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Artifox Review

Artifox is a stylish furniture company that has its roots in classic designs with a smooth modern finish. The company’s products are made to be timeless, using the highest quality of wood possible with their core design philosophy being functional furnishings that look professional. 

Though this company is still growing, with 12k likes on Facebook and nearly 70k followers on Instagram, they have had their products featured in Esquire Magazine, Gear Patrol, and HYPERBEAST, who praised them for the elegant yet practical way their furniture is made.   

Artifox has one really simple goal—to create furniture that can transform your room into a calm and inviting place to work. They achieve this sense of zen by selling desks, tables, benches, and organizational accessories best suited for any office or home.

This Artifox review plans to unpack what each of these marvelous pieces has to offer in terms of features, make, and functionality. Then we will look at the customer reviews and help you decide if these furnishings will bring your workspace a sense of purpose. And more importantly, whether it is worth adding to your lifestyle.

Overview of Artifox

Artifox Review

Founded by both Dan and Sarah Mirth in 2013, the couple started the company with the goal of making the workspace something you fall in love with every time you sit down to work.

They get all of their materials from local suppliers in the midwest, only using craftsmen from their community who produce the wood for the company’s products. The furnishings are designed and assembled at their HQ in St. Louis, MO, making this product 100% American. It gets even better than that—the furnishings are also made entirely of hardwood.

Let’s shift our Artifox review towards some of the benefits the furniture and what the company has to offer:  


  • Attractive oak and walnut hardwood furniture options
  • Minimalist design
  • Ships with sustainable packaging
  • Made in America 
  • 30-day returns for US customers
  • Affirm payment plans and PayPal credit available
  • Ships internationally
Artifox Review

Weighing it all, Artifox furniture does have far more benefits than drawbacks, but let’s see if there are any products that fit your home decor needs. 


Artifox Review

It’s always exhilarating to see a beautiful piece of furniture, even more so when it’s made by a company that cares about sourcing its materials sustainably and is handcrafted by local artisans. 

Let’s see some of the best-selling desks, tables, and organizers the company offers in this Artifox review. You will surely find something perfect for every room of your place. 

Artifox Desk Review

The Artifox Desk is a subdued working surface, and this desk will stand as a beautiful fixture in any office. The desk’s table top is rectangular with slightly rounded edges, giving it a touch of modern design. The polished wood surface really gives it an executive feel. 

The desk is made of pure walnut wood so it provides a sense of calm the moment you sit down. Their usual desk height stands 29” and its dimensions are 52”(l) x 26”(w), whereas their standing desk reaches 42.5”, so it can easily fit into your office or room. This Artifox review would like to note that these are not adjustable workspaces. 

The desk also comes in a variety of woods giving them a different feel and look with the following options: walnut, white oak, and black oak.

Whichever desk you choose, it will come with a bunch of great features, one of which is two hanging rods located on the legs of the desk which are designed to hold headphones but could be used to hang your hat, jacket, or bag. 

Another feature at the back of the desk is a steel plate with tiny holes across its surface, which help you sort the different cables from your multiple devices. To add to the desk’s organizational features, you have a large slit at the back where you can feed cables through or mount the mini-shelf that comes standard with each desk.

The mini-shelf can be great for putting a monitor, a small plant, or any other decorative item you need to spruce up your working space. You can also use this opening to set up another smaller shelf or small speaker stands.  

The pricing for the Artifox Desk depends if you choose a sitting or standing version of the desk. 

The sitting desks retail for:  

  • Walnut: $1890; with Bone tabletop: $1500
  • White oak: $1790; with Bone tabletop: $1400
  • Black oak: $1790

The standing desks retail for:   

  • Walnut: $2090; with Bone tabletop $1600
  • White oak: $1990; with Bone tabletop $1600
  • Black oak: $1990

Affirm payment plans are available.


Artifox Side Review

The Artifox Side is an end table that complements any piece of furniture in the room. Its natural aesthetic and rounded edges give off a softer modern look. The end table stands 26” from the ground, making it a nice complement to the desk we looked at earlier in this Artifox review. 

The side table has some great features, one of them is the large sliding drawer, where you can keep larger items so your space remains uncluttered. Another feature is the deep space above the sliding drawer, perfect for storing books, documents, or a small basket. 

The Artifox Side also allows you to hide and organize cables through an opening in the back of the deep storage compartment. This works with the small notch located at the top of the end table that you can easily feed a charging cable or power cord through. 

