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Is there another dress quite as iconic as the Diane Von Furstenberg printed wrap dress? It’s definitely a popular, timeless classic that’s known all across the world.

Diane Von Furstenberg is an American, luxury, designer women’s wear brand known for their staple cocktail and dress attire suited for women of all age groups. 

The designer label has amassed a huge social media following with 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Diane Von Furstenberg has also taken home the CFDA award for Positive Change in 2019, and they’ve even had their own fashion exhibit at the famous Met Costume Institute Exhibit. 

Feeling inspired to learn more about this luxury, designer brand? If so, then keep reading. My Diane Von Furstenberg review will take an in-depth look at this womenswear brand, including its clothing, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their items are worth the buy. 

Overview of Diane Von Furstenberg

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The Diane Von Furstenberg brand arrived on the New York fashion scene in the 1970s after the designer moved to the big city. Before that, she had spent some time in Italy, where she designed and fashioned the now iconic jersey wrap dress. 

With the help of Vogue, in the mid 70s, the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress was pushed out into mass production and with that the luxury label was conceived. At the heart of the brand, Diane Von Furstenberg aims to create clothing that empowers women around the world by offering them classy, well-made, feminine designs. 

The brand is headquartered in the trendy meatpacking district in New York City. Their apparel is manufactured and produced in China, Korea, and Poland. 

Now that you’ve taken in some background info on this women’s, luxury, fashion label, let’s dig more deeply into this Diane Von Furstenberg review.

Next, I’ll take a look at a list of highlights about this designer brand, so that you’ll know what to expect when shopping for the high-end apparel. 


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  • Luxury, designer women’s clothing from a brand that’s been in business for close to 50 years 
  • Free returns 
  • Free shipping 
  • Lots of positive reviews from customers 
  • International shipping available 
  • Sale section on the website with some items up to 50% off 
  • Sign up to receive emails with extra promotions 
  • Available at retail partners, such as Net-A-Porter and Neiman Marcus 
  • Lifestyle items also designed (like the Diane Von Furstenberg carry on luggage) 

So, there’s a quick snapshot about this famous brand, with some key info you need to know. Now, we’re ready to move onto the next section of this Diane Von Furstenberg review. Let’s check out the really good stuff— the brand’s gorgeous designer dresses, blouses, and coats. 

Diane Von Furstenberg Dresses Review

A Diane Von Furstenberg dress is known to empower women due to its flattering design, which suits the body of every woman who puts one on, helping her exude confidence.

No wonder why these dresses have achieved world-wide fame and popularity! Let’s take a look at some of the bestselling Diane Von Furstenberg dresses. 

Diane Von Furstenberg Corinne Dress Review 

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Diane Von Furstenberg Corinne Dress

There’s a new style of form-fitting dress in the brand’s collection and it’s the Diane Von Furstenberg Corinne Dress

With its gorgeous, blue floral print, this dress is all about hugging those curves in a flattering way. There’s two ruched details down the front of the bodice and the inner sleeves, which cinch things in beautifully and sculpt your figure nicely. 

The entire dress is fashioned in a super stretchy mesh nylon, for comfort and ease of movement. Plus, there’s two deep slits in the front for extra flow, elegance, and intrigue. 

The Diane Von Furstenberg Corinne Dress is available in sizes XXS – XL. It’s priced at $438

Diane Von Furstenberg Pola Dress Review

Diane Von Furstenberg Review 5
Diane Von Furstenberg Pola Dress

Over the years, this brand has created many different versions of the classic Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. The DVF Pola Midi Wrap Dress is one of them. 

A beautiful, deep grape color, the dress is fashioned in a luxurious wool blend fabric, and features all the makings of the Diane Von Furstenberg classic wrap dress. It’s a classy, midi-length dress with a pretty, two-toned wool sash that secures everything in place. 

For some extra attitude, the dress has modern ballooned sleeves with a vintage flare, since they remind us of 1970s fashion. And the elegant, detailed feminine cuffs are also a nice added touch. 

This Diane Von Furstenberg Pola Dress is priced at $369 (down from 528). 

Diane Von Furstenberg Tessa Cotton Poplin Belted Maxi Dress Review 

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Diane Von Furstenberg Tessa Cotton Poplin Belted Maxi Dress

If you know anything about Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dresses, it’s that they make a big statement in a feminine and beautiful way. The gorgeous DVF Tessa Cotton Poplin Belted Maxi Dress works to do just that. 

