Fruit Bouquets Review

About Fruit Bouquets

Fruit Bouquets Review

Flowers are nice, but edible bouquets are absolutely enticing. The ideal gift for any age, Fruit Bouquets are a delightful treat that looks beautiful and tastes even better. This brand creates breathtaking arrangements themed for the seasons and year-round occasions, tucked neatly in reusable vases and delivered promptly. 

You can find Fruit Bouquets included in online articles of well-known media outlets like CNBC and Delish, as well as on Facebook with more than 144K likes. It has also garnered over 6k followers on Instagram.

Coming up in this Fruit Bouquets review, we’ll dish out all the juicy details about the brand and its best-selling arrangements, tuck in some customer feedback, and package things up with a few answers to vital FAQs.

From there, you can decide whether or not you’d like to make Fruit Bouquets a part of your annual gift-giving plans.

Overview of Fruit Bouquets

Fruit Bouquets Review

We remember the first time we heard about fruit arrangements. The concept was fresh and inviting, and we smiled at the new concept of flower and heart-shaped fruit that would arrive dipped in delicious chocolate. And when 1-800 Flowers launched Fruit Bouquets in 2011, it was destined to be a mouthwatering treat for everyone. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love flowers as much as the next person, but we adore how this fun idea takes the notion of flowers and punches it up with zest, sweetness, and decadence. Fruit Bouquets says that the idea for the brand “started with one simple idea: Have more fun with fruit.” 

Partnering with talented creatives who put together its delightful concoctions, the Illinois-based brand sits among a yummy row of brother and sister companies that also deliver inspired creations by way of a simple phone call or online order.

Just up ahead, this Fruit Bouquets review will get into all the sumptuous specifics involved with the brand. But for now, have a peek at its highlights to get a taste of what’s in store:


  • Wide range of fruit bouquets for different occasions
  • Option to add chocolate-dipped fruit or strawberries 
  • Convenient, great for last-minute gifts
  • Membership program (free shipping, perks, etc.)
  • Offers same-day delivery
  • Low shipping costs
  • Payment plans available 
Fruit Bouquets Review

While browsing its website, we got a lot of joy looking at the bountiful bouquets, their fresh flavors bursting through the screen. There’s a playful and fun-loving vibe to Fruit Bouquets’ edible arrangements, reflected in the tiny icing smileys that coat chocolate-dipped berries neatly nestled among seasonal fruit.

We love how easy it was to shop by occasion or its best sellers, even appreciating the category designated solely for arrangements that can accommodate same-day shipping.

Coming up, this Fruit Bouquets review will take you through a selection of the brand’s fruity arrangements and decadent, dipped strawberries.

Fruit Bouquets Review

When you order Fruit Bouquets, your arrangement will come artistically styled on a platter or in a reusable, colored vase. For a fun contrast and play on the traditional foliage included in floral arrangements, the company has added curly green kale as the base to really keep things edible. 

Below, this Fruit Bouquets review will feature its best-selling arrangements: A mix of seasonal and year-round favorites that can arrive plain or dipped in scrumptiousness depending on your preferences. 

Want to split up payments? You totally can. All of the brand’s bouquets are available for purchase with four interest-free payments through Klarna. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of bountiful bouquets this company has to offer. 

Fruit Bouquets Sweet & Delicious Review

Why do you love fruit? Because it’s Sweet & Delicious. This simple arrangement mixes the delightful look of flowers, leaves, and pops of pretty color — only, it’s all made from fruit.

Daisy-shaped pineapples, wisps of melons and oranges, and ruby-jeweled grapes tuck into this bright bouquet, dotted with tantalizing chocolate-dipped strawberries including an attractive spiraling swirl decoration. 

Arriving in a brilliantly red container, each bouquet has 9 servings with the option to add on 6 or 12 chocolate-dipped strawberries from Shari’s Berries. 

Alone, this arrangement is $60, but you can add on the 6-12 chocolate-dipped strawberries for an additional $25-$30.

Fruit Bouquets Celebrate the Day Fruit Arrangement Review

The Celebrate the Day Fruit Arrangement was designed to bring others joy on their special day. The perfect way to ring in someone’s birthday, this bright and cheery bouquet mixes the fan-favorite combination of melon wedges, orange slices, strawberries, and peppy star-shaped pineapple to create a smile-worthy treat.

