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CircleDNA Review

Since the dawn of time, humans have been on a journey to understand what makes us who we are. We’re all trying to “know thyself” – to understand who we are and what makes us tick.

While we may be familiar with our likes and dislikes, personalities, and aptitudes, knowing ourselves on a molecular or genetic level is a kind of self-awareness we’ve only recently tapped into.

Not knowing about our genetic makeup means we’re often left guessing at the best lifestyle choices to make in order to help our bodies thrive. But, thanks to the advent of at-home DNA testing, we’re finally getting the chance to piece together a little more of our own puzzles. 

One of the most renowned at-home DNA testing methods is CircleDNA. They offer a variety of testing kits that are delivered right to your door, and will reveal how your genes can shape your past, present and future.

The innovative company has won many awards, including the International Trade Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the Deloitte Technology Fast 20 Award, Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative Company’ Award, and the Hong Kong Business Award in 2018.

They’re also remarkably popular, with 40k followers on Instagram and 30k followers on Facebook. 

Just as CircleDNA test kits will provide you with all you need to know about your genetic makeup, our CircleDNA review will provide you with all you need to know about the brand. 

Take a look at the following product reviews, customer testimonials, highlights, and more in order to help you decide if CircleDNA is the right product for you. 

Overview of CircleDNA

CircleDNA Review

Danny Yeung is the face of CircleDNA, a comprehensive DNA testing company owned by Prenetics. Inspired by the concept of the circle of life, CircleDNA was founded in 2014 with the goal of giving people a better understanding of their genetic makeup. 

The company’s mission is to give people an understanding of their bodies and the information they need to make personalized lifestyle choices – using genetics to help people live their best lives.

To date, CircleDNA has a team of over 500 employees, consisting of entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, health specialists, and wellness experts on board to guide their services. Though they are Hong Kong-based, the brand boasts over 10 offices around the globe.

Before I dive into the deeper details of this CircleDNA review, take a look at these highlights of the brand:


  • Specialized testing focused on health and medicine
  • Ships to over 80 countries worldwide 
  • Complimentary shipping and returns 
  • 30 day risk-free trial for premium members 
  • Great reviews and testimonials from celebrities
  • A large number of awards from recognized boards and committees 
  • Simple to use

How Does CircleDNA Work?

CircleDNA Review

CircleDNA offers 4 distinct DNA testing options: Vital, Health, Family Planning, and the Premium Bundle. 

Each testing kit comes with the equipment to send a saliva sample, which contains your DNA, back to the CircleDNA lab for analysis. All you have to do is provide the sample according to instructions and return it in the mail (delivery to the lab is included in the price of purchase).

CircleDNA then examines your saliva sample using something called Whole Exome Sequencing (WES). Let’s break it down:

Your DNA is turned into something called RNA in a process called transcription. Your RNA has two types of sequences: coding sequences and non-coding sequences. These coding sequences are known as exons, and are translated into the proteins that make up your body.

WES looks at the vast majority of these exons and is able to tell you a story about your body. For example, WES can find genes in your body that code for certain diseases. Keep in mind that just because you carry the genes for a certain condition, doesn’t mean you will develop that condition – it just means you might be more susceptible.

That’s the benefit of genetic testing. If you know you’re more likely to develop a condition because of your genes, you can make lifestyle choices to mitigate your risk. For example, your genes say you have a higher chance of developing diabetes, you can talk to your doctor and implement preventative things like regular exercise and a healthy diet into your routine.

However, you may also discover that you have an elevated risk of developing a non-preventable condition and you may experience unnecessary emotional distress. A systematic review published in Supportive Care in Cancer evaluated the available evidence regarding the physiological impact of positive genomic testing results for gene mutations related to cancer. 

The authors found that many patients with positive results experienced distress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, a positive result may have implications for other family members who share genetic information with you. The CDC recommends genetic counseling before and after being tested. This is important not only to make an informed decision but also for a correct interpretation of the results.

Now that we know a bit more of the science behind the brand, let’s get back to the CircleDNA review. 

Each kit offered by the brand looks for different things. Vital tests for dietary, lifestyle, and health optimization needs. Health tests for genetic markers of diseases and conditions. Family Planning tests for potential genetic mutations or conditions that can be passed from parent to child. Their Premium Bundle option tests all of the above. 

