10 Best Pool Table Brands

Searching For The Best Pool Table Brands

There’s no pastime that turns boys into men and men into betting scoundrels like pool. Billiards is a sport that’s popular across the world and it has much fewer physical requirements than other games.

Today, I’ll be covering my picks for the best pool table brands. I’ll look at their products, their prices, their history, what they specialize in, and what makes each brand stand out from one another. 

The 10 Best Pool Table Brands

#1: Brunswick

Best Pool Table Brands

The first entry in my list of the best pool table brands is a family-oriented business that has been a leader in the home entertainment market for over 170 years

Brunswick is the proverbial king of the pool table, though their catalog also includes furniture, shuffleboards, table tennis tables, air hockey set-ups, and other items.

The Illinois-based company was the first American pool table manufacturer. Their tables are made-to-order and some of them, like the Brunswick Black Wolf ($3,970), have a hefty number of customization options. 

You’ll often find their products in the professional pool and snooker tournaments.

There are a few things that you can expect from a Brunswick pool table. The first is the appearance of dignified materials like hardwood and slate metal. It’d be hard to find a pool table that can match the craftsmanship of Brunswick. 

That being said, it’s also hard to find a brand with a value like Brunswick’s because their tables aren’t cheap. 

Knowing that they only use the best materials and have earned such a pedigree in the market, you can rest assured that your money is going towards buying one of the finest pool tables available.


  • One of the most popular and beloved pool table brands on the planet
  • You can customize many aspects of their tables
  • High-quality products at a high price

#2: Presidential Billiards

Best Pool Table Brands

This company is the living embodiment of the meme with two parties bonding over a shared goal like how Arnold and Carl Weathers bond over their juicy biceps. 

The original Houston-based brand, Presidential Billiards, works alongside the Zimbabwe company Wilson International to control every aspect of their production line.

All of their pool tables are made in Zimbabwe in ethically-managed warehouses. Presidential Billiards only works with family-owned factories to develop pool tables by hand with bespoke material only attainable in Africa. 

This process also decreases the cost on the customer’s end as there’s no entity operating between Presidential Billiards and Wilson International, so you won’t have to pay more for distribution that you wouldn’t even see the effects of.

That doesn’t mean that their pool tables are less expensive than other companies. Presidential Billiards is one of the best pool table brands because they can use materials like African Mahogany while offering competitive prices. 


  • Uses exclusive materials
  • All pool tables are ethically produced
  • Most tables are handcraft so they have a finish unlike any other company’s

#3: Hathaway

Best Pool Table Brands

If you like pool but hate paying huge fees then Hathaway is probably one of the best pool table brands for you. They’re a strong alternative to some more expensive companies. 

While they don’t provide the world-class quality of other pool tables, their products make up for this deficit with their functionality. 

For example, the Hathaway Fairmont 6-Feet Portable Pool Table can be stored and folded away, moved around with ease, and still support a full pool game. 

Other options include the Hathaway Breakout 40-in Tabletop Pool Table, which isn’t actually a full pool table. It’s an attachment that you drape over your dinner table to transform that into a pool table.

Hathaway is arguably the best company for the casual pool fan. If you want a pool table that’s easy to assemble and take down for game night, or if you just want to shoot a few games with the guys without committing to a thousand-dollar purchase, then I recommend Hathaway.


  • Much more affordable than other pool brands
  • Many of their products come with additional features

#4: Plank & Hide

Best Pool Table Brands

Cincinnati, Ohio is not a city that’s as associated with luxury as they are, say, The Isley Brothers. Plank & Hide proves that you should never judge a book by its cover or by its origin as they’re one of the best pool table brands for top-notch products.

They actually produce divine furniture for inside and outside the house, but I’m going to just focus on their pool tables. All of their available products are attention-grabbers thanks to their fine craftsmanship and visual appeal.

There are four main lines of Plank & Hide pool tables:

  1. The Plank & Hide Industrial Series, which is their heavy-duty line of pool tables
  2. The Plank & Hide Vintage Series, which has a more rustic feel
  3. The Plank & Hide Classic Series, which fits the traditional pool table mold
  4. The Plank & Hide Competition Series, which are competition-ready pool tables

All of Plank & Hide’s tables have a quality that surpasses many other brands on the market. They’re well-designed on a functional and aesthetic scale, but they’re rather pricey. 

