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Barbour Review

Are you looking for some traditionally British outerwear that evokes feelings of being transported to the picturesque northern countryside? This Barbour review will take you through the longstanding British outerwear and apparel brand that offers quintessential countryside pieces that are practical and made to last. 

Barbour has been around for over a hundred years and has featured in many famous publications, including Forbes, InStyle, and Glamour. The brand has also accumulated a solid social media following with 592k followers on Instagram and nearly 800k likes on Facebook. 

Ready to learn more? This Barbour review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Barbour

Barbour Review

It’s almost a tale as old as time when it comes to how Barbour came to be. It’s a company that’s now in its fifth generation of being family-run, but it all started in 1894 when John Barbour opened up J. Barbour & Sons clothing. 

Things developed and progressed over the years to become the brand you know today that focuses on bringing out outerwear and apparel that’s comfortable, well-made, with that sparkle of British elegance from the country

The current chairman is Dame Margaret Barbour, with the brand headquarters in Simonside, South Shields. 

Now that you’ve learned some background on this brand with British roots let’s take this Barbour review into looking at some of the highlights you’ll discover when shopping at this British brand. 


  • Traditional style jackets and apparel with a British flair for men, women, and children 
  • The classic Barbour wax jacket is known worldwide for its durability and quality 
  • Sustainability mission in place
  • Offers re-waxing, alterations, and repairs
  • Free shipping over $200 
  • Easy 30-day returns 
Barbour Review

Since we’ve taken a look at some of the perks you’ll discover when shopping at Barbour, doesn’t it feel like time to get into the product reviews? Let’s dig in! 

Barbour Men’s Jackets Review

Barbour men’s jackets are known for their traditional and structured nature. They’re great to throw on for work in the morning but also look impeccable paired with jeans for a night out. Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling men’s jackets from Barbour. 

Barbour Classic Bedale Wax Jacket Review

We all need that go-to jacket that’s no fuss and entirely convertible to take you through the breezy fall months. The Barbour Classic Bedale Wax Jacket is just that. 

Available in size 32-52, the Bedale Wax Jacket is all about exuding quiet confidence because when you put on this coat, everything just makes sense. 

It’s the best of both worlds with the Bedale jacket because you get a 100% wax outer portion that also features a corduroy collar and warm pockets for colder days. But, you also get a cotton lining that allows air to pass through and doesn’t make you all sweaty. You’re also able to zip in other Barbour liners for the colder months as well. 

The Barbour Classic Bedale Wax Jacket costs $395

Barbour Harrington Quilted Jacket Review

A good quilted jacket, like the Barbour Harrington Quilted Jacket, simply never goes out of style. 

Available in four colors that scream fall, the Barbour Harrington Quilted Jacket is beautifully made. You get a slight contrast with the corduroy-lined collar. Plus, the jacket itself is lined as well, so you don’t feel as though you’re simply wearing a thin windbreaker. 

You also have convenient pockets on each side and a hem that can adjust to fit your body just right. 

The Barbour Harrington Quilted Jacket is priced at $230 and is currently unavailable in Canada.

Barbour Women’s Jackets Review

If you’re on the hunt for outerwear that will hold up season after season and keep you warm and dry, the selection at Barbour is unbeatable. Plus, you’ll find a collection of jackets with great attention to detail with quality materials. Let’s look at some of the most popular Barbour women’s jackets.

One quick thing to note, though, is that some of these products are currently unavailable in Canada. Check below to see international shipping options later in this Barbour review. 

Barbour Pintail Casual Jacket Review

The Barbour Pintail Casual Jacket is a must for those looking for a comfortable hooded jacket with a bit of personality. 

Available in size 4-14, the contrasting light beige upper portion with the green down below runs that fine line between slightly playful yet completely wearable. 

This jacket is 100% cotton, so it’s a great one to bring along with you on your travels. Plus, with the large pockets and comfortable hoodie, it’s the ultimate companion for fall dog walks in serene wooded areas.  

With that kind of quality, the Barbour Pintail Casual Jacket is totally worth it for $350.

Barbour Greylag Jacket Review

If your dog is determined to get you out the door in the early morning and you only have a moment to throw on a coat, the Barbour Greylag Jacket could quickly become that fail-safe jacket. 

Available in dark stone and navy, if you’re someone that needs to be all tucked in and cozy to head outside, the Barbour Greylag Jacket falls just above the knees and zips up to the collar. 

You also get the super cute check print contrast around the collar and plenty of pockets for extra storage during hikes, including one at the chest. 

