Fabfitfun vs Alltrue Review

About Fabfitfun  

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For luxury brands and trend-led products, FabFitFun’s subscription boxes don’t disappoint. The brand was founded in 2010 by Daniel and Michael Broukhim, along with Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens. 

Piling up to 8 full size products into their seasonally curated boxes (worth up to $300), this lifestyle subscription brand rounds off their service with added perks like FabFitFun TV and members-only shopping. They’re based in Los Angeles, California. 

About Alltrue 

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Formerly known as CauseBox and founded in 2014, Alltrue was established by Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum. Dedicated to offering ethically and sustainably-made goods, they believe that “everyone should have access to low-waste, sustainable alternatives without a price barrier to entry.” 

That’s why their boxes loaded with $250+ worth of eco-friendly goodies are only a fraction of that price. Alltrue is based in Marina Del Rey, California and its subscription members get access to a melange of perks and resources created to help foster change. 

What’s in store for my FabFitFun vs Alltrue review? A friendly comparison between brands to help you find the right one. I’ve included in-depth information about their subscriptions, including what they include, their variety, value, and more. Let’s get into it.

Target audience 

FabFitFun targets the fashionista who’s up on her trends. Their product line includes cream of the crop brands. Alltrue is for the eco-warrior who loves to shop but wants to do it ethically. 

Product range 

Alltrue offers more product options than FabFitFun does. They both offer a similar range of home, beauty, jewelry, and cosmetics. Both of these brands offer additional content and community features.


FabFitFun offers greater customization features than Alltrue. The former allows for early customization in both subscriptions whereas it’s only possible in Alltrue’s Annual subscription. 

Design features

FabFitFun offers big-name designer brands like Coach, West Elm, and Fenty. Their products are more mainstream than Alltrue’s are, though due to the clean and sustainable nature of Alltrue’s line, they’re of similar value.

Subscription flexibility 

Both of these services offer flexible subscriptions you can cancel any time. Their policies are identical in that once you cancel, you will continue receiving boxes until the end of your term. Neither offer refunds.


Both FabFitFun and Alltrue are exclusively available online. To get started, you should go to or Your subscription will be automatically shipped to your door seasonally.

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: How Do They Work?

Even though I’m just getting this FabFitFun vs Alltrue review started, you probably already know these are subscription services. What you might not know is exactly how they work and that’s exactly what this section is for. Let’s kick it off right with a round-up of everything you can expect to find with each.

FabFitFun offers two plans, Annual and Seasonal. The boxes they send are the same for each plan, but you’ll have more customization options and perks with the Annual subscription. You’ll save a few bucks per year too. 

FabFitFun boxes pack in the best of high-end home foods, wellness, beauty, fashion, and even jewelry, including names like Coach and Fenty. How luxe? 

There are a total of 4 boxes per year, each one tailored to the current season. With this service, no matter which subscription you choose, you’ll get to pick your products from a curated list. Want more? Choose from 100+ Add-Ons and pay 70% less than you would in the store. 

These boxes arrive on a schedule, shipping out on the 17th of the month for Annual subscribers and the 27th of the month for Seasonal subscribers. What’s inside? 6-8 full size products you’ll enjoy for sample size prices, and as a subscriber, you’ll have customization features (unlimited for Annual, 4 for Seasonal) that include:

  • Additional choice: get more than one item per category 
  • Boost My Box: purchase extra-high-value items at 60% off
  • reFills: select your fave products and they’ll ship with your box seasonally

When the customization window closes, you will be billed for your order on the bill date. Then, your order will ship out within 30 days from successful payment. Keep in mind that if you leave anything in your cart after billing, you will be charged for it and it will be sent to you.

As for Alltrue, their subscription plans are a little simpler but pretty similar. Alltrue’s boxes are curated seasonally with 6-8 ethically-produced and socially-conscious products. As a subscriber, you won’t just get the box though, you’ll also get access to their seasonal markets, essentials, educational content, and community.

But just like their competitor, you’ll choose from Annual or Seasonal boxes and will have more perks if you subscribe annually. Annual subscribers can customize their boxes whereas Seasonal subscribers can’t. Otherwise, an Alltrue member will curate your box for you. Customization includes picking colors of items available. Annual members also get:

  • Choice+: multiple products from each category
  • Additional selections up to 80% off retail
  • 70% off Members-Only Market
  • Discounted Eco-friendly Daily Essentials 

Both of these plans have similar features, but FabFitFun’s box is worth more in monetary value (up to $300). Alltrue boxes are higher in ethical value, though their monetary value reaches up to $250+. The service you pick really depends on your product preferences and personal values.

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: Subscription Plans

Looking at these two brands solely from the subscription plans they offer, they’re almost identical. Where they really differ is the type of products they offer and the additional perks you’ll enjoy with each. Here in the FabFitFun vs Alltrue review, I’ll walk you through exactly what you can expect within each of their subscription plans.

