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Dopper Review

There’s no denying that plastic waste and pollution are issues for the planet. Making the switch to reusable items instead of single-use plastics is a small but significant step to help clean and maintain the Earth’s oceans. 

Dopper makes that possible by offering reusable water bottles to help fight plastic pollution. The practical bottles are perfect for anyone’s use, and they’ve been making waves online. And with 28.2k followers on the company’s Instagram page, the word is getting out about these bottles. 

Have you been shopping around for a new sustainable water bottle? If so, my Dopper review can help you out. I’ll take a look at the brand’s origins, best-sellers, customer feedback, and more so you can decide if their products are worth buying.

Overview Of Dopper

Dopper Review

Dopper is the brainchild of Merijn Everaarts, who was shocked at the single-use plastic bottles that litter the streets, garbage cans, and oceans. He also wondered why people bothered buying bottled water at all when the tap was readily available. 

So, in January 2010, Everaarts hosted a design competition to find the best sustainable water bottle. Rinke van Remortel’s design came out on top, and the Dopper Original was born. The company officially launched in October of the same year on the Netherlands’ Sustainability Day. 

Based in Haarlem, Netherlands, the sustainable company is on a mission to encourage people to choose reusable over single-use plastic water bottles.” But, they emphasize that the bottle is just the beginning. They also take time to invest in educational programs, research, and awareness projects regarding plastic pollution. 

Now that I’ve gone through the brand’s story, let’s kick off this Dopper review by checking out some highlights: 


  • The company provides reusable and sustainable water bottles to help reduce plastic waste
  • It offers educational programs to bring awareness about single-use plastic pollution
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™, safe, and responsibly made water bottles
  • Free delivery is available with an order minimum

Living sustainably doesn’t have to start all at once. Getting your hands on some reusable items is a great place to start. Dopper’s durable bottles are practical, high-quality, and perfect for any activity. So keep reading this Dopper review to learn more about these adorable and Earth-friendly products.

Dopper Review

Whether you need a coffee fix or a hydration vessel, the Dopper bottles can do it all with their many beneficial features (besides being ocean-saving, of course!). Plus, their practicality and sleek look could have you gripping onto one of them for years to come.

Dopper Insulated 350 ml Throwback Lilac Review

Dopper Insulated 350 ml Throwback Lilac Review
Dopper Insulated 350 ml Throwback Lilac

First up in this Dopper review is the Insulated 350ml Throwback Lilac bottle. The double-insulated thermos will keep your water hot for nine hours or cold for 24. You’ll also be able to avoid spilling your fresh tea or ice water with the leak-proof tech. 

Plus, the stainless steel body features power coating, making the Throwback Lilac scratch-resistant and super easy to clean. If handwashing isn’t your style, you can even throw it in the dishwasher. As a bonus, the lid also doubles as a cup for extra convenience. 

To drive home Dopper’s sustainability promise, the bottle is ethically manufactured in China, transported using biofuel, and of course, is Cradle to Cradle Certified™. It’ll cost $31 to add to your cart. 

Dopper Insulated 580 ml Lemon Crush Review

Dopper Insulated 580 ml Lemon Crush Review
Dopper Insulated 580 ml Lemon Crush

If you need a container with more capacity for your morning brew, the Insulated 280ml Lemon Crush bottle is a vibrant option. It has the same double-insulated benefits as the Throwback Lilac bottle and will definitely stay out of the Earth’s oceans. 

All Dopper bottles are BPA Phthalate and lead-free. In other words, there are no toxic chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. As I mentioned, the Lemon Crush bottle is also made for both hot and cold beverages. But, keep in mind that it can run the risk of getting stained or having an odor if you use it for tea or coffee. 

The Insulated 580 ml Lemon Crush thermos retails for $37

Dopper Glass Insulated (450 ml) Review 

Dopper Glass Insulated (450 ml) Review
Dopper Glass Insulated (450 ml)

Last but not least in this Dopper review is the Glass Insulated (450ml) bottle. The lead-free glass bottle is perfect for minimalists who want a functional item that matches their aesthetic. The glass is also stain and scratch resistant to keep it looking clean. 

This award-winning bottle can keep water hot for one hour and cold for two, making it perfect for sipping while lounging at home or at the cottage. It’s also shipped in plastic-free clamshell packaging, making your purchase totally green from the start. 

The stylish Glass Insulated (450 ml) bottle will cost $36 to add to your basket.  

Who Is Dopper For? 

Dopper Review

Plastic water bottles are a significant contributor to the plastic pollution on the planet. Someone looking to reduce their use of single-use plastic bottles has excellent options with Dopper. It’s also worth mentioning the brand’s bottles are convenient, responsibly made, and high-quality. 

