10 Best Trampoline Brands 

Shopping For The Best Trampoline Brands

There’s no feeling quite like bouncing on a trampoline, not to mention the heart-pounding workout you’ll get while having fun. Whether you’re searching for the best trampoline brands for your kids or yourself, I’ve got a full list for you ahead.

Like any piece of equipment, not all trampolines are built the same. Some will rip quickly, sag, and break altogether. You won’t find any of those here. These 10 best trampoline brands are pre-vetted for quality to ensure you get the most out of every bounce.

10 Best Trampoline Brands

#1: Springfree 

Best Trampoline Brands

As the name suggests, these trampolines are free from springs. Founded in 2003 by Keith Alexander, they’ve landed at the top of my list of best trampoline brands because of that, but also because they’re renowned for their quality

Safety features include no springs, a SoftEdge jumping mat, and a curved pole to reduce bumps. Equipped with a safety net attached to the actual trampoline, there’s no chance of rolling off underneath it. As for the quality, you’ll enjoy knowing its trampolines are made with a galvanized steel frame.

Because Springfree offers some of the highest quality trampolines on the market, their prices are higher than others on this list. The 6 Mini Round is $800 while their largest model is the Jumbo 13×13’ Square for $3,000.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 1,500 lbs weight capacity on larger trampolines
  • SoftEdge jumping mat
  • No springs or metal near the jump pad
  • Award-winning items

#2: JumpSport Fitness

Best Trampoline Brands

JumpSport makes trampolines for serious bouncers. Founded in 1998 by Mark Publicover, most of its inventory is dedicated to personal-sized rebounders, so if you came to this list of best trampoline brands looking for yourself, you might find what you need with this brand.

Many of the brand’s rebounders don’t have a safety feature, but since they’re for adults, you may be ok with that. They’re made with cords instead of springs so finger pinches may be less common. Whew. 

Along with its fitness trampolines, JumpSport makes backyard trampolines. Their most popular model? The Alleyoop, which features a triple-fail safe safety net, SafeSpring protection, and a frame made from cold-rolled steel that won’t rust.

Prices start at $200 for 3’ rebounders which come with a lifetime warranty for the frame. Outdoor rebounders range from $1,900-$3,000 for 14’ to 17’ options.


  • Great safety features 
  • Designed for sport
  • Quiet bouncing
  • For adults & kids
  • Rebounders come with free workouts

#3: Skywalker 

Best Trampoline Brands

Skywalker is more than just a clever name, though that may have helped this company become one of the most popular trampoline brands.

Launched in 2005 with a selection of round, rectangle, square, oval, and mini trampolines, they have one of the largest on my list of best trampoline brands. They may also be the most affordable. That explains the popularity.

But Skywalker doesn’t make cheap trampolines, the brand is just as dedicated to safety as it is at affordable prices. Each one features foam padded poles and a no-gap net to ensure your kids stay free of falls.

Made with a galvanized steel frame, the recommended user weight is 275 lbs. Pick up a 15’ Round Trampoline for $400 or the 12’ Round for $329.


  • Three-year warranty for frame 
  • Great range of sizes & shapes
  • Gap-free net
  • Padded poles
  • Galvanized steel frame

#4: Zupapa 

Best Trampoline Brands

Zupapa is all about quality outdoor equipment. If you’re looking for hours of entertainment for your kids while ensuring they’re safe, this brand comes highly recommended. 

Tested to ASTM and TÜV standards for safety, their trampolines feature padded spring covers that link up to the jumping made without gapping. Smart. Equipped with a net, your kids will be contained with minimal risk of falls or injury.

The reason Zupapa landed on my list of best trampoline brands is because of its trampoline’s superior bounce. Made with high-quality springs, it’s super bouncy and you know what that means: more fun!

Available in a wide range of sizes, Zupapa trampolines go from 8’ to 16’, but just know these have lower weight capacities than others do, with most having a max weight of 425 lbs. Prices range from $420-$800.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 425 weight capacity 
  • Bouncier
  • Certified safe by ASTM & TÜV
  • No-gap designs
  • Affordable

#5: Acon 

Best Trampoline Brands

Founded in 1996 by Tarmo Sallinen, Acon is one of the highest quality names on my list of best trampoline brands. I had to include it for this reason: Acon trampolines have no weight capacity. They can be used by anyone of any weight. 

Super springy, expect more durable materials from this brand like galvanized steel springs and a polypropylene mat. Why are these important? Because it means no one will ever bottom out. 

And just as you probably thought, since Acon makes high-quality trampolines, its prices are slightly higher, though you should get more use out of them than you would other brands. 10’ trampolines start at $849 with the option to add on an enclosure and ladder.


  • No user weight capacity
  • For adults & kids
  • 1-10 year warranty for frame, parts, & net
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • Replaceable parts

#6: SkyBound

Best Trampoline Brands

SkyBound’s collection includes both mini indoor and large outdoor trampolines. All of them have safety enclosures. Founded in 2010, the brand is associated with high-quality products that are safe for kids. 

Equipped with smart features for your kids, its sizes range from 4’ to 15’. You can get a 12’ trampoline for $650 or a 15’ one for $850.


  • Antibacterial jump pad
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • Decent prices
  • Great range of circular indoor & outdoor trampolines

#7: VULY

Best Trampoline Brands

Chosen for their safety rating, VULY offers just two different models of trampolines, the Thunder and the Thunder Pro. With a unique protective configuration, they’re a great option for small kids. Shoppers also love the brand’s 10-year warranty

Founded in 2007 by Joe Andon, the Australian brand’s trampolines aren’t cheap but they will last for years. 14’ models start at $2,199 and come with a free shade.