FabFitFun offers Seasonal and Annual subscriptions. As you can probably imagine, there are more perks in their Annual plan than their Seasonal plan and when you choose to subscribe yearly, you’ll receive a total of 4 boxes per year and save $20. Annual plans include the following features and perks:

  • Up to 8 products
  • Customize your entire box
  • Unlimited swap for credit
  • Early access to customize
  • Early access to Add-Ons & Edit Sales
  • Earlier shipping (10 days)

Seasonal boxes cost more and though they automatically renew, you will pay $20 more per year if you choose this option as it will be billed quarterly. Your Seasonal box will include:

  • Up to 8 products
  • 4 customizations
  • Unlimited swap for credit
  • Early access to customize
  • Early access to Add-Ons & Edit Sales

There are more differences between Alltrue’s Seasonal and Annual subscription plans, so let’s start with the basics. In their Seasonal box, you will get:

  • 6-8 full sized ethically-made products
  • 70% off Members-Only Market
  • Discounted Essentials 

Alltrue’s Annual box gives you access to all of the above. You’ll also get:

  • A $20 savings
  • The options to customize every product in your box
  • Access to Choice+ products

The price difference between FabFitFun and Allture is a matter of cents, but you will receive a higher value box with FabFitFun. I’ll go into more detail about pricing and value shortly in this FabFitFun vs Alltrue review, but for now you should keep in mind that though FabFitFun has more features per plan, they have less variety.

Fabfitfun Winter Box vs Alltrue Seasonal Box

What FabFitFun and Alltrue offer are pretty similar, but there are some key differences between their boxes. The main one? Alltrue’s items have an ethical and sustainable focus, whereas FabFitFun is more so about big brands and designers. 

This section of my FabFitFun vs Alltrue review will take a peek inside each service’s Seasonal box to suss out their other core differences. You’ll have a total of 14 options for your FabFitFun Winter Box. They include:

  • Coach Signature C Stud Earrings Set
  • Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick
  • Chinese Laundry Slippers
  • Miamica Car Organizer
  • Social Studies Set of 3 Nesting Bowls
  • Socialite Hooded Sherpa Throw
  • Short Stories Kitchen Scale
  • Short Stories Rolling Pin
  • Icon Beauty Mini Humidifier
  • UnHide Beige Bear Pillow
  • L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream                      
  • Beau Mac Battery-Operated Dual Salt & Pepper Mill
  • Sonage Baby Frioz Mini Ice Globes Facial Massager

You’ll pick your favorite 8 from this list, but if you’d rather be surprised, you totally don’t have to customize. Since both Seasonal and Annual members get early customization access though, if you have preferences be sure to set them early. 

Now, Alltrue has more than double the options, but the way they operate is different. Instead of giving you a free range of all of them, they split their options into 6 categories with 3-6 options in each. As per Alltrue’s website, they include:

  • Phantom Chef’s Small Dutch Oven OR Sembla’s Handmade Chevron Chopping Block OR Comma Home’s Plush Throw Blanket OR Understand Leather’s Vegan Crescent Clutch OR Pepper + Vetiver Set of 3 Nesting Bowls
  • Third Love’s Satin Robe OR Idlewild Co.’s 2023 Planner OR Cosmedix’ Affirm Serum OR be Home’s Set of 4 Dip Bowls OR Yune Yoga’s Foldable Yoga Mat
  • Small:Hours Set of 5 Swedish Dishcloths OR elitaPRO’s Milk Frother OR Kitchen Innovation’s Coastal Measuring Spoon Set OR Dr. Botanical’s Coco Noir Facial Serum OR Territory’s Table Runner OR Matr Boomie’s Celestial Tray
  • Jodhpuri’s Polished Serving Spoons OR Jodhpuri’s Server Claws OR quip’s Refillable Floss String (Copper) OR Brand with a Heart’s OMG Leave-In Conditioner OR Bagby’s Felt Night Phone Holder OR Bemakai’s Manta Hair Towel Wrap 
  • Charged’s Pearl Huggie Earrings OR Aloette’s Winkable Lift & Lengthen Vegan Mascara OR This Works’ Stress Check Sleep Spray
  • Sweet Chef’s Carrot Ginger Blemish Rescue Patches OR Adesse New York’s Power Couple Nail Care Duo OR True Moringa’s Rejuvenating Body Polish OR Wyld Skincare’s Konjac Sponge

As you can see, Alltrue has more options, but you’ll receive fewer products in your box. Depending on your priorities (designer over ethics or vice versa), one brand might be more suited to your preferences.

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: Variety 

Variety is the spice of life, but it’s also an important ingredient when making a subscription box customers will want to keep receiving. I was pleased to find that both these services have an awesome variety of products within their boxes, though they differ in the types of brands included. In this section of my FabFitFun vs Alltrue review, I’ll walk you through the kind of products and brands you can expect to find in each shipment.