The end table comes in a variety of woods: 

  • Walnut: $1100
  • White oak: $1000
  • Black oak: $1000
  • Bone wood: $900 

Affirm payment plans are available. 


Artifox Bench Review 

Sleek. Innovative. And it can also store a bunch of your items. The Artifox Bench is definitely one of the more forward-thinking pieces for small places in this Artifox review, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Made from steel, wood, and aluminum, the Artifox Bench is perfect as a coffee table in your living room or a sitting place in your foyer, and is loaded with features. It has a long inner storage compartment that stretches the length of the bench. 

On each side of the bench are innovative features, with a slim hole on one side for a scroll holder that is included with the bench. The holder is the perfect place to tuck away a newspaper, magazine, book, or tablet. On the opposite end is a removable tray where you can put loose items like pocket change or your wallet. 

The Artifox Bench comes in four different kinds of wood: 

  • Walnut: $2200
  • White oak: $2100
  • Black oak: $2100
  • Whitewash oak: $2100  

Payment plans through Affirm are available.

Artifox Table Review

The majority of home offices are built around the dinner table, and the Artifox Table is no exception. The perfect addition to your open concept office, kitchen, or dining room, this versatile surface can suit all of your spatial needs. 

The table could be used in multiple ways: it can double as a dining table for up to four guests or a dual work surface for two people. We even see the Artifox Table being perfect for playing board games with friends and family. Simply add two chairs to the end and it can now fit six players! 

The surface is fashioned from solid wood, steel, and aluminum, and like the desk mentioned earlier in this Artifox review, it contains cable organizers underneath so you can feed a charging cable through for your devices. If you need a massive work surface, then this is the desk you have been looking for.

The Artifox Table comes in four different wood finishes:

  • Walnut: $2600
  • White oak: $2500
  • Black oak: $2500
  • Whitewash oak: $2400  

Payment plans through Affirm are available.

Artifox Rack Review

Artifox Rack Review
Artifox Rack

Instead of leaving your bike in the middle of the hallway where anyone can trip over it, why not hang it up with the Artifox Rack? The bike rack is 64” long and features a single hook where you can easily store your bike vertically. With a maximum width of 3.25”, it will fit nearly all tire sizes on the market. 

This bike rack is perfect for an apartment that does not have any kind of garage or basement storage space. If you are living in a city like New York, Seoul, or Vancouver, you’ll know living space is very compact. Since having a spacious home is not always a possibility, using a wall is an ideal way to store your bike. 

That is why the designers at Artifox have made this rather stylish and thin-looking bike rack. When empty, it looks unassuming and appears as a normal hook which could be overlooked by most. Keep in mind the maximum recommended weight for the bike rack is 25 lbs, and while most standard bikes don’t even come close to that, newer e-bikes are much heavier. 

It is simple to install and comes in three different kinds of wood to choose from: 

  • Walnut: $290
  • White oak: $260
  • Black oak: $260

The Artifox Rack also has the Affirm payment plan options.


Artifox Pegs Review

The Artifox Pegs act as both a pencil holder or support for your books on your shelf or desk. These removable pegs can easily hold down numerous bound documents, folders, or even keep your stack of textbooks in place because they have some serious strength.

Each unit comes with four pegs, and according to Artifox, the item is made from “rare earth magnets” which give them their intense weight. Basically, it’s a solid chunk of magnet wrapped in wood. When a peg is removed, the hole acts as a holder. This place fits around three pens comfortably and comes in your choice of three different kinds of wood: 

  • Walnut: $70
  • White oak: $65
  • Black oak: $65

Payment plans through Affirm are available. 

Artifox Lift Review

Looking to improve the functionality of any surface in your home? Then, you may love this next item. The Artifox Lift is a shelf designed to sit on top of a desk, table, or dresser. Use this long shelf to lift up a monitor, flat-screen TV, or you could get really creative with it—the possibilities are endless! 

The unit is 46”(l) x 9”(w) x 4.9”(h) and even comes with a small tray, perfect for a keyboard and mouse. You could also combine the lifting shelf with an Artifox desk to take the desk to the next level, using it to boost your monitor to eye level or add more space to your surface. If you need an extra layer of organizational capacity for your desk, then the Lift is perfect for you. 

