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Eve Review

In an age when smart home technology is making our lives easier, Eve stands out by enhancing that convenience with added privacy, ease-of-use, as well as energy conservation and consciousness.

By controlling the use of lights and other energy drains, we waste less power.

Eve has more than 16k followers on Facebook and almost 14k on Twitter.

Technology media like TechRadar, TechHive, MacRumors, and Appleinsider are constantly positively reviewing their innovative products as well as some other mainstream media like The New York Post

In this Eve review, I’ll help you make an informed decision about the brand before you purchase their products. I’ll go over some of their best-selling products, promotions, customer testimonials, and any other pertinent FAQs. 

Overview Of Eve

Eve Review

For this Eve review, I had a difficult time finding out anything other than the most mundane of company info when it comes to this innovative brand. Fortunately, their products aren’t shrouded in the same mystery. 

Here’s what I could find. In 1999, a company called Elgato was founded in Germany to design and manufacture video games and consoles.

By 2008 they created the Eve brand to cover smart home technology. In 2018, the US company Corsair bought the gaming side of the company. 

What was left of Elgato was renamed Eve and they continued to produce advanced smart home technology. There seem to be offices and operations still in Germany but the headquarters are now in Bavaria.

The company puts forth smart home devices and also a system to link everything together. It is a closed system that does not report data to Eve or put anything on a cloud except iCloud when necessary, so your privacy is ensured

Eve devices are controlled by tap, voice, or touch. You can even use Apple’s Homekit or the Eve app, but the app offers far more options.

Before I move this Eve review over to check out some smart gadgets from this innovative company, let’s take a peek at some of their highlights.


Eve Review
  • Offers convenient and energy-saving devices
  • Secure and private internal system
  • Gadgets and accessories for every smart home function
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • A handy app that allows for more control

Eve Energy Review

Eve Energy is the internal network that allows you to control all of the brand’s devices without using a cloud, (iCloud when necessary like with the Eve Cam), or an external backup that compromises your privacy. 

By controlling your devices you can save money and waste less energy. With Eve Energy, you can even monitor your energy use for each device and plan accordingly.

With too many devices and gadgets to list, I can pretty safely say that Eve has the tech to cover almost all (if not all) smart home needs.

They can all be operated by tapping the app, voice commands through Siri, and through touch with Apple Homekit on your Apple devices. 

Let’s check out a few of the best-selling devices that hook into the innovative Eve Energy system.

Eve Light Strip Review

If you live in a small space or simply prefer a minimalist aesthetic, the Eve Light Strip is worthy of consideration.

Easily installed with the self-adhesive strip, you can then control the light strength, tone, and color with a push of a button or a voice command. 

You can choose from dimmable white light or a range of colored lights. They are great for providing light or for accenting whatever piece of furniture they inhabit. 

The true highlight worth noting for this Eve review is the adaptive lighting

This means that you can set it to automatically change light depending on the time of day and the amount of natural light your room gets. Warm light in the morning helps to ease you into the light of the day.

Cool, blue lights help with focus and mood during the day while cutting down on blue light at night is beneficial in helping you relax and sleep. 

Add some light and color to your life for $80 for a 6’6” length of the light strip.

Eve Flare Review

Take mood lighting with you anywhere in your home or yard with the Eve Flare. An almost 10” round ball of light is set by you to any color on the spectrum.

Boasting supreme water resistance, this product is great for in the bathroom or around the pool. Just make sure not to entirely submerge it. 

With a wireless charging base, the Flare has a minimum of 6 hours of power, with some customers reporting more than 24 hrs of use.  

Like all Eve’s smart products, it is controlled by touch, voice, or through Homekit. Add some Flare to your life for $100.

Eve Light Switch Review

Touted by tech media as one of, if not, the best smart light switches in the world, the Eve Light Switch is of high quality and does its one job really well. This product is easy to install and you don’t even need to change lightbulbs. 

Where this switch excels – other than switching your lights on and off from anywhere – is when it hooks in with other Eve smart devices.

You can control the mood and indoor environment by setting your devices to turn on all at once. 

Getting back from a hard day of work on a warm day, your fan and lights turn on before you arrive, and your shades lower for a relaxing and cool atmosphere.

The same with the heat and lights when the sun goes down early in the winter months.

You can switch up your home life for $50.

Eve Cam Review

Keeping your home protected and knowing what is happening there when you aren’t home is easy and safe with the Eve Cam. For your privacy’s sake, no data is sent to Eve and all information is encrypted before going to your iCloud. 

Speaking of which, the Eve Cam requires iCloud for control from afar. This camera creates full HD video with a 150 degrees view and can see at night as far as about 16 feet.

The infrared sensor lets you set your camera to go off when someone enters the home so you can see when your kids get home or protect your house from burglars.

It can also be set to turn off when everyone is home. Keep an eye on your home and your family – pets included – for $150.

Who Is Eve For? 

Eve Review

Eve is for anyone looking to smarten up their home, technology-wise. It is an enclosed system, ensuring your privacy. You also don’t have to be tech-savvy to use Eve’s products as they are easy to install. 

For those who prefer to forego the cell to control it, you can control any device with a tap on the Eve app or by Siri voice commands.

