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Cymbiotika Review

The supplement market can be as confusing as it is enticing. It seems like every product out there is clamoring for your attention, what with all its promises to cleanse your soul and alleviate all your health issues. However, it’s hard to know how much you can trust their words.

Cymbiotika rebels against that by making all-natural supplements and being totally transparent with their customers. They want to educate their buyers so that people know exactly what their supplements will do and how they can positively influence one’s health.

They currently boast over 122k followers on Instagram and it’s only growing from there. Keep reading through our Cymbiotika review to find out more about the brand including their history, their products, their customer reception, and how you can save money if you decide to purchase one of their products. 

Overview of Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika Review

Cymbiotika is a play on the concept of symbiosis, a process in which two living organisms feed off of each other to enrich both of their lives. 

Think of how anemones and clownfish co-exist to benefit the other or how Spiderman’s black costume is actually an alien symbiote that uses his life force as fuel while increasing his strength.

Don’t worry, this company won’t deliver you any clownfish or extraterrestrial particles. Cymbiotika works to deepen the existing connection between people and nature by using plant-based and organic ingredients in their supplements. 

They recognize the healing properties of the organisms around us. However, they know that education is just as important as implementation, which is why they publish extensive articles about the science behind their products.

Their broad knowledge base is also useful because customers can tap into it to discover the perfect medication for them. Cymbiotikia has a customer quiz where potential buyers can provide information and match a product to their particular needs.

Four world-renowned doctors form the backbone of Cymbiotika. They include Dr. Asher Milgrom, the company founder who holds a PhD in regenerative medicine and skincare, Dr. Valerie Kanter, Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, and Dr. Eric Y. Chang.

Seeing as how the company is so transparent in their practices and ingredients, we ought to be transparent about what we like the most about them. We’ll cover the company’s biggest advantages in the next section of our Cymbiotika review:


  • Wide variety of products
  • Produce organic, vegan-friendly supplements
  • All products are made vegan and with organic ingredients
  • Free US shipping on products over $150
  • You can save money by assembling your own Cymbiotika subscription box
  • Financing payment options are available through 
Cymbiotika Review

We won’t go over every item that’s available from Cymbiotika, but their product selection is quite large. They make dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, oils, balms, clothing, and more.

Cymbiotika Review

You can take a quiz on Cymbiotika’s website to find out which product is right for you. We’re sure that their medical staff knows what they’re talking about, but a second opinion never hurt anyone. 

That’s why we’ll be giving you some insight into the brand’s supplements in this section of our Cymbiotika review. If something really catches your eye, you can sign up for recurring shipments and save 10% on each order.

Cymbiotika Glutathione Review

Cymbiotika Glutathione Review
Cymbiotika Glutathione

Antioxidants are a reported marvel in the world of superfoods but it can be a pain to ingest enough of them to see any real benefits, unless you eat ten pounds of blueberries every day. If that doesn’t interest you, then you should look into the Glutathione supplement.

This product contains antioxidants like reduced glutathione, riboflavin, and alpha-lipoic acid. To help it go down smoothly, Cymbiotika also added flavor enhancers like organic cassava syrup and organic citrus extract.

You should only have to take one pouch per day to start feeling this item’s effects. 

Since it’s an antioxidant powerhouse, this product can help fight against free radicals, slow down aging, and even help you manage your allergies.

One order of Glutathione contains 25 servings and costs $88.

Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold Review

Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold Review
Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold

Many of us lack the necessary minerals to optimize our health because we don’t have enough time (or stomach capacity) to eat all the food that contains what we need. Thankfully, the Cymbiotika Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold contains minerals that are often difficult to find.

Shilajit resin is a material found in the Himalayas that can bolster many of the body’s natural defenses. It can improve your cognitive functioning, balance your body’s internal climate, and help fight off diseases.

The Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold contains these powerful minerals:

  1. Fulvic acid
  2. Humic acid
  3. Bioflavonoids
  4. Antioxidants
  5. Tocopherols

It’s a quintessential health product that can improve your overall state of being if you ingest the recommended amount every day. You can dissolve it into any hot liquid to get it into your system as quickly as possible.

One order of the Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold costs $67.

