And Soda Review

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About And Soda

And Soda Review

On a hot summer day, nothing beats a cool drink to quench your thirst. And we think we might have found a brand that will help you kick things up — a bevvie brand called And Soda from the UK in a variety of fruit flavors.  

This fairly new company has a growing social media presence, with over 550 likes on Facebook and 5.7k followers on Instagram. Though they’re small, their popularity is growing with features in Stylist Magazine, The Week Magazine, and The Evening Standard.  

This And Soda review will pop the tab on all the flavors offered by the company, the customer ratings, and see if this is something worth drinking in terms of both flavor and price.      

Overview of And Soda

And Soda Review

And Soda started brewing carbonated beverages in 2019 with their line of slightly more healthy alcoholic drinks. The brainchild of co-founders Barry Darnell and Michael Johns, the small company has its offices in Leeds, England, and you can find their drinks in both Sainsbury’s and Tesco. 

This sparkling drink comes in a cool white can with a bold “&” symbol on the front. These vodka sodas currently come in three different flavors, but more on this in the product section of this And Soda Review. Let’s first check out some of the highlights of the company: 


  • Sugar-free 
  • Low-calorie drink 
  • Gluten-free 
  • Vegan
  • Stylish packaging 

How can anyone handle a hot day without a cold bevvie in hand? And Soda has worked hard to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything just because you’re overheating. Crisp, clean flavors are a must and hey, since vodka is involved, we won’t tell you’re having more fun than normal. 

In this next section of our And Soda review, it’s time to look a bit deeper into the company’s products and see what might satisfy your taste buds. 

And Soda Review

And Soda comes in a supremely stylish, fun can that reminds you any day can be a good day. The company sells its yummy soda in three flavors but also has multi-packs for backyard parties. We have included all the products being offered by the company in our And Soda review, so let’s go ahead and sip on some info on these tasty drinks.   

And Soda Raspberry Review

And Soda Raspberry Review
And Soda Raspberry

The And Soda Raspberry tastes like a berry dipped in vodka. Each sip hits you with a sweet mild raspberry flavor and also packs a vodka punch. Even if you pour it into a glass, it’ll remind you of those late summer days at a BBQ party with friends. 

Your can of raspberry sparkling soda has 5% alcohol and comes in a 330 ml can. The best part of the drink is that it’s vegan, gluten-free, and only contains 92 calories. The drink also contains natural ingredients with no added sugars or sweeteners, as are all the other drinks we’ll cover in this And Soda review. 

A 12-pack of And Soda Raspberry costs $33 but you can save 15% if you subscribe to an auto-delivery service using Recharge, a super convenient service to keep your fridge full of your faves.     

And Soda Orange Review

And Soda Orange Review
And Soda Orange

A dark orange soda that tastes as good as it looks. The And Soda Orange flavor is like drinking an orange, but with a bubbly vodka kick. Imagine — you’re getting a great bevvie that has natural ingredients with no added sugars or sweeteners so the citrus flavor really sticks out. 

The soda is vegan, gluten-free, and only contains 92 calories. The triple distillation leaves nothing but a smooth vodka taste, and is 5% alcohol per can. With its classic orange soda taste, you can sip on this drink around the campfire while you and your friends trade stories. 

A 12-pack of And Soda Orange costs $33 but you can save 15% if you subscribe to an auto-delivery service.    

And Soda Classic Lime Review

And Soda Classic Lime Review
And Soda Classic Lime

Juicy limes have always been important to any bevvie and the And Soda Classic Lime embodies the citrus-y flavor with intensity. If you’re into a vodka gimlet, you’ll definitely want this can of soda in your hands. 

The refreshing fruity flavors will tickle your taste buds while the 5% alcohol will help you relax. As with all the beverages by this brand, the drink is both vegan and gluten-free, with no added sugars. 

A 12-pack of And Soda Classic Lime costs $33 but you can save 15% if you subscribe to an auto-delivery service — it’s convenient and easy! This way you can ensure you never run out of this fresh soda.    

And Soda Taster Pack Review

And Soda Taster Pack Review
And Soda Taster Pack

We get it. Sometimes you get a pack of bevvies and they just taste…horrible, and now you’re stuck with five more cans. And Soda totally gets that dilemma and came up with a solution — a Taster Pack.