Fashioned in 98% cotton with a tiny bit of spandex, this Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dress takes comfort to the next level with this super breathable fabric. 

It’s also incredibly fancy with the two tiered, black and white print, and the long black belt that cinches the waist in. 

The Diane Von Furstenberg Tessa Maxi Dress is priced at $352 (down from $588). 

Diane Von Fursten Coats Review

When it comes to their fashion line, this high-end brand doesn’t just design gorgeous dresses. Their vast collection also includes an array of classy women’s coats.

So many women love the Diane Von Furstenberg coats that are made to effortlessly complete any ensemble. Pair them with the latest Diane Von Furstenberg handbag and you’re unstoppable! 

Let’s take a look at the most popular DVF coats. Our Diane Von Fursenberg review has found the best styles from their vast collection and explored them below.

Diane Von Furstenberg Manon Coat Review 

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Diane Von Furstenberg Manon Coat

This chunky, warm trench was made to get you through the entire chilly, fall season. The Diane Von Furstenberg Manon Coat is also fierce, fun, and unique. 

This oversized, wool blend, button-up coat stands out with its vibrant, red leopard print that’s completely unapologetic. And the coat features four large pockets, which add to its bold design. There’s also a matching belt if you want to create some shape with this bulky, trench-style coat. 

The Diane Von Furstenberg Manon Coat is priced at $474 (down from 678). 

Diane Von Furstenberg Carmella Coat Review 

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Diane Von Furstenberg Carmella Coat

Calling all women who love to throw on coats that actually feel like heavy sweaters! If you’re one of those women, the Diane Von Furstenberg Carmella Coat will definitely strike your fancy. 

Available in sizes XS – XL, this coat is cut from cozy, 100% wool, so it makes a great fall or light-winter jacket. It also has an ultra-unique, camo leopard, giant cocoa brown print, with splashes of pink throughout. And the slight balloon sleeves with a drop shoulder add a sense of casualness to this designer jacket. 

The Diane Von Furstenberg Carmella Coat is priced at $551 (down from 788). 

Diane Von Furstenberg Ray Two Coat Review 

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Diane Von Furstenberg Ray Two Coat

Running late to work or even for a casual date night? Not a problem because the Diane Von Furstenberg Ray Two Boucled Coat is the perfect add-on to any stylish outfit. 

This two-toned, grey, speckle boucle coat is super warm, since it’s made of a cozy wool blend that’s perfect for colder temps. And the long length reaches all the way to the calf, so you’ll definitely stay toasty when the barometer drops and snow falls. 

The oversized, open-style front and relaxed fit makes this coat the perfect wardrobe staple due to its sheer versatility. Throw it on with one of the many classic Diane Von Furstenberg purses to complete your look. 

The Diane Von Furstenberg Ray Two Boucle Coat is priced at $523 (down from 748). 

Diane Von Furstenberg Blouses Review

Diane Von Furstenberg blouses are perfect for those who are looking to throw on a sophisticated and stylish top without giving it a second thought. Let’s take a look at some of the luxury brand’s most popular and bestselling blouses. Our Diane Von Fursteberg review will take an in-depth look at each one below.

Diane Von Furstenberg Max Ruffled Crepe de Chine Silk Top Review 

Diane Von Furstenberg Review 10
Diane Von Furstenberg Max Ruffled Crepe de Chine Silk Top

Looking for a vintage-style top that still looks great in the modern day? The 1970s inspired Diane Von Furstenberg Max Ruffled Crepe de Chine Silk Top is just that. 

This dressy blouse is fashioned in a beautiful silk-blend material, and has a show-stopping foulard geometric red print. For that splash of 70s fashion design, there’s an oversized ruffle down the front and a bright, multicolored pattern that feels totally retro. There’s also a pretty button detail on the wrist for some added flair. 

You can pair this blouse with the matching jersey pants for a classic, coordinated look. And don’t forget your Diane Von Furstenberg sandals for an unexpected surprise! 

This DVF Max Ruffled Crepe de Chine Silk Top is priced at $271 (down from $388). 

Diane Von Furstenberg Kate Top Review 

Diane Von Furstenberg Review 11
Diane Von Furstenberg Kate Top

There’s something so simple and chic about a no-fuss floral top, and that’s exactly what makes the Diane Von Furstenberg Kate Top such a great, easy choice for women. 

