Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box: Style Showdown 

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Sprezzabox and Gentlemans Box are subscription box services that offer fashion and lifestyle accessories to a wide range of professional men. Sprezzabox and Gentlemans Box both offer products from many different companies, to introduce their customers to a bunch of new options, and both are great choices for men looking to take a new approach to their daily style. But what distinguishes them from each other? And which one should you choose?

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

In Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box review, we’ll go through the style vibe of each brand, discuss what each box contains, and the quality of products contained within. We’ll also compare the customer ratings of each brand, their promotions, discounts, and policies. We’ll do a deep dive into price and value in this Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box review, and ultimately we’ll pick a winner!

Style Vibe

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

In terms of style, both boxes are pretty formal and conservative in their vibe. Sprezzabox is slightly more showy, and offers a wider range of different products. Gentlemans Box, on the other hand, can be pretty hit or miss when they do veer to the more unusual—one past box included suspenders and a balloon! It also occasionally throws in bracelets, but they tend to be of lesser quality than Spezzabox’s choices.

Gentlemans Box is usually quite conservative in the products, colours, and designs they offer. When Gentlemans Box does go a little wilder in their selections, like in one box that contained an orange tie with blue polka dots, there’s no guarantee that the accessories in each box will mesh together.

Sprezzabox, on the other hand, might include showier accessories, but they usually make sense with the other items in the box. One recent box included suave airplane cufflinks, which might seem a little out-there for some. They actually ended up matching perfectly with the most conservative pocket square, tie, and socks also in the box, so you can imagine how the cufflinks would liven up those classic pieces.

WINNER: It’s a tie, and which box is right for you depends on your personal preference. Sprezzabox offers more creative and showier products, while Gentlemans Box offers more conservative choices.


Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Gentlemans Box offers around 4-6 fashion or lifestyle items per box. Sprezzabox offers five or six different fashion accessories or lifestyle items each month, but we’ll see what that means in terms of pricing and value later on. Gentlemans Box also usually tends to more of the same items (ties, pocket squares, socks), while Sprezzabox will throw in more unusual items, like watch bands or collar stays, along with more common offerings. 

When it offers items that are lifestyle based, Gentlemans Box still stays in its conservative lane. Notebooks, pens, and headphones features prominently. On the other hand, Sprezzabox tends to be more willing to take risks with its boxes, offering flasks, tweezers, a pocket multipurpose survival tool, mugs, lint brushes, and bottle openers.

WINNER: Sprezzabox, which offers a more unusual range of products. Sprezzabox changes up its offerings in different boxes, and is more willing to take risks in its boxes than Gentlemans Box. Sprezzabox also usually offers more products than Gentlemans Box.


Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Sprezzabox offers only one subscription option, while Gentlemans Box offers two: the Classic Gentleman’s Box, and the Premium Gentleman’s Box. The classic box is shipped every month. Past boxes have included grooming samples, socks, ties, cufflinks, pocket squares and tie clips. The premium box is delivered every three months. Past boxes have included leather goods, premium homeware, electronics, and luxury watches.

In terms of customization, Sprezzabox reigns supreme. While Sprezzabox isn’t fully customizable, you can choose your box’s theme every month, which makes it easier to tell whether or not the options involved suit you. It also ensures that the accessories offered in each box go together, to help you keep your outfit on theme.

Some examples of past Sprezzabox themes are:

  • the Cozy box (to keep you warm in long, chilly winters)
  • the Bowery box (shades of grey)
  • the Christopher Box ( to help you get through hot summers, with lighter options and accessories for your technology)
  • The Hustle box (which includes accessories to help you improve your workout routine). 

Sprezzabox has begun to offer new lifestyle-themed boxes, which offer unique ways to dress up other aspects of your life. Sprezzabox also has a collaboration with Esquire Magazine. They have now released two exclusive boxes curated by Esquire.

Gentleman’s Box, on the other hand, only allows you to choose between a regular or premium subscription when you sign up; otherwise, everyone gets the same box, every month. You’re taking a lot more risk when signing up for Gentleman’s box, because you have no choice in what you receive every month.
WINNER: Sprezzabox. While Gentleman’s Box offers two distinct subscription box plans rather than one, Sprezzabox’s customizable options put it over the top. Sprezzabox offers a wide range of options for you to choose from, so you can switch up your box every month.


Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

There are a number of factors to consider when comparing the quality of Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box. We’ll go through the companies included in each both and where they originate, to see if there’s a winner in terms of the diversity of different companies. 
Sprezzabox likes to include smaller, local companies, to introduce you to a new and wider variety of brands available in your backyard. Below is a list of some of the brands that have been included in Sprezzabox. 

