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CalmiGo Review

We’re all prone to feeling anxious now and again. But for some, that physical and mental nuisance hits far more than we’d like. Thankfully, CalmiGo wants to help.

This drug-free calming device provides instantaneous relief for moments of intense anxiety, stress, or panic by stimulating your senses and prompting you to regulate your breathing, ultimately grounding you. Suitable for both children and adults, this device is simple to use, operating like an inhaler.

Though you don’t need a prescription, CalmiGo has been addressed by the platform, which is informed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

CalmiGo’s innovative, drug-free solution has also been featured by notable media outlets, including Forbes, KTLA5, Organic Spa, Omni 8, and Living Well. Most notably, the device comes stamped with a Mom’s Choice Award.

Think this device could be the solution to your anxiety-related concerns? We invite you to read this CalmiGo review. Here, we’ll dive deep into the brand and its device, provide customer testimonials, answer FAQs, and more so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of CalmiGo

CalmiGo Review

CalmiGo was co-founded by Dr. Orna Levin and Adi Wallach in 2016. Having become fed up with years of anxiety attacks that would leave her both mentally and physically exhausted, Wallach was inspired to create a device that would actually help.

Wallach understands better than most how debilitating these attacks can be. She would avoid places she loved in fear of a trigger, which, as we can imagine, was extremely detrimental to every aspect of her life.

To remedy the attacks, she tried therapy, yoga, herbal supplements, and other possible solutions, all in a bid to avoid drugs. When enough was enough, Wallach thought up the idea for the little portable device that soon gave her her life back.

She then teamed up with Dr. Levin to launch CalmiGo. The pair’s mission is simple yet admirable: “to improve people’s psychological well-being with simple and easy to use technological solutions, bringing both immediate relief as well as continuous improvement of their overall emotional health.”

Based in New York, NY, the brand sources parts from China before assembling its products in the US.

Before this CalmiGo review gets into the nitty-gritty details of the device, here is a quick overview of the brand’s highlights.


  • Provides a drug-free way of managing symptoms of anxiety
  • Science-backed (with peer-reviewed articles listed on the website)
  • Easily portable for aid while on-the-go
  • Choose from three different scents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers international shipping
CalmiGo Review

One of the things we love most about this brand is its commitment to perfecting its product. It only offers one device, but that device can be customized with three different scents to help your unique body and needs. Up next, this CalmiGo review will let you in on the key details.

CalmiGo Smart Calming Companion Review

This is the device that started it all. You can think of the CalmiGo as your anxiety-fighting BFF—simply toss it in your purse, backpack, or car for relief while on-the-go.

It takes just three minutes to “take back control of your calm.” The device guides users through breathing exercises while it stimulates four of your senses (smell, sound, touch, and, sight) to help you reach a state of calm.

You’re probably wondering how it works. Well, this science-backed device combines three methods, “exhalation prolongation, relaxing scents, and grounding,” to decrease the sense of threat, treat distress, and promote relaxation. You can access the peer-reviewed sources that back up these methods right on the brand’s site.

When you purchase the CalmiGo, you’ll receive:

  • CalmiGo device
  • Carrying bag
  • User guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Two scented inserts
  • One-year warranty

On the device itself, you will see a soft cover, the replaceable scented element that clicks right in place, feedback lights that help you regulate your breathing, a vibration mode button for multi-sense stimulation, and a comfortable mouthpiece for you to breathe into.

Customers can choose one of three soothing scents: lavender, peppermint, or citrus. Available in either purple or grey, the CalmiGo is currently on sale for $179, from $199.

CalmiGo Scented Elements Review

Though the main focus of the CalmiGo is how it guides your breathing, the other senses the device engages are arguably just as important in helping your body fight the symptoms of anxiety. Because the brand knows that scent is very personal, customers can choose between three options:

  • Lavender: helps to calm and relax your body and mind
  • Peppermint: provides a cooling sensation that aids mental clarity
  • Bergamot (citrus): helps awaken your mind and body

No matter which scent you choose, each element will last between 4-6 weeks. Each pack contains two scented elements, and If you choose the multi option, you can opt for three different scents to test them all!

