Cat Person Food Review

About Cat Person

Cat Person Food Review

If you have a feline friend, then Cat Person is for you. The viral brand has made a name for itself due to its nutritional and straightforward cat foods. Promising pet owners delectable meals that aren’t plastered with fine print, deceiving labels, or unrecognizable names, Cat Person packs its products with 50% more protein than commercial brands.

Cat Person Food Review 1
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Cat Person doesn’t stop at cat food; it also sells nearly anything else your four-legged pal might need. The company lovingly designs its products with your cat’s best interest in mind. It has been rated the #1 Online Pet Supply Company by USA Today and the Best Cat Food Delivery Service by The Spruce.

The company is somewhat of a new kid on the block, but it has successfully gained a loyal following of over 25k on Instagram. Having already been featured in noteworthy publications such as People, The Strategist, The Spruce, and Forbes, Cat Person is undoubtedly on the rise.

Ready to spoil your feline friend? This Cat Person food review will give you the scoop on the brand, its products, customer ratings, and more, to help you decide if its products are cat (and human) approved.

Overview of Cat Person

Cat Person Food Review

Not even a global pandemic could stop Lambert Wang from ensuring kitties everywhere got the nutrition and love they needed. The dream began when Lambert was fostering kittens and realized that walking into a pet store didn’t feel like the proper experience.

Traditional cat food produced by big box brands felt impersonal and loaded with unnecessary fillers. Even the composition of cat beds and food bowls just didn’t seem to serve cats adequately.

After discussing his concern with other cat owners, Lambert discovered a communal sentiment amongst them. He then partnered with co-founder Jimmy Wu to create a brand that caters solely to cats, providing owners with the best options for their furry friends. Cat Person‘s mission is to make cats’ lives more wonderful with what they like to call whole cat care. It was officially launched in March 2020.

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Since then, its products have been recognized with numerous awards. Though it offers a number of feline-approved goodies, the brand’s food has earned them the most attention. Each formulation includes simple healthy ingredients that pet owners can easily understand. Whether you want to subscribe to a meal plan or try out different flavors individually, you’ll be given the option to choose what suits your style.

The brand looks at the body, mind, and spirit of cats to come up with solutions that’ll make their existence extra enjoyable! Before diving deeper into this Cat Person food review, let’s look at some pros and cons of the company.


  • A wide variety of food options, including turkey, tuna, duck, salmon, and more
  • Wet and dry options
  • Food has no unnecessary additives
  • Offers a customizable meal plan that is delivered at regular intervals
  • Collection of cat necessities, like bowls, beds, toys, and more
  • The brand solely focuses on cats’ needs
  • Contains 50% more protein than leading brands
  • Packaging is designed to be upcycled into toys and beds for your feline friends


  • Customer reports of cats not taking to the food
  • More expensive than other pet food brands
Cat Person Food Review 1
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What is Cat Person food?

Cat Person Food Review

Cat Person food is a meal plan subscription for your cat. You can conveniently receive meals catered to your cat’s liking once a month. Alternatively, you can also purchase cat food by the cart without subscribing to a plan. On top of selling clean cat food, Cat Person offers additional accessories, including bowls, beds, treats, and toys to buy for your furry little friend(s).

The company’s motive is to connect with your cat’s specific requirements and accommodate them accordingly. Cat Person began because its founders believe regular pet stores overlook the needs of cats, almost treating them as small dogs. The brand chooses to focus on the entire anatomy of cats to understand them on an intricate level. With this understanding, Cat Person can design food and products that will benefit felines more than ever.

The company prides itself on using straightforward branding without excessive fine print and labeling. It aims to provide cat owners with peace of mind knowing what’s in their cat’s food, serving them high-quality diets.

Do vets recommend Cat Person food?

Cat Person Food Review

Believe it or not, vet-recommended food isn’t always the best option for your fur baby. There have been various instances where pet food recommended by vets has been recalled, and some are notorious for insufficient ingredients.

If you want to achieve appropriate nutrition for your cat, this Cat Person food review wants to point out that vets aren’t trained to focus on cat food and nutrition, plus they aren’t taught how to read cat food labels!

So, to rephrase the question, is Cat Person cat food good? While we can’t provide medical advice, we believe that the brand’s food contains the proper nutrients for your cat(s) without any harmful additives. After doing our research, we’ve found that Cat Person makes food that supports a healthy, lean cat with more protein and less grain than big-name companies.