Both FabFitFun and Alltrue offer Seasonal boxes. This means the type of products you receive will be tailored to the current season, ie. a cozy throw blanket in the winter or a chic ice cream scoop in the summer. 

I appreciated seeing pictures of all possible items that could be included in the FabFitFun winter box, and truly, they have a nice variety of products that range from kitchen goods and home items to beauty and jewelry. To drop a few names, you can expect these brands in your FabFitFun box:

  • Michael Kors
  • Coach
  • Ole Henriksen
  • Icon Beauty
  • Hourglass
  • Social Studies
  • West Elm

There’s definitely a whole luxury brand thing going on with FabFitFun boxes, and I think they have a really nice variety of options to keep things interesting. It’s not just all beauty products, which is refreshing. That said, items do run out so to avoid being disappointed, you should customize your box early. Both of their subscription options allow for early customization.

Alltrue’s Annual plan is the only one that allows for customization, and they have quite a few more options than FabFitFun does. Delivering 6 full size products in your box, you’ll make your choice from a list with a total of 30 options. You can totally go for all beauty or all home items, each category contains an excellent variety.

Alltrue offers the same kinds of products that FabFitFun does, but totally different brands. There may be some overlap depending on if FabFitFun stocks clean beauty, which it looks like they do occasionally. As for Alltrue, you can expect brands like:

  • Jodhpuri
  • Adesse New York
  • Yune Yoga
  • Baggu
  • Laude the Label
  • S’Well
  • OXO

Judging from their selections, Alltrue definitely has more options to choose from but FabFitFun includes more items per box. This means they include a greater number of items (and thus a potential for greater variety). Both offer a nice spectrum of home, beauty, kitchen, cosmetics, and jewelry. 

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: Price & Value

You’ve just seen the types of products included in each brand’s subscription box, now it’s time to find out what they cost—or more importantly—which one has more value. In this part of my FabFitFun vs Alltrue review, I’ll walk you through the pricing of each company’s subscription options before digging a little deeper into their hidden values.

FabFitFun offers a Seasonal and Annual subscription. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from each one:

  • Seasonal $59.99/box
    • Pay per box
    • Billed quarterly 
    • Up to 8 seasonal products
    • 4 customizations allowed
    • Unlimited swap for credit
    • Customize early
    • Access Add-Ons/Edit Sales
  • Annual $54.99/box
    • Prepay and save $20
    • Billed once annually
    • Up to 8 seasonal products
    • Customize full box early
    • Earlier shipping
    • Access Add-Ons/Edit Sales early

Where does value come in? Mostly in the full size products and the brands that FabFitFun includes in their boxes. Designer brands like Michael Kors, Coach, and L’Occitane are very high in value, and each box has a potential value of up to $300

Customers say that FabFitFun boxes help them remember to show themselves love, and to me, that’s incredibly valuable as well. If you have sensitive skin or ingredient preferences, you may not find this brand as useful as someone else. That’s where Alltrue comes in.

Alltrue subscription boxes are eco-conscious, so they only contain products that use cleaner ingredients or have some kind of sustainable feature (ie. made from recyclable materials, vegan ingredients). This approach is highly valuable for those trying to reduce their eco footprint. And because Alltrue also offers carbon offset shipping (for $1), their value increases again. Here’s a look at their two subscription options:

  • Seasonal $60/box
    • Billed quarterly
    • 6-8 full size ethically made products
    • Access to Essentials (daily-use household items)
    • Discounts on hundreds of products in the Members Only Market
  • Annual $55/box
    • Billed annually
    • 6-8 full size ethically made products
    • Access to Essentials (daily-use household items)
    • Discounts on hundreds of products in the Members Only Market
    • Full customization
    • Access to Choice+ products

Alltrue’s boxes contain items with a combined value of up to $250. This is slightly less than FabFitFun, so if you’re looking at these options from a monetary value level, Alltrue’s will have less. However, what they lack in monetary value they make up for in ethical value.

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: What Do Customers Think?  

Look, we know brands do their best and shoot for the stars, but stuff happens, and if it happens enough, customers talk about it. That’s why feedback is so important and is precisely why this FabFitFun vs Alltrue review exists. This section will round up feedback sourced from around the web to give you an overarching view of what each brand is really like. 

Neither FabFitFun nor Alltrue show ratings on their websites, and after a quick search, it was clear that FabFitFun is the more popular brand. I found thousands of reviews for it across review sites like SiteJabber (4.32/5 stars, 3,938 reviews), Influenster (4.5/5 stars, 11,564 reviews), and Trustpilot (4/5 stars, 3,240 reviews). In general, customers say that FabFitFun:

  • Has excellent Add-Ons
  • A great variety of full size products
  • Has efficient and helpful customer service 

Word to the wise, FabFitFun will automatically check out any items you leave in your cart. That’s where most of their negative feedback comes from. To avoid being charged per item, clear your cart. 