The first three services are a one-time purchase that includes one kit and one consultation. The Premium Bundle option offers one kit, two phone consultations, and a lifetime of updates from CircleDNA. 

Next up in this CircleDNA review, I’ll take a closer look at some of their kits, to give you some more insight into exactly what’s offered by some of the brand’s best-selling tests:

CircleDNA Vital DNA Test Review

CircleDNA Vital DNA Test Review
CircleDNA Vital DNA Test

The CircleDNA Vital DNA Test provides users with 125 reports across 14 categories, including diet and nutrition, sports and fitness, stress, skin, traits and talents, well-being, ancestry, and more. 

A favorite asset of the Vital option is how it sheds light on the way we eat. The Vital kit gives you 15 CircleDNA diet-related breakdowns, providing an idea of everything from the way your sense of taste operates, to your food sensitivities and best foods for your unique genetic profile.  

An article published in Nutritional Reviews highlights that your genes can influence the way that your body responds to certain micronutrients. Having this information can help inform you of the best ways to nourish yourself. 

Additionally, a clinical trial published in Genes & Nutrition demonstrated that people find dietary recommendations based on their personal genetics to be more helpful and easier to understand than generic advice.

Purchasing this kit will also give you access to one complimentary 30-minute consultation with a genetics-trained health coach, along with detailed mobile and PDF reports for your own records. 

CircleDNA Health DNA Test Review

CircleDNA Health DNA Test Review
CircleDNA Health DNA Test

Take your health into your own hands with the CircleDNA Health DNA Test kit. It provides 115 reports across 4 categories, including cancer, health risk and disease, dementia, and brain health. 

These tests are meant to identify some genetic predispositions to serious medical conditions, so you can adapt your habits or start seeking more information to help to prevent or manage your future health. 

For example, Alzheimer’s has a genetic component, but its development is impacted by many other factors, including lifestyle. Knowing what healthy choices to make now, especially if you’re at risk, is an important step in caring for your long-term health.

Along with this kit, you get a 30-minute session with a genetic counsellor that can help you understand what the results mean for you. You will also receive mobile and PDF reports to supplement your results. 

CircleDNA Family Planning DNA Test Review

CircleDNA Family Planning DNA Test Review
CircleDNA Family Planning DNA Test

Bring your baby into the world as prepared as possible with the knowledge provided by the CircleDNA Family Planning DNA Test. 

This kit provides 163 personalized reports that screen for conditions that could be passed onto your new arrival, while also identifying which genetic markers influence these conditions.

The information you get from this kit can be used to help guide your family planning, cut through some of the information overload of becoming new parents, and help you start learning about how to best take care of your child when they arrive. 

As described in an article published in the Journal of Community Genetics, preconception genomic testing offers the advantage of identifying couples with a high risk of transmitting serious genetic conditions.

Many physicians support the use of prenatal genetic testing in order to support both parent and child. The results are focused on serious conditions that may need extra medical care. This knowledge can help guide your research, help you communicate with prenatal care professionals, and put you on a path to seek more advice should anything concerning arise. 

The Family Planning DNA Test kit comes with one complimentary genetic counseling session and mobile and PDF reports. 

CircleDNA Premium DNA Test Review

CircleDNA Premium DNA Test Review
CircleDNA Premium DNA Test

The most comprehensive testing kit on the site, the CircleDNA Premium DNA Test offers over 500 reports in 20 categories. This kit combines the Vitality, Health, and Family Planning kits, for a holistic look at your genetic structure.

The wide range of reports includes data on nutrition, brain health, ancestry, food sensitivities, behaviour, and skin health. It also tests your genetic response to over 100 drugs.  

You also get one genetic health coaching session and one genetic counselling session from CircleDNA’s team of genetics experts from a variety of related fields, like diet, nutrition and medicine. You also receive CircleDNA’s free mobile and PDF reports. 

The Premium Bundle is the only kit that is offered as a subscriber service. When you purchase this bundle, you “go premium” and get a lifetime of updates so you can continue to learn about yourself for as long as you’d like. 

How Much is CircleDNA?

CircleDNA Review

The prices of the services offered by CircleDNA are as follows:

  • Vital: on sale for $151, down from $189 
  • Health: on sale for $399, down from $499
  • Family Planning: on sale for $399, down from $499
  • Premium Bundle: on sale for $503, down from $629

Who is CircleDNA for? 

