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Almond ObGyn Review

There are too many questions surrounding women’s healthcare. Questions like, why is seeing an ObGyn so difficult, and why aren’t my core needs addressed? 

Almond changes the trajectory of these questions for the better, asking: What if you could get attentive, convenient, and compassionate care for needs such as birth control, infections, and painful periods? They’ve made the answer easy too: With Almond, you can. 

A new kind of ObGyn care that puts you at the center, becoming a member means having full access to telehealth visits, same-day messaging, and on-demand lab services. 

Developed by a team with backgrounds in health and tech, they believe that women’s healthcare should be convenient and focused on solving problems, not just prescribing medications to mask symptoms.

Offering memberships that include messaging with a provider and personalized care plans, Almond launches women’s healthcare into the 21st century—finally. 

To learn more about what makes Almond different, read my full Almond ObGyn review. For a quick synopsis, you can check out the highlights next.


  • Full-scope gynecological care
  • Virtual & in-person visits
  • Anytime online booking
  • Easy prescription refills
  • Hybrid of traditional Western medicine and Functional medicine
  • Based in LA, California
  • Classic & Functional Medicine Memberships
  • Weekend & evening appointments
  • Onsite lab work
  • Accepts insurance
  • HIPPA Compliant

Why You Should Trust Us

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Almond ObGyn Overview

Almond ObGyn Review

Before we dive into this Almond ObGyn review, let’s look at the company as a whole to help you get to know it better.

  • Practice: Almond opened their first practice in 2022 in Los Angeles, California. They offer in-person and virtual video appointments for women in the city with hopes to expand nationally. 
  • Team: With an in-house team of two ObGyns, Almond also houses two Women’s Health Physician Assistants, two Medical Assistants, and a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse-Midwife, along with a team of 4 Care Guides.
  • Mission: Almond believes that ObGyn care doesn’t have to be stressful, and they are driven to change how healthcare works for women. Designing treatment around your lifestyle, they developed an experience that builds women up.

Are you ready for a more beautiful kind of healthcare? You’ll find everything you need to know about Almond in the sections ahead.

Almond ObGyn Services

With the shortage of ObGyns in America, getting an appointment for an annual check-up—let alone a pressing concern—is difficult. Almond makes it easier. With 24/7 online booking, there’s no hold music, no voicemail, and no day-long waits at the clinic or hospital. 

Triage is integrated into their booking system which, within a few clicks, matches you with the right level of provider for your current need. This helps you see a healthcare provider faster and can determine whether a video or in-person appointment is the better route. 

Depending on your need, you may be matched with an ObGyn, Women’s Health Physician Assistant, or Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. If other types of medical professionals are needed, Almond can help you find a good fit.

Keep in mind that within some virtual appointments, lab testing or an in-person visit may be recommended. However, virtual appointments can handle concerns such as birth control counseling, STIs, irregular bleeding, painful periods, and UTIs. 

In-person appointments can consist of needs such as Well Woman checkups, hormonal health and fertility, and STI testing. Whether you came in for an office visit or had a virtual appointment, you will receive a personalized care plan in your inbox. And if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to Almond Care Guides.

Almond ObGyn Membership Options

Almond ObGyn Review

Almond is all about personalized care, which is why they offer two different membership options to ensure you get the type of care you want and need. I’ll go over the features of each here.

Classic Membership

With Almond’s Classic Membership, you’ll enjoy:

  • Full-scope gynecological care
  • Anytime online booking
  • Same-day video visits
  • Onsite lab work
  • Easy prescription refills
  • Weekend and evening visits
  • Personalized care plans
  • Messaging with providers
  • A beautiful, in-person space

The Classic Membership is $250/year. All appointments, lab work, ultrasounds, and prescriptions are billed directly to your insurance provider if you have one. If not, you can find the fees for out-of-pocket costs a little further down in this Almond ObGyn review.

Functional Medicine Membership

Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Christy Evans is trained by the Institute of Functional Medicine—and she just happens to be on the Almond care team. 

They just opened the waitlist for their Functional Medicine Membership. What’s involved?

The membership is a package of services including 4 functional medicine visits and 4 health coach visits in a year. In this package, sessions are longer which allows you to delve in and understand the root cause of your issue. 

Whether you need questions answered about irregular bleeding, painful periods, hormone rebalancing, recurrent infections, or even general malaise, this package is a fantastic way to get support. 

At $2,400/year the membership is not cheap, but it offers the chance for the deeper healthcare many of us are looking for, and includes the perks of the Classic membership.

What Makes Almond ObGyn Different?

In short, they care. And in the realm of healthcare, those four little letters make a huge difference. The ways that Almond shows this include:

  • Convenient booking
  • Action-oriented communication
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Beautiful practice space
  • Care plans emailed after your visit

They also have a “whole-person philosophy of care,” which, to be honest, I had never heard of before. Whole-person care widens the scope of traditional healthcare, treating both the disease or condition and the patient’s experience of it. Personally, I’m a big fan of this approach, and I’m certain other women will feel the same way too. 

How Much Does Almond ObGyn Cost?

Almond ObGyn Review

Almond has two membership options, Classic and Functional Medicine. Here are their prices:

  • Classic: $250/year
  • Functional Medicine: $2,400/year

While the Classic membership is a core price that includes personalized care plans, better customer service, on-demand messaging with providers, and more, it doesn’t include the cost of appointments. 

If you have United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Shield, or Anthem Blue Cross insurance, the cost of appointments will be billed to your provider. Prescriptions, labs, and imaging will also be billed to your provider. 

If you’re responsible for copay, co-insurance, or deductible, Almond will email you a bill. Note that Almond doesn’t determine the cost of prescriptions, labs, or imaging, and they can vary. 