The brand offers delectable flavors that are designed to make cats’ taste buds sing with delight. Whether your furry friend prefers tuna, turkey, duck, or another feline-approved protein, there is an option for you. Up next in this Cat Person food review, we’ll review its most popular flavors and formulas.

Cat Person Cat Food Review

Cat Person makes things sweet and simple, featuring two clean food options for your fur babies. You have the choice of dry food or wet food, depending on what your pet prefers. Since Cat Person keeps labels easy to read and to the point, you’ll know every ingredient that goes into its food. Let’s take a look at the brand’s bestsellers.

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Cat Person Dry Food 

Cat Person’s Dry Food is formulated with bits and pieces of authentic dehydrated meat that’s both tastier and healthier than regular brands. You can choose from three different flavors, including Chicken & Turkey, Duck & Turkey, or Salmon & Tuna.

Cat Person food ingredients are low-carb and grain-free, unlike other cat foods. Your cat’s diet doesn’t need potatoes, wheat, rice, or corn, anyway. What’s important is that this dry food contains meat, peas, pea protein, and other healthy additives to provide your cat with essential vitamins and nutrients.

This Cat Person Dry Food is $11 per 2 lb bag and holds 6 3/4 cups of food.

Cat Person Wet Food

Cat Person Wet Food is labeled as a fan favorite, being more delicious and practical than ever. This wet food comes in two different textures to choose from to cater to your cat’s fancy. Your pet pal has the choice of either shredded food in broth or patéd food in eight different flavors.

This wet food conveniently contains most of your cat’s daily water intake, assuring you that their needs are being met. This food aims to keep your pet lean and healthy for a balanced lifestyle, as it’s made with 85% more protein than grocery store alternatives.

You can purchase a pack of 5 cups of this yummy Wet Food for $7. It is a healthy addition for kitties of any age.

Cat Person Accessories Review

As mentioned, Cat Person is not limited to cat food. The company also sells awesome accessories for your cats to luxuriate in. There are lots of fun things to spoil your pet with because, after all, they deserve it. This Cat Person food review will now go over some accessories the brand offers.

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Cat Person Catnip Toy Review 

What cat doesn’t like a good Catnip Toy? This stimulating trinket is everything your cat dreams of, featuring a bell, string, plush toy, and of course, catnip! Not only will they have fun with this product, but playing is beneficial for sharpening your cat’s mind.

You and your fav feline can strengthen your precious bond with some playtime, using the Georgia, Jean-Michel, or Jackson Catnip Toy. The fish, cow, and turkey-shaped plushies make your cat feel like it’s hunting in the wild. Each version is available for $7.

Cat Person Mesa Bowl Review

This Cat Person food bowl is called the Mesa Bowl, and it’s designed to take your cat’s eating experience to the next level. The ergonomics of this bowl are designed for your cat’s optimal comfort and safety. With an elevated height, your cat can enjoy their meal without hunching over to reach their last few bites.

The Mesa Bowl was created to keep your furry friend’s whiskers protected, with a shallow design that was invented with cats’ facial profiles in mind. Purchase this divine bowl in green, red, or purple for $40.

Cat Person Canopy Bed Review

This Cat Person aesthetic cat bed is a modern design fit for a king or queen but is ideal for small to medium-sized cats. It has multiple functions, making it a 3-in-1 bed:

  1. Attach the canopy to act as a little house for your cat to cozy up in
  2. Fold down the canopy to create an open environment
  3. Remove the canopy altogether so your cat can feel free

The base cushion of this Cat Person cat canopy bed is made of memory foam that conforms to your cat’s body, providing them with optimal support and comfort. Just to add to the amazing qualities of this cool cat bed, it’s super easy to clean. All that you’ll have to do is remove the cushion cover, throw it in the wash, and leave it to air dry.

You can purchase this luxury retreat for $80 on its website—it’s available in green, red, and purple (to match the Mesa Bowl)!

Cat Person Cat Hoodie Review

Cat Person offers awesome matching hoodies for you and your kitty friend. This item specifically refers to the Cat Hoodie, but if you purchase it with the Cat Person Hoodie, you can save $10 during checkout! Let’s be real, you can’t buy the “cat” without the “cat person.” How would people know you two belong together?

