10 Best British Clothing Brands

Searching For The Best British Clothing Brands

When it comes to trends, Britain always seems to be ahead of the curve. Think of fashion icons and names like David Bowie and Twiggy come to mind. As one of the largest fashion capitals of the world, London is also one of the most multicultural, with influences from all over the world. Here, you’ll meet the best British clothing brands.

Today’s fashion trends borrow the best pieces from the past, updating materials, design, and details to fit modern style. British fashion dates back to the Middle Ages which saw fur coats and multicolored apparel as status symbols.

Fast forward to the Renaissance and pointed-toe shoes became a thing, and in the 16th century, the Brits were introduced to lace from the French. 

Fast-forward to the 20th century, and Britain saw fashion trends change faster than ever. From the unisex styles of the 1960s to edgy influences like Boy George and Princess Diana, boundaries were constantly pushed. And over the past 30 years, designers have pushed boundaries like never before.

So where does that leave us today? Let’s plunge into the best British clothing brands and find out.

10 Best British Clothing Brands

#1: ASOS

Best British Clothing Brands

You simply can’t make a list of the best British clothing brands without ASOS. This style-driven fashion house is perhaps the most varied on this list, making both work-appropriate clothing and streetwear, along with accessories for men, women, and teens. 

I love how many options this brand has and that you can search through edgy tube tops and then adventure into perfectly tailored blazers with just a few clicks. Easy to find what you’re looking for, ASOS has hundreds of thousands of products which vary quite dramatically in price.

Along with its own house line, it stocks well-known brands so you can get all of your favorite looks in one place.

ASOS has been around since 2000, founded in London by Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan, and Quentin Griffiths. Its collection is mostly young, but lovers of sophisticated, luxury style can browse through printed dresses, button-ups, and trousers.

ASOS is a big company and is working on becoming better. By 2030, they’ll have net-zero emissions and 100% of their collection will be made with recycled and more sustainable materials. They’ve also banned fur and animal textiles. Tops go for as low as $8 and jeans clock in at about $40.


  • Clothes for every budget
  • Huge selection of apparel
  • House brand + other well-known retailers
  • Sustainable production + goals
  • No animal textiles

#2: Never Fully Dressed

Best British Clothing Brands

There’s a chance you’ve seen this brand pop up on your Instafeed. Their MO? Versatile pieces that help you minimize your wardrobe. With a collection just for women, these fun pieces are decked out with eccentric prints and have no shortage of color. 

Founded in 2009 by Lucy Aylen, who got her start selling clothes at the Portabello market in Essex, you’ll find classic, flirty cuts within her line of dresses, trousers, and jumpsuits. Curated by theme, you can browse Garden Party looks, Festival picks, and NFD Classics like the Coco Wrap Dress that looks good on just about anyone.

Expect great quality from this brand as well as well-tailored items for a figure-flattering look. Inherently feminine, you’ll like this line if you’re a girly girl and don’t shy away from the bold. Dresses are $80-$120 while graphic tees are $41.


  • Feminine style
  • Fun range of dresses, pants, and jumpsuits
  • Affordable options
  • Shop by occasion
  • Figure-flattering
  • Sustainable fabrics
  • Give back to good causes

#3: House of Sunny

Best British Clothing Brands

House of Sunny is big on retro style and bright colors, the type you might have seen in a 70s music video. Lava lamp prints, feather cuffs, and crochet are rich within this season’s collection. That’s not to say they’re stuck in the past. They emphasize sustainable production and are committed to using less water and recycled fabrics. 

The brand is completely independent and ensures its production team works in a safe environment and is paid fairly. Their pieces are made to last through the seasons, meaning you can cut down the number of items you have in your wardrobe.

While House of Sunny is smaller than others on my list of best British clothing brands, I really like what this brand stands for.

Founded in 2011 by Sunny Williams, this fun line is an awesome pick for those who like playful prints and textures. To give you an idea of its price point, knitted cardigans are $130 and men’s track pants go for $108.


  • Sustainable & ethical practices
  • Retro style
  • Fun colors & prints
  • All-season wear 

#4: AllSaints

Best British Clothing Brands

As someone who believes that everyone should have a quality leather jacket in their wardrobe (even if it’s vegan), I couldn’t leave AllSaints off my list of best British clothing brands.

For women, their style is flowy and loose, for men, we’re seeing comfy sweaters and the kind of white tees well-dressed men keep on hand. 