Cymbiotika Plant Protein Review

Cymbiotika Plant Protein Review
Cymbiotika Plant Protein

Meat, dairy, and eggs aren’t the only ways that you can get protein. The Plant Protein is a phenomenal supplement for people who adhered to a plant-based diet or who don’t get along well with dairy.

This plant protein contains a blend of pea protein, hemp protein, and spirulina, meaning that every serving can deliver all the essential amino acids necessary for growing muscle. Since this product is plant-based, it actually has more health benefits than a dairy-based protein supplement.

It has a high fiber content not just from its plant sources but from its prebiotic fiber complex. The Plant Protein can also deliver a huge proportion of your daily green intake because it contains alfalfa grass, barley grass, and wheatgrass.

Finally, this product includes some digestive enzymes to help it go down more smoothly. Therefore, the Plant Protein is more than just a way to get more protein into your diet, it’s a way to improve your overall digestive health.

A 2-pound bag of Plant Protein costs $88.

Cymbiotika Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 Review

Cymbiotika Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 Review
Cymbiotika Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10

Here’s another item in our Cymbiotika review that optimizes the healing power of plants. The Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 is a micronutrient brigade that can provide aid to your heart, bones, and arteries.

Everyone could use more Vitamin D, so the brand made the intelligent decision to combine it with two other essential micronutrients. 

This vitamin and mineral blend can reduce plaque build-up in your arteries, help improve calcium reabsorption to strengthen your bones and teeth, and decrease blood clotting to support immune function.

The Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 has a flexible intake. You can jam it straight into your mouth like a ravenous Viking or you can mix it in with your favorite drink. You can take it any time during the day with or without food.

Two fluid ounces of Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 can be yours for $77.

Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate Review

Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate Review
Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate

Magnesium is one of the important minerals for not just our brains but our body as a whole. Cymbiotika reports that nearly 65% of all Americans are getting less than the daily recommended dose of magnesium. 

Given how vital it is to our metabolic processes, they should consider looking into Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate

This product can be both a preventative supplement and a performative one. Magnesium can support brain functioning by providing us with the energy we need to engage in cognitive activities like memory, conscious thinking, and problem-solving.

On the preventative end, Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate can help ward off potential heart conditions and cognitive decline. That means you can take it even if your brain is in tip-top shape.

You’ll get 30 daily servings of Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate for $68. You only need to ingest one pack per day which you can do by taking it as is or by adding it to your coffee, water, or any other beverage.

Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C Review

Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C Review
Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C

The final item we’ll cover in our Cymbiotika review is this vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C positively affects how our immune systems function, our cognitive health, and how much collagen our bodies make. 

You can get enough vitamin C through diet alone, but sometimes it’s better to play it safe by taking a supplement. The Cymbiotika Vitamin C is an easy way to ensure that you’re getting adequate vitamin C. 

The packets dissolve into any liquid and provide a sweet taste. Beyond its concentrated vitamin C blend, this item also has a tangy flavor from vanilla extract, orange peel oil, and citrus extract.

This item tastes like orange juice but in a more concentrated form. You can try it for yourself for $62. One order of Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C comes with 30 packets.

Who Is Cymbiotika For? 

Cymbiotika Review

Cymbiotika’s products cast a wide net in terms of who can benefit from using them. All their items are vegan, meaning they can be used by anyone on a plant-based diet. Additionally, they only use organic ingredients so they should be easy on the minds of those who don’t like GMOs.

Finally, many people who have difficulty with dairy or other supplements might find that their bodies react better to Cymbiotika’s products.

Cymbiotika Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cymbiotika Review

We looked at Cymbiotika reviews from across the internet to find out what people thought about the brand. We studied the good, the bad, and even the ugly to see whether real customers said that the brand was up to snuff or not.

The first website we consulted was Cymbiotika’s own website. Here are the aggregate review scores from the products we listed in this article.

  • Liposomal Vitamin C: 5/5 stars based on more than 140 ratings
  • Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10: 5/5 stars based on more than 130 ratings
  • Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold: 5/5 stars based on more than 125 ratings
  • Magnesium L-Threonate: 5/5 stars based on more than 125 ratings
  • Glutathione: 5/5 stars based on more than 85 ratings
  • Plant Protein: 5/5 stars based on more than 20 ratings

Those scores demonstrate how many people felt that their products helped improve their overall health. Customers said that it was easier for them to take Cymbiotika’s supplements because they were easier on their bodies than other non-organic formulas.