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These adorable hoodies are a great way to signify your feline friendship. You can purchase the Cat Hoodie for $25 as a gift to your furry BFF. 

Cat Person Serve & Store Set Review

We know your cat is like family to you, but sharing utensils is where you should draw the line. This Serve & Store Set comes with a measured scooper and spoons that work with both wet and dry cat foods, so you don’t need to sacrifice your human utensils any longer.

This set also provides sufficient lids that fit on Cat Person’s wet food cups, allowing you to save some for later if your cat doesn’t have a huge appetite. Lastly, the dry food scoop has two measurement marks of ½ and ¼ of a cup, making portion control much more attainable. This Cat Person Serve & Store Set can be yours for $12.

Cat Person Goodness Blends Review

Have you been searching for a cat treat that is both delicious and healthy? This Goodness Blends by Cat Person might just be your answer. Here are five blend options to choose from that serve different functions:

  • Bone and joint
  • Cognitive health
  • Immune support
  • Digestive support
  • Skin and coat

Each carton comes with 14 single-serve pouches of tasty purée for $16. At the time of this Cat Person food review, the skin and coat blend is currently sold out. We, and our furry friends, hope it restocks soon!

Cat Person Catnip Tea for Two Review

Cat Person Catnip Tea for cats and humans? Sign us up! Once upon a time, catnip tea was served as a relaxation method for humans to indulge in after a long, stressful day. The brand reinvented this concept by introducing the tea, now from a certified organic farm.

Settle down with a cup of this goodness and give a cooled-down cup to your cat so you guys can enjoy some well-deserved time together. The Catnip Tea for Two retails for $12, a price well worth the bonding time.

Cat Person Meal Plan Review

The Cat Person Meal Plan supplies you with monthly shipments of customized cat meal boxes, kind of like a meal subscription—but for cats! You’ll no longer have to worry about stopping by your pet store and picking up cat food. Plus, you’ll avoid the big brands that load their meals with unneeded fillers. With Cat Person, you can rely on a consistent supply of healthy and delicious cat food.

Cat Person Food Review 1
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When purchasing a meal plan, you’ll be given the option of what kind of food you’d like to receive, as well as the serving size. You also have the opportunity to modify your meals, so if your cat doesn’t like what you’ve ordered, you can switch it up before your next shipment. If it doesn’t end up working out, you can cancel altogether.

Cat Person Meal Plan prices vary depending on your order but are roughly $2-$4 per day per cat.

Cat Person Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cat Person Food Review

When it comes to new companies, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher whether or not brands are deemed trustworthy. Right now, Cat Person food reviews are fairly limited, but we uncovered some from Trustpilot, Reddit, and All About Cats. As the company grows, we hope more customers share their experiences. Let’s take a look at the positives first.

So, what do customers think about Cat Person? The brand has many rave reviews on Trustpilot, scoring an excellent rating of 4.6/5 stars out of 278 reviews. This finding allows us to confirm that this company stands by its utmost purpose to provide cats with necessities they might be missing out on. Its mission definitely caters to cat owners as much as their fur babies.

One customer has a couple of picky cats, which was an expensive issue until Cat Person came into play: “I have two very finicky cats. I must have thrown away 50 cans of expensive, high end cat food […]. I know how important it is for cats to eat wet food so I kept trying. Found Cat Person and my problems were solved. My cats love it and the people that work there go out of their way to help. Great company!

Another customer expressed her appreciation for a cats-only brand, as well as the company’s eye-catching marketing: “I really love that this company only makes products for cats. They understand and love cats! The food seems to be very high quality. […] The artwork and marketing are also very appealing to a creative person like myself. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Some customers have also shared their positive experiences with the brand on Reddit. One user notes that their cat is usually picky, but enjoys Cat Person’s meals as a delectable treat. Plus, it feels good to support a small business:

The cat I’m taking care of doesn’t really like poultry, but he gets really exited about their chicken/duck shreds. It’s definitely not the most affordable food but could be nice as a treat for the kitty, and it’s always great to support smaller business.

Meanwhile, on All About Cats, a review site dedicated to, you guessed it, cats, Mallory Crusta reported on her furry friend’s experience with the brand. Overall, she concludes that the food they sell is good and full of nutritious ingredients, but it doesn’t stand out enough to make it work the high price tag.

