” They want to ensure each and every one of us is fed and cared for from a nutritional standpoint, which is why its supplements are priced fairly and come in a ton of different formats for men, women, and kids.

Within its product lineup you’ll find vitamins, supplements, and probiotics in gummy, chew, and tablet form, giving no one an excuse not to take care of their bodies.

The product we’ve nominated to be a part of this Best Multivitamin for Women list is the Women’s One Daily, but the brand also offers versions for women 40+ and 55+ and makes them in gummies and soft chews as well.

This formula highlights a spectrum of B vitamins for cell and brain health, along with vitamin D for bones, and a strong dose of iron to give back what’s lost during menstruation.

A nourishing food and herbal blend is added for a boost of extra nutrition, of which the Megafood assures are tested for over 125 herbicides and pesticides.

Rated 4.9/5 stars according to 49 customers on the brand’s website, these allergen-friendly tablets are appreciated for their nutrient-packed ingredients and price—$22-$48 for a 30-90 day supply.


  • Affordable
  • Lots of options, gummy, chews, etc.
  • Includes whole food ingredients & herbs for added health
  • Tested for 125+ herbicides & pesticides
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten-free
  • Daily dose of the multivitamin is just one pill

#8: New Chapter

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

New Chapter certainly sounds like it would help get you on the right track. The brand was founded in 1982 by Paul and Barbi Schulick, who ran it until they handed it over to P&G in 2012.

From inception, the Vermont-based brand was on a mission “to revolutionize natural wellness,” choosing to ferment its ingredients so that they could be better absorbed by the body.

Choosing to source its ingredients from places with nutrient-rich soil and ideal conditions in which the plants thrived, New Chapter opted for a non-GMO approach, rigorously testing its ingredients and products to ensure they meet high standards.

Within its product offering lies supplements for targeted health concerns, like Omega for Moms and sleep and pain relief, along with a slough of vitamin options for men and women.

In general, customers regard the brand as clean and sustainable, and we came across words and phrases like “trustworthy,” and “easy to digest.” It’s a relatively popular brand, but not as well-known as some of the other companies mentioned earlier in this Best Multivitamin for Women list.

Since this list is all about the Best Multivitamin for Women, the product we’ll be highlighting is the Every Woman One Daily Multivitamin, but just keep in mind the brand has options for those over 40 and 55 as well.

Specially made to boost beauty for things like your hair, skin, and nails, this tablet helps to support your immune system, as well as manage things like stress and energy.

However, a recent review article published in The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology concludes that there is insufficient evidence to recommend biotin or zinc supplementation in well-nourished populations. 

The Every Woman One Daily Multivitamin costs $18-$55 for 24-96 pills (take one per day). The formula, given 4.8/5 stars by 71 buyers, contains only organic, fermented ingredients including whole foods and probiotics.


  • Easily absorbable, whole-food ingredients
  • Transparent & traceable
  • Fairly low cost
  • Ingredients for stress support
  • Ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Only one pill is needed per day

#9: SmartyPants

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

SmartyPants was founded in 2009 by husband and wife team Courtney and Gordon Gould, along with friends Breck Costin and Drew Francis. The group has since sold the brand to Unilever who took its distribution to an entirely new level, meaning you’ll be able to find its supplements in a ton of pharmacies across the US.

Based in California, the folks at SmartyPants believe that “good health belongs to the real world,” making a 1-for-1 donation to Vitamin Angels. This group provides supplements to those who can’t afford them.

SmartPants offers formulas for adults, kids, and pets in capsule and gummy form that tackle common issues like sleep, immunity, and overall health. As for its reputation, people love how many vitamins the brand has packed into its gummies, remarking on how tasty and easy to take they are.

For this Best Multivitamin for Women list, we chose to look at the Women’s Formula, made with “new, extra premium ingredients” packed into a tasty, gummy format.

Ingredient callouts include beta carotene, vitamin B6, K2, and choline, along with 13 other essential nutrients that women need daily, like B12, and omega 3.

The Women’s Formula is incredibly popular, with over 18k reviews on Amazon that give it a 4.6/5 star rating. Available in bottles of 30-180 days’ worth of pills, this option is available for $31-$149.


  • Includes Omega 3s from wild-caught fish
  • Full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Tastes good
  • Common allergen-free
  • Available in many health stores and pharmacies
  • Can be taken with or without food
  • 3rd party lab tested

#10: Nature Made

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Prescription drugs have their purpose, but often, they’re prescribed by doctors when alternative routes can be taken.

Nature Made was founded in 1971 by Barry Pressman and Henry Burdock who wanted to provide a different route to health, one that skipped the synthetic chemicals and turned to nature to solve common, everyday wellness concerns and boost overall vitality.

Based in California, Nature Made is “backed by decades of scientific research and high-quality ingredients” that go into “thoughtfully designed products to fit your lifestyle needs at every stage.”

Within its product lineup, you’ll find vitamin and supplement complexes for things like diabetes, immunity, and cholesterol, as well as single-ingredient products such as melatonin, collagen, and ashwagandha.

So far in this Best Multivitamin for Women list, this brand comes out on top in terms of the largest spectrum of products.

Nature Made is held in high regard for its high-quality ingredients and approach to formulations, but it still ranks pretty low on The Multivitamin Guide who rated the brand a 4.3 on a scale of 10 in terms of its effectiveness.

We chose to nominate the Nature Made Women’s Multi Tablets for this list, which are said to be made from “carefully selected ingredients under strict manufacturing processes.” What’s inside this quality product? 23 nutrients tailored to a woman’s body, like folic acid, B vitamins, iron, and vitamin D.

