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Studio Nicholson Review

When you first view Studio Nicholson clothes you get a high-fashion vibe from this brand, with their long draping coats, jackets, knits, and pants. They design clothing for both men and women but, to be honest, their atire is lowkey unisex—mainly since the clothing has a loose fit. If this seems to be your style, keep reading this Studio Nicholson review.

The clothing, while not on the same level as designer brands like Prada or Gucci, is a more mid-tier fashion brand with a clear style and direction. For me, I get a grey-morning aesthetic from this clothing— something you’d see in a small cafe as you pick up your morning latte before you head into the office.

The company’s Facebook page has 503 likes and over on Instagram, they have 241k followers. The fashion brand has appeared in British Vogue and Vanity Fair to name a few. 

In this Studio Nicholson review, I’ll take a look at both men’s and women’s clothing from this brand. Let’s “try on” some of the coats, pants, and knits they showcase. After that, I’ll check out some customers’ ratings and decide if this rather unique fashion brand is worth buying.

Overview of Studio Nicholson

Studio Nicholson Review

Studio Nicholson opened its doors in 2010. The brand has major influences from Japan, Portugal, and the UK that inspire their distinct look. Their design philosophy is thanks to its owner Nick Wakeman, who has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. She drew a lot of the clothing brand’s spirit from David Byrne of Talking Heads and the clothes he wore.

The brand has a modular, versatile collection, so you can mix and match their pieces. They draw upon the principles of architecture to influence their designs. The result: fashion items that look rather long, panel-like, and somewhat baggy.

The company is obsessed with using quality fabrics too, and they’ve successfully brought their bold vision to city streets around the globe. Before I continue with this Studio Nicholson review, let’s run through a few highlights of the brand. 


  • Clothing is loose fitting 
  • Unisex appeal 
  • Free Shipping to US and Canada for orders over $100 
  • Large product catalog 
  • Easy to mix and match outfits 
  • Prices range from $100-$800+

Now that you’ve had a brief rundown of the brand, let’s continue on with this Studio Nicholson review. I’ll look at both mens and womenswear, starting off with the ladies. But many of the clothes can be worn by either gender, so they’re not necessarily for “ladies” only.

Studio Nicholson Women’s Review

My Studio Nicholson review of the women’s catalog will feature the current best sellers this mix-and-match brand has to offer— so you can construct your own outfits with multiple pieces. This clothing collection offers a simple, often plain but classy look. The clothes drape your body in fine fabrics and neutral tones.   

Studio Nicholson Holin Coat Review

Studio Nicholson Holin Coat Review
Studio Nicholson Holin Coat

A long, flowing look that draws the eye from top to bottom— this is the Studio Nicholson Holin Coat. Besides being an excellent way to top off your outfit, it’s made from water-resistant nylon with easy-to-grip rubber buttons. Equipped with both outer and inner pockets, this cotton-nylon blend has a nice, sleek look and feel.

Pair this coat with solid, plain shoes and a matching belt to give yourself a top-notch look, so you’ll feel like an elite fashionista as you take to the streets. The Holin Coat comes in porcelain, tan, and dark navy. The dark navy color is by far the boldest look.

Pick up any of the colors for $870

Studio Nicholson Fell Fleece Jacket Review

Studio Nicholson Fell Fleece Jacket Review
Studio Nicholson Fell Fleece Jacket

A brown wool jacket that looks as soft as it feels— this is the Studio Nicholson Fell Fleece Jacket with its sheared, sheep’s wool fabric. The jacket comes equipped with two front pockets, a pull cord at the bottom of the jacket, and a two-way zipper. 

The silk and wool-blend jacket comes in a teddy brown shade, and is for those who like a cozy look and feel. Pair it with denim jeans to showcase a refined but stripped-back look. This fleece is perfect for cold days, so you’ll feel warm and still look fashionable. 

Wear this supremely soft jacket for $475

Studio Nicholson Tannaro Denim Pant Review

Studio Nicholson Tannaro Denim Pant Review
Studio Nicholson Tannaro Denim Pant

The Studio Nicholson Tannaro Denim Pant is an essential, everyday piece for your wardrobe. These washed-cotton jeans are 100% cotton and treated with a special enzyme to make them more durable. 

They’re cropped short at the ankles, so you can easily show off your shoes and socks. I definitely see these neutral jeans fitting into almost any outfit you come up with. They have a small leather patch on the back waistline to show off the brand. 

Buy your pair of Tannaro Denim pants for $430.         

Studio Nicholson Men’s Review

The womenswear and menswear featured in this Studio Nicholson review follow a similar design principle— they both have a long, draping style. With simple, neutral colors ranging from whites to blacks and tans, the men’s clothing line has a real high-city street vibe. Let’s gaze at some of the best sellers in their men’s catalog. 

Studio Nicholson Ventus Coat Review

Studio Nicholson Ventus Coat Review
Studio Nicholson Ventus Coat

A long, tech coat to cover and shield you from the elements, but at the same time show off your dapper fashion sense in an urban environment. This is exactly what the Studio Nicholson Ventus Coat is. 