With the Artifox Lift, you have your choice between different types of woods: 

  • Walnut: $390
  • Walnut birch: $350
  • White oak: $370
  • White oak birch: $330
  • Black oak: $380
  • Black birch: $340

Like all Artifox products, they come with Affirm payment plans.

Who Is Artifox For? 

Artifox Review

Artifox is for anyone who cares about furniture quality and minimalism. At its core, their furniture is functional, using only the best quality woods and materials. It is for someone who wants a piece of furniture that will last a lifetime, and since it’s made from wood, you know it will last a few generations. 

At the same time, Artifox products will look good in any interior space as the aesthetics are made to work together seamlessly. The desks and tables are for families and professionals alike, meaning it can easily be your desk for remote work or your child’s study surface. 


Artifox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Artifox Review

It is hard to deny the quality of the furniture, but let’s shift the focus of our Artifox review and see what different customers say about their products. Spoilers—it’s only good things as nearly every single one of these reviews are 5/5 stars!

Let’s take a gander at what one shopper had to say about his Artifox Walnut Desk on, “It’s beautiful, and clever. I looked at so many standing desks for months, and nothing else compared. All those adjustable 2-legged standing desks look like goofy Star Wars walker robots in comparison.” 

Over on The Gadget Flow, they gave the Artifox Walnut Table an excellent rating of 9.2/10 and had this to say, “The Artifox Walnut Table is great for single or multi-person use, and it’s a great addition to your home office.” 

When looking at the Artifox review for the Lifts, this is what one customer had to say, “The desks, and accessories, are beautiful, functional, well-built, and centerpieces in our office. It’s hard to expect more from desks.” 

It’s perfectly okay to have high expectations of your Artifox products because they can constantly meet them. This is exactly how this buyer feels, “The product is better than expected, well built and aesthetically very nice.” 

As we said from the onset of this section of our Artifox review, the customers only have stellar things to say about the company. There are a lot of places to find customer reviews on Artifox products, but has collected a number of them:

  • Artifox Desk: 5/5 stars out of 32 reviews 
  • Artifox Side: 5/5 stars out of 6 reviews
  • Artifox Pegs: 4.8/5 stars out of 5 reviews 
  • Artifox Lift: 5/5 stars out of 10 reviews

Since the desks are made by a small-sized firm, customers do commonly complain that the desks take quite a while to arrive after being ordered. Beyond long wait times, the products are well received overall. When a product is this good, it is hard to find something lacking!


Is Artifox Worth It?

Artifox Review

If this Artifox review leaves you with one impression, it is that the products are definitely worth it, especially the desks and tables. While the audience for the rack, pegs, and lifts will be smaller, they are still worthwhile products.

The finishes on each wood desk or table will leave you breathless, and when you sit down at one of the desks, you will feel ready to work or create for the day. Though no single piece of furniture can make a room, the Artifox furnishings can bring that room one step closer to completion. If a work surface can make you feel this way, then it is worth every penny. 

Artifox Promotions & Discounts 

Artifox Review

At this time, there are no promotions or discounts on the Artifox website. 

Where to Buy Artifox 

Artifox Review

Artifox products are sold exclusively on the company’s website. Occasionally they will have pop-up shops in select cities. To find out if they may have a location near you, it is best to contact the company through email: [email protected] 


Artifox Review

Who owns Artifox?

Dan and Sarah Mirth are the founders and owners of Artifox.

Where is Artifox made?

To maintain quality, all Artifox products are assembled at the company’s HQ in St. Louis, MO, and the wood itself comes from the midwestern US.  

What is Artifox’s Shipping Policy?

They ship to a shortlist of countries with varying times and costs. You can see the shipping costs after you enter your shipping information:  

  • US: From 2 to 5 business days 
  • Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia: Up to 1 to 2 weeks  

All items ordered from Artifox are trackable after they are shipped out.   

What is Artifox’s Return Policy?

The return policy only applies to people living in the US as international sales are all final. In the US, Artifox offers a full refund within 30 days from your order date, minus the shipping costs and restocking fee associated with your return.

However, the company requires you to inform them by email within 10 days of receiving the item for the refund to be processed. It must be returned with the original packaging for you to fully qualify for a refund. 

How to Contact Artifox

There are several ways for you to contact the company: 

  1. Phone number: 1-314-827-2654 
  2. You can find a contact form on the website
  3. Live chat located at the bottom right corner of the website
  4. Email: [email protected] 

Their customer service team is available Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm CST.

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