It’s a classic, collared, button-up style blouse made of a luscious silk blend fabric. And it just exudes femininity with the Charlottenburg floral print. The pretty blouse also features two-toned piping down the front where the buttons are, and the two-button closure at the wrist is a cute little detail. 

The Diane Von Furstenberg Kate Top is priced at $348

Who is Diane Von Furstenberg for? 

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Diane Von Furstenberg has been synonymous with New York luxury fashion since the 1970s, because that’s when the uber famous DVF wrap dress came onto the scene. 

Since then, women of all ages have flocked to this brand for its luxurious, well-made pieces that flatter women of all shapes and sizes. So many love the chic prints, forgiving fabrics, and contemporary designs that always possess a slight vintage flair. 

Whether you’re shopping for something more fashion forward, like a Diane Von Furstenberg romper, or you’re attracted to their lifestyle items, such as the Diane Von Furstenberg luggage sets, you’re bound to find a well-made, iconic piece that you’ll adore.

All items in this versatile collection are designed with style and class, and will take you from the office to date night at a moment’s notice. 

Comparison: Diane Von Furstenberg vs. Cynthia Rowley  

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The women’s, designer fashion market is very vast. So, it makes sense to check out a similar competitor and see how Diane Von Furstenberg measures up. And that’s what this Diane Von Furstenberg review will do next. 

Cynthia Rowley is another luxury women’s designer label based in NYC that’s known for its exuberant, fashion-forward aesthetic. 

These two high-end brands are similar in a few ways:

  • Both well-established brands feature women’s luxury designer clothing 
  • DVF and Cynthia Rowley both offer international shipping 
  • Both these labels sell items in-store at retail partners such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom 

There are a few ways they differ though: 

  • DVF offers free returns as well as free shipping 
  • There are a few different websites for DVF (North American and European) for customers shopping in different regions 
  • Cynthia Rowley offers a loyalty reward program for extra savings 

Overall, both these women’s fashion brands have lots of great things to offer. Each one is headquartered in New York city, and designs a wide range of effortless, classy styles. So, they really speak to women on-the-go that are looking for chic pieces that’ll logically fit into their already packed wardrobes.

Diane Von Furstenberg Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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Of course, no Diane Von Furstenberg review would be fully complete, or wrapped up (pun intended), without checking out some consumer feedback. So let’s see what the customers have to say about this upscale brand. 

First up, let’s head over to We’ll take a look at their most popular clothing items and see how they’re being rated. 

  • New Jeanne Two Silk Jersey Wrap Dress: an average of 5/5 stars based on four reviews, with one shopper saying “the fabric, feel, fit, and length are superb! Well done, DVF!”
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Dress – Beata Cotton Mini: an average of 4/5 stars based on three reviews 
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Romper – Ina Poly-George: an average of 3/5 stars based on two reviews 
  • Silvia Alfred Knit Square Neck Pullover: an average of 4.5/5 stars based on two reviews, with one customer calling it “very nice” and “elegant”

On the brand’s website, the majority of customers that left a Diane Von Furstenberg review commented on how their pieces fit amazingly well. Many also remarked how the items, in particular the Diane Von Furstenberg dresses, became seamless pieces of clothing in their wardrobes. 

Whether it’s the iconic, wrap-style dress or the uber feminine Diane Von Furstenberg lace dresses, they truly resonate with women around the globe due to their flattering cuts, fits, and fun prints. 

One individual left a 4/5 star review on ShopBop about a short sleeved summer style DVF wrap dress

“I always love DVF’s wrap dresses and this is one of them. The cut is great and the length is just right. The prints are vibrant but still look subtle on black.” 

Luckily for fans of this luxury brand, DVF doesn’t just design beautiful dresses. They have a well-rounded collection that includes fabulous coats, blouses, pants, and skirts as well. 

One customer left a 5/5 star Diane Von Furstenberg review on the Nordstrom website about the Carson Stripe Wrap Dress

“Even has a pocket on the left hip (only one since it’s a wrap and adjustable). It’s so flattering, wrinkle resistant and altogether FAB. I LOVE IT.”

There’s one thing to note about this brand: there are numerous customers who experienced trouble with their customer support team (including no response). A few more issues reported by DVF shoppers include delayed or lost deliveries, or the wrong items sent to them. 

