10 Best Longboard Brands

Searching For The Best Longboard Brands

Whether you’re looking for a weekend cruiser or something to help you get around busy city streets, longboards are built for optimal enjoyment, speed, and movement. Easier to maneuver than a skateboard, they’re a joy to ride and encourage exploration. Here, we’ll introduce you to the best longboard brands perfect for the road ahead.

Up ahead, you’ll discover our top picks for the 10 best longboard brands around. We’ve included some names you may already have on your list, as well as some new ones that you’re going to want to remember. We’ll kick things off with a popular favorite, Santa Cruz.

10 Best Longboard Brands

1. Santa Cruz

Best Longboard Brands

Since its inception in 1973, Santa Cruz quickly became synonymous with skateboarding. Its iconic logos certainly helped, and skaters are drawn to its decks with bright colors and bold outlines, along with the quality this brand is loved for.

Its line includes cruiser boards in pin tail, kick tail, and wheel cut-out styles, ranging from 32”-39”—you won’t find larger boards here. Known for its screaming hand logo, a lot of its boards feature that design, along with neon wheels.

So how did it get its start? Santa Cruz started as a California surfboard shop owned by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman. Ready to close its doors, a Hawaiian friend asked them to create 500 skateboards. It was a move that spurred them on to later sell 6 million Road Riders (their most well-known style) around the world.

Today, Santa Cruz is one of the most popular skateboard brands in existence, and it’s not hard to see why. Ridden by pros like Blake Johnston and Justin Sommer, skaters love its boards for their smooth ride. You can pick up a complete for between $135-$200.


  • Range of affordable prices
  • Good variety of longboard styles (pintail, cut-out, flip tail)
  • Awesome graphics
  • 32”-39” lengths

2. Arbor

Best Longboard Brands

For Arbor, skating and the environment go hand in hand. Founded in the late 90s by Bob Carson, it used to be known as the “hippy brand”—how things have changed!

Now, being environmentally friendly is a must, and since it’s been doing it for over 25 years, Arbor has an advantage. Though, it didn’t start out as a skateboard brand. Its first products were for outdoor sports like snowboards, and it wasn’t until they put wheelbases on snowboards for the sunny season that they began making them.

Its skating line uses bio-urethane, recycled materials, and responsibly sourced wood to help it stick to its mission of creating “premium lifestyle skateboards, with the smallest possible environmental footprint.”

Working alongside environmental organizations since it began, Arbor helps rebuild forests and gives back to groups with missions that align with theirs. You’ll discover really cool-looking natural wooden decks in its collection, decorated with thoughtful graphics and earthy colors.

It has a smaller selection than other best longboard brands, but a nice variety of graphics on pintail and cut-out styles. You’ll get an Arbor deck for about $130 and a complete deck for $230.


  • Helps rebuild forests
  • Great for those looking for a sustainable wood deck
  • Natural-looking designs
  • Uses responsibly-sourced wood

3. Globe

Best Longboard Brands

Globe was founded in the mid-90s by brothers Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill. Based in Australia, its collection is for “modern explorers of the globe,” featuring gorgeous graphics and a selection of 22 completes and deck options.

You’ll see both pintail and cut-out styles in its line, suited for both cruising and freestyle riders. Known and trusted by the skateboard community, Globe boards are made from durable wood like Canadian Maple in pintail and cut-out styles fit for cruising, carving, and freestyle. You’ll find most between $160-$220.


  • Good variety of longboards & graphics
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Awesome graphics
  • Pintail and cut-out style
  • Trusted by skaters

4. DB Longboards

Best Longboard Brands

DB Longboards was created with the mission to “create amazing products, do it sustainably, and treat customers and employees like family.” And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Known for its exceptional customer service and sustainable edge, the brand proudly bears the stamp of being zero-waste—a feat not many ever will.

It was founded in 2003 by Richard Docter, Tim Mackey, and Bryce Hermansen after they first started hand-making their own boards in Washington. Referred to as “dashboards” after the place they were founded (Dash Point), DB Longboards are made for those who want to explore.

Using world-class features like Atlas Trucks and Cloudride EX-Grip, DB Longboards offers both complete and decks dressed up with some pretty rad graphics. You can tell the work that goes into each one of these, and those who ride them know the difference in flexibility thanks to their signature CoreFlex design.

You’ll find both flip tail and cut-out styles in its line. Get yours for $150-$325.


  • Zero-waste brand
  • Known for great customer service
  • Range of prices
  • Made from bamboo and fiberglass for flexibility
  • Offers both flip tail and cut-out styles
  • 32”-41” sizes

5. Landyachtz

Best Longboard Brands

Landyachtz is one of the best longboard brands that comes highly recommended. Offering artist series and super rad styles, its collection is really fun and includes all the popular shapes like pintail, cut-out, and flip tail. You’ll find both top-mounted and drop-through styles there to give you tons of options for carving and freeriding.