The Barbour Greylag Jacket is priced at $330

Barbour Accessories Review

One of the most notable things about shopping at Barbour, especially for their uber-popular waxed jackets, is that you can buy separate accessories to change things up along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling accessories available for both men and women. 

Barbour Wax Cotton Hood Review

Has it been a particularly rainy season? Or maybe you’re just looking to get a new hoodie for your most loved jacket. Check out the Barbour Wax Cotton Hood if any of that sounds familiar. 

Available in a number of popular Barbour colors, this oversized hoodie will easily snap onto any Barbour Wax jacket. It’s nice and big, so it’s utterly flexible for whoever puts it on. Plus, you also get the easy drawstring to make your own adjustments. It also comes with a coated wire to help it hold its place over your head, but you can easily remove it if you prefer.

The Barbour Wax Cotton Hood retails for $50

Barbour Polarquilt Waistcoat/Zip-In Liner Review

If you’re looking for something to help take your Barbour jacket into the colder months, you must check out the Barbour Polarquilt Waistcoat & Zip-In Liner

The really cool thing about this Barbour waistcoat is that you can absolutely use it as a cozy vest to throw on over your favorite flannel any day of the week. It’s compatible with ten different popular Barbour jackets, including the Bedale and Beaufort jacket, to help give them that added layer of warmth. 

The Barbour Polarquilt Waistcoat & Zip-In Liner is available in four different colors for $140

Barbour Fleece Betty Liner Review

The Barbour Fleece Betty Liner is an inspired choice for those looking for a slender and fitted quilted vest. The Betty liner has been around for a while now, but this updated version includes a fleece lining that provides that much-needed layer in the crisp fall and winter months. 

Picture this quilted vest thrown over your favorite plaid shirt paired with some ripped-up jeans and your most worn pair of boots. Pretty cute, right?  

Available in four staple colors, the Barbour Fleece Betty Liner is priced at $130

Who Is Barbour For? 

Barbour Review

Barbour is for someone who appreciates traditionally styled and cut garments, especially the famous Barbour wax jackets made with superior fabrics. They may also be looking for something that gives them the leeway to take them into the deep backcountry woodlands or on a trek across the city.

You could very well consider many Barbour pieces investment pieces due to the price tag. So, they likely make sense for those looking for a well-made jacket or clothing piece that’s versatile, sturdy, and will last them for years to come.  

Comparison: Barbour vs. L.L. Bean

Barbour Review

This wouldn’t be a proper Barbour review unless we pause for a second to take a look at one of their top competitors. 

L.L.Bean is an American retailer specializing in unisex and children’s classic country casual attire, such as outerwear, footwear, and bags. 

Let’s look at some of the ways Barbour and L.L.Bean are similar. 

  • Both brands feature several different styles of coats and jackets that are ideal for everyday wear as well as suitable for outdoor excursions
  • You’ll also find casual but classically designed clothing for men, women, and children at both brands 
  • Both brands are well known around the globe for their durability and versatility 

There are some ways in which these two brands differ, though. Let’s take a look at how. 

  • L.L.Bean features a very flexible and generous return policy as you have up to one year to return your merchandise
  • Barbour has an intense devotion to becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly in its manufacturing and packaging 
  • L.L.Bean’s price points are lower than Barbour’s

Both Barbour and L.L.Bean hit a lot of the same demographics if you’re into hiking and spending a lot of time outdoors. Both are excellent choices for outerwear that are made to last, but if you’re looking for the classic waxed jacket, Barbour is the brand to go with.  

Barbour Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Barbour Review

So, what do the customers have to say about this British global brand that features traditional and versatile key wardrobe pieces? It only seems fair to dig into some of the Barbour reviews online from customers who have purchased everything from Barbour wax jackets to other clothing and accessories. 

Taking a look at one of the most popular Barbour men’s jackets on Amazon, the Barbour Ashby Waxed Cotton Jacket, it’s currently rated at 4.7/5 stars out of 49 Barbour reviews. 

Many customers note this Barbour jacket has a very structured fit and is comfortable to wear. One customer left a 5/5 star Barbour review that said: 

“Perfect blend of classic style without the baggy fit. The medium Ashby fit me well, I normally wear a 40R in suit jacket. Sleeve length is perfect and I can layer a sweater underneath. I’m 6 ft tall and 150 lbs. Seller was a pleasure to work with and resolved a minor issue. Shipping speed was incredibly fast UK to US.”