When it comes time to replace the element, simply pop the old one out and snap the new one into place. Get one pack (two elements) of the CalmiGo relaxing scents for $12 or three packs (six elements) for $30.

What Does The CalmiGo Do?

CalmiGo Review

According to the brand’s website, CalmiGo makes use of three science-backed calming methods: “exhalation prolongation, relaxing scents, and grounding (multi-sensory stimulation).”

Let’s take a look at exhalation prolongation first. When somebody is in severe panic, they have decreased PCO2 (partial pressure of carbon dioxide) levels, which can lead to dizziness, tightness in their chest, nausea, and other symptoms. CalmiGo balances PCO2 levels, alleviating these symptoms and inducing relaxation.

Engaging four senses, including sight, smell, sound, and touch, the device works with your brain to “reduce physiological stress measures that indicate objective reduction of stress level.” All you have to do is take deep breaths and focus on the device—you should feel the benefits soon after.

Does CalmiGo Work For Anxiety?

CalmiGo Review

Of course! CalmiGo is designed to provide immediate relief to individuals who are experiencing stress and panic attacks, or anyone undergoing distress for whatever reason. The brand boasts that it works in under three minutes and it can be easily used after symptoms have already started.

Does CalmiGo Have Side Effects?

CalmiGo Review

CalmiGo has no known side effects because it’s a completely drug-free device. That being said, the company recommends that anyone who is pregnant, has a chronic condition, or has a pacemaker, should consult their physicians before using the device.

Also, CalmiGo shouldn’t be used while operating heavy machinery or potentially dangerous elements, as this can pose a safety risk.

Who is CalmiGo For? 

CalmiGo Review

CalmiGo is for anyone—men, women, elders, children, and everyone in between. Stress, anxiety, and panic know no boundaries, which is why the device doesn’t either.

That said, again, the company recommends that anyone who is pregnant, lives with a chronic disease, or has a pacemaker should consult their doctor before trying CalmiGo. This recommendation isn’t because it contains harmful ingredients or components, but is instead a precaution.

Comparison: CalmiGo vs. The CALM Device

CalmiGo Review

No one wants to feel anxious. And, everyone who experiences anxiety experiences it differently. So, it’s no wonder that more and more brands are dedicating themselves to helping people find solutions.

The CALM Device is one of those solutions. While it helps manage stress, this tool works differently from the CalmiGo.

Instead of focusing on your breathing, the CALM Device uses pulsing vibrations to anchor individuals. The exact name for the method is Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation (RSS), which, at specific frequencies, is able to drive changes to your cognition and mood. The device uses multimodal stimulation by sending both vibration and sound waves to the user.

The CALM Device is available in four colors, including a soothing light blue. Like CalmiGo, this tool is easy to use—just press the button and hold it against the bone behind your ear. It is currently available for $70.

Both devices come with a positive reputation and a solid money-back guarantee. Because anxiety is so personal, the tool that works for you might not work for someone else. In other words, there is no winner here! We recommend trying the one you’re most drawn to—and we hope it helps you manage your symptoms.

CalmiGo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

CalmiGo Review

No CalmiGo review would be complete without hearing from customers. So, we’ve sourced testimonials from the company’s website, Amazon, and LongevityTechnology to learn more about the device. Let’s dive in.

On the brand’s own site, the CalmiGo calming tool has a score of 4.9/5 stars from 125 shoppers. According to customers, the device scores so highly because of how effective it is. Take this glowing example:

Our daughter has terrible panic attacks, and we had tried absolutely everything to help her.  We didn’t want her on anxiety meds at her age, so we were trying alternatives.  I found the CalmiGo, and I was hesitant because it was expensive.  But then I thought, if it works it would be so worth it.  I’m so glad I took that chance.  It helps her so quickly… THANK YOU!!!