This long trench coat will reach down past your knees, and features a center, back vent that allows air to pass through its cotton blend. The coat has dark, matching buttons if you choose the navy shade. It’s also available in porcelain, which has dark, black buttons. 

I’d suggest pairing this coat with a dark shoe. A bright blue top will look excellent with the navy trench, and a soft, tan knit shirt will match the porcelain coat. A trench is a classic look for anyone bold enough to wear it. 

The Ventus Coat costs $870.   

Studio Nicholson Gentile Pant Review

Studio Nicholson Gentile Pant Review
Studio Nicholson Gentile Pant

These pleated, semi-dress pants go by the name of Gentile. Whether you choose the dark navy or porcelain color, you’ll get a cotton-blended fabric that has a luxurious style. 

I can see you wearing these pants for any uptown excursion in the city, or even for something more formal. Oversized items are trendy, and the pants have a cool, puffed-out appearance. Buy a pair for $405.      

Studio Nicholson Nimbus Knit Review

Studio Nicholson Nimbus Knit Review
Studio Nicholson Nimbus Knit

Of all of the menswear in this Studio Nicholson review, the  Nimbus Knit reigns supreme with its bold cobalt blue color. It just broadcasts your inner strength and confidence to wear this loose-fitted knit. I see you wearing this under a trench coat or simply by itself— and you’ll stand out at any social gathering.   

The Nimbus Knit is made of a soft, cotton blend that will feel pleasant to wear. If blue isn’t your color, then it also comes in a caramel shade made of the same merino-cotton blend. Finishing off the look are the cuffed sleeves, which you could even roll up if you desire. 

Buy the Nimbus Knit for $405

Who Is Studio Nicholson For? 

Studio Nicholson Review

Studio Nicholson is for anyone who digs a longer, flowing, often loose-fitting look. Their knits, pants, and tops are perfect for those with a keen fashion sense. They suit trendy people who enjoy a boutique look, and clothes with muted, neutral colors. Their often gender-neutral, unisex clothes have a wide appeal, and could fit into many people’s wardrobes.

Studio Nicholson Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Studio Nicholson Review

This somewhat young company doesn’t have a lot of reviews or customer ratings written about them. The best I could find are a few reviews left on Google Maps from various retail locations in the UK.

In this section of my Studio Nicholson review, I hop on over the pond and see what some customers had to say about the shops there. I found this simple, positive review: “Amazing store, staff and quality. Bought a few things and going to be coming back for more.” 

This UK customer had this to say after visiting the shop at the Soho branch: “This store is great. the staff is very helpful and nice.”

Since the consumer ratings for this fashion brand are somewhat limited, let’s take a look at their featurette in Vanity Fair. It describes and praises the brand for making its “esoteric design philosophy” work so well. They also compliment the brand’s “classic appeal.” 

There aren’t a lot of ratings on this clothing line, so it’s hard to come to a conclusion on the brand’s drawbacks. But from what I can tell it simply looks like a great company overall. 

Is Studio Nicholson Worth It?

Studio Nicholson Review

Since this is a higher-end, street fashion brand, the cost is much greater than many other brands. Clothes from more commercial, fast-fashion companies may tend to have trendy designs but often forsake quality. But not Studio Nicholson— they bring both unique design and quality to the table.  

If you vibe with this brand’s style, you’ll find the clothes worth the cost. And, at the very least, your every dollar is buying high-quality fabric that’ll last.

Worth or value in fashion is rather hard to measure or quantify. For example, I love my five-dollar, thrift store Levi jeans. But I also feel euphoric in my Gucci tie when I bust it out for some black-tie occasion! Neither of these is better than the other. So, if you like an item and it makes you feel happy, then it’s always worth it.     

Studio Nicholson Promotions & Discounts 

Studio Nicholson Review

At the time of this Studio Nicholson review, I found no current sales, promotions, or discounts.

Where to Buy Studio Nicholson

Studio Nicholson Review

The best place to buy the clothing line is on their website. Or, if you live within the UK you could visit one of the retail stores in London. 


Studio Nicholson Review

Who owns Studio Nicholson?

Founder and CEO Nick Wakeman owns Studio Nicholson. 

Does Studio Nicholson ship internationally?

Yes, the company ships to a long list of international countries.

What is Studio Nicholson’s Shipping Policy?

  1. You can check out your country’s shipping policy on the company’s website. 
  2. You get free shipping for purchases over $300 in the US, $500 for Canada, and 300 pounds for the UK.
  3. Orders below $300 will cost you $10 via Air Express. 
  4. Duties and Taxes are calculated at checkout for most countries.

What is Studio Nicholson’s Return Policy?

Returns must be made within 14 days of receiving your purchase. Items must be in unused condition with all original tags attached. To begin the refund process, fill out the website’s contact form. Those located in the UK have their return costs covered by the company, and shoppers living outside the UK must pay for their own shipping costs.

How to Contact Studio Nicholson

Need to reach out to the brand’s team after reading this Studio Nicholson review? Get in touch with them by email: [email protected].

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