The products are a bit pricier than competing brands. Still, their bottles are worth the investment if it means saving the oceans and never having to buy bottled water again. 

Dopper Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dopper Review

This wouldn’t be a thorough Dopper review if I didn’t check out some customer ratings. So, I scoured the internet for feedback. Unfortunately, Dopper doesn’t publish comments on their website, but I found a few reviews on Trustpilot and YuppieChef.  

I found one 5/5 star rating on YuppieChef regarding the 580ml water bottle. The satisfied customer wrote, “This is pricey compared to other options available, BUT it is in a class of its own. If you want cold water all day and want to run your bottle through the dishwasher for a good clean, then I highly recommend the Dopper range.” 

There’s also a positive reception for the brand on Trustpilot. Many comments are in Dutch, but some English reviews are sprinkled in. Dopper has an ‘average’ 2.8/5 star rating from 14 reviews. On this site, many customers praised the bottles’ durability and convenience. 

One reviewer wrote a glowing review: “I am so happy with my Dopper bottle. I’ve got the stainless steel one, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s durable, strong, and the best part is that it never gets that nasty bottle smell. I am recommending this to everyone. Pricey, sure, but is it worth it? Definitely.” 

Dopper Review

Another customer left this positive review: “Great insulated bottle. Cute design. I can use it as a bottle or cup. They also sell single parts on their website in case you lost one part and did not want to be wasteful and buy a whole new bottle again.” 

There are a few more critical reviews that still praise the brand. For example, a reviewer wrote, “Great idea and design. However, I’m currently using my third bottle for 2020 as, after some time, they start to leak. Still, I have probably saved over a thousand plastic water bottles since 2018. Keep improving!” 

While doing my research for this Dopper review I did find other criticisms regarding the brand’s customer service. For example, one loyal customer stated that they only received one part of the Dopper bottle after an ordering mishap. Upon realizing this, they had trouble contacting the customer service team. 

That said, the brand does respond to lower ratings with a two-week response time. And this shows that they’re dedicated to their customers and strive to address their concerns.

Is Dopper Legit?

Dopper Review

I found no red flags about this company regarding its product quality or shipping. There might be some customer service altercations with the Dopper team. Still, it seems like they respond to any negative ratings promptly. So, the company looks legit

Is Dopper Worth It?

Dopper Review

In the ongoing fight for the environment, reducing waste is key. And when it comes to taking care of the Earth, Dopper’s sustainable water bottles might seem like a small act, but it’s a step in the right direction

And based on this Dopper review, I think the brand is worth checking out. The bottles are functional, recyclable, and aesthetically pleasing. They are slightly pricier than the average bottles out there—but I think it’s worth investing in one of Dopper’s bottles since it’ll probably be a trusty companion for several years. 

Dopper Promotions & Discounts 

Dopper Review

I know you love a good deal (I do too!). But, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any current promotions offered by Dopper. I’d suggest signing up for the brand’s monthly newsletter to stay updated about future deals. 

Where To Buy Dopper

Dopper Review

Did a bottle in this Dopper review catch your eye? If it did, you can purchase that model or another one at


Dopper Review

Who owns Dopper?

Merijn Everaarts is the founder and owner of Dopper. 

Does Dopper ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Dopper only ships to select countries in Europe. I’ll get into more detail about that in the following section. 

What is Dopper’s shipping policy?

Dopper offers free shipping for online orders over $25-$84 depending on your location. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer priority shipping options. The flat rate shipping fees also vary from $2-$15, depending on your order total. Processing your purchase takes about two days

Also, the estimated delivery time varies depending on your location. If you’re located in the Netherlands, it can take about 6-7 business days for your order to arrive. For countries like Italy, Latvia, and Poland, it can take 9-10 business days. You can refer to this chart for more information. 

What is Dopper’s Return Policy?

Dopper has a 14-day return policy. The Dopper bottle must be unused to be eligible for a return, and the customer is responsible for shipping costs. It can take up to two weeks to receive your full refund. 

The company also offers a two-year warranty with regular use of your bottle. This means that you can use your Dopper for non-sparkling drinks. You’ll also have to wash and dry it thoroughly on a regular basis so that this guarantee remains valid. Plus, the company will repair any defective or damaged items. 

How To Contact Dopper

If you have any questions that this Dopper review didn’t answer, here’s how you can contact their customer service team: 

  • Phone: +31 (0) 23 7370445
  • Submit a question via the ‘Send Us a Message’ feature
  • Mail

Dopper B.V.

Gonnetstraat 26

2011 KA, Haarlem

The Netherlands

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