Landyachtz was founded in 1998 by friends Thomas Edstrand and Michael Perreten who actually started it up in a basement of the Blackcomb Ski Club cabin. Their mission? “To make skateboards turn better and ride faster.” Both riders and big fans of exploring the unknown, their boards reflect the need for quality, performance, and style.

Known as one of the highest quality skateboard brands in the US, you won’t find anything under $200 in its collection, with most falling between $200-$250.


  • Good variety of styles
  • Mostly made from Canadian Maple
  • Awesome graphics & artist series
  • Very high quality

6. Apollo

Best Longboard Brands

Apollo is a German brand based in Cologne. Typically known for its professional scooters, its collection of longboards is quite impressive too.

You’ll find lots of tribal and intergalactic designs in its inventory screen printed on bamboo/fiberglass, and maple boards in several thicknesses for a greater range of flexibility. Offering both pintail and wheel cut-out styles, the brand caters to skaters who ride 36”-43” boards. Pick one up, drop it down, and start pushing for $80-$140.


  • Made from maple, bamboo, and fiberglass
  • Very affordable
  • Great variety of shapes, sizes, and graphics
  • Few different thickness options
  • Made in Germany

7. Sector 9

Best Longboard Brands

Sector 9 is another one of the best longboard brands that mix the natural look of wood with bright colors and sick graphics. Encouraging skaters to SMASH IT, the brand pushes for authenticity and courage in all things.

Founded in 1993, Sector 9 got its start when Steve Lake, Dave Klimkiewicz, Dennis Telfer, and Tal O’Farrell began making their own boards. It wasn’t long before people started noticing, and the group kicked things off in their backyard. Today, it’s a subsidiary of Bravo Sports.

Known for their carving longboards, Sector 9 has a good variety of cruising, commuter, downhill, and freestyle boards as well. You can get one for between $150-$220.


  • Nice variety of board styles
  • Bamboo, exotic wood, and maple decks available
  • Attractive graphics
  • Affordable options

8. Rayne

Best Longboard Brands

With Rayne, two things come to mind: the best of the best, and the natural world. This brand is a fusion of the two, choosing sustainable products that are kind to the earth but also ones that don’t compromise on performance.

Its collection includes longboards for a range of styles, including downhill, dancing, carving, freeride, and freestyle. Founded in 2004 by Graham Buksa, Rayne was the original creator of the bamboo fiberglass board, a style that you’ll see at a few of the best longboard brands listed here.

With killer graphics and bold colors, Rayne is known for its racing boards. You can pick one up for $135-$380.


  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Affordable options
  • Great variety of styles
  • Known for downhill racing
  • Very high quality

9. Comet

Best Longboard Brands

Comet makes boards for roaming. With larger, softer wheels than others, its two styles of longboards are handmade in California and take inspiration from the land.

Choosing materials that are better for the environment, its longboards are constructed with the earth in mind, aiming at a closed-loop manufacturing process that cuts out waste. Comet was founded in 1997 by Jason Salfi and uses hand screen-printing with water-based inks for a meaningful style.

You’ll love Comet if you’re all about the ride itself, not the destination. Not intended for excessive tricks or crazy speeds, its collection is inspired by 70s style, is incredibly sleek, artistic, and has impeccable quality. You can get your hands on a Comet for $275-$645.


  • Certified B Company
  • 1% for the Planet member
  • Bio-based resin for a more sustainable board
  • Offers just two styles
  • Sustainable manufacturing

10. Bustin Boards

Best Longboard Brands

Bustin Boards got its name from the summer that founder Ryan Daughtridge’s cousin split his lip open after taking a fall on one of his new boards. Founded in 2001, the brand offers an awesome selection of boards to suit multiple styles of riders.

Based in New York, Bustin Boards are handmade with precise detail and offered up to the rider with stats to help them find their perfect ride. One of a kind, you’ll discover several different varieties of longboards in its collection, designed with different skaters in mind (urban, speedster, etc.).

Folks say that Bustin Boards are known for their smooth ride and nice flex, as well as secure feel from rails and the slight drop. #forallwhopush, completes start at $220.


  • Offers a variety of lengths & styles
  • Handmade in NYC
  • Attention to detail
  • Custom boards available

How to Shop for the Best Longboard

Best Longboard Brands

When shopping for the best longboard brands, it’s easy to land on the first one and settle for it. If you want a board that fits your body, needs, and style, then a little more thought is worthwhile.

Below, we’ll walk you through a few things to keep in mind. If you’re short on time, don’t worry, we’ll make it brief.


When it comes to a lifestyle item like longboards, the brand is a big one. Companies infuse their own aesthetic and style into the boards they create, so if you find one you identify with, you’re going to get more enjoyment from your board.

Brand name also comes into play in terms of credibility—which is something you should definitely consider. There are a ton of crappy boards out there, so buying from a reputable company is a safe bet you’ll get a quality board.

Materials and durability

If you’re new to the world of longboards, then you probably aren’t going to be picky about the woods they’re made from. In the sections above in this best longboard brands list, you probably noticed materials names like bamboo, maple, and fiberglass

Those are the most common for longboards, but choosing a bamboo board also means it will be more sustainable and lighter. Boards are typically constructed by layering thin panels of wood with glue and compressing them.