These tablets are quite large, but the formula comes in gummies too if you’d prefer an easier-to-swallow supplement. On Amazon, shoppers can get a two-month supply for $11.

On Amazon, the popular vitamins have a 4.8/5 star rating from over 1,500 customers.

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  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Multiple formats, gummies, softgels, tablets
  • Large spectrum of products
  • Affordable
  • Known for quality
  • USP verified
  • Serving size is only one tablet per day

#11: Olly

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

You may have seen Olly’s happy little square bottles nestled onto the shelves at your local pharmacy. But, despite its launch in 2013, it’s just been of late that the brand has really taken off.

Founded by Eric Ryan, Olly makes it their “personal mission to make nutrition easy to understand, so that you can pursue good health without compromise.”

With the aim to create products that not only make you feel good but taste good too, the brand makes taking your daily dose of health a little more enjoyable than choking down a fat, chalky pill.

Olly has a modern feel to it, offering products to match. You’ll find probiotics, sleep, and kids’ formulas within the product selection, as well as those tailored to men, women, and stress.

It’s the general opinion that the brand’s formulas are delicious, effective, and that they contain quality ingredients that provide a spectrum of health benefits.

What made Olly one of our picks for the Best Multivitamin for Women, was its method, taste, and formula. With a bursting berry flavor, women will get a blend of vitamins like A, C, E, D, the Bs, as well as biotin and folic acid, in addition to an antioxidant blend.

Though they look and sound appealing, the Women’s Multi scores lower than most of the vitamins in this Best Multivitamin for Women list—at just 4/5 stars, according to 192 shoppers. With that said, that’s still a great score, it’s just that a few buyers thought they were a little too sweet.

In terms of cost, the Woman’s Multi costs $13 for a 45-day supply at Walmart.


  • Tasty
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Antioxidants
  • Certified B-Corp
  • NSF-certified
  • Accessible at a variety of locations
  • Only one pill needed per day
  • Affordable

#12: Centrum

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Another power player in the multivitamin game, Centrum is a must for this Best Multivitamin for Women list. It’s the #1 doctor and pharmacist-recommended vitamin brand in the US, founded in 1978 by Wyeth, now known as Pfizer.

Today, it’s run by GlaxoSmithKline, whose headquarters are located in the UK. The company believes that “high quality and safety begins in the research laboratory,” putting strategic care into the production of its vitamins.

Offering vitamins only for adults and kids, in the last decade or so the brand also added gummies and chews to its selection.

Centrum is considered a dependable brand and a trustworthy go-to when it comes to vitamins, available in pretty much any grocery store or pharmacy in North America and Canada.

Centrum for Women is the product we chose to highlight in this Best Multivitamin for Women list, formulated with a stronger dose of calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium specifically for women’s bodies.

In tablet form, this supplement supports overall health and boasts verifications such as non-GMO and gluten-free.

An affordably-priced choice, over 12k customers who bought Centrum for Women on Amazon gave it 4.7/5 stars. It costs $10 for 120 days’ worth of tablets.


  • Doctor & pharmacist-recommended
  • More affordable than other brands
  • Option to buy larger quantities per bottle
  • Daily dose is just one pill

Why Are Vitamins Necessary?

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Ideally, we’d get all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for complete health from our diets. But, unsurprisingly, we constantly miss the mark.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we should daily eat 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruits (around 9 servings per day), but studies show that only 1 in 10 adults actually consume that amount.

Without proper nutrition, our cells basically starve. We may be filling up our stomachs with satiating fat, protein, or starch, but those three components don’t give us the spectrum of vitamins our bodies need to thrive.

A lack of nutrition can result in low energy, a sluggish immune system, poor digestion, and may eventually lead to larger illnesses like heart disease or conditions like anemia.

Women are, of course, a little different than men, and thus have different needs. When menstruating, they lose iron, a mineral crucial to overall health and energy.

In turn, they may require iron supplementation. Without replenishing that loss, over time, it may lead to anemia characterized by dizziness, fatigue, and even heart palpitations.

Filling our bodies with the vitamins and minerals they need often results in a reversal of those symptoms, improving mood, energy, cognitive functions, and overall well being.

Do I Need to Take Multivitamins?

10 Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Accessing vitamins is very easy. Anyone can go and purchase a bottle, but often, some of the elements found inside are not only unnecessary, but they can also be dangerous for those with certain health conditions.

Before buying, it’s important to get a blood test through your doctor to assess any areas you may be deficient in. Dieticians can also be helpful in this process and will be able to recommend multivitamins based on your current diet.

If you do not choose to consult with your doctor or dietician, keep your age in mind. You may have noticed that in this Best Multivitamin for Women list, certain brands offer versions for women of different ages, from teens to those over 55.

Women who are pregnant or planning to be pregnant also require a special blend of vitamins to ensure they’re nourishing themselves and their babies. Many, if not all, of the brands mentioned here offer a prenatal and postnatal multivitamin and if you are pregnant, taking one may be beneficial.

A few of the brands listed here also offer quizzes that, in the end, will recommend vitamins based on your lifestyle, diet, age, and stress level.

There are many different reasons you may find a multivitamin helpful, but as you’ve learned from this Best Multivitamin for Women list, ingredients and standards differ greatly.

There is a maximum amount of daily vitamin and mineral intake for each of the components. Consuming more than recommended is not considered safe. 

For example, in a conference, The American Academy of Dermatology expressed their concerns about the risks of overloading of Vitamin D, which may lead to fractures and the formation of kidney stones.

In most cases, taking a daily vitamin is harmless, but it’s always better to consult your healthcare provider before making a decision.

How We Chose the Best Multivitamin Brands for Women

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market.

We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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