Available in plain or dipped versions, the latter pokes in a few chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-covered apple slices to kick up the party vibes and really celebrate. It comes in a container that says “Happy Birthday” across the front with confetti, and 7 servings of fruit. 

Show someone you care with this joyful arrangement for $55, or get it dipped for $60. Want to give the gift of a few juicy (dipped) berries with your order? You can add on a dozen of Shari’s Berries white and milk chocolate striped delights for an additional $30

Fruit Bouquets Delightful Ladybug Dipped Strawberries Review

Who doesn’t love a cute ladybug? Add on some chocolate-dipped ones and it’s definitely a winner with family and friends. The Delightful Ladybug Dipped Strawberries bouquet is a great surprise for anyone who’s feeling low and needs their day to brighten up. 

With cute little eyes made of candy, this half-dipped chocolate ladybug is sure to bring a smile to a loved one’s face. The arrangement comes in two sizes: a dozen or two (if someone needs a lot of cheering up). 

This bouquet of deliciousness has enough fruit for 2-4 people. Get a dozen of the Delightful Ladybug Strawberries for $55, or two for an extra $30

Fruit Bouquets Abundant Fruit Chocolate Tray Review

What do you get when you need some ideas for dessert and every single one of your friends or family has allergies? The Abundant Fruit Chocolate Tray

This energetic, bright, and bountiful tray will light up anyone’s eyes as it overflows with melon slices, branches of ruby red grapes, daisy-shaped pineapples half-dipped in chocolate, oranges, apple slices covered in toffee, and a mix of luscious strawberries (both plain and dipped). It’s the exquisite answer to any host’s party that’s full of dietary restrictions.  

Pick from either a small (14 servings) or large (18 servings) arrangement to give the gift of a healthy, joyful indulgence. You can get it for $90-$100.

Fruit Bouquets Sweet Love Story Review

We all love a good love story. And there’s no better way to showcase your love for your significant other than through a beautiful bouquet of fruit and chocolate. Flowers are great but have you ever received a Sweet Love Story like this?

Not just for Valentine’s Day, this basket is filled to the brim with L-O-V-E (literally) as the word is spelled out with chocolate-covered pineapples, nestled in a bed of melons, oranges, plus plain and dipped juicy strawberries. 

Your Sweet Love Story comes in four options — on its own, with a sprinkled heart, an I love you balloon, or a sprinkled heart and balloon. Pick up this tasty and heartwarming gift for $70-$80

Fruit Bouquets Berry Cute Review

Cute is truly the right word here. Plump little scoops of melon, perfectly sculpted pineapple daisies, and zesty oranges jut out of this perfectly sweet and happy bouquet. 

Ideal for ‘just because’ occasions or for anyone who needs a little pop of joy in their day, the Berry Cute bouquet is dotted with juicy strawberries, and has the option to dip a few fruits in chocolate to pump up its wow factor. 

Delivered in a reusable Sweet Hearts of Love bucket (32 oz), this adorable gift has enough fruit for 9 people. The bouquet itself is $50, but you can add chocolate for just $5. Include 12 deliciously-dipped Shari’s Berries strawberries (dipped or not) to your order for an additional $30-$35

Who is Fruit Bouquets For? 

Fruit Bouquets Review

Don’t get us wrong, flowers are great. But beautiful fruit shaped like flowers, dipped in chocolate, arranged, and edible just levels up the concept of flowers, making it a little more fun, fresh, and well…delicious. 

With that in mind, Fruit Bouquets are the perfect pick for anyone looking to give a healthy, edible gift. Ideal for birthdays, times of sympathy, or ‘just because’, this brand delivers gorgeous, tasty arrangements on any special day and even offers same-day delivery for those last-minute (panic) gifts.

Fruit Bouquets Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fruit Bouquets Review

Fruit is delicious. Chocolate-covered fruit? Even better. The selection at Fruit Bouquets is out of this world, but to find out if the reality matches the photos, we’re going to need a little help from its customers. 

With any online company, it’s important to look into delivery. With perishable food, it’s ideal to find out about the packaging situation. In this section of our Fruit Bouquets review, we’ll check into both, as well as what the arrangements actually look like when they arrive. Let’s get started.

