10 Best Snowboard Brands

Searching For The Best Snowboard Brands

With the recent coming and going of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, you may find yourself looking at your beautiful house and your beautiful wife and you may ask yourself, “Well, how do I get on the slopes?”

Don’t let a midlife crisis prevent you from realizing your dreams of crushing double-black-diamond hills like Shaun White. However, don’t let material desires force your hand into an impulsive purchase. You’re old enough to make impulsive purchases to fulfill the unsatisfied hole in your heart.

That’s why you should read through our list of the best snowboard brands. We’ll detail some of our favorite companies and some mindsets you can adopt to make the best decision when it comes time for you to buy a snowboard.

10 Best Snowboard Brands

#1: Burton

Best Snowboard Brands

The first entry in our list of the best snowboard brands hails from one of America’s top snowboarding states. Burton was founded in 1977 in Vermont by Jake Burton. 

He started the company by making snowboards in his garage using a scuba mask to protect his face as he couldn’t afford proper tools. Talk about humble beginnings!

That’s enough humility though, as Burton is one of the most popular snowboarding brands today. They specialize in snowboarding and their product catalog doesn’t extend wider than things you can either strap onto your feet or onto your head.

Burton founded the Chill Program in 1995 as a way to teach children from low-income families how to snowboard. Since then, they’ve provided over 12,000 kids the chance to rip down the slopes. 

In regards to prices, here are how much some of the best-selling items cost:

  • Men’s Burton Custom Camber Snowboard: $630
  • Men’s Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard: $630
  • Men’s Burton Process Flying V Snowboard: $530


  • Second biggest snowboard producer in the United States
  • Teaches underprivileged kids how to snowboard through their Chill Program
  • Discounted items available on their website
  • Stores found throughout the United States

#2: Arbor

Best Snowboard Brands

We know this article is about the best snowboard brands, but in some instances, the brands we’ve chosen make more than snowboards. That’s the case with Arbor. The company also has a line of skateboards and soft apparel.

Arbor has been going strong since 1995 with the mantra that the environment plays into every aspect of their line. What this means is that their products are built to endure the elements while their practices are eco-friendly. 

They send some of their funds to organizations that plant trees and protect wildlife. This is all part of Arbor’s “Returning Roots” program. Many of these organizations plant trees in Koa, Hawaii. 

Arbor also donates to The Conservation Alliance, the Surfrider Foundation, and the Arbor Day Foundation.

It’s hard to find the prices of Arbor’s snowboards because they are mostly sold by in-person retailers. However, Arbor allows customers to find the nearest store that can help them purchase the brand’s goods.


  • Produce skateboards and clothes in addition to snowboards
  • Redistribute funds towards environmental groups
  • Rustic designs 

#3: Lib Tech

Best Snowboard Brands

Lib Tech categorizes their skateboards as dream boards. That’s not because they’re fantasies that mere mortals can never fathom, but because the company is stacked with athletes and designers who don’t stop at “what if?” Therefore, many of their snowboards are unlike anything else on the market. 

This is partially because Lib Tech uses exclusive technology like Magne-Traction and Rocker Activated Drive in each of their boards. These innovations imbue their products with control and edge hold.

Lib Tech also takes steps to reduce their negative impact on the environment. This is one of their most notable features and has been so since the company’s founding in the 1980s. 

Founder Mike Olson set this standard by replacing toxic materials with recyclable materials when creating some of Lib Tech’s first boards.

Due to their unique designs and environmentally-friendly processes, Lib Tech’s items are more costly than average snowboards. For example, the Lib Tech Orca costs $650 and the Lib Tech Apex Orca costs $1,000. That being said, you will be getting what you paid for.


  • Their boards push the boundaries of the sport’s technology
  • Sustainable practices
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

#4: Ride Snowboards

Best Snowboard Brands

“Ride or die,” goes the old mantra. We don’t know about you, but we’d rather do the former rather than the latter. It seems Ride Snowboards feel the same way, having evolved out of the skateboarding scene in 1992.

Nowadays, they’re one of the best snowboard brands because of their wide selection of snowboards, bindings, boots, and apparel for men, women, and children. All of their products are made with laser precision.

In terms of prices, Ride Snowboards sit somewhere in the middle of the pack. Their boards range from $200 to upwards of $800. We do have a weakness for the versatile Ride Snowboards Commissioner ($800) and the Ride Snowboards Algorhtym ($600) though.


