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About Sakara Life

Sakara Review

Sakara offers nutrition programs and wellness essentials to redefine your relationship with food. Using science-backed nutrition, their meal deliveries and wellness products promote a whole-food, plant-rich diet made with ingredients you can trust. 

The brand is used by celebrities like Lily Aldridge and has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Time Magazine, Refinery29, Bloomberg, US Weekly, PopSugar, to name a few publications. They boast an impressive 350k followers on Instagram and 78k on Facebook. 

This Sakara life review will take a close look at the brand and their best-selling products, fill you in on how their meal programs work, provide examples of real customer experiences, and more to help you decide if they are the right choice for your needs. 

Overview of Sakara

Founded in 2011 by best friends Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, Sakara started as two desperate girl’s need for balance. Both had a rocky relationship with food, and after a scary trip to the ER, the duo decided to make a change in their lives for good. 

Duboise enrolled in nutrition school, and the friends incorporated everything she learned into their own diets while working on the brand. 

What started as cooking for 25 clients from their NYC apartment turned into a business with 85 employees that has now prepared over 1M meals. Sakara’s mission is ultimately to “nourish your body and change your life.” 

Still located in NYC, the company delivers nutritious, plant-based meals right to your doorstep. Before taking a look at those meals, this Sakara review will fill you in on the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Offers a selection of meal plans with science-backed, functional ingredients 
  • Products are centered on gut health and providing complete nutrition
  • Their blog has a great variety of health & wellness articles, including the Sakara hemp chocolate review
  • Customers say their meals are diverse and filling. They also experience great results from their meal plans, such as less bloating and weight loss
  • To help save money, the brand has a Sakara Rewards Program, and subscribers save 10%
  • Free shipping for subscribers and meal delivery
  • Afterpay available on orders $35 and over


  • Meal plans are expensive 
  • No international shipping options
  • Only available in the contiguous US

Sakara operates primarily as a meal plan service. They offer subscriptions to weekly meal delivery, as well as a variety of health-boosting products to keep your body working the way it should. 

Sakara Life Review

This Sakara review will feature the brand’s best-selling products, including a range of superfood teas, water, meal enhancers, as well as holistic treats and meal plans. 

Sakara Detox Tea Review

Extreme diets, years of overeating, or denying our bodies what it needs can contribute to our hunger signals being completely off. The Detox Tea supports intuitive eating by cleansing our bodies of toxins and resetting hunger hormones to their natural state. 

Made from a blend of superfoods, this sweet, citrusy tea is completely caffeine and stimulant-free. Cleanse and restore your body with a box of 20 teabags for $20. 

Sakara Sleep Tea Review

Sleep is so important for our health. If you’ve ever had a restless night, then you know how haggard and almost hungover you can feel the next day. That’s a sign from your body that it needs something more to repair and restore cell health. 

With 20 tea bags, the Sleep Tea provides a deep, healthy rest that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed in the morning. Catnip, Valerian root, and Passionflower all work together to help you relax before your head hits the pillow. 

Have a great, proper night’s sleep with the $20 Sleep Tea. 

Sakara Digestive Tea Review

Eating the wrong kind of foods can lead to poor digestion, an unhealthy gut, gas, fatigue, and even acne. The Digestive Tea works to stimulate the digestive enzymes that support your liver on its quest for detoxification. 

Caffeine and stimulant-free, this tea gently encourages proper digestion by breaking down foods and eliminating bloat. Peppermint works to calm the stomach, while Gentian spurs the liver to action.

Kick your digestive system into gear with a box of 20 tea bags for $20. 

Sakara Detox Water Drops Review

Drinking water improves digestion, normalizes blood pressure, and carries nutrients to your cells. 

Detox Water Drops are designed to boost your water drinking experience, helping to further assist in digestion and elimination, as well as improving gut health, immunity, and liver function. 

All of this is done with the help of friendly and potent chlorophyll. A rich, green color, Sakara uses chlorophyll from the white mulberry leaf for antioxidant-fuelled healing. Make the most of your water with a 2 fl oz dropper and bottle combo for $39

Pair this product with a Sakara Detox Bar if you’re in the mood for some extra cleansing.

Sakara Nootropic Chocolates Review

You may have heard that dark chocolate is great for health, but generic chocolate bars usually contain overwhelming amounts of sugar, additives, and dairy that negates any health benefits. 

Cue Nootropic Chocolates, a low-sugar, raw cacao, bite-sized snack packed with nootropics, antioxidants, and adaptogens. The chocolates contain a host of beneficial ingredients including L-Theanine, Green Tea extract, and Lion’s Mane mushroom.

Pop one in your mouth during that 3 pm slump to balance blood sugar, increase alertness and mood, and elevate brain function.  Containing 30 chocolate bites per container, the Nootropics Chocolates are $45. 

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder Review

Metabolism is the process that converts food into usable energy. If you’re experiencing bloating, fatigue, brain fog, or extra weight that won’t budge, then your metabolism may be slowing down. 

