Allegresse Skincare Review

About Allegresse Skincare

Allegresse Skincare Review

Allegresse is a specialty skincare brand that targets those with concerns about aging skin with their very unique ingredient, 24 Karat gold. My Allegresse skincare review will take a close look at the brand and all it has to offer. 

Wrinkles and dryness and sagging, oh my! All of these signs of aging skin are cause for concern for a lot of us, despite the fact that it’s natural. In fact, one study, which surveyed women over the age of 55, found that appearance management has a direct effect on self esteem. 

In that case, a product that can help you to look your best can really help you feel your best, too.

This emerging skincare line has been featured in numerous magazines and news outlets, such as E! News, Access Hollywood, and The Zoe Report. Allegresse currently has over 3,000 followers on Facebook. 

Ready to learn more about this stellar skincare brand? In this Allegresse skincare review, I will take an in-depth look at the company and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their items are worth the buy. 

Overview of Allegresse Skincare

Allegresse Skincare Review

Allegresse Skincare was founded in 2011 by Shlomy Atias. Since its launch, the brand has focused on providing individuals with “targeted” skincare that uses natural fruit and plant extracts and oils— alongside the powerful 24 Karat gold powder to help reduce visible signs of aging. 

They also added gold into their skincare line for its ability to help firm up skin, brighten and add a rejuvenating glow to your complexion. While scientific evidence for the benefit of this ingredient is lacking, anecdotal evidence suggests its helpful for reducing wrinkles. Plus it adds a luxurious feel – and who doesn’t need a little luxury in their life?

The brand headquarters are in the Los Angeles area, and all their products are manufactured in the United States. 

Now that you’ve taken in some background information on this special skincare brand, I’ll take this Allegresse skincare review a step further. Let’s check out the many highlights you’ll discover when choosing this brand. 


  • Specialized skincare that specifically caters to those with concerns about aging skin 
  • No parabens, SLS, mineral oils or use of synthetic colors 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • 24 Karat gold powder used in every product 
  • International delivery available 
  • 20% off coupon upon signing up for the brand newsletter 

Allegresse Skincare Review

Allegresse skincare is all about bringing your skin back to life with a little help from the brand’s favorite ingredient that’s full of glitz and glam: 24 karat gold! My Allegresse skincare review will examine some of their best-selling cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and masks. 

Allegresse 24K Deep Foaming Cleansing Facial Gel Review

Allegresse 24K Deep Foaming Cleansing Facial Gel Review
Allegresse 24K Deep Foaming Cleansing Facial Gel

We all need some help cleansing the dirt off at the end of a long day. The Allegresse 24K Deep Foaming Cleansing Facial Gel exists to do just that. This is thanks to ingredients such as:

  • Aloe Vera: this ingredient is known to have antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it an excellent cleanser.
  • Borage seed oil: rich in fatty acids, this oil can help to reduce dryness. One study showed that applying lipids to the skin can reduce negative reactions to irritants.
  • Evening primrose oil: this oil has been shown to have antioxidant capacities, meaning that it can help to protect your skin against damaging free radicals.

The ingredients in this cleansing gel really work to breathe new life into your skin. With this cleanser, you’ll get a rigorous cleanse as well as nourishment for plump skin. 

The Allegresse 24K Deep Foaming Cleansing Facial Gel is priced at $75

Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Eye Serum Review

Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Eye Serum Review
Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Eye Serum

Do your undereye circles seem like a permanent fixture? If so, the Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Eye Serum might be your ticket to a brightened under eye! 

Allegresse understands the key to a youthful under eye area: it’s all about packing in the moisture while firming and brightening. Their eye serum helps with everything from fine lines to those pesky purple bags. 

The star ingredients in this product are peptides. Peptides can reduce the signs of skin aging. Studies have shown that peptides can improve your skin whether or not the wrinkles are caused by aging or from sun damage, also known as photodamage – so this product is great for both older folks and those who have spent a bit too much time in the sun. 

The Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Eye Serum is priced at $110

Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Cream Review 

Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Cream Review
Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Cream

Did you ever think the key to anti-aging would be in gold? According to Allegresse, this may be the case. The Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Cream works to prove the science behind this theory. 

This Allegresse Anti Wrinkle Cream includes a unique combination of gold powder, plant-based oils, as well as shea butter and Vitamin E. Like borage oil, shea butter is rich in lipids, which helps to protect the skin against irritants. 

Likewise, vitamin E is an antioxidant, which can help protect the skin cells against damage from free radicals.

Ultimately, this product is designed to help the skin renew itself and make any wrinkles or fine lines a thing of the past. The Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Cream sells for $89

Allegresse 24K Silhouette Moisturizer Review

Allegresse 24K Silhouette Moisturizer Review
Allegresse 24K Silhouette Moisturizer

Looking for an everyday moisturizer that feels like a real treat for your face? The Allegresse 24K Silhouette Moisturizer was specially formulated to work on those with varying skin types— from dry to oily or combination skin. Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Aquaxyl™: This ingredient contains hyaluronic acid, which is known to have an important role in helping the skin retain moisture and elasticity. This is thanks to hyaluronic acid’s ability to hold water.
  • Neossance® Squalane: squalane is known to have emollient activity – meaning that it has the capacity to smooth and soften dry, rough skin. Essentially, it’s a powerful moisturizer!
  • Jojoba: rich in fatty acids, jojoba has the ability to protect your skin against irritation.
  • Calendula: calendula cream has long been used throughout history as a moisturizer. One study showed that application of calendula for 8 weeks significantly increased skin moisture levels. 

Plus, even though it’s super smooth and airy, it’s still a moisturizer that really sinks its way into the skin for deep hydration. 

The Allegresse 24K Silhouette Moisturizer is priced at $84.  

Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Collagen Mask Review

Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Collagen Mask Review
Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Collagen Mask

Collagen is a building block of the skin, allowing it to hold and maintain its structure. This is exactly why the Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Collagen Mask is a must for your skincare routine. 

Packed full of collagen, gold powder, and other natural ingredients, you can put this mask on in the evening hours and let it soak in overnight. When you wake up in the morning your skin will feel firm, super hydrated, and completely renewed!

The Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Collagen Mask sells for $84

Allegresse 24K Eye & Anti Aging Set Review

Allegresse 24K Eye & Anti Aging Set Review
Allegresse 24K Eye & Anti Aging Set

What if you could get all of your go-to Allegresse skincare products in one convenient set? Well, you can! The Allegresse 24K Eye & Anti Aging Set features three popular products. 

In the set, you’ll get the Allegresse 24K Rejuvenating Eye Serum, an Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Cream, and an Allegresse 24K Silhouette Eye Cream

This three-piece Allegresse set sells for $260

Who Is Allegresse Skincare For? 

Allegresse Skincare Review

Have you ever wanted to sprinkle some gold dust over yourself in order to make those wrinkles go away? Well, Allegresse Skincare might have the magic you’re looking for. 

This company has really turned the whole skincare world upside down with their 24 karat gold.  That’s because it’s in every single product in their line! 

While writing this Allegresse skincare review, I found that many products are geared for a specific clientele. If you’re on the market for an anti-aging skincare line that caters to reducing fine lines and improving skin’s elasticity, then Allegresse skincare is for you. 

Allegresse Skincare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Allegresse Skincare Review

With new products coming out every single day, the skincare market is quite saturated. That’s why I should pause for a second to check out the reviews customers are leaving. Next in this Allegresse skincare review, I will see how the products measure up.

First up, let’s head to Amazon and check out the brand’s most popular products. I’ll take a look at some Allegresse skincare reviews people are leaving. 