CircleDNA Review

From everything I’ve learned during this CircleDNA review, the service can be great for those who want to know more about their genetic makeup and how it impacts their health. Additionally, it can be great for those who are looking to make targeted lifestyle changes that are personalized to them.

Each CircleDNA testing kit targets different areas of information, save for the Premium Bundle. It’s CircleDNA’s most comprehensive package, with access to all reports offered with Vitality, Health, and Family Planning, and a lifetime of access to information and updates. 

The Vitality kit is the best option if you want to optimize your performance and lifestyle based on your genetic profile. It’s perfect for helping you adopt targeted approaches to control or reduce your risk of certain medical conditions. 

CircleDNA’s Health kit is perfect for those looking to understand their genetic history and help prevent certain diseases and conditions that run in their families or backgrounds. 

The Family Planning kit offers reports intended to screen for serious conditions which can be passed to a child from their parents’ genes. It’s best for those looking to start a new family and would like to know if their child might be at risk of any specific health issues.

All of CircleDNA’s kits are safe for children, adults, and seniors. However, it is worth noting that if the test is done on a child who is nursing, the genetic material present in their mother’s milk may reflect in the test results. 

Comparison: CircleDNA vs. 23andMe

CircleDNA Review

Co-founders Anne Wojcicki, Linda Avey, and Paul Cusenza started California-based personal genomics and biotech company 23andMe in 2006. They do extensive research on their kits and offer technologies that promise over 55 health reports, all meeting FDA requirements. 

23andMe offers 3 services through its online website:

  1. Ancestry+Traits Service: 80+ ancestry, lineage, and relations reports
  2. Health+Ancestry Service: 150+ health-focused traits and ancestry reports
  3. 23andMe+ Membership: all of the above, plus additional exclusive reports

The cost of 23andMe kits is significantly lower than those sold by CircleDNA:

  • Ancestry+Traits: $99, regularly $129
  • Health+Ancestry: $124, regularly $249
  • 23andMe+ Membership: $99 for the kit, $10 for a one-year membership, regularly $199/kit and $29/year

The two services differ substantially in price. 23andMe is more affordable, but it offers considerably fewer tests, does not have any consultation services, and has less product variety.

Both companies have similar methodologies – send a sample, receive a lab-analyzed set of results – and both offer options to learn more about who you are and how your genes shape your life. That said, the intention of their information differs substantially. 

While 23andMe does provide health information, it’s an addition rather than a focus. Their service offers things like Family Tree building, connecting with relatives, and how the places and people you come from influence who you are. 

CircleDNA’s tests are wholly concerned with health and wellness. Both companies will give you information about your physical traits and medical predispositions, but CircleDNA is more focused on telling you how where you come from can help shape your well-being, through more health-specific tests and information. 

CircleDNA also offers the Family Planning kit, something that 23andMe does not have a personalized DNA testing option for. 

If you’re looking for an affordable, American-based option, with a more broad look at your genetic makeup, 23andMe is a great option. If you’re more interested in comprehensive health information, family planning, and a wellness-oriented approach to genetic tech, CircleDNA is an ideal solution for you.

CircleDNA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

CircleDNA Review

In our search for customer testimonials, I didn’t have to go far. I easily found reviews of the genetic testing brand from customer review sites and genetics blogs, which mostly had positive CircleDNA reviews. The brand also includes comments from celebs on their site.

The celebrity testimonials featured on the brand website are from rugby player Bryan Habana, wellness entrepreneur Poppy Jamie, and TV personality Kirsty Gallacher They are, as you might expect, supportive and positive. Still, it can be a sign of good faith any time a person with a public profile stands behind a product. 

On Trustpilot, a total of 784 CircleDNA reviews have the brand rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. An overwhelming majority of reviewers express gratitude towards the company, with comments like: “Brilliant from start to finish. I had some questions about my results which were answered promptly and thoroughly. And I found out some fascinating things about myself too!” 