That being said, no Sakara review is complete without mentioning the Metabolism Super Powder. Using powerful herbs and potent natural ingredients, this product can improve energy and mental clarity, as well as rev up your metabolism with Sakara probiotics. 

This rich, chocolate powder can be used to make lattes, desserts, or even smoothies. Restore a healthy metabolism with the Sakara Metabolism Powder, available in the following formats:

  • 10 Single-Serving Sachets: $45
  • 30-Day Supply Pouch: $90
  • 30-Day Supply Pouch Subscription: $80 + Free Shipping 

Sakara The 10-Day Reset Review

If you love cooking and want to kick start your journey to improved health and wellness, The 10-Day Reset is a great place to start. The kit gets you involved with meal prepping and helps to establish a healthy mind-body-food connection. 

This box set contains over 20 plant-based Sakara Recipes for you to try out, as well as the following goodies:

  • Beauty Water Drops
  • Detox Water Drops
  • Complete Probiotic Formula
  • Detox Bars
  • Energy Bars
  • Organic Protein + Greens Super Powder
  • Detox Tea

All of these great products come together to provide a variety of benefits, including clearer skin, a healthier gut, and an increase in energy. The 10-Day Reset is available for $195.

Sakara Beauty Water + Detox Water Drops Review

We know water is good for us, there’s no doubt about that. The Beauty Water + Detox Water Drops elevate your water game by deeply hydrating and nourishing cells for better digestion and detoxification

Beauty Water Drops contain 72 trace minerals, helping to eliminate bloat and support collagen production

Detox Water Drops use antioxidant-rich chlorophyll to provide improved immunity, digestion, and energy

If regular tap water isn’t doing the trick, try a 30-day supply of Beauty Water + Detox Water Drops for $39, or subscribe and save 10%.

Sakara The Granola Collection Review

Who doesn’t love good, crunchy granola? So many varieties in the supermarket are loaded with sugar and usually don’t have anything good for you besides a bit of fiber. 

The Granola Collection lets you sample three of Sakara’s best-selling granolas, including the Classic Superfood, Dark Chocolate, and Plant Protein

Filled to the brim with fiber, antioxidants, and healthy proteins, these granolas are also made with gluten-free oats for easy digestion. The products feature nutrient-rich ingredients such as Goji Berries, Ashwagandha, and a personal favorite of this Sakara review, Matcha.

Whether you’re camping or waking up early to go to work, you can cleanse and nourish your body with The Granola Collection for $48.

Sakara Meals Review

Meal Programs can be super helpful for anyone who either don’t have the time to prepare their own meals, or who doesn’t know how to design their own meal plan and get the results they want. Sakara offers three different delivery meal programs:

Signature Meal Program (Level I) Review

This is a completely customizable meal plan. It’s offered as a fixed program or a weekly subscription. You’ll be able to choose the frequency and amount of meals, with subscriptions auto-renewing each week. 

You’ll also receive daily tea and functional supplements, as well as access to holistic health coaching. 

Check out the Sakara menu each week before you order. Prices vary based on frequency, program length, and meal type

Detox Program (Level II) Review

This is a fixed-term meal plan, delivering three meals per day for five days. You’ll receive plenty of organic, whole-food meals, as well as daily kefir, digestive tea, water drops, and medical-grade supplements to assist in your detox. 

A holistic health coach will check in with you every day to monitor your progress. This program is offered monthly with a limited number of spaces available. The Detox Program costs $400 for five days.

Sakara Bridal Meal Program Review

Get ready for your big day with four weeks of clean, organic meals. You’ll get three meals a day, five days a week, as well as a daily tea, supplements, and access to health coaching

This program also comes with beautifying gifts and access to a month of workouts, all available for $1,395. The cost might be steep, but not having to worry about your health and nutrition while you plan your wedding can be a major blessing.

Sakara Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sakara Review

This Sakara review turned to the internet to find out what customers are saying about the brand’s meal plans and wellness products. 

Ahead, you’ll find reviews sourced from the official website, Reddit, and Byrdie, each featuring personal experiences with Sakara products.

The Nootropic Chocolates are rated 5/5 stars by 162 customers on The majority of reviews praise the effects on energy levels and focus

One chocolate lover wrote, “I used to “need” an after caffeine beverage to keep me going… I’m so happy I can just grab one of these chocolates instead. They help me with my focus, my energy. And they’re the perfect sweetness.” 

Another reviewer had less-favorable things to say about the product, “My Nootropic chocolates…taste dry, stale and extremely chalky. Nothing like chocolate whatsoever. The taste is unappealing and not enjoyable.”