Founded in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro, AllSaints has always been known for high-quality items. In the early days, their apparel was stocked on the shelves of Harrods and Harvey Nichols, but today, the UK-based brand has its own boutiques around the globe.

Expect tops and jackets to go for over $130. Be sure to check out the brand’s extensive sale section for awesome deals.


  • Luxury, high-quality items
  • Classic & edgy pieces
  • Clothing for men & women
  • Great place for jackets & leather

#5: Marks & Spencer

Best British Clothing Brands

Honestly, this couldn’t be a list of the best British clothing brands without Marks & Spencer. An iconic name in UK fashion, the department store has come a long way since it was called Mark’s Penny Bazaar when it first started in 1884. 

Founded by Michael Marks, a Jewish refugee, and Thomas Spencer in Leeds, the company has almost 1,000 shops across the UK, as well as some in international locations like Bermuda. You’ll love this shop if you want simple, quality clothing and love basics. 

Marks & Spencer stays up to date on current trends and has a wide range of polished essentials for men, women, and kids. Dresses are usually under $80 and men’s jackets are $100+.


  • Great selection of men’s & women’s clothing
  • Good pick for essentials & classic pieces
  • Range of prints & styles
  • Affordable, quality clothing
  • Iconic brand

#6: Barbour

Best British Clothing Brands

Best known for its waxed jacket, Barbour has been around since 1894. Its style is inherently British, so if you’re looking to adopt outdoorsy fashion, you’ll enjoy its wide selection of jackets and jumpers. 

Worn by the Royal family, it may come as a surprise that this brand has decent prices and big sales. Men’s button-down shirts and women’s blouses start at $110.


  • Worn by the Royal family
  • Long history
  • Large selection of apparel for kids, women, & men
  • Variety of outerwear
  • Casual, classic style

#7: Baukjen

Best British Clothing Brands

I’m a big fan of Baukjen for its timeless, sustainable apparel. Using natural fabrics throughout its line of basics and occasion wear, they even let you rent pieces to help reduce textile waste. 

As a Certified B Corporation, Baukjen was founded in 2003 by Geoff Van Sonsbeeck to be the change needed in the apparel industry. Tees go for $30-$50 while joggers are $90.


  • Sustainable production
  • Timeless apparel
  • Natural materials
  • Certified B Corp
  • Wide selection of everyday styles for women

#8: Joules

Best British Clothing Brands

Joules is all about British fashion. Its homepage couldn’t be more telling of this fact, with sections dedicated to long, flowing floral dresses and rain gear. Their style is casual, and it’s a pretty approachable line if you want to get the London look. 

Created by Tom Joule in 1989, Joules’ collection brings together color, fun, and entertainment. You’ll find their jeans are $70 and jackets run for over $80


  • Men’s, women’s & kids’ clothing
  • Mid-range prices
  • Fun, approachable fashion
  • Modest, classic style

#9: Phase Eight

Best British Clothing Brands

Flowy, classic, chic. That pretty much sums up Phase Eight’s gorgeous collection of on-trend dresses, jumpsuits, and co-ords. The collection definitely has a more upscale feel to it, designed for the modern, mature woman more so than the club-going crowd. 

Founded in 1979 by Patsy Seddon, the brand has some dresses under $100, but they mostly lie in the $200-$300 range. Tops start at $60.


  • Mature, classy designs
  • Tons of color
  • Upscale fashion
  • Sizes 0-26
  • Plus size options

#10: Ted Baker

Best British Clothing Brands

If you’re into florals and upscale fashion, you’ll love Ted Baker. One of the most iconic names on my list of best British clothing brands, their collection is crisp, tailored, and ultra chic.

Founded in 1988 by Ray Kelvin, not Ted Baker, the brand is actually named after Kelvin’s alter ego.

With options for men and women, expect bold patterns and colors, along with luxury materials. Dresses are usually over $200 while men’s short sleeve button downs cost roughly $150.


  • Luxury clothing
  • For men & women
  • Tailored, well-fitting designs
  • Bold patterns & colors
  • Icomnic name in British fashion

Which Brand of British Clothing is the Best?

Best British Clothing Brands

If I’m going to name my top choice of the best British clothing brands, it has to check all of the boxes. That brand needs a fantastic variety for both men and women and a range of prices for those who want affordable and luxury items. But it also needs to have sustainable production and be accessible. 

For me, that means ASOS. While there is always room for improvement (they have big goals to meet over the next few years), I feel like this brand has the most for everyone and is a great introduction to approachable British style

What Defines British Style? 