One Trustpilot reviewer went so far as to strike his previous negative review after a great customer service experience: “I had previously written a poor review of CircleDNA due to a shipping problem. I am very happy to update this to a positive 5 Star Review. CircleDNA has gone above and beyond to ensure I received my Premium Kit. I previously would not have recommended this product to anyone, however due to their customer service and problem solving I would recommend them to everyone…” 

For an expert’s take on the brand, Christina Swords, who has a PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of North Carolina, reviewed the company on the online platform Nebula Genomics. Their CircleDNA review gives the brand 3 out of 5 stars for results, 3 out of 5 for price, and 5 out of 5 for interface. The overall rating for CircleDNA is 3.7 out 5 stars, with the overall impression of the company being positive.  

Swords praises the brand for their simple, user-friendly interface, detailed and comprehensive sequencing process, and implementation of genetic counselling and consultation. However, she flags the price as a potential con that might deter some users from making use of the brand’s services.

I don’t know too much about CircleDNA’s team of experts, or exactly what kind of service you’ll receive from your one-on-one session. However, Sassy Hong Kong magazine writers did their own CircleDNA review and talked to a “health coach” they say helped make sense of their very detailed results. They also got tips for how to apply their test findings into real life. 

Is CircleDNA Worth It?

CircleDNA Review

When compared to competitors 23andMe, I can’t deny the brand retails for a higher price than other similar services. But are you getting what you pay for?

CircleDNA offers a wide range of tests looking at how genetics impact your health and one-on-one consultation that sets them apart. Customers seem to value the information they’re receiving, and have great things to say about dealing with the company and their customer service.   

With a variety of unique, wellness-focused services, simple testing, free shipping available to many locations across the globe, and a 30 day risk-free trial for premium members, CircleDNA provides great value to shoppers.

From everything I learned during this CircleDNA review, I was impressed by what the company has to offer and their mission. We only get one life to live – why not do everything you can to live it right? If you’ve always been curious about what your DNA will reveal and want to learn more, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by working with CircleDNA to look deeper into what makes you, well… you! 

CircleDNA Promotions & Discounts 

CircleDNA Review

There are a variety of ways to save on the CircleDNA site. Services periodically go on sale, which you’ll see on the site’s home page and on a convenient header.

New customers can also sign up for email updates to get 15% off your first order. CircleDNA also has a ‘Spin to Win’ game, accessible from their website for further perks and benefits. 

Every month or so, CircleDNA runs a different major sale or promotional offer. Right now, the site is having an #11.11 Special, where you can enter a contest to receive kits for $1.11 and a pre-sale with savings of up to 40% on selected services. 

Sign up for CircleDNA

CircleDNA Review

If you are ready to take your health into your own hands, then sign up for the CircleDNA Premium Subscription Service by following these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to CircleDNA’s Premium DNA Test from the ‘Services’ tab
  2. Proceed to the checkout 
  3. Enjoy the premium benefits for life! The kit will get you up to 500 reports across 20 categories, a couple of phone consultations with genetics-specialized health professionals, and a free lifetime subscription of health updates.

Premium users get a “30 Day Risk Free Trial” of their CircleDNA kit, after which they can continue with their subscription (which can be cancelled at any time), or opt to receive a full refund for their original purchase. 


CircleDNA Review

How do I cancel my CircleDNA subscription?

If you ever have to cancel your CircleDNA subscription for any reason, the process is simple:

  1. Email [email protected] with your order ID and info, name, and contact information, specifying that you would like to cancel your service. 
  2. If you would like to delete your personal information or totally close your account, email the company with your Circle test barcode number. 
  3. Reply to confirm once the company sends an email asking you to confirm, as you won’t be able to restore an account after cancelling.

What is CircleDNA’s Shipping Policy?

CircleDNA offers free delivery to over 80 countries around the world in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Orders within Hong Kong are shipped via S.F. Express, while orders outside of Hong Kong are shipped via FedEx or through local shipping partners.

Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days and delivery time varies from region to region. 

What is CircleDNA’s Return Policy?

CircleDNA offers complimentary returns to all countries listed as shipping destinations. All you need to do is contact CircleDNA at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase. 

Their representatives will give you information on how to return the item, and to process your refund, and will eventually ask you for the following information to process your return:

  • Your order number or ID
  • Full name and contact information
  • Bank branch (card issuer)
  • Last four digits of the card you used to pay

How to Contact CircleDNA

I hope you enjoyed this CircleDNA review! In addition to reaching out through their Instagram and Facebook pages, the brand can be contacted via: 

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