People reported improved results on their blood tests, more mental clarity, a better quality of life, a healthier gut, and overall more energy. This is what one customer wrote in their 5/5 stars review of the Cymbiotika Glutathione:

I love this company and it’s only been barely a month. I am excited to wake up and take my concoction of supplements. I can’t wait to try more.

You know a company is well regarded when people are looking forward to taking their medication. 

One of the reasons that people actually wanted to take their Cymbiotika supplements was that they tasted so good. Many items were praised for having a smooth taste that made it easy for customers to stomach them.

We also looked for customer testimonials on Amazon. People were just as complimentary there as they were on the company’s website. Here’s what one customer said about the Cymbiotika Synergy Vitamin B12:

I could feel a sudden boost of energy but without any jitters after taking my first dose. And, the flavor is so delicious even my kids love it! I cut out drinking caffeine in the morning and now I just take this. Great Product, will definitely purchase again.”

Other Amazon users said they felt elevated energy levels and better mental clarity after they added the brand’s products to their daily routine.

The final place we looked for Cymbiotika reviews was on TrustPilot. Three customer reviews gave the company an overall score of 3.7/5 stars. 

On the whole, people felt that they were getting a good value for their money, even if the brand’s products were more expensive than other brands, because of their ingredients.

We’ll conclude this section of our Cymbiotika review with this buyer’s testimonial about why they love the company:

My kids love it- the b12 and d3 are an absolute must for us. Personally I love love the sulforaphane matrix- so so good and cleansing- skin got so clear and glowy!! Yesterday my shilajit arrived too and first time using it today. I am so so grateful to have access to all these products!!!!”

All in all, it looks like people are loving Cymbiotika’s products and what it has done for their health. 

Is Cymbiotika Legit?

Cymbiotika Review

We didn’t uncover anything that shook us or raised our eyebrows in our research for this Cymbiotika review, so we believe that this company is reputable and can be trusted.

Is Cymbiotika Worth It?

Cymbiotika Review

Cymbiotika’s prices are rather high, and that’s the major drawback we found with them. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but you should be aware that you’ll be paying more for their products than you would by shopping with another supplement company.

That being said, their organic and vegan ingredients may be worth paying a premium for some customers.

Cymbiotika Promotions & Discounts 

Cymbiotika Review

We’ve got a secret for you, and it comes in the form of a Cymbiotika discount code. You can also get a 10% discount on your first purchase by signing up for the brand’s email newsletter. 

The goodies don’t stop there as Cymbiotika will send you news about new products, exclusive offers, recipes, and more.

You can also save money by creating your own monthly subscription bundle. Select from a medley of Cymbiotika products and add them to your cart. The company will send you your bundle every month and you can save up to 30% versus if you were to buy the products as a one-time purchase.

The benefit is that you can edit or cancel your monthly subscription whenever you want. And that’s not the end of the savings! Enter the code NOW10 at the checkout page to receive a 10% discount on your Cymbiotika purchase. 

Where to Buy Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika Review

You can purchase Cymbiotika’s products on the brand’s website, Amazon, or through one of their in-store distributors. 


Cymbiotika Review

Who owns Cymbiotika?

Chervin Jafarieh founded Cymbiotika in 2017 and has owned the brand ever since.

Does Cymbiotika ship internationally?

Cymbiotika has the ability to ship to locations within the US, Canada, and the UK.

What is Cymbiotika’s Shipping Policy?

Sadly, we weren’t able to locate much information about Cymbiotika’s shipping policy. They promote that they can provide free shipping to all US orders over $150, but we weren’t able to uncover much more beyond that. 

We assume that all shipping times and associated costs will be communicated to the customer during the check-out stage.

What is Cymbiotika’s Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 30 days to return any unopened product purchased from the brand’s website. 

How to Contact Cymbiotika

We’ll wrap up our Cymbiotika review by telling you how you can contact the company if you have any remaining questions:

  • Email them at [email protected] 
  • Call them at +1-855-983-8888
  • Message them on their Facebook page

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