  • Original Penguin
  • Brickell
  • Unsimply Stitched
  • Paul Evans
  • Jack Sartori
  • Knottery
  • AUS Cufflinks
  • Naked Wines
  • Twillory
  • Life After
  • FourFiftyFive
  • Weekend Casual

Sprezzabox also offers original, Sprezza-branded products. Many of the companies featured in Sprezzabox come from either New York or Los Angeles, which is disappointing for a box that in many other ways tries to include a diverse range of options.
Gentlemans Box, on the other hand, usually chooses more international companies, to introduce you to products from all around the world. Some of the brands that have been included in past Gentlemans Boxes: 

  • Windsor Tie Co.
  • Wurkin Stiffs
  • Sock Panda
  • Gent Life
  • Mr. White
  • Armoir Fashion
  • Gentleman Collective
  • Honourable Beast
  • Red Stag & Hind
  • King x Portland
  • Soft Landing
  • The Little Link

Gentlemans Box has featured products from companies located in Canada (including Toronto), the United States, and the United Kingdom. Generally, Sprezzabox sticks more locally, while Gentleman’s Box sources more international products.

WINNER: Gentlemans Box, for its more international product offerings from a wider range of companies.

Customer Ratings 

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Customer reviews are a very important factor when considering what subscription service to choose. The experience of other customers can absolutely help you understand what works about a company, and what might not appeal to you. In this section, we’ll go through some criticism and praise that customers had for both Sprezzabox and Gentlemans Box.

First, we’ll go over some general comparisons found for Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box. According to customer reviews and ratings, Sprezzabox consistently offers more products than Gentleman’s Box. Sprezzabox nearly always provides six items in their boxes, while Gentleman’s Box usually provides closer to four items. Customers found the items included in each Gentlemans Box to be more hit-or-miss than those included in each Sprezzabox.  

However, some customers appreciated that you could choose between a basic box or a premium box at Gentlemans Box, which Sprezzabox doesn’t offer.

On another note, customers have praised Sprezzabox’s customer service, saying that they were even responsive after business hours. That’s a big contrast with Gentlemans Box, which customers found much harder to get in touch with. 

Customers have had some specific criticisms of the products offered by Gentlemans Box. We’ll lay out some of the criticisms customers had for Gentlemans Box:

  1. The ties offered were too narrow for many customers, usually in a 2.50” or 2.75” width
  2. The materials of some of the products weren’t listed, which makes their quality questionable (this was particularly true of products that seemed to be leather)
  3. The quality of some fabrics used was also disappointing to some customers, particularly when it comes to socks or ties
  4. Customers found the quality of some of the lifestyle products to be lacking, including a manicure set
  5. If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to call in

Next, we’ll go through some of the criticisms customers had for Sprezzabox: 

  1. Sprezzabox was also criticized for the narrowness of the ties they offer
  2. There have been problems with delivery in the past; however, it seems that because of the difficulties Sprezzabox changed their shipping provider, and the problems appear to have been resolved
  3. There isn’t much information on the Sprezza-branded products, which are included in the estimated retail value of boxes, which some customers found sketchy

WINNER: Sprezzabox. There were far too many questions about the quality of Gentlemans Box’s products, along with their inferior customer service.

Promotions & Discounts

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Promo codes and discount codes are a big part of online shopping. Sprezzabox and Gentlemans Box both offer programs and discounts to help you take a load off your wallet—it just depends on what’s right for you!

Sprezzabox offers a loyalty rewards program for long-term customers. Here are some of the perks: 

  • After the first three months of the subscription, you will become a Bronze loyalty member and receive a coupon code usable for your next online store order before the fifth of the next month
  • After the first six consecutive months you remain a Sprezzabox member, you will become a Silver loyalty member and receive a coupon code for your next online store order
  • After nine months of being a Sprezzabox member, you will become a Gold loyalty member and receive a coupon code for your next online store order
  • After 12 straight months of being a Sprezzabox member, you will become a Platinum loyalty member and receive a coupon code usable for your next online store order before the fifth of the next month
Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Sprezzabox’s loyalty program is a great way to save on future orders. Plus, it can be combined with coupon codes and other promotions.

Gentlemans Box does offer a program for affiliates and social influencers, but the requirements for you to be included are really high – over 100K followers for influencers, and you’d need to have an online store to be an affiliate—but if you do qualify, that could be a great way for you to save (or even earn) money.

Sprezzabox and Gentlemans Box both often offer promo and coupon codes, via newsletter, Facebook, or other social media platforms. Just keep an eye out!

WINNER: It’s a draw; both Sprezzabox and Gentlemans Box offer different programs that might suit your needs, and they both often offer promo codes to discount your order. Basically, what program is right for you in terms of coupon codes or promo codes depends on your priorities.