Yet, the vast majority of shoppers seem incredibly pleased with this brand and the stylish items they purchased. Which is why DVF is an established icon in the fashion industry, and has been around for over 50 years. 

Is Diane Von Furstenberg Worth It?

Diane Von Furstenberg Review 15

Based on the many glowing reviews left by women around the world who flock to this luxury fashion brand time and time again, it’s definitely a worthwhile choice. Although the prices are quite high, because this is a designer label, once you invest in one of their pieces, you’ll have a wardrobe staple that’ll likely last you a lifetime. 

Also, there are always great sales to be found on their website, and you can even shop in-store if you live near a Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. So, if you love apparel with a great vintage flair, which this brand has plenty of, then Diane Von Furstenberg is likely an ideal choice for you. 

Diane Von Furstenberg Promotions & Discounts 

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Is a wrap dress in your future? Or is a Diane Von Furstenberg purse calling your name? 

If you’re looking to do some shopping, there are a few ways to score some deals on the brand’s website. 

  1. If you sign up to receive the DVF newsletter in your inbox, you’ll receive exclusive promotions and sale notices 
  2. There’s also a sale section on the website where you can shop for items up to 50% off the regular price 

Where to Buy Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg Review 17

You can shop exclusively for the brand at You can also find the label at retail partners, such as Nordstrom, Farfetch, Neiman Marcus, and Net-A-Porter. 


Diane Von Furstenberg Review 18

Where is Diane Von Furstenberg made? 

All DVF items are designed in-house by the design team in New York City. Their apparel is produced and manufactured both domestically and overseas in China, Korea, and Poland. 

Does Diane Von Furstenberg fit true to size?

Diane Von Furstenberg is dedicated to helping to empower women with their clothing. So they portray sizing as accurately as possible, and their items fit normally and true to size. 

There is a size chart listed on their website to help with sizing. They also note the sizing on their website to be equivalent to: 

  • P = 0 – 2 
  • S = 4 – 6 
  • M = 8 – 10
  • L = 12 – 14

What is Diane Von Furstenberg’s Shipping Policy?

DVF offers free economy shipping on orders within the US. FedEx is the delivery service used. 

Expedited shipping is available, but overnight shipping is not guaranteed to Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Territories. DVF does not ship to PO/APO boxes. 

For expedited delivery, orders placed prior to 1 p.m. (EST) may ship out on the same day. Orders placed after 1 p.m. (EST) will be shipped out on the next business day. There may be some delays due to shortages in inventory. 

With free economy shipping, your order will be delivered in 3 – 7 business days. FedEx 2Day shipping costs an extra $18. Orders will be delivered two business days after they’re shipped. 

FedEx three-day shipping costs an extra $12. Items will be delivered within two business days (as long as your order was placed prior to 1 p.m.) after they’re shipped. 

FedEx overnight shipping is also available (with an added fee of $25). With this expedited shipping service, you’ll receive your order one business day after it’s been shipped. 

For Canadadians, standard delivery is available. Purchases will be delivered within 4 – 12 business days. You can also choose Express shipping for an added charge, and items will be delivered in 3 – 7 business days. 

On the DVF website, simply select your country from the list at the top of the page, and all fees will be calculated at checkout. 

What is Diane Von Furstenberg’s Return Policy?

The company offers customers free 30-day returns. Items purchased from, as well as in-store, can be returned at no extra cost within 30 days of purchase (with a receipt) for a full refund. Any product that has been marked as final sale does not qualify for a return or refund. 

To qualify for a return or exchange, items must be in their original condition (unwashed, unworn, and without any stains or smells) with the tags still on. The brand performs a quality check on each product they receive, and if your item doesn’t match up to their checklist, it will not be eligible for a return or refund. 

For those who are returning their DVF order in the US, you must do it through their return portal. You’ll need your original order number and zip code to get started. 

After you’ve followed the instructions and dropped off your return order at FedEx, it will likely take 10 business days to process (once it arrives at the DVF warehouse). You’ll receive your refund in its original payment form in approximately seven business days. 

If you live in another part of the world, simply visit for more instructions on how to begin the return process for your order. 

How to Contact Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg Review 20

There are a few different ways to reach out to the Diane Von Furstenberg customer support team: 

  1. Fill out the contact form on their website 
  2. Email: [email protected] 
  3. Message the brand on Facebook Messenger 
  4. Customers in the UK and Europe can call 1-929-362-5773 (between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST), Monday – Friday)

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