Many of their products cost over $6,000, but there are few other brands that can match Plank & Hide’s visual flair.


  • A broad selection of pool tables
  • Unique designs and bases

#5: Connelly Billiards

Best Pool Table Brands

Connelly Billiards is a subsidiary of the Valley-Dynamo Corporation, a Richmond Hills, Texas company with decades of experience in pool table manufacturing. 

They brandish a selection of pool tables fit for players of all skill levels, but I believe that those among the upper echelon of the sport will enjoy them the most.

That’s because Connelly Billiards’ tables are built-to-order. Customers can personalize many aspects of their purchases from the finish to the legs to the pocket types, and even the felt. 

This depth of customization rewards those that have invested time into learning what they like in a pool table.

On that note, Connelly Billiards wouldn’t be my recommendation for newer players. Items like the Connelly Billiards Catalina table illustrate why; its elegant craftsmanship and high price ($8,995) are best appreciated by those who know the ins and outs of pool.

Conversely, this means that Connelly Billiards is one of the best pool table brands for people who are entirely devoted to the game.


  • Competition-level tables
  • Large bevy of customization options
  • Intricate design and production

#6: Imperial

Best Pool Table Brands

Imperial offers one of the most diverse selections among all the best pool table brands. They have tables in all price ranges and don’t skimp out on their production.

Imperial implements interesting materials into their items that are all sourced from North American trees.

You’ll find Imperial tables that contain ash, Douglas Fir, and maple, all carved right from the wood and with the promise that they’ll last a lifetime. Could you play pool for the rest of your life? You probably could if you had an Imperial table.

Their long history in the market denotes the years they’ve spent improving their craft and expanding their catalog. 

Do you want a table with a 30mm slate and a unique white finish? Then check out the Imperial Rasson 9ft OX; White for $7,699

Are you looking for a pool table you can keep outside? There’s the Imperial Esterno Outdoor Pool Table for $5,449

Do you wish you could turn your pool table into a dining room table in the blink of an eye? Say no more, there’s the Imperial The Oslo 8ft with Dining Top for $6,159. My point is that there’s an Imperial pool table for nearly every occasion.


  • Lifetime guarantee on all tables
  • Use top-notch North American lumber in their pool tables
  • One of the largest selections of pool tables

#7: Empire USA

Best Pool Table Brands

I’ve spoken about some of the best pool table brands for the big spenders and some of the better brands for the penny pinchers, but I haven’t covered the products that occupy the mid-range. I’ll rectify that by mentioning Empire USA.

This California-based company has been around for over four decades and is royalty among mid-priced pool table brands. Here’s a list of the prices available on the company’s website:

  • Empire USA Pool Table SC-509: $2,950
  • Empire USA Pool Table SC-507: $2,950
  • Empire USA Pool Table SC-500: $2,499

These tables all come with hand-carved maple wood frames and can be installed and assembled by customers. Empire USA recommends that purchasers use professionals to assemble their products, but they should be easy enough for you to put together.

Empire USA earns their place on my list of the best pool table brands for their ability to combine premium materials and manufacturing with affordable prices and attractive designs.


  • Shipping is included in prices for US orders
  • Can sell directly to customers
  • Great mid-priced options

#8: Olhausen

Best Pool Table Brands

Olhausen evolved out of a small family business into one of the largest pool table producers in the United States. During their infancy, they were making 350 tables every year, but they’ve now ballooned their production to an impressive 30,000 units annually.

What’s more impressive about that number is that Olhausen grants their customers a deep well of customization options. They produce all their tables by hand and accommodate buyers’ preferences for size, shape, and material.

This company has six different pool table styles to select from; classic, contemporary, rustic, tournament, select, and licensed.

Combine that with how much you can personalize your Olhausen purchase and you’re sure to find the correct table.

They maintain close relationships with their customers to ensure that their tables are worth the investment.