The drug-free solution comes recommended by those who prefer holistic approaches to their anxiety. One such customer also appreciates how easy the device is to use:

I used it for just a few minutes and I was able to calm down and my chest doesn’t hurt now. I was able to keep myself from going into a full blown anxiety attack with this product. Thank you so much for this amazing little device.”

These testimonials certainly make CalmiGo seem life-changing. To find out more, we turned to the brand’s Amazon page, where the device has a 3.9/5-star score from 413 shoppers.

Here, happy customers report CalmiGo is a game-changer because, unlike yoga or meditation, it is easier to use once a panic attack is already beginning. For some, even their friends have noticed a change in how they handle these episodes:

This has been the best purchase I have made in years, and I would have given it six stars if I could. Even the people around me are amazed. They were used to seeing me having my frequent and long anxiety/panic attacks, and now they see me relax in a minute or two!

In terms of negative CalmiGo reviews, some users feel that the device is expensive. One woman states that, while it successfully calms her down “quickly and easily,” she still felt the device was overpriced.

Unfortunately, solutions for anxiety, including medication, often come with a hefty price tag. CalmiGo is truly the first of its kind, and for many, the cost is worth it.

Next, we found an in-depth review on LongevityTechnology. Here, the device receives the following breakdown:

  • Interface: 4/5 stars
  • Value: 3/5 stars
  • Proven claims: 3/5 stars
  • Usability: 5/5 stars

Ultimately, the writer concludes that it is a fantastic device to supplement other anxiety treatments: “While I would happily continue to use the device as a supplementary mechanism to help me deal with day-to-day anxiety, I found my overall mental wellbeing staying pretty much the same, still turning to exercise and more traditional forms of… management.”

Overall, we found that customers readily recommend this device as a means of dealing with the symptoms of anxiety. While it won’t necessarily rid you of stress or panic attacks in the long run, it can help your body calm down when those symptoms try to take over.

Is CalmiGo Worth It?

CalmiGo Review

For those that need help managing the symptoms of anxiety, this CalmiGo review definitely thinks the device is worth checking out. The drug-free solution takes just a couple of minutes to work, and the device can be easily brought with you on-the-go.

According to customers, CalmiGo really does work. Most shoppers recommend using it in conjunction with other stress-managing solutions, such as yoga or meditation. While the device calms you down in the moment, you still may need something that helps in the long term.

CalmiGo Promotions & Discounts

CalmiGo Review

This CalmiGo review found that customers will receive 10% off their order when they sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter. You’ll also receive exclusive information about future promos and discounts.

Where to Buy CalmiGo

CalmiGo Review

Customers can head to to shop for the brand’s device and to access exclusive promotions. But, you can also find it on Amazon, You-Buy, HSA Store, and Desert cart.


CalmiGo Review

Where is the CalmiGo Made?

CalmiGo is based in New York, NY. The pieces for the brand’s products are sourced from China but assembled in the US.

Does Insurance Pay for the CalmiGo?

On Amazon, the product page states that insurance does not cover CalmiGo. Customers alone are responsible for the price of the mechanism.

What is CalmiGo’s Shipping Policy?

CalmiGo offers free US shipping. If you live anywhere else, shipping fees are calculated at checkout. The brand ships internationally to Canada, Australia, the UK, and several other countries.

There are no estimated shipping times available on the company’s website. You should receive an estimate when you check out.

What is CalmiGo’s Return Policy?

We have good news! Your CalmiGo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The brand is so proud of its product and dedicated to helping you find a solution that meets your needs. So, if you try the device and find that it doesn’t work for you, the company will give you a refund.

To initiate this process, reach out to the brand with the specifics of your situation. Shipping fees will be deducted from your return amount.

How to Contact CalmiGo

If you have any questions after reading this CalmiGo review, feel free to contact the brand via:

  • Phone: +1-888-4CALMIGO
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live chat function or contact form on the company’s website

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