Best British Clothing Brands

British style has an effortless look of cool, but more so, it exudes confidence. With confidence, you can pull just about anything off. Here’s what else sets the Brits apart:

  1. Polished trumps casual: You won’t see many Brits walking around in flip-flops and yoga pants, they prefer to dress well on the regular. To follow the trend, sub in your rubber slides for Oxfords and your leggings for straight-leg jeans
  2. They’re not afraid of bright colors: You’ll often see neons and prints like polka dots mixed in with casual pieces
  3. Boots are their best friends: The weather in Britain is unpredictable. Outfits often consist of Chelsea or combat boots instead of more flimsy footwear.
  4. They avoid the baseball cap: Instead, Brits prefer to wear beanies, paperboy caps, and wide brim fedoras

How Do I Pick Good British Clothing? 

Best British Clothing Brands

If you’re new to the style, picking one of the best British clothing brands can feel like taking a shot in the dark. Don’t stress, they’re all on my list because of their style and quality, but it’s more so about finding a brand you can rock with confidence. I’ll tell you exactly how to do it below.


Chances are that you’ve heard about one or two of the best British clothing brands before. You might be tempted to go with a familiar name that’s been around a while, and if so, definitely do. But make sure it aligns with your values like using sustainable fabrics or prioritizing ethical production. 


Even though the Brits have an eye for polished fashion, that doesn’t mean all of their clothing is by default high quality. You may not be looking for high quality, but if you are, look into the materials the brand uses and its craftsmanship. Luxury designers will have higher quality items but their clothing also costs more.


British style isn’t all the same. Parts of it are young and edgy, others are sophisticated and classic. The point is to feel good in what you’re wearing, so you may want to go with a style that makes you feel comfortable and happy.


These days, clothing almost has to be sustainable to be worth buying. Textile waste is a massive issue and you either need the pieces you buy to last you for years or be made from eco-friendly materials.

It also doesn’t hurt if the brand offers minimal or recyclable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.


Looking for just one piece? You may be more willing to spend a few extra bucks on something high quality. Want to checkout with a new wardrobe? Opt for a brand with lower prices.


Best British Clothing Brands

How to style British clothing? 

Brits have a knack for piecing together outfits that work. If you want to borrow some of their style, consider adding these elements into your look:

  • Peter Pan collars
  • Tweed blazer
  • Oxford shoes
  • Paperboy Cap

Remember, layers are your friend. Don’t be afraid of throwing a blazer or trench over a houndstooth sweater and crisp white shirt.

What to avoid with British clothing?

Those items you skip out to the store in? Forget those. To follow British style, ditch the flip-flops, sweatpants, baseball cap, and pieces like UGGS. British style is like American style was 60 years ago when going to lunch meant donning a pantsuit, not leggings. 

What are the 5 main British style values?

Pulling off British style takes a little work, but nothing you can’t handle. Its rules are pretty simple and as long as you stick to them, you’ll get it in no time. I consulted the gents at Men’s Finest, but their advice applies to everyone. Here are their top 5 British style values:

  1. Less is more
  2. Wear one tailored item
  3. Mix & Match: play around with patterns
  4. Use your surrounding as inspiration
  5. Take inspiration from history

What Is the difference between a peacoat and a trench coat?

To many of us, a coat is a coat, but there happen to be many different styles. The differences between a peacoat and a trench coat are actually quite noticeable, so you can tell just by looking at them. They differ in two key ways:

  • Fabric: Peacoats have thicker material, trenches have more movement
  • Cut: Peacoats have a shorter cut, trench coats are longer and have a belt

What is a peter pan collar dress? 

A Peter Pan collar is small and rounded, not pointed like traditional collars are. You’ll often see these collars on dresses sort of like the British version of the shirt-dress. 

Is tweed itchy?

It depends on which type of tweed you wear. Traditionally, tweed is an itchy fabric, but it comes down to the yarn it’s made from. There are three different types of yarn tweed is normally composed of:

  • Harris tweed yarn: this one is thicker, harrier, so it’s itchier than others
  • Yorkshire woven tweed: good middle-range quality, softer, and thinner 
  • Worsted wool yarn: a tighter woven fabric, this is your softest type

Final Thoughts

Best British Clothing Brands

Now that you know all about the best British clothing brands, what next? Trying a new style can be intimidating, but remember, no matter what you’re wearing, confidence is key. One of these brands will help you get there.

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