I didn’t find many ratings for Alltrue online, and it seems like the majority of their negative feedback comes from that time mid 2021 when they shut down suddenly. Though the brand has new owners, this caused a lot of frustration for existing subscribing members.

That’s the only issue I came across for Alltrue. It looks like up until that point, they had a large customer base who adored the items in their boxes. A sum up of feedback would read that Alltrue:

  • Has high-quality items in every box that you’ll actually want to use
  • Boxes have a great variety of items
  • Customers love how sustainable the boxes are
  • Customer service replies promptly 

Alltrue and FabFitFun deliver boxes with a variety of items you will want to use. The quality of items in Alltrue’s boxes sounds like it’s slightly better, which makes sense considering it’s an eco-conscious company. However, FabFitFun had fewer complaints—just be sure to unload any items from your care you don’t want to be charged for.

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: Promotions & Discounts

One of the major draws I learned about both brands during this FabFitFun vs Alltrue review is that both of them cram near to (and up to) $300 worth of goodies in their boxes and offer them for under $60. That in itself is the greatest deal, but both of them also have other ways you can save. I’ll list them for you here.


  • Subscribe annually to save $20 per year
  • 70% off Add-On items
  • Sign up for their newsletter for access to special offers
  • Use code NEWMEMBER at checkout to get your first box for $50 ($10 savings)


  • Save $20 per year with an Annual Membership
  • Up to 70% off hundreds of products in the Members-Only Market
  • Contiguous US orders are shipped for free

Unlike FabFitFun, Alltrue doesn’t offer a new member discount, but they do offer free shipping. If you live in the contiguous US, having your orders shipped for free continuously will save you $32 per year.

Fabfitfun vs Alltrue: Shipping & Returns 

You’re excited about your subscription box, but it’s a major bummer if it never arrives, or if products end up damaged in transit. To ensure you choose a company that’s going to deliver (literally!), this section of my Fitfabfun vs Alltrue review is dedicated to shipping and returns. 

A few scrolls ago you saw that FabFitFun is a more popular subscription box option than Alltrue is. In general, there were more reviews to read through, and for that reason, we got a better idea of what the company is really like to subscribe to. 

Alltrue has overall fewer reviews, but I dug through them nonetheless to see if anything alarming stood out. Let’s start with a few shipping facts I gleaned about FitFabFun first.

  • Shipping costs $8 per box
  • They deliver to the US, UK, and Canada
  • Annual subscription orders are shipped 10 days sooner
  • Contiguous US shipping takes 7-10 business days
  • Status tracking could be more user-friendly

There’s some unpredictability about when orders will arrive. Though FabFitFun has a shipping schedule, some customers express frustration over not knowing exactly when their box will arrive. 

As for returns, FabFitFun does not accept them. All of their boxes, Add-Ons, Boost items, and reFill items are final sale. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so, but annual subscribers will continue to receive their boxes until their term has ended.

Now for Alltrue. Here’s what you can expect in terms of their shipping timelines, costs, and reliability:

  • They ship to the US & Canada
  • US shipping takes 2-8 business days, Canada 3-4 weeks
  • Shipping is free for all contiguous US orders, or $8 otherwise
  • Make shipping carbon neutral for $1

All negative shipping reviews came during the time when Alltrue shut down. I haven’t come across any issues regarding shipping unrelated to that time. Alltrue does not accept returns or issue refunds. Similar to FabFitFun, you can cancel your membership but annual subscribers will receive shipments until the end of their term.

These two brands have similar shipping policies and identical returns policies. FabFitFun offers shipping to more locations whereas Alltrue offers free contiguous US shipping and the option to offset carbon emissions.

Who Will You Shop With?

You’ve reached the end of this FabFitFun vs Alltrue review, so who will you shop with? FabFitFun offers an exciting collection of luxury brands and on-trend items, and both of their subscriptions offer full customization along with added perks. You’ll have access to FabFitFun TV for workouts and DIY videos, and enjoy new members pricing on your first box.

Alltrue’s items are high in quality too, choosing clean ingredients and sustainable materials instead of necessarily trend-led items. They offer free contiguous US shipping, and if you’re looking to decrease your eco-footprint, you’ll love their carbon neutral shipping option.  

Like most competitors, FabFitFun and Alltrue are similar in a lot of ways but different in quite a few as well. Their main area of contrast is in the kind of products they offer. Though you’ll find homewares, skincare, and jewelry in both of their subscription boxes, Alltrue’s lean more towards the ethical and sustainable side. 

It’s always better to have more options. Check out our reviews of other top beauty subscriptions:





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