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Coravin Review

Whether identifying as a wine snob or simply a casual fan, there’s something classy about this drink that appeals to most. The one downside? Lifespan. An open bottle requires a quick drink, but this isn’t a beverage to be chugged. 

Instead, take advantage of Coravin’s realm of products to preserve wine beyond the typical few days and make it a delicacy to enjoy for a few weeks.

This brand seems to have made a mark in the industry as they’ve already got 56.1k followers to their name on Instagram. 

Considering their loyal fans have kept business running smoothly, it’s no wonder to see that they’ve also been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Gourmet Insider, and more.

We won’t be swayed by a nice red or white wine with this one. Instead, in this Coravin review we will consider products, pricing, ratings, services, accessibility, and more to determine whether this one is worth the risk.

Overview of Coravin

Coravin Review

Founded back in 2011, this business just passed its 10-year mark, having made quick progress in its decade on the market. 

Combining the worlds of wine and technology into a single business venture, this brand began with one mission in mind “to inspire wine exploration through innovations that give everyone the power of choice.” 

Allowing wine connoisseurs the opportunity to make a fine wine last longer than a few days, Coravin came in as a solution to a lasting issue in the industry.

Through their timeless preservation techniques, Coravin allows customers the opportunity to enjoy a favored glass of wine days, weeks, even up to years after opening the bottle without any effect on the taste. 

Crafting a method to pour wine without uncorking and exposing it to oxygen, this company manages to maintain the original flavors of each drink to make each sip as good as the last.

Coravin Review

Starting with one simple idea, this brand has now made their way to over 60 countries worldwide. 

Driven by passion, creativity, and above all else, a lasting love of wine, they continue to work towards new innovative techniques to lengthen the lifespan and experience that a good glass of wine can create.

We’ll be honest, the lifespan is a big draw for us, but there’s more to this business than just a lasting sip. We’ve uncovered a few highlights for this Coravin review we think will get the interest rolling in just about anyone.


  • Offers a collection of wine preservation and corking products to maintain quality and flavor
  • International shipping
  • Longer lifespan on favorite wines
  • Good customer ratings
  • Technologically advanced devices

Coravin Review

Coravin Review

We’ll admit that the products are a bit diverse when it comes to this brand. While many devices accomplish similar goals, the journey differs with each. 

That’s why for this Coravin review we had to go with as wide a selection as we could, touching on a few of their best-selling items to keep things nice and simple.

Coravin Pivot+ Review

Wine doesn’t have to be for a dinner party. Sometimes a single glass in the evening can make a huge difference in de-stressing the day. That’s why the Coravin Pivot+ works wonders for those who want to taste without letting the wine take over.

Not everyone can down a whole bottle at a time, but the threat of oxygen affecting flavor is one that all wine fans have to keep in mind. 

Rather than waiting until the bottle can be shared or drinking more than we likely should, this Coravin wine preserver keeps the contents good for up to four weeks after opening.

The process itself is quite simple – it’s all about preservation and aeration combining in the best balance. 

Using condensed argon gas to fill the bottle, the Pivot+ both pours without uncorking and maintains the quality and flavor of the wine itself. It’s the best of both worlds – all the beauty of the bottle with none of the pressure.

Add this to the collection for $129.

Coravin Timeless Three SL Review

Impressed by the idea of a wine lasting two weeks? How about two years? The Coravin Timeless Three SL preserves wine beyond what we believed possible.

This inserts clamps over the neck of the bottle, working a needle through the cork to access the drink of the gods itself. 

Fashioned with a sturdy handle, there’s no worry about this one going top-heavy and spilling at the worst times. Take a secure hold, press the trigger, and start pouring.

No more struggling with stuck and drying corks – sometimes it’s not worth the effort to reach the wine. That’s why the simple needle insert does wonders. 

Slipping through the cork for easy access, this product not only saves a struggle but also with the use of argon gas can preserve the wine’s original flavors for up to two years allowing that glass of a favorite wine to come out on the best nights.

Start saving the favorites for $149.

Coravin Sparkling Review 

Preserving wine is one thing, but what about the bubbly? Refuse the idea of letting things go flat with the Coravin Sparkling ready to go.