That way, your board has flexibility for movement—something using one thick panel of wood wouldn’t give. Lower quality boards may have fewer layers of wood, but keep in mind that those with more than seven layers, while durable, may not have as much flexibility.

Board length

The length of your longboard depends on your height. For cruising, those under 5’10” would fit a 32-40” board while those over that height should get a 40”+. For freeride and freestyle boards, no matter how tall you are, you’ll need room for movement and should choose a board between 38”-42”.

Deck size and wheelbase

The deck size you choose has a lot to do with your foot size, but also your personal comfort. Some like their boards to be wider for better balance, while others feel that a thinner board helps them maneuver better. Common deck sizes for adults are 7.5”, 8”, and 8.5”.

The longer your board, the larger your wheelbase will be (the distance between the wheels). Choosing a board with wheels far away from each other will help create stability, so if you’re new to the skate world, you may feel more comfortable with a larger wheelbase.


Bushings are the little rubber pads nestled between the kingpin, baseplate, and hanger on your trucks. The harder your bushing, the bouncier it is. The softer the bushing, the more impact it absorbs. Soft bushings are said to make turning easier. Decide what you’d prefer and go from there.

Mount type

The two most common types of longboards feature top-mount and drop-through mounts. The first is the most common type.

It’s generally less expensive and positions the board’s center of gravity higher than drop-through mounts. Easier to turn, this type may be more difficult to balance on and is commonly used for freeride, freestyle, downhill, and cruising boards.

Drop-through mounts are used mainly for commuting boards that are made for long distances, as well as freeride, and downhill styles. With this style, the trucks are mounted through the board, lowering the deck height. Helping with balance, this style can also help you save some of the energy you’d use while pushing.


When choosing your board from the best longboard brands, it’s a good idea to consider its flexibility. Soft means your board will absorb shock, but this type should only be used for slow cruising—not for those who like to go fast.

Medium is a good middle ground, helping you keep balance while you push to mid-high speeds. Ideal for cruising, commuting, and carving, it absorbs shock and can handle a few bumps in the road.

Stiff is the best option for you if you plan to use your longboard for speed. Take your board down hills and speed through the streets—but watch out for cracks! Stiff boards aren’t the best at absorbing shock.


If you want a quality longboard, then you’ve come to the right place. Of course, quality means you’ll pay more for your board than you would for a Walmart special. The names on this best longboard brands list are here for a reason: they’re truly the best.

Whether it’s for reputation, craftsmanship, or quality of materials, the majority of longboards from these brands come with sizable price tags. With that said, you’ll find one or two that offer lower prices than their competitors, but if you want options, we suggest choosing a brand with a range of boards and prices.

What Are The Different Shapes of Longboards?

You’ll find that most of the best longboard brands offer a few different styles of boards. Unlike skateboards that all have relatively the same shape, longboards come in a ton of different shapes. We’ll walk you through a few common ones:

  1. Kick Tail: With rounded edges like a skateboard, these types of longboards are perfect for you if you plan on doing tricks. Making it easier to kick up in the air to ollie, they’re turned and flipped more easily than other shapes
  2. Wheel Cut-Outs: Best for making hard turns and maneuvering down hills, these boards prevent your wheels from touching your board (something that can stop your board and throw you off)
  3. Concave: The edges of your deck will be slightly higher than the center of the board. This will give you a little more grip when pushing and standing on your board, making it ideal for downhill rides
  4. Pin Tail: This board features a long pointy tail on the back of the board. Allowing for deeper carving with less wheel bite, it’s great for cruising flat surfaces

What Longboards do Professionals Use?

It depends on the style of longboarding professionals, but we’ve seen a lot that prefer the wheel cut-out style. Easier to handle around twists and turns, these boards are made to eliminate wheel bite and are ideal for carving, cruising, and freeriding.

While making your way through the best longboard brands, you’ll probably notice that on their web pages, a lot of them have teams. These teams are the names of people who ride their boards. For example, Shaun Ross rides Sector 9 longboards.

What Longboard is Best For Cruising?

There are a few of the best longboard brands that come to mind for cruising, but we have one in mind that was made for cruising only, and that’s Comet. Comet goes into a lot of detail about how its boards are made for the ride, not for tricks or high speeds.

If we look at the type of cruiser board Comet makes, it looks like a regular kick tail board, but its other models resemble pin tail boards. In general, pin tail boards have been said to be excellent for cruising. You won’t need a drop down or concave board to cruise, so opt for something with a flatter deck with a tail that’ll make it easy to maneuver around corners.

Final Thoughts

Best Longboard Brands

Choosing the right longboard is a personal choice. It depends on what you use it for, your shape, and your balance preferences. There are a heap of options out there, so we hope this list of the best longboard brands has made your life a little easier by compiling some of the most solid picks out there.

How We Chose the Best Longboard Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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