  • Allegresse 24K Bio Anti Wrinkle Face Cream: an average of 4.2/5 stars out of 27 Allegresse skincare reviews left by customers 
  • Allegresse 24K Anti Aging Gold Eye Cream: an average of 4/5 stars out of 27 customer reviews with one customer noting that “the Allegresse eye cream is very good”
  • Allegresse 24K Golden Touch Night Cream: an average of 3.8/5 stars out of 25 customer reviews 

For this Allegresse skincare review I found lots of positive customer feedback. A lot of reviews rate how these products have helped to smooth their skin, while also leaving it feeling really hydrated and plump. 

A customer left a glowing Allegresse skincare review on the brand’s Facebook page discussing their experience with some products: 

“I’ve been using the deep cleanser and moisturizer in tandem for a few weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised with the results! My acne is under control and my skin is left super soft all day long. The scent is easy on the senses and isn’t irritating to my eyes or skin. I will be purchasing more in the future.”

Those with concerns about aging are likely to be pleased when they discover that the products aren’t full of harsh ingredients, but still work to reduce the signs of wrinkles. 

One customer left a positive Allegresse skincare review review on Influenster discussing her experience with the Allegresse 24K Skincare Eye & Anti Aging 3 Piece Set

“I tried this after seeing an article on the product. I have to say the serum is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to diminish the appearance of fine lines.” 

All in all, there are a lot of positive Allegresse skincare reviews from happy customers. Many people found that their skin really responded well to these anti-aging products. 

Is Allegresse Skincare Worth It?

Allegresse Skincare Review

Are you looking for products that will help reduce the appearance of aging and make you feel like an extravagant princess at the same time? If that’s your bag then Allegresse skincare is for you! 

There are also no parabens or synthetic colors used in their products— only gold powder and plant and fruit extracts. Plus, there are lots of Allegresse skincare reviews from customers claiming that their skin felt plump and revitalized with regular use. 

With these things in mind, I think that Allegresse Skincare is worth it.

Allegresse Skincare Promotions & Discounts 

Allegresse Skincare Review

There are a few ways to score some deals on the brand’s website at the time of this Allegresse Skincare review:

  1. If you sign up to receive the brand’s email newsletter, you’ll get 20% off your first order and free shipping 
  2. There’s also a voucher featured at the top of the website to redeem at checkout

Where to Buy Allegresse Skincare

Allegresse Skincare Review

You can shop exclusively for Allegresse Skincare on their website: You can also find their products at Amazon, The Bay, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. 


Allegresse Skincare Review

Who owns Allegresse Skincare?

Shlomy Atias founded Allegresse Skincare in 2011 and is the current CEO. 

Is Allegresse Skincare vegan?

Allegresse Skincare is not vegan. However, it is cruelty-free, and free of parabens and harsh dyes.

Does Allegresse Skincare ship internationally?

Allegresse Skincare offers international shipping to over 70 countries. All shipping costs and options are available at checkout. 

Please note that the customer is responsible for any customs fees, duties or additional taxes upon entry into their country. 

What is Allegresse Skincare’s Shipping Policy?

Allegresse usually processes and ships out orders within 1 – 2 business days. Please note that new orders are processed Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. 

Every Allegresse order ships via USPS ground. All shipping costs are calculated at the checkout. 

Allegresse is able to deliver to PO/APO boxes if you choose the USPS Priority Shipping option. 

What is Allegresse Skincare’s Return Policy?

Allegresse Skincare offers returns and exchanges for items purchased from the website within 14 days of the purchase date. All refunds are made in the form of store credit. 

All products must be in new and unopened condition in order to be eligible for a return. Please note that the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. 

Allegresse suggests that you send your return order via a courier that offers tracking, like UPS or FedEx. Once your return order has been processed, you’ll receive an email within five business days to confirm your store credit amount. 

How to Contact Allegresse Skincare

Have a question for the team beyond this Allegresse Skincare review? There are a few different ways to get in touch. 

  1. By phone at 818-287-8897/8 between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m, Monday thru Friday 
  2. Fill out the contact form on their website and someone from their team will get back to you shortly 
  3. By email at [email protected] 

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