Many other products share similar reviews on the official website. From Sakara bars to the detox tea, here are a few fan favorites:

  • Detox Tea: 5/5 stars out of nearly 450 reviews
  • Detox Super Bar: 4.4/5 stars out of over 600 reviews
  • Dark Chocolate Granola: 5/5 stars out of over 750 reviews
  • Metabolism Super Powder: 4.4/5 stars out of a tremendous 2,452 reviews

The bulk of Sakara food delivery reviews on Reddit are about how meals are filling, tasty, and convenient

One Reddit Sakara review wrote, “I just did it for 3 days…it worked really well. Everything tasted delicious and was really satisfying. [If you’re busy but] want something delicious and highly nutritious, then it’s a great option.” 

The main downside to Sakara meal delivery is the expense. While the meals are varied, wholesome, and filling, one user went on to say, “Honestly if I could have them feed me all the time I would but I can’t afford that.”

A Byrdie Editor provided an honest review of her experience while doing the Detox Level II. In terms of the body-mind-food connection, the detox made her “hyper-aware of how much my cravings dictate my food decisions, which almost always leads to poor diet decisions and excessive snacking.”

The editor said that she experienced weight loss and less bloating, but by day 4 she had “textbook detox symptoms like dizziness, headaches, and lightheadedness.”

With all that in mind, we can clearly see that Sakara provides quality meals and wellness products that are loved across the board. The only notable downside is that this nutritious food can be expensive.

Is Sakara Worth It?

Sakara Review

Is Sakara worth the money? We think so, as the brand’s meals and products aren’t intended as a quick fix diet, but rather the start to a new relationship with food. 

This Sakara review did not come across any customers that spoke badly about the variety or taste of their meals. They are filling, diverse, and flavorful. The main issue that makes them inaccessible to many is the price. 

At $70 a day for three meals, the average person won’t be able to experience the benefits of their programs. 

Worry not, as Sakara also offers wellness products in their Clean Boutique that help you make small yet significant changes to your diet. The boutique features products at a reduced rate, and for those who want to try their meals but can’t afford them, the brand offers a 10 Day Detox plan for a fraction of the price. 

We love that their meals are plant-based and satisfying, as well as the overall message the brand promotes. For those who can afford it, their meal delivery service and products are definitely worth the buy. 

Sakara Promotions & Discounts 

Sakara Review

This Sakara review has found the following promotions and discounts available on

  • Subscribe and save 10% + get free shipping 
  • The Sakara Rewards Program lets you earn points for every purchase that can be redeemed for meals and products
  • The 10 Day Detox lets you prepare the same type of meals Sakara provides at a reduced price
  • The Referral Program gives a friend $50 towards their first purchase of $75 or more. You’ll receive 850 points to your rewards account

Where to Buy Sakara

Sakara Review

You can buy Sakara products directly from and 

Sign Up for Sakara 

To sign up for a Sakara subscription to their wellness products, head to the official website and follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Shop Clean Boutique’
  2. Choose ‘Subscribe’
  3. Click on the product you wish to subscribe to
  4. Select ‘Add to Cart’
  5. Enter billing information


Where is Sakara Life located? 

Sakara Life has kitchens located in Long Island, New York, and Gardena, California. 

Is Sakara Life vegan? 

Sakara Life recipes and Clean Boutique products and meals are completely vegan.

Does Sakara help you lose weight? 

Sakara’s meals and products are not specifically for weight loss, but many users have reported losing weight while subscribing to their service.

Can you freeze Sakara meals? 

After delivery, Sakara meals can last three days in the fridge. Due to the fresh bio-active nature of the ingredients, it’s not recommended that you freeze them. 

How much does Sakara cost? 

The price of Sakara varies based on if you’re a subscriber, the meal delivery plan, and the frequency of your meals. 

For example, if you choose to subscribe to the Signature Meal Program with three meals per day, five days per week, the cost of food is $70/day or $350/week. The same option without a subscription is $410. 

How do I cancel my Sakara account? 

To cancel your Sakara account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Choose ‘Cancel’ 

This Sakara review notes that you must cancel before Wednesday at midnight to avoid the charge for next week’s meals. 

What is Sakara’s Shipping Policy?

The brand only delivers to the contiguous US. Shipping for Sakara’s meals and subscriptions is always free. Your meals will be delivered on the day you choose before checkout. 

Delivery for orders from the Clean Boutique is available to customers in the continental US. Your order should arrive in 4-10 business days, and you’ll be sent a tracking number when your order ships. 

What is Sakara’s Return Policy?

All Sakara products are considered final sale and cannot be returned. If you received a damaged product, contact their Wellness Team and they will work to get you a replacement. 

How to Contact Sakara Customer Service

If you need any other information that this Sakara meals review did not include, you can get in touch with their Wellness Team Monday-Friday 9 am – 6 pm EST by:

  1. Emailing [email protected], or [email protected] 
  2. Calling 1-(917) 261-3593, or 1-(917) 261-3593
  3. Using the Contact Form available on their website

It is always good to have healthy options when it comes to your diet. Here are a few other food subscriptions to consider in your search:




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