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Do you wish you could stop procrastinating and focus better? Or do you want to become super organized and get more out of your day? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Bufo and this review! 

Bufo is a health and wellness company that specializes in making cognitive supplements. These supplements feature five natural nootropics that help boost energy and productivity, reduce fatigue, and increase motivation. Ultimately, these wonder-supplements should help your reach your full potential in your work and personal life.   

Bufo is a relatively new company but has already had features in The New York Times, Healthline, and Forbes. It’s clear that this brand is on to something great! 

By reading this Bufo Review, you’ll learn more about the brand’s products and their benefits. Some pros and cons and customer ratings will also get discussed before we let you know if Bufo is worth purchasing.  

Overview of Bufo

Bufo makes “premium brain supplements” intended to help users reduce procrastination and achieve their goals quicker and with a clearer mind. Bufo’s ultimate goal is to help their customers reach their “limitless” self.  

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These cognitive supplements use five nootropics that help with attention, problem-solving, energy, motivation, and more. All ingredients in Bufo Supplements are natural and scientifically tested. This product is also 100% vegan.

Bufo supplements are especially worth a try if you want to get better at multitasking, have busy and stressful workdays, or have trouble blocking out distractions, for example, since working from home. Bufo Nootropic Supplements also get suggested as a natural alternative to caffeine and energy drinks. It is also a great alternative to pharmaceuticals like Adderall and Modafinil.

Users of Bufo Supplements report improved focus, increased productivity and motivation, and quicker problem-solving and decision-making among the benefits gained. 

By taking a consultation quiz to discover your “focus score,”  Bufo can provide a supplement mix that tackles your main concentration and cognitive issues. This approach makes it more likely you’ll succeed and achieve your goals. 

This Bufo Review will now cover some pros and cons of the brand and its products. 


  • Nootropic experience gets customized to your needs 
  • Helps with productivity and focus, reduces procrastination 
  • Improves cognitive ability making problem-solving and multitasking easier 
  • All-natural, scientist-approved ingredients 
  • A 100% vegan product  
  • A great alternative to caffeinated products 
  • Alternative to pharmaceuticals like Adderall and Modafinil
  • Prices are affordable, with each sachet costing less than a cup of coffee! 
  • Shipping is free

How Does Bufo Work?

To get started, you’ll need to take a quick free quiz. This consultation quiz has a handful of questions relating to your work life, lifestyle, and way of thinking and tackling tasks. Once complete, you’ll get a customized product recommendation based on your quiz responses. 

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Once you’ve got your product recommendation, you can choose one of three Nootropic Bundle options: one box, three boxes, or six boxes.

Each box includes 20 sachets. You then have the option to place a one-time order or set up a subscription. Subscriptions will save you between 13% and 38% on your total order price

Your chosen order will then get delivered directly to your door, and you can start the process of becoming more productive thanks to Bufo! 

This Bufo review will now go on to explain the Bufo Subscription plans in more detail. 

Bufo Subscription Review

A Bufo Subscription allows you to get recurring deliveries of your Bufo Nootropic Supplements. 

The key to gaining all the desired benefits from Bufo Supplements is to take them consistently for an extended period. A subscription makes getting the right amount of supplements each month easy! You’ll never forget an order and won’t run out of your nootropics unless you decide to cancel. 

The following Bufo Subscriptions are available:

  1. Monthly Bufo Subscription: get a monthly delivery of the Bufo Rookie Bundle with one box/20 sachets delivered per month for $69.99 ($3.50 per sachet) a month.  
  2. Three-Month Bufo Subscription: get a delivery of the Bufo Starter Bundle every three months, with three boxes/60 sachets sent each quarter for $59.99 ($3.00 per sachet) per delivery.
  3. Six-Month Bufo Subscription: get a delivery of the Bufo Hustler Bundle every six months, with six boxes/120 sachets sent biannually for $49.99 ($2.50 per sachet) per delivery.  
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Each Bufo Nootropics Box includes:

  • 20 daily sachets of nootropics 
  • Ingredient information cards 
  • Usage instructions 

Each sachet includes five natural and science-backed nootropic ingredients. The five nootropic ingredients used in Bufo supplements are:

  1. Guarana: this native Brazilian plant is known for providing a steady release of energy to help reduce fatigue. 
  1. Panax Ginseng: this ingredient has calming and anxiety-reducing properties. It helps with memory, alertness, and focus while reducing fatigue. 
  1. L-Theanine: this is an amino acid in green tea. It provides natural energy,  motivates, and increases attention span while reducing anxiety.  
  1. Rhodiola Rosea: this nootropic helps boost energy, fight fatigue, increase alertness, and improve memory. Some say it has antidepressant and antianxiety properties too.   
  1. Phosphatidylserine: this nootropic ingredient improves brain health, attention span, mood, memory, and alertness. 