Besides their famous wax jackets, another thing that’s notable about the brand is how you’re able to send in your jacket every year to be re-waxed and maintained to its original quality. One customer left a 5/5 star Barbour review on the website speaking to her experience. It said: 

“I sent my Storm Down wax parka, to be re-waxed. It was returned to me within days, and looks like a new coat. I paid £35 for this service, and it was worth every penny. The customer service department at Barbour is second to none. A first class experience from a true British company. I would highly recommend to all.”

For those that worry about customer service, there are a number of Barbour reviews speaking to the exceptional customer service team. One customer left a review on the brand’s international Facebook page discussing how an exchange was completely seamless for her. It said: 

“I ordered a shirt and I didnt have it sent to my store of choice. Emailed explaining my mistake and it was then sent to my choice of store. Collected it today, great service and friendly staff at the South Shields branch.” 

We found a few Barbour reviews on Trustpilot about deteriorating quality or clothing items that come apart soon after they purchased them. But, these comments were extremely rare compared to the praise for the brand and as mentioned, they do offer a convenient repair service. 

Is Barbour Worth It?

Barbour Review

If you’re looking for a jacket, sweater, or vest that may inspire you to get outdoors or do a little hiking or camping, Barbour can end that search once and for all. The company carries many outerwear pieces that hold up well for those looking to go on an excursion. 

Additionally, with perks like re-waxing and alterations, as well as that traditional British countryside elegance, Barbour stands out as a tried and tested choice. 

Barbour Promotions & Discounts 

Barbour Review

Are you looking to purchase a classic Barbour waxed jacket? There are a few ways to save money while shopping on the Barbour website:

  • You can receive free ground shipping on orders over $200 in the US 
  • If you sign up to receive the Barbour newsletter, you will receive special deals and promotions straight to your inbox

Where to Buy Barbour 

Barbour Review

You can shop exclusively for Barbour clothing on their website: You can also shop at their various retailer partners, such as: 

  • Nordstrom
  • Farfetch
  • Altitude Sports
  • Amazon
  • ASOS


Barbour Review

When was Barbour founded?  

Barbour was founded over 100 years ago in 1894 by John Barbour. 

Is Barbour a family-owned company?  

Barbour is a brand that takes pride in being a fifth-generation family-owned apparel company. They have expanded remarkably throughout the years but have never veered away from their strong British roots. 

Is Barbour an ethical company?  

Barbour considers itself to be an ethical outerwear and apparel brand. Through their own independent business as well as with any suppliers, they have a zero-tolerance policy on any kind of human rights abuse. 

Is Barbour an environmentally friendly company? 

Barbour is consistently working towards a more environmentally friendly business model. So far, they have reduced single-use plastics in their facilities and replaced their packaging with reusable cartons. They have also received proper accreditation at an international standard for effective environmental management. 

Does Barbour offer aftercare services for waxed jackets? 

Barbour is known worldwide for its extraordinary waxed jackets. If you need any repairs, alterations, or re-waxing done, you can simply print off and fill out the form on their website and send it to Barbour. Most repairs and re-waxing charges are between $20 – $75

Do Barbour jackets fit true to size? 

Barbour sizing is true to U.K. size guides, so you’re likely going to want to size up at least one size in a Barbour jacket. For further guidance, you can find the Barbour size guide here

What is Barbour’s Shipping Policy?

Barbour is happy to offer customers in the United States free ground shipping on orders over $200. Delivery for ground shipped orders is usually within ten business days. 

Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee of $15. Expedited orders should usually arrive within 3-4 business days. 

Barbour does not ship to PO boxes or internationally at this time, nor does it ship out on weekends or holidays. 

What is Barbour’s Return Policy?

Barbour is happy to offer customers returns on items purchased within 30 days of delivery. All items that qualify for a return need to be unworn, unwashed, and in new condition, with original tags and labels intact. 

Barbour also reserves the right to reduce the amount refunded to the customer if they feel that the merchandise has been damaged.

For returns, simply pack up your Barbour merchandise in the original packaging (or appropriate alternative packaging) with the returns document inside. Please indicate on the returns document the reason for your return. 

Snip off the UPS return label that’s found at the bottom of the returns document and place it over the original label. Then you can drop off your package at the nearest UPS drop-off center. 

The Barbour return address is: 

Barbour Returns

15 Freedom Way

Franklin, MA 02038

Once your return has made its way to the return center, it may take up to 10 business days to process the refund. All refunds are made in the original payment form. 

How to Contact Barbour

Need to reach out to the Barbour customer service team? There are a few different ways to reach out. 

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 833-954-2203
  • You can also fill out the message form on their website, and someone from their team will get back to you shortly 

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