If you’re new to the company, the perfect way to test out the company’s products is with a Taster Pack, and what we’d recommend trying in this And Soda review. You can even take this six-pack of flavorful vodka sodas to a house party. Sharing is caring, after all.  

The Taster Pack comes with: 

  • Raspberry x2 
  • Classic Lime x2
  • Orange x2 

The Taster Pack comes with six cans and costs $21

And Soda Mix Pack Review

And Soda Mix Pack Review
And Soda Mix Pack

If you love all three flavors of And Soda, then the Mix Pack is exactly what you need to have in your fridge. This is a great mix to have at a party so everyone can enjoy these flavorful beverages. 

The Mix Pack has: 

  • Raspberry x4
  • Classic Lime x4
  • Orange x4 

The Mix Pack retails for $33 but you can save 15% if you subscribe to an auto-delivery service to save money and leave you stress-free.    

Who Is And Soda For? 

And Soda Review

And Soda is for anyone over the age of 18 years old. This refreshing drink is great if you love vodka, and want a drink that’s gluten- and sugar-free. You’re getting a low-cal drink that will tantalize your taste buds — what more could you ask for? 

And Soda Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

And Soda Review

Let’s take a hot minute and dive into the customer rating section of this And Soda review. The bulk of customer ratings come from two sources, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, the two most popular supermarkets in the UK. Let’s take a peek at what others who have downed a can or two of And Soda have to say.  

A happy customer from Sainsbury’s wrote, “A refreshing drink perfect for an evening in the garden or the park.”  

Another satisfied customer on said, If you are drinking and looking for something guilt-free, then look no further. Delicious and gluten-free, you’ll feel lighter and refreshed drinking these – a great alternative to heavy craft beers.”

Over at Tesco’s,  we have some more great reviews of And Soda’s products. Like this ecstatic reviewer, “Wow, this is amazing, vodka, soda and a nice hit of fresh raspberry, it doesn’t taste artificial at all. I like the fact it has no sugar and carbs, unlike a lot of the other ready to drink products available, my new favourite!”

Even the products on And Soda are rated highly: 

  • Classic Lime: 5/5 stars, 9 reviews 
  • Orange: 5/5 stars, 4 reviews 
  • Raspberry: 5/5 stars, 4 reviews

It should surprise you too much after reading this And Soda review that there were not a lot of negative things said about the company.

Is And Soda Worth It?

And Soda Review

An easy yes, And Soda is worth the cost and one of the three flavors should suit your palate. You’re not dealing with some premium snooty beverage or hipster brew that tries too hard; you’re getting a drink to enjoy on the weekends or after a hard day at work. 

The flavors looked at in our And Soda review are the only ones the company offers, and we hope they add more in the future. But for now, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s great price! 

And Soda Promotions & Discounts 

And Soda Review

The company site has a few promos for the products covered in our And Soda Review, like the  Taster Pack where you use the code: GETFIZZY for 10% off your first order. They also have an auto-ship option where you can save 15% on your order.

Where to Buy And Soda

And Soda Review

You can buy And Soda from their site or at local Tescos and Sainsburys in the UK.


And Soda Review

Who owns And Soda?

Co-founders Barry Darnell and Michael Johns own the soda company. 

Is And Soda natural?

According to the company, their sodas are made from naturally occurring ingredients. 

Does And Soda ship internationally?

Yes, they ship internationally and costs are calculated at checkout.

What is And Soda’s Shipping Policy?

We know you must be thirsting for some And Soda products, but there are some shipping policies you need to be aware of: 

  1. For orders £35+: Free shipping (UK only)
  2. For orders under £35: £5 (UK only) 
  3. Costs for international customers are calculated at checkout.

What is And Soda’s Return Policy?

Barring any defects, if you’re unhappy with your product, you have a 7-day window after getting your items to notify them. For a full refund, the items you return have to be in the original condition you received it in. 

If there are defects in your goods, the brand will refund you and even cover the cost of shipping the items back as well.  

Any refund requests will take at least 30 days to process. 

How to Contact And Soda

You can contact the company through email at [email protected]

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