  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Two trampoline options
  • 10-year warranty
  • Larger sizes
  • Free shade

#8: Jump King

Best Trampoline Brands

Jump King has a small selection of trampolines including round, oval, rectangular, and hexagon shapes. It landed on my list of best trampoline brands because of its affordable prices and many fun accessories.

Jump King really takes the cake in terms of additions. If normal trampolining isn’t enough for you, basketball hoops, castle covers, and more will take your bouncing to the next level.

Founded in Texas in 1948, Jump King offers trampolines from 10’ to 15’. Prices range from $150-$1,700.


  • Variety of shapes
  • Affordable prices
  • Sizes from 10’ to 15’
  • Tons of accessories

#9: Happy Trampoline 

Best Trampoline Brands

Said to be the world’s safest trampoline, Happy Trampoline is also known to sell one of the largest. Measuring 13’ x 23’, like the rest of the brand’s models, this large one is made with springs that are 33% longer than other brands.

What does that mean? Well, longer springs mean a higher bounce. With a jumping weight capacity of 550lbs, this fun brand uses thick, durable materials for all of its trampolines which start at $800.


  • Durable & long-lasting
  • 33% longer springs
  • Nice selection of round & rectangular trampolines
  • Sizes up to 13’ x 23’

#10: Upper Bounce

Best Trampoline Brands

Loved for how easy their trampolines are to assemble, Upper Bounce lands on my list of best trampoline brands because its products are also safe for kids. With an inventory that includes both outdoor and indoor workout trampolines, there’s something for everyone. 

With a reputation for quality materials, Upper Bounce was launched in 2009 in a basement where its founders sold parts. Prices start under $400 for 10’ trampolines. 


  • Affordable
  • Safe for kids
  • Adult-friendly options
  • Indoor & outdoor models

How to Shop for the Best Trampoline Brands

Best Trampoline Brands

Even though these are the best trampoline brands, their products differ and one may be a better fit for your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a family-size model, you wouldn’t go with a company that offers individual-sized trampolines. Below, we’ll walk you through some key factors to keep in mind while making your decision.


There’s a good chance you’ve heard of some of the names on my list of the best trampoline brands, and you may feel more secure buying from a company you know. If so, go with that, but make sure they have what you need. 

If you don’t know any of the companies listed here, it’s worth reading their stories. A simple trip to their website may tell you all you need to know about the brand. Those that manufacture sports equipment versus ones that focus on toys may tell you they’re made for more frequent (and hard) use.


You don’t want to spend a fortune on a trampoline but at the same time, you don’t want a cheap one that’s going to break within the first three months. The best trampoline brands are higher in quality than others out there, but there are still variations between them.

Higher quality means a higher price and more advanced features. But, these models may last you much longer.


Safety is the #1 question when it comes to trampolines. Statistics say that trampolines cause about 100k injuries every year in the states, so you probably want to make sure yours comes with safety features.

Certain models on this list of best trampoline brands aren’t made with springs while many of them come with safety nets. If you have kids, these are valuable options to look into.


Who will be using your trampoline? Do you have kids? Do you envision birthday parties in your future? If so, you should go with a model that has enough space to handle more than one or two people. If you’re buying a trampoline just for you to work out on, then make sure it’s a big enough size for your frame.

Weight Capacity

Some personal trampolines max out at 250 lbs. Others can hold more. This stands true for larger-sized trampolines as well. Be sure to check the weight capacity on every model you choose so you know it won’t break prematurely.


Your new trampoline shouldn’t break within a few uses. If it does, it may be covered under a warranty. For the security that comes with it, we suggest opting for a trampoline with a favorable warranty.

If your trampoline comes with a safety net, this may break down over time. If so, find out if your net is covered under warranty or how much a replacement will cost.


Safer and larger trampolines will cost you more than smaller, less safe ones will. Safety is worth paying more for, but still, you may be able to find a happy medium with one of my picks on this list of best trampoline brands.

What is the Top Rated Trampoline Brand?  

Best Trampoline Brands

Skywalker is an incredibly popular trampoline brand. With huge jumping surfaces for affordable prices, you can make your kids happy without breaking the budget. The brand offers a great range of sizes and shapes, as well as add-ons for games like basketball to take jumping to the next level. 

How Much is a Good Quality Trampoline? 

Best Trampoline Brands

Like anything you buy, when you shop for the best trampoline brands, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. While I included a spectrum of products for you here, the average price of a good quality trampoline depends on the size:

  • Small 3-5’: $200
  • Medium 5-10’: $500
  • Large 10-15’: $800
  • Extra large 15’+: $800+

Are the Best Trampoline Brands Worth It? 

Best Trampoline Brands

If you’re looking to buy a trampoline, you may be better off sticking with one of the best trampoline brands. Trusted for their safety, quality, or features, buying a trampoline from one of the companies on my list means you’re bypassing a lot of potential frustration you may experience with lower-quality brands. 

Final Thoughts

Best Trampoline Brands

Unless it’s an adult who’s using it, bounce play needs supervision, no matter how many safety features your trampoline has. If you can guarantee that, then buying one is a fantastic way to get some fresh air, exercise, and fun!

Each of the best trampoline brands offers something unique. Whether it’s safety features, shapes, or games, there’s something here for every budget. Happy bouncing!

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