Simply put, if you’re looking to step into the future every time you walk into your house, Eve is worthy of consideration.

Eve Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Eve Review

So, you’ve heard what I have to say in this Eve review, but let’s take a deeper dive into the minds of the brand’s customers.

What do they think about the company? How reliable are their products? What did they have for breakfast this morning? 

Okay, scratch that last part. Let’s start by checking out the Eve Light Strip on BestBuy with a score of 4.8/5 stars from 6 ratings.

One customer bought the space-saving strips as a way to brighten a room but was really delighted by getting something even more:

“Beautiful light anywhere, control like magic. I wanted add a bit of pizzaz to our small bedroom without taking up any space. The Eve Light Strips do that and more…They give awesome light which I can change with a tap, from very dim for a ‘nightlight’ effect, or quite bright and bold for a dramatic accent during the day. Setting it up was a snap.”

This brand loves to play with color to create moods and lights. This 5/5 stars Eve review on Walmart’s website enjoys the range of color choices and the quality of the Eve Flare:

“I love this globe! It perfectly illuminates my puzzle table. We found it soothing, easy to set up, and the app is great, too…very intuitive. You can use it to change the pre-programmed colors to anything in the spectrum… I was also impressed with its quality. Very sturdy product. Highly recommend – would make a great gift, too.”

It may be about the only Eve product that is giftable but that customer is correct, they make a fun, unique, and thoughtful gift. 

Heading on over to Amazon, the Eve Cam has a score of 3.9/5 stars from over 544 ratings. Quite a few customers had great things to say about the product, but I loved this review in particular:

“Brilliant. I love gadgets and have so many HomeKit enabled products. Love this camera – does everything you need it to but for me, the built in privacy features are so important. No other camera has this level of privacy and that alone made it work the extra few quid. Great collaboration between Eve and Apple here – totally recommend.”

For them, privacy is extremely important, and they found it with Eve. 

Talking about ratings up there, on BestReviews, they based their incredible 9.9/10 rating of the Eve Light Switch on customer reviews.

The list is of the top smart light switches for Apple’s Homekit, for which Eve took the top spot. This customer’s enthusiasm for a light switch is contagious:

“It does exactly what it’s supposed to do! I love that I can walk into my room, and say “Hey Siri, turn on the lights!”… it’s so freaking cool! Works excellent with Homekit… It’s a really nice product, and it’s been so useful. It also works from pretty far away… pretty much everywhere in my 3 story house, I can turn on the lights in my room, it’s so cool! haha :)”

Before I wrap up this section, let’s jump back a bit and take a look at the ratings from customers on Amazon to get the full picture.

As you can see, three of the four products are Amazon’s Choices, which means they are popular and rated consistently high.

  • Eve Light Strip – 277 reviews – 4.4/5 stars Amazon’s choice
  • Eve Flare – 178 reviews – 4.5/5 stars Amazon’s choice
  • Eve Light Switch – 383 reviews – 4.6/5 stars Amazon’s Choice
  • Eve Cam – 624 reviews – 3.9/5 stars 

If you don’t care about privacy, you can find cameras that do the same thing for cheaper, but if privacy matters, then the Eve Cam is the sure and safe choice for you.

On the whole, the Eve reviews from their customers show that their products are making a lot of people happy.

Is Eve Legit?

Eve Review

While researching for this Eve review, I found no red flags when it comes to this brand and their products, especially considering the backing and partnerships they have going for them.

Is Eve Worth It?

Eve Review

Here we hit the crux of the matter. Are the brand’s products worth your money? Based on everything written in this Eve review, I have no qualms in saying a firm YES. 

This company sells superior, technologically-advanced, high-quality, and privacy-conscious products. At the forefront of smart home devices, recommending Eve is an easy choice. 

Eve Promotions & Discounts 

Eve Review

For this Eve review, I found multiple product discounts like when you buy two or three light strips at a time or a strip and camera combo. That’s it for now, but who knows what the future has in store?

Where To Buy Eve

Eve Review

You can buy Eve products through their website at evehome.com, through Amazon, and through department and technology stores online and in person.


Eve Review

Who owns Eve?

Eve has been a company since 2018 and a brand since at least 2008. It is privately owned and is headquartered in Bavaria although the owners remain a mystery.

Does Eve ship internationally?

You bet they do! International shipping is currently offered to the USA, Canada, and select European destinations.

What is Eve’s Shipping Policy?

Hold on to your devices because I’ve got some shipping information to send your way.

Eve likes to keep things going expeditiously, which is why all orders placed before noon during workdays are processed and sent out that very same day.

On top of that, the brand offers four delivery options:

  • FedEx Ground (TBD): $11
  • FedEx 2Day (2 business days): $19
  • FedEx Priority Overnight (1 business day): TBD
  • FedEx Express Saver – Business only (3 business days): $15

Limited international shipping options are also available. The customer will be responsible for all duties and taxes incurred.

What is Eve’s Return Policy?

Eve has a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy. This period takes effect from the date of delivery.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay to have the items shipped back to the brand. The refund will be credited to the original account.

How To Contact Eve

Eve Review

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this Eve review, you can fill out their Online Contact Form on their website or send them an email at [email protected].  

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