One fun thing that Mallory mentions is that “you can convert the cardboard box into a puzzle toy and ball for your cat. It was fun to assemble the puzzle and, while my cats haven’t yet played with the ball, they did seem curious.” We agree—the brand’s use of upcycling is a definite perk.

On the food, Mallory argues that “Cat Person is a good choice for those who want a high-protein, meat-based food in a stylish package.” But, if it’s out of your budget and not worth the convenience, then there are other, equally nutritious brand’s out there.

Although this Cat Person food review came across some reports of customers’ cats not taking a liking to the food, we believe this to be a personal preference. Some cats might not prefer this food, just as you don’t fancy particular cuisine, and that’s totally okay! Based on the majority of positive feedback, we’ve come to understand that Cat Person food for kittens is highly effective amongst most fur babies.

Not only do many cats love the food, but it has also resolved some health issues and caters to picky eaters. Good products make for a happy cat, and pretty packaging makes for a happy cat person!

Is Cat Person Worth It?

Cat Person Food Review

Based on the brand’s quality ingredients and values, this Cat Person food review believes the brand is of premium quality! Compared to other well-known name brands, Cat Person fills their food with love as opposed to avoidable preservatives. It has a worthy mission for cat owners and beloved feline friends to enjoy.

Cat Person Food Review 1
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This Cat Person food review thinks that the new brand is well on the rise to success, already attaining reputable awards for its fantastic service. There are hundreds of customers that attest to the company’s products for how convenient, healthy, and tasty they are. Customers were especially thrilled with the high-quality ingredients, product packaging, and reasonable price point.

There aren’t too many cons. All in all, Cat Person is worth a try if you’re looking for a wholesome brand to purchase products for your cat(s), from its healthy food to its accommodating accessories. Not to mention the aesthetics of the brand are absolutely on point!

Cat Person Promotions & Discounts 

Cat Person Food Review

At the time of this Cat Person food review, we’ve found that you can receive a starter box discount when you first sign up for the meal subscription, saving you approximately 10% on your entire order. You can also sign up for emails to stay up-to-date with promotions.

Where to Buy Cat Person

Cat Person Food Review

The brand’s products are only available online at

Sign Up for Cat Person 

Cat Person Food Review

So how does it work? Well, signing up for a Cat Person meal subscription is easy peasy. We will happily break down everything you’ll need to know to get started!

  1. Head on over to
  2. Hover over the “Shop” option in the top left-hand corner
  3. Click on “Meal Plan” 
  4. To begin, click the “Get Started” option
  5. Take a quiz so Cat Person can get to know your cat’s current diet
  6. Cat Person will then customize a meal plan
  7. View results and proceed to checkout
  8. Fill out shipping and payment information and finalize your order!

Some things to note:

  • You’ll be asked how many cats you have, their names, what food you feed them, ingredients your cat doesn’t like, how much you feed them per week, and your email
  • The first box will be the $20 Starter Box
  • You’ll continue to get your Cat Person food box every four weeks
  • You’ll have the option to edit recipes before they ship, adjust your ship date, and cancel anytime


Cat Person Food Review

Where is Cat Person food made?

This Cat Person food review found that the brand’s dry food is made in the US, while its wet food is made in Thailand.

How much does Cat Person food cost?

You can try out a starter Cat Person subscription for $20, originally $37.50, which will supply you with enough food to feed your cat for two weeks. Otherwise, prices vary depending on the size of your subscription, taking into consideration how many cats you have and how much they eat.

For individual food products, the Cat Person food price for wet food is $7 for five cans, while dry food is $11 per 2 lb bag. You can delight your furry friend with the $16 carton of 14 treat pouches.

What is Cat Person’s Shipping Policy?

This Cat Person food review found that the company ships within the US, and it provides free shipping on all meal plans! If you purchase products by the cart, free shipping only applies on orders over $40.

What is Cat Person’s Return Policy?

If you’d like to return your products, that’s no problem! You will have a 30-day money-back guarantee. To return your Cat Person food delivery, you’ll have to reach out to their customer service team within 30 days of making your purchase.

Cat Person Food Review 1
Sponsored: PetMeds® is an online pet pharmacy providing pet parents with the medications their pets need delivered straight to their doorstep. Licensed to dispense prescription medications in all 50 states.

How to Contact Cat Person

If you have any questions after reading this Cat Person food review, you can contact the brand through:

The Cat Person customer service team will be happy to help you and your cat out.

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