Bubbles are the best part of sparkling wine, but sometimes it’s just not feasible to finish off a bottle in one night. Rather than let things go dull and flat, this product maintains the fizz we all adore.

This one works in two steps: the first part is all about blocking the bubbles. Locking in the fizz, the Sparkling Stopper sits flush to the top of the bottle. 

To give that carbonation a kick, the Charger sits atop the stopper, and watch the red light to know when to start the process. Once the right amount of pressure has entered, the light will turn green, and you’ll be good to go.

Build up the bubbles with this one for $399.

Coravin Pivot Review

Pivot away from the classic pouring of wine with the Coravin Pivot.

Similar to a product mentioned earlier (we’re assuming you can guess which one), this device is all about preservation. The difference in this Coravin wine opener comes from its more limited use.

Rather than pierce through the bottle, the Pivot requires the cork to come out. Replace the piece with a simple Stopper and then let the Pivot do its work to pour and preserve those natural flavors. 

Layers of taste will last for up to four weeks once this product is in place.

Savor the flavor for $99.

Coravin Timeless Eleven Review

Alright, we’re about to get fancy with this one. Take a minute to prepare for the wonder that is the Timeless Eleven.

Wine preservation is brought to new heights with this automatic and electronic system. Sitting atop the bottle similar to other Coravin products, the real fun features with this one come once the needle and stoppers are in place and the control begins.

This product uses an app – that’s right, an app for wine. From any device, users can control pour speeds, status checks, capsule replacements, and more. Combining tech with the luscious world of wine, this product never grows old with all control just an app away.

Move into the new century with older wines for $499.

Coravin Pure Argon Capsules Review

We couldn’t do a Coravin review without taking a glance at the Pure Argon Capsules.

Responsible for the whole business, argon capsules really keep the wheel spinning with this one. The best part about Coravin products tends to be that smooth pour and preservation – we can all thank argon capsules for that one.

This gas releases into the wine to maintain those natural flavors in every sip, even over a longer duration of time. 

In addition, the pressurized gas assists in achieving a smooth pour, pushing the wine out of the spout with a helpful trigger. Simple to install and lasting at least ten poured glasses, these capsules are a core element of this business.

Capsules can be purchased in a number of bundle sizes, but as a general idea, a pack of six can be bought for $53.

Who Is Coravin For? 

Coravin Review

Wine lovers gather near and grab a glass. Coravin doesn’t really work for those who don’t drink, but for individuals who enjoy imbibing every now and then, this company has a lot to offer. 

Allowing the preservation of favorite wines for special occasions (or long days that seem to continually build upon stressful situations), this brand is all about letting the good times flow and the flavors stay fresh.

Coravin Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Coravin Review

We couldn’t complete our Coravin review without looking to the public for a larger opinion. What may seem like a great idea doesn’t always hold up in practice, so we’re happy to do a bit of research into how this brand looks in the light of day.

The first place we turned to was Google itself, noting a solid 4.6/5 stars based on 480 Google Review ratings. We’ll say it now, these comments were lengthy, detailed, and quite impressed by what this business offered. This customer really summed it up best:

The Coravin Model 3 system is super simple to use and works way better than the hand pump type vacuum corks I’ve used in the past. All you have to do is load the cartridge, press the device onto the top of a corked bottle of wine, press the trigger, and pour!

Simplifying the process into a quick four-step system, Coravin seems to see the previous frustrations associated with drinking wine and they confront each issue head-on. 

Removing the issue of digging out the cork, Coravin gets straight to the point via needle insert for a quick drink and easy preservation.

Coravin Review

Wine drinkers everywhere seem to really appreciate a device that simplifies the process of serving up a good drink. 

One Coravin review stated “This is probably the best gift I have ever received. This is even better than my series 2 and the screw cap option is incredible. I’ve also started using this if I want to drink a vertical as you can pour any amount you want, put it back in the wine fridge and it can sit for years.

Easy to clean and operate, this premium device (and all others from the brand) seems to call to customers as an answer to their problems. 