Don’t have insurance? Out-of-pocket costs are estimated as follows:

  • Office visit: $300
  • Video visit: $200
  • Same-day video visit: $250
  • Ultrasound: $150

Who Is Almond ObGyn For?

Almond is for women looking for safe, peaceful, and high-quality gynecological care. With Classic and Functional Medicine memberships, it’s easy to get the right kind of care for your unique needs.

Tired of waiting for healthcare appointments only to be rushed along, or not feeling heard by your Gyno? Try Almond

Almond ObGyn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Almond ObGyn Review

The best way to get to know what Almond is really like? Book an appointment. The second best way? Read Almond ObGyn reviews. I’ve gathered a few from around the web to give you an idea of what the ObGyn service is really like.

On Google, Almond has 5/5 stars and 52 reviews. Fantastic start. Let’s find out what people love so much about them.

Gorgeous, soothing, relaxing, clean and bright clinic space aside… this is the best MEDICAL CARE I’ve ever received. Empathetic, thorough, professional, compassionate, evidence-based medicine. The attention to detail, exceptional patient care and attentive customer service is bar none. This is how it should be EVERYWHERE,” wrote one enthusiastic patient.

It’s kind of crazy that receiving great care like this isn’t the norm. But it’s not, and when we do get it, we want to shout it from the ceiling. This is precisely why Almond has a flawless Google record. Let’s check out another review.

Almond is absolutely incredible, I have been waiting for a place like this! It’s so gorgeous inside, beautiful and super cozy. Fresh flowers and such nice lighting, I felt like I was at a spa! Dr. Evans was so amazing, she really made me feel comfortable, we talked forever and she really took the time to make sure I felt heard and seen. I’ve never been taken care of in that way, even the nurses were so friendly and sweet. I will only be going here from now on!!

Every single line in the above Almond ObGyn review speaks volumes about this practice. Feeling “seen and heard,” “comfortable,” and talking “forever,” is unheard of in the realm of women’s healthcare.

Let’s check out Yelp. On the online directory, Almond has a 4.5/5 star score and 18 reviews. One patient wrote:

I didn’t know healthcare could ever be like this and I’m so happy it’s becoming the norm…all doctors I’ve met with at Almond have been extremely caring, intelligent, gentle and willing to research whatever they’re not sure about. I can’t stand doctors who’ve “seen it all” and talk down to me- that is not the case here!

Of the practice’s convenience, another patient wrote, “Fast, easy, convenient. Called and got booked for an appointment the next day, as a new patient! Was in and out of the office in 20 minutes. Open on the weekends too!

These Almond ObGyn reviews truly speak for themselves. Offering a next-level kind of ObGyn care, patients can’t say enough good things about this kind and accommodating service.

Is Almond ObGyn Worth It?

Almond ObGyn Review

Almond makes getting ObGyn care easy. With availability to book 24/7, you won’t have to wait for your doctor’s office to open just to make an appointment—nor will you have to sit in a clinic for hours. Convenience is one of the major advantages of signing up for Almond, however, it’s the type of care that really attracts me. 

With Almond, you’re getting a partner in your healthcare journey, and someone who truly cares about solving your problems. You’ll receive a personalized care plan after your appointment and can text the team if any additional questions pop up. 

The folks at Almond believe that life is beautiful, and healthcare should be too. From their boutique office to their thoughtful care plans, this modern ObGyn is nothing short of amazing.

Almond ObGyn Discounts

Almond ObGyn Review

I wasn’t sure if I would run into discounts during this Almond ObGyn review, but sure enough, I did! When you refer a friend to Almond and they book a visit they’ll get $25 off their membership and you’ll receive $25 off your next membership renewal. Additionally, you can use the code “HBR” to get $25 off in your membership subscription.

How Do I Get Started With Almond ObGyn?

Almond ObGyn Review

Getting started with Almond is incredibly easy. Here’s what to do:

  1. Head to almondobgyn.com 
  2. Click ‘Book First Visit’ 
  3. Choose ‘I’m ready to book a visit”
  4. Select a visit reason, such as General Visit, Infection, or Birth Control Counseling
  5. Almond will recommend which type of practitioner to visit, and a video or in-person visit
  6. Read up on each practitioner and select your preferred options, along with a time and date that work for you
  7. You’ll receive a confirmation email and text message with a link to your virtual appointment or details about your in-person visit
  8. If your appointment is in the future, you’ll also receive text reminders
  9. If virtual, at the time of your appointment log in and get the care you need


What cities is Almond available in?

Almond is located in Los Angeles, California, which is also currently the only city their service is available. They have plans to expand nationally, so stay tuned if you live elsewhere.

What if I want to cancel my membership with Almond?

You can cancel your annual membership with Almond within the first 30 days of signing up. They’ll give you a full refund, but let them know what’s up if you can. The folks at Almond care deeply about their patients and are always looking for ways to improve the patient experience.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a visit?

You can cancel or reschedule a visit with Almond, but make sure you do it at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the $50 late cancellation fee. 

To change or cancel your appointment, click “Change/Cancel Appointment” at the bottom of your confirmation email. You can also email careguides@almongobgyn, or text or call (424)237-8406. 

Can Almond replace my current ObGyn?

Almond is an ObGyn office that provides access to a care team that delivers a better kind of service. If additional specialists are needed, Almond can connect you or make a referral.

Is Almond HIPAA compliant?

Almond is HIPPA-compliant, meaning the company ensures patient data is safe and protected. 

How to Contact Almond ObGyn

Getting in touch with Almond is easy. They’re available 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week. The best way to get a fast response is by calling or texting (424)237-8406, but you can also email [email protected] to get a response within about 24 hours. 

Want to schedule an in-person visit? Book online and head to 8247 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90046.

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