Shipping & Cancellations 

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Shipping and cancellation policies are a very important factor in deciding what companies to trust with your hard earned money. Here’s a handy table that compares the shipping policies of Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box:

PolicySprezzaboxGentlemans Box
Where does it ship in the United States?The continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO/FBO addresses.The continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, all other U.S. territories, and APO/FPO/AA/AE/AP addresses.
What other countries do they ship to?Canada, Australia, the U.K., Mexico, Germany, Japan, South Korea,  Hong Kong, Israel, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Andorra, Belarus, Brunei, Cyprus, Greece, India, and Taiwan.
Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand,  Germany, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Saint Martin, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Thailand, Switzerland, and Portugal.
Are there additional fees for shipping outside the United States?Yes, and shipments may be subject to additional duties or fees. Yes, and shipments may be subject to additional duties or fees. 
What’s the estimated shipping time for each box?Between three to five business days within the United States, between 8 to 13 business days internationally.Between three to five business days within the United States, between 8 to 13 business days internationally.

Cancellation and return policies are also a very important component when choosing a subscription box service. You don’t want to be stuck in a subscription you don’t want, after all. Below, we’ll compare Sprezzabox’s cancellation and returns policy to Gentlemans Box.

PolicySprezzaboxGentlemans Box
Are returns offered?Sprezzabox does not offer returns on boxes. Gentlemans Box does not offer returns on boxes. 
What’s the damaged or missing item policy? If your package does not arrive or is damaged, you can submit a claim within 60 days of the shipment delivery date by emailing support.  If your package is missing or damaged, you can contact Gentlemans Box within 30 days of the delivery date.
Are there cancellation fees?There are no fees charged for cancelling your subscription. There are no fees charged for cancelling your subscription. 
What is the cancellation policy? You can submit a request via the Billing Portal using your Sprezzabox login, or send a cancellation request via email.

You can cancel monthly or premium Gentleman’s Box subscriptions at any time, by calling 1 (248)-479-6066 during business hours. You cannot cancel annual or gift subscriptions.
When do you need to cancel? At least 24 hours before your next billing date. Cancellations cannot be processed after billing has occurred. Requests submitted on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day. To cancel before the next billing date, you must call at least one full day before that date.

WINNER: Sprezzabox is the winner, because it is much easier to cancel your subscription than Gentlemans Box, and they have more options for you to get in touch with them. They also give you 60 days to replace damaged or missing items to Gentlemans Box’s 30 days.

Price & Value

Overall, if you’re just looking for the cheaper price, Sprezzabox wins in a landslide in terms of price and value. Sprezzabox claims that the contents of the basic monthly subscription box, for instance are valued around $100.

Gentlemans BoxBasic Box; monthly
Premium Box; monthly 
$100 paid upfront
SprezzaboxBasic Box; monthly 
6-month plan; paid upfront
12-month plan; paid upfront

$138; paid upfront

$240; paid upfront

]That said, there’s more to consider when you think of value. You also need to consider the estimated retail value of each box. Gentlemans Box, on the other hand, was a little more questionable when it comes to its estimated value. The basic box is meant to have a guaranteed retail value of $100 each month, while the premium box is meant to have a guaranteed retail value of $300 per box. 

Some customer reviews criticized the quality of some items, specifically ones in the premium box. One review mentioned a backpack with inadequate padding and stiff hardware, along with a folder which seemed to be made of scrap leather. There were less questions about the quality of the items included in the basic box, but that might be a result of its lower guaranteed retail value. 

WINNER: Sprezzabox

Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box Review

Sprezzabox hich less questioning of the quality of its items and more items included in each box, is the clear winner here. Sprezzabox had a guaranteed retail value that was more regularly exceeded, and costs less overall.

We Choose: Sprezzabox

The winner of the Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box showdown is Sprezzabox. While there are some pros exclusive to Gentlemans box, like the premium option, Sprezzabox is far superior in terms of quality, quantity, and value.

Sprezzabox, unlike Gentlemans Box, offers you the ability to customize your subscription by choosing your monthly box’s theme. Sprezzabox tends to have a higher monthly retail value, and provides you with a more diverse range of products. Sprezzabox’s loyalty program is also a big point in its favour. In terms of financial differences, both often offer coupon codes or other promo codes, but Sprezzabox is generally cheaper. Sprezzabox also had better customer service and clearer policies than Gentlemans Box.

Sprezzabox had more positive customer reviews overall, and was praised by customers for the higher quality of the items included in each box. Sprezzabox also had more items included in each box. 

But ultimately, Sprezzabox vs Gentlemans Box is a personal choice. Pick the box that’s right for you!

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