In fact, the Coravin – Model 3 Wine Preservation System seems to be a popular choice based on the 4.6/5 stars achieved by 45 Best Buy ratings. Users adore this device for its overwhelming number of features.  

Perfect for serving up a glass or two with dinner, this model lengthens the lifespan of any bottle by four weeks to really encourage the lavish life at mealtimes. 

The product “extends bottle life by not having to remove the cork. It really is perfect for those that want one glass at the end of the night. It poured slightly slower than I wanted, but it’s still really fun to use.

Coravin Review

Fun for one and also to show off at parties, this product will steal the show and all attention when it enters any room. Of course, this isn’t the only Coravin piece that will impress. Here are just a few other top sellers from the Best Buy stock:

  • Coravin – Aerator: 4.9/5 stars based on over 20 ratings
  • Coravin – Pure Capsules: 4.7/5 stars based on over 60 ratings
  • Coravin – Model 5 Wine Preservation System: 4.6/5 stars based on 30 ratings
  • Coravin – Faster Pour Needle: 4.4/5 stars based on 10 ratings

We’ll be serious, we know these products are decently expensive. For the casual wine drinker who doesn’t go out of their way to find that perfect red or white, Coravin may not be worth it.

However, for those who love the drink and the latest toys, well this Coravin review from Reddit sums it up best:

Are they worth it? Absolutely. They’re a fun toy and make drinking fine wine a lot more affordable. Obviously they’re expensive. But they mean you can tap into your wines on the regular and not depend on having a gathering of the right size with the kind of people before you can tuck into the special stuff.”

Who doesn’t love a techy toy that also doubles up in dispensing a drink?

Is Coravin Worth It?

Coravin Review

Our Coravin review team is definitely giving the brand a big push. We’re impressed by the innovative approach to wine preservation and, above all else, the love from customers. 

This business doesn’t just garner a quick comment or two, but individuals who have used the product seem to leave lengthy and detailed reports on why and how these items have made a difference in their lives.

It may not seem like a necessity (and technically it isn’t), but this brand has some great toys for wine and tech fans. Perfect for a gift to others or yourself, this one is an investment we’d be proud to own.

Coravin Promotions & Discounts 

Coravin Review

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this Coravin review, there are no running promotions.

Where to Buy Coravin

Coravin Review

Don’t fret about finding access to these luxurious items as they tend to pop up everywhere. Other than the brand site at, these products can be found at the following retailers:

  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Williams-Sonoma
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Amazon


Coravin Review

Who owns Coravin?

Coravin is owned by founder Greg Lambrecht who brought the company to market in 2011.

Does Coravin ship internationally?

Coravin proudly ships to over 60 countries. They’re hoping to continue expanding in the coming years.

What is Coravin’s Shipping Policy?

Interested in getting ahead with shipping information? Right away, we can tell you that prices aren’t listed online. They’re actually determined by the date of the shipment, so calculations are done later in the game. 

All packages can be tracked, but depending on the shipping speed selected, customers should have a good idea of when to expect their package.

There are three shipping speeds available to customers:

  1. FedEx Ground Shipping (5 to 7 business days)
  2. FedEx 2-Day Air (2 business days)
  3. FedEx Next Day Air (next business day)

Select the option that works best for your needs and sit back ready to savor that favorite flavor for longer than just a few days.

What is Coravin’s Return Policy?

Something didn’t work out as planned? That’s alright – not every shoe can fit perfectly. That’s why return policies exist. We’ve laid out all the info one could need for returns, right here:

  • Products have 30 days from purchase to be returned
  • Contact customer service to initiate a return
  • All charges aside from shipping will be reimbursed
  • Capsules are non-refundable
  • Products are under warranty for one year after purchase

Our advice? Read the warranty carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered. 

With that in mind, give things a good look upon receiving the product and, if it’s not the right fit, contact customer service as soon as possible for an RMA number and instructions on submitting a return.

How to Contact Coravin

Find any areas we didn’t cover in this Coravin review? Feel free to contact customer service for the answers or explanations we may not have. This brand operates Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST and offers three ways to reach out:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 855 692 6728
  • Address: 34 Crosby Drive, Suite 101, Bedford, MA 01730

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