  • Big-name collaborations with Russel Winfield and Virgil Abloh
  • Wide range of prices
  • Discounted items available on their website

#5: GNU

Best Snowboard Brands

GNU embraces oddity with open arms. Their designs are wacky, their team is eccentric, and their designers are obsessed with quality. They’ve been that way since 1977, and that’s what makes them one of the best snowboard brands. 

They’ve also been a pioneering force in women’s snowboarding since the 1980s. GNU created some of the first women’s pro snowboard models. 

To add another point to their progressive scoreboard, GNU considers themselves among the world’s most environmentally-friendly snowboarding companies because they make all their boards using wind and water power.

Furthermore, they use recycled wood, sidewalls, and abstain from incorporating toxic materials into their boards. In their Washington facility, they make boards of different core balances to accommodate different body types. 

Here are the prices for some of our favorite GNU snowboards:

  • GNU Barret: $500
  • GNU Young Money: $330
  • GNU Ladies Choice: $580


  • They build their snowboards by hand in the US
  • Boards cater to most body types
  • Pushed female snowboarding to the sport’s forefront

#6: Capita

Best Snowboard Brands

Is this company the capital of snowboards? That’s for you to decide, although we do believe they have one of the most outlooks on the sport. This Austrian brand uses astronomical terminology to get the idea across that they are one of the most technologically innovative brands in the field.

They make all of their snowboards using clean and renewable energy sources in their Austrian headquarters. Their practices are so environmentally friendly that Capita won the Energy Globe Award for Austria.

While saving the planet is nice, we know you’re dying to know what makes these tree huggers one of the best snowboard brands. 

How about their captivating products like the Capita Mega Merc or the boldly-designed Capita Scott Stevens Pro. Both of these items show off the company’s unique design philosophy and cover how their practices elevate their boards above the competition.


  • Energy Globe Award for Austria recipients
  • Make all of their products using renewable energy
  • Almost 99% of their materials are shipped from nearby regions

#7: Nitro

Best Snowboard Brands

This snowboard is looking to quick the industry into high gear with their 30-year passion project. In that span of time, they’ve gathered a stellar line of professional boarders like Eero Ettala, Marcus Kleveland, and Jeremy Jones.

The American company started in Seattle in 1990 with the slogan, “Built for good times!” They’ve carried this fun-loving spirit since day one alongside a commitment to sustainable product manufacturing. 

That means they build their snowboards to last a lifetime, both to please their customers and to limit the amount of waste that goes into snowboarding. Nitro partners with ClimatePartner to ensure that their production and manufacturing is as carbon-neutral as possible

Nitro produces boards in all styles, from all-terrain products like the Nitro Cannon to the park-oriented Nitro Eero Ettala Anniversary Edition.


  • Great sustainable practices
  • Long-standing team of professional riders
  • Snowboards for all terrains

#8: Salomon

Best Snowboard Brands

You might be confused why a sports brand named after a fish makes everything but nautical sports products. Well, that’s because Salomon isn’t named after salmon; they’re a French company that produces a huge array of sports equipment.

They make cross-country skis, alpine skis, apparel, and running shoes. Salomon ships these items all over the world. Due to their history of creating winter sports equipment like skis, Salomon has been able to approach snowboarding with unique insight.

Furthermore, their snowboards hover down in the more affordable price range versus other brands. Here are some of their most appealing men’s snowboards:

  • Salomon Huck Knife Pro LTD: $600 
  • Salomon Sleepwalker: $350
  • Salomon The Ultimate: $600


  • Free shipping over $50
  • More budget-friendly than some other snowboarding brands
  • 4.3/5 stars average customer score on their website

9. Jones

Best Snowboard Brands

Hey, remember when you read about Jeremy Jones a few entries ago? Wonder what happened to him.

Oh, it seems like he went on to found one of the best snowboard brands on the planet – Jones. While selecting original names may not be his strong suit, he more than makes up for it with his own line of snowboards. 

He takes all the experience he’s gathered from every side of the slopes and combines that with his fascination for the sport.

The result is a one-of-kind snowboarding line that focuses just on the boards. And when you’ve got boards as good as the Women’s Stratos x Elena Hight Snowboard ($630) or the Jones Frontier Snowboard ($480), it’s easy to look and feel like the queen of the hill.