  • Intimate production process between customer and company
  • Phenomenal reputation among buyers
  • Considered among the best value-for-quality pool table brands

#9: Eastpoint Sports

Best Pool Table Brands

The penultimate company that I’ll include is Eastpoint Sports, whose name implies that their product line includes more than just pool tables.

They make indoor and outdoor entertainment equipment that’s just as good for long weekends as they are for tailgates.

Eastpoint Sports’ pool tables aren’t the most luxurious tables, but they’re not aiming for that market. The company makes their tables to be as accessible and affordable as possible. 

Many of their products include pool cues, balls, and everything else you’ll need to start playing as soon as you open your delivery.

Their focus on accessibility is why tables like the Eastpoint Sports Masterton Billiard Table are so affordable. It only costs $710. Most of their tables sit in that price range and are available through major retailers like Amazon and Walmart.


  • Incredibly affordable prices
  • Products can be purchased through many distributors

#10: Harvil

Best Pool Table Brands

Harvil tables capture a great balance between elegance and affordability. 

Some of their products are very easy on the wallet, like the Harvil 84-Inches Black Billiard Pool Table with Complete Pool Table Accessories, while others offer more reward for their financial investment like the Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table.

Most of their products are available through eBay, which means that you could save a bit more money if you wait for their prices to drop. 

Their tables should hold their shape over time as they use multiple-slated surfaces. Harvil’s catalog may be small, but they’re perfect if you want tables with a modern look and feel.


  • A small but diverse line-up 
  • Tables are available on eBay

How to Shop For The Best Pool Table

Best Pool Table Brands

Knowing which companies are the best pool table brands is only half the battle. To win the contest against everyone else in your neighborhood and have the best man cave on the block, you have to know how to buy the pool table that’s right for you.

Being the kind darling that I am, I’ve put together a handy list of factors that can guide your mind to where it needs to go. Namely, towards the pool table that can fill the hole in your heart.


The proper pool table brand should cater to your specific preferences. As you’ve seen, some companies are better suited for certain budgets while others are better at developing specific types of pool tables. 

Knowing which brand catches your eye the most will help guide your decision.

Size and Weight 

Pool tables need to be large enough to facilitate legitimate pool matches. They also need to be heavy enough to support your weight if you want to lean on them to make tricky shots. That being said, you need to know how much free space you have in your abode.


I’ve touched on a few different styles of pool tables throughout this article. Some tables are more traditional. Others are made for competitions. There are even a few that have an avant-garde vibe. A table’s look can be just as important as its make-up. 

Materials and Durability 

The more robust the materials a developer uses then the more likely a table will stand the test of time. The best pool tables should use materials like slate, maple, and ash.

Additional Features 

There are some multipurpose pool tables that can transform into dining room tables. Not every table has this function, but they can be worth your while depending on how much free space you have, how much money you want to spend, or what your intended purposes are.


Your budget is a huge determining factor in which pool tables you can purchase. There are only a few pool table brands that are affordable as impulsive purchases. 

Most are so expensive that they should be considered investments and thought about over a long period of time.

What Is The Most Popular Pool Table Size?  

Best Pool Table Brands

There are two different answers to this question. The most common pool tables at home and in commercial sales are 8 feet. Most competition pool tables are 9 feet.

Is It Worth It To Buy A Used Pool Table? 

Best Pool Table Brands

It’s usually not worth it to buy a used pool table because you’ll still have to pay for shipping and delivery, both of which can oftentimes be as expensive as if you were to buy a new pool table. 

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that a used table will be in good condition so it’s best to play it safe by buying a new table.

How Much Room Do You Need Around A Pool Table? 

Best Pool Table Brands

It’s generally advised that you have 5’ of space around every side of a pool table. This should provide you with enough space to bend over and fully extend the pool cue for power shots.

How Do You Move A Pool Table?  

Best Pool Table Brands

I recommend going with the pros for this job. Pool tables aren’t cheap and if you don’t know what you’re doing then you could damage your table. 

That’s why I suggest that you hire professional movers. They’ll be more careful with your table than you likely will be unless you’re secretly a professional mover.

Final Thoughts

Best Pool Table Brands

I’ve included the best pool table brands and covered what makes each of them unique, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which brand you’ll shop with.

How We Chose the Best Pool Table Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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