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5 Best Artika Lights Products

Lighting is one of the key pieces of decor that can make or break a home’s design. Pulling together the look of your rug, furniture, and decorative accents, it’s the focal point of any room—literally shining down and drawing attention. 

Here, you’ll read all about the best Artika lights from the brand that quickly made a name for itself for its attractive and affordable products. 

Co-founder of Artika, Marc Couture, always knew he wanted to create artistic, contemporary home decor, though technically, he left his job in marketing at P&G to do so. First offering candles and other decorative pieces, in 2007 he released his line of lighting, and the brand really took off.

Artika Lights Products Review

Today, the company has an aweinspiring collection of modern indoor and outdoor lighting, along with sinks and bathroom accessories. Since this is a list of the best Artika lights, that’s what you’ll be reading about in the sections ahead. Let’s get started.

Salto Integrated LED Pendant Light 

Calling the Salto Integrated LED Pendant Light elegant would be an understatement. It has a modern chrome finish and is completely bulbless. The light comes from curved strips (integrated LEDs) attached to the inside of this hanging sculpture’s contours. 

Hanging from three metal cords, I think it would be perfect for a grand foyer fixed above an antique table that’s topped with a vibrant bouquet. However you choose to decorate, the Salto costs $130.

Imperium 9 Light Chandelier 

The Imperium 9 Light Chandelier is the perfect piece for above your dining room table or in a high-ceiling entryway. With a cubic design framed around lights that jut out from a round center, this alluring chandelier deserves to be in a gallery. 

Made from antiqued brass, Imperium is adjustable, meaning it works for many ceiling heights. It’s a little more costly than the other 5 best Artika lights, ringing in at $290

Vivaldi Integrated LED Pendant Light

If you love art, I think you’ll really appreciate the look of the Vivaldi Integrated LED Pendant Light. With swirling pieces that fit together like a symphony, the contrast of the black shade against the illuminated strips of the lamp truly makes this a masterpiece. 

Place this beauty anywhere you want it to get noticed, but truly, no matter where you hang it, it’s bound to get gawked at. Enjoy three different color settings and absolutely no bulbs with the Vivaldi for $80.

Carter Pendant Light Black & Gold

It’s not just the crazy affordable price of the Carter Pendant Light Black & Gold that made it land on this list of the 5 best Artika lights. Customers love the way it looks and how its straight lines and minimal style add a modern touch to their decor. 

With its black and gold color scheme, you can hang this light in your kitchen, bathroom, or above your bar for some updated class. Buy it for $70.

Ratio 4 Light Integrated LED Vanity Light

To me, the Ratio 4 Light Integrated LED Vanity Light gives off a totally glam look. Made of clear glass with flecks of gold, this beautiful light adds something special to your bathroom. Of course, you could place it in your bedroom as well, or anywhere you want a little ambiance. The Ratio light costs $170.

Who Is Artika Lights For? 

5 Best Artika Lights Products

Take one look at Artika’s collection and you’ll know ‘modern’ is its thing. With both indoor and outdoor light fixtures, each one of the brand’s products is creative and unique in its own way. I think Artika is an awesome option if you like modern decor, or simply want a conversation starter for any room in your home. 

Artika Lights Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

5 Best Artika Lights Products

Lighting is all about aesthetics, but I want to make sure you know exactly what the 5 best Artika lights are like. So, I looked for customer feedback online. I collected comments and ratings from around the web and I’ll share them with you below.

The first place I checked for feedback was the brand’s website, and while there weren’t hundreds of ratings for each product, they were all highly rated. Take these for example:

  • Carter Pendant Light Black & Gold: 4.8/5 stars from 26 reviews
  • Imperium 9 Light Chandelier: 4.9/5 stars from 77 reviews
  • Ratio 4 Light Integrated LED Vanity: 4.9/5 stars from 10 reviews

One customer had this to say about the Carter Pendant Light: “Easy to install, stylish and provide a great dramatic effect. I like the feature with the little carabiner to make installation hassle-free! Very well-priced too!

In addition to the way the Carter Pendant Light looks, its affordable price was the second thing that impressed me about this product. It was common to find reviews that mention both looks and price. 

Next, I went over to Home Depot’s website to check out the Glam 13.5” LED Ceiling Light. There, it was rated 4.8/5 stars by 336 shoppers. While this isn’t a pick on my list of the 5 best Artika lights, the customer reviews speak volumes. Here’s one of them:

“These lights are the TRUTH! Absolutely beautiful– a little pricey but what can you say. I bought 2, about to buy another. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Very bright lights.” Others mentioned that they were easy to install. 

Now, my last piece of feedback comes from Facebook, and I just had to include it here even though it’s not specifically about the 5 best Artika lights. Overall, 316 shoppers awarded the brand 4.7/5 stars, and pretty much every comment is about how awesome its customer service is. Here’s a positive review one buyer left:

Artika has one of the best customer services I have ever experienced as well as the products with the highest quality. Its products are easy to install with the most wonderful designs.”

This review only confirms everything I’ve read about Artika so far and makes me feel comfortable enough to shop with the brand. 

I’ll be honest though and say that some, and I mean very few, comments mention products that break easily. This was more common among less expensive items though. All in all, Artika checks out and I was amazed by the feedback I found for this brand online. 

Is Artika Lights Worth It?

5 Best Artika Lights Products

I’ve read some pretty astounding things about the 5 best Artika lights, and the brand in general—like the fact that its customer service is just as impressive as its creative, luxury lighting. 

To me, that’s a sign of a great brand to shop with, but I also appreciate that Artika’s prices are reasonable, if not surprisingly affordable for the high-caliber designs it offers.


5 Best Artika Lights Products

Who owns Artika?

Marc Couture is Artika’s co-founder and CEO. Previously offering candles and other home accents, he started creating lighting in 2007.

What is Artika’s shipping policy?

Artika ships around the world. But I’ll give you the details of the brand’s shipping policy for the US and Canada.

  • Canada- Orders over $50 are sent via UPS Ground shipping for free. Shipping costs vary for orders under that amount.
  • Contiguous USA- Orders over $50 are sent via UPS Ground. Shipping fees vary for orders under that amount.

If you live abroad and wish to get a shipping quote, get in contact with Artika. 

What is Artika’s return policy?

Artika offers risk-free returns for those in Canada and the US, and I really appreciate its approach. The company understands that, with lights, sometimes you need to open up the box and look at them closely before you make a final decision. 

In terms of its return policy, here are the full details:

  1. You have 30 days from the date of receipt to start the return process
  2. The brand offers pre-paid returns (to select locations)
  3. To start the process, send an email to customer service and ask for a shipping label
  4. Attach the label to the outside of your package and drop it off at UPS

If you live anywhere other than the US or Canada, Artika cannot accept returns—unless your item arrives damaged.

How To Contact Artika 

After reading about the 5 best Artika lights, do you have questions? If so, you can get in touch with the brand’s customer service team. Here’s how:

  • Phone: 1(866)661-9606
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fill out the contact form on Artika’s website 

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