Not only does Jones create with sustainability in mind, but their boards each have bindings made of the most esteemed technology and materials. 


  • Create boards for riders of all ages
  • Over 2,000 5/5 stars customer reviews on their website
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

#10: Public Snowboards

Best Snowboard Brands

Our final entry in our list of the best snowboard brands is Public Snowboards. Though this Minnesota-based brand is smaller than some of the others, they’re mightier than their stature. 

Since their founding in 2015, Public Snowboards have worked to deepen the connections between riders.

They do so by creating a small but dedicated set of snowboards. They only have four snowboards available, but when the boards are as good as these there’s little reason to complain. 

Both the General PUBLIC 150 and the GENERAL PUBLIC 155 cost $410 and are their all-around boards.

Public Snowboards also create their own clothing line which has its own punkish vibe. They make hoodies and long-sleeves, which are perfect for the colder weather you’ll face on the slopes. 


  • Smaller and more local company
  • Limited but focused catalog
  • Clothing is modern and in line with cultural trends

How to Shop For The Best Snowboard

Best Snowboard Brands

Now that you know which brands are the best for snowboards – and by virtue of exclusion, which brands you should stay away from – let’s talk about what you should be looking for when you buy a snowboard.


The best snowboard brands earned their place on this list through a combination of history, thoughtful practices, sustainability, and design philosophy. Some brands are available in more places than others, so consider all those factors when picking your brand.

Materials and Durability 

Most snowboards on the market are made out of wood. The wood forms the core upon which layers of fiberglass, steel, plastic, and metal are used in different amounts for different effects. For example, boards made with more steel may be more durable but heavier.

Board Length 

Snowboards come in a variety of sizes. Most snowboarders choose boards that are around 90% of their height. This ratio gives them a good balance between control and speed.

Width and Boot Size 

Snowboard width is important because it affects how easily the board glides from edge to edge. A wider board is harder to steer while a slimmer board may be too difficult to control. 

Additionally, the size of your boots can affect how much control you have over the board as your toes’ proximity to the edge of the board alters its turning radius.


Flex can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. Softer snowboards are easier to turn and have more maneuverability, making them better for freestyle boarding. Stiffer snowboards are ideal for taking off ramps for big air.


Do you really want to spend over a thousand dollars on a snowboard? Or maybe the question is, do you need to? Learn what you want out of a snowboard and see which items fit within your budget while suiting your needs.


What are the 4 types of snowboards?  

The four different snowboard types are:

  1. All-mountain
  2. Freestyle
  3. Freeride
  4. Powder board

You can probably guess their purposes based on their names. All-mountain snowboards are the jack-of-all-trades boards, freestyle boards are for less conventional routes and terrains, freeriders are better for the slopes, and powder boards are made for powdered snow.

How often should you maintain your snowboard? 

A good rule of thumb that our staff follows is to tune up your snowboard every 20 to 30 runs. This should give you enough time between runs for you to notice if there’s anything that needs to be repaired. 

Is waxing a snowboard necessary? 

Waxing your snowboard is as necessary as waxing your chest if you’re Steve Carrell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Waxing helps protect the board from moisture and improves its mobility.

You can get your board waxed by a professional or, if you want to pick up a new hobby, you can learn how to wax it yourself.

What is carving in snowboarding? 

Carving is snowboarding jargon for turning on the board’s sharp edges. This technique allows riders to maintain as much of their speed as possible without barrelling straight down the hill.

You want to keep your turns tight so that your momentum doesn’t flatline halfway down the hill. Speed is more than a stimulant in snowboarding; it’s a necessary component for you to be able to go down the hill.

Gravity can be your friend or your enemy, but carving turns it into your godsend. Since carving is so important to snowboarding you’re going to want a board that you can comfortably carve while riding.

That board will be different for everyone based on the size of their feet, their weight, their height, and their experience level.

Final Thoughts

Best Snowboard Brands

Snowboarding is a great way to stay active during the winter months but like all activities that require protection, it’s best to consider what you want before you dive headfirst into something you might not be prepared for.

Thankfully, each of the best snowboard brands has something for beginners, intermediates, and advanced snowboarders. Depending on your budget and experience level your needs may change.

If you follow our list of considerations and do your homework then you’re sure to find the snowboard that’s perfect for you.

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