For most people, one sachet a day will offer the cognitive benefits they are seeking. Bufo’s scientists state that it can take three months for your brain to absorb the nootropics and realize the positive effects. 

That means that if you’re new to Bufo Supplements, you’ll want to start with a supply of at least 60 – 90 sachets. The most cost-effective way to achieve this is by getting a Hustler Bundle Six-Month Subscription.

How Much is Bufo?

This Bufo Review will now give an overview of how much each Bufo bundle costs. 

  • Rookie Bundle (1 box – 20 sachets)

One-Time Purchase: $79.99 per box ($4.00 per sachet)
Subscription Rate: $69.99 per box ($3.50 per sachet) 

Purchasing a Rookie Bundle with a subscription saves you 13%.

  • Starter Bundle (3 boxes – 60 sachets)

One-Time Purchase: $69.99 per box ($3.50 per sachet)
Subscription Rate: $59.99 per box ($3.00 per sachet) 

Purchasing a Starter Bundle with a subscription saves you 26%. 

  • Hustler Bundle (6 boxes – 120 sachets)

One-Time Purchase: $59.99 per box ($3.00 per sachet)
Subscription Rate: $49.99 per box ($2.50 per sachet) 

Purchasing a Hustler Bundle with a subscription saves you 38%. 

Bufo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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This Bufo review will now take a look at how the brand’s customers are rating Bufo Nootropics. 

Customers have begun to leave reviews on the Bufo website, where the average rating is a 4.63/5 stars.

Positive reviewers particularly like:

  • Being able to focus and beat procrastination
  • The use of natural ingredients 
  • Being able to get more done in the day 

One particularly helpful five-star review states: 

“I absolutely LOVE Bufo! Brain fog and procrastination is gone – now I actually get things done without prescription meds or energy drinks. Couldn’t be happier!”

Other reviewers mention their newfound “laser-focus,” the ability to be “sharp and engaged no matter how stressful the day,” and that Bufo Nootropics are “a game-changer!”  

Is Bufo Worth It?

This Bufo review will now let you know if purchasing Bufo Supplements is worth it. 

Based on the positive customer reviews and the benefits to gain from using Bufo, we would say it’s absolutely worth a try. Everyone knows what it’s like to lose motivation or get stuck in an endless cycle of procrastination.

As a newer company, Bufo is able to offer a product that promises to help with focus this for as little as $49.99.

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The fact that their supplements use natural ingredients, are backed by scientists, and are customized to your needs are awesome bonuses. 

Of course, effects will vary but switching your usual cups of coffee or multiple energy drinks in exchange for Bufo could be a better alternative to not only your performance but also your health.

Bufo Promotions & Discounts 

Bufo is not currently running any special promotions. The brand always offers discounted prices for subscription orders. Ordering via a subscription instead of making one-time purchases can reduce your order cost by up to 38%! 

Sign up for Bufo

If this Bufo Review has encouraged you to try Bufo products, here is an easy-to-follow list on signing-up for Bufo:   

  1. Take the Bufo consultation quiz to determine your perfect combination of nootropics.
  2. Enter your email when prompted after finishing the quiz to access your offer and personalized bundles.
  3. Choose between one box (20 sachets), three boxes (60 sachets), and six boxes (120 sachets.) 
  4. Decide if you want to make a one-time purchase or set up a recurring subscription (and save!) 
  5. Provide delivery information and pay.
  6. Receive your Bufo Nootropics in four to seven days and start your journey to becoming a “limitless you!”   


How do I cancel my Bufo subscription?

If you need to cancel your Bufo subscription for any reason, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the “Submit a Request” page. 
  2. Choose the request type “Subscription.” 
  3. Enter your email address, subject, message relating to canceling your subscription, and add any attachments.
  4. Submit and wait to hear back from Bufo customer service. 

Your subscription needs to be canceled at least 48 hours before your next billing cycle to avoid getting charged again. 

What is Bufo’s Shipping Policy?

This Bufo review found that shipping is free on all Bufo orders. Bufo will ship your order in four to seven days. 

What is Bufo’s Return Policy?

Information on Bufo’s return policy is not available on their website. Contacting customer support is recommended to find out more.

How to Contact Bufo

If you have any questions after reading this Bufo review, you can contact the company via the support form on the website, found here: help.getbufo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

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