The first place we checked out was Influenster. The review showed a 4.3/5 star rating for the company in general, not a specific bouquet. That rating broke down like this:

  • 5 stars: 57%
  • 4 stars: 28%
  • 3 stars: 8%
  • 2 stars: 3%
  • 1 star: 3%

Overall, the comments were very positive. Buyers report beautiful arrangements and on-time delivery. One Fruit Bouquets review read: “Very nice products! These gift baskets are great and so much fun. They specify to your request and need. I have never had a problem with delivery.

Customization is super important with companies like this. The ability to include or leave out chocolate is a huge plus for those that may not like it or have an intolerance. The fact that this customer also said they’ve never had a delivery problem speaks volumes too, as it sounds like they order regularly.

We also wanted to get an idea of how fresh the fruit was when it arrived, so we were thankful when we came across this comment: “This was amazing the fruit was still fresh and not too soft it was properly wrapped there was no air inside.” 

The purpose of a fruit bouquet is to be eaten, so the quality of the produce is probably the most important part of this company. From what we found, in this review and others, Fruit Bouquets hits it out of the park.

For our next stop, we checked out the Fruit Bouquets review page on SiteJabber. We wanted to ensure the comments about freshness found on Influenster held and were happy when we found comments that did exactly that. One read:

My fruit bouquet was delicious and packaged well. All the fruit was sweet. They offered same-day delivery for a very small fee of $2.99.” There are a lot of great points in this spot of feedback: sweet fruit, secure packaging, affordable delivery. 

All of these things are equally as important and come together to make this brand a great choice. Cheap delivery wouldn’t be worth it if the fruit wasn’t fresh and delicious, just the way that tasty fruit wouldn’t be warranted with high delivery costs. See what we mean?

For our final dose of Fruit Bouquets reviews, we swapped over to a website called Trust Mamma. The site showed a 3/5 star rating and 81 reviews, with various comments about the tasty, ripe fruit and great service customers received when ordering. 

Since we haven’t heard much about the chocolate-dipped strawberries (and these items are usually a win or fail situation), we were happy to find a few bits of feedback that mentioned their freshness. One read:

All I can say is wow! These strawberries here were jumbo, dipped in chocolate…they were fresh, nicely packaged, just the right temperature, and did I say sweet, oh my. Will definitely purchase again. Thank you.” 

Chocolate-covered strawberries are finicky. If left unrefrigerated for too long, the chocolate may melt or the fruit can become soft. Reading this review helped us understand that not only does the company deliver on time, but its storage and packaging are optimal and secure.

Though we did bump into some negative reviews about Fruit Bouquets, in a lot of the cases, those who were displeased with their order (it arrived late, wasn’t fresh) got a full refund for their order.

In the end, the majority of what we found was positive, and this brand appears to deliver beautiful-looking and tasty arrangements on time, excelling in same-day delivery. 

Is Fruit Bouquets Worth It?

Fruit Bouquets Review

Delivering peeled, fresh fruit at its peak ripeness is a tough job. Making sure it arrives in the same shape it left the kitchen? Even more so. Though tricky, we were really impressed with what we found out about Fruit Bouquets

With a wide selection of arrangements, add-ons, and exciting bundles, this brand is perfect for last-minute or easy-to-please gifts that deliver something that looks incredible and tastes fresh. 

In terms of price, Fruit Bouquets are equally as expensive as flowers — it’s just one of those things. Just because flowers die doesn’t mean we don’t see their value, and in the same way, just because we eat the fruit doesn’t mean we don’t see its incredible value either. 

Serving a double purpose — to be enjoyed visually and eaten, we believe that Fruit Bouquets are a fun, inspired gift that has the ability to bring a lot of joy. For that reason, we think they’re worth the buy.

Fruit Bouquets Promotions & Discounts 

Fruit Bouquets Review

Fruit bouquets have quickly become a go-to in the gifting world, giving loved ones, colleagues, and neighbors a dose of sunshine or a quick pick-me-up. Because fruit arrangements are so popular, the company has created a membership program called Celebration Passports. 

For $20 a year, members get free shipping, gifts, and special perks with every order, awarding points for purchases and actions (like following them on Facebook) which you can redeem for discounts on future orders.

While combing the website for this Fruit Bouquets review, we also discovered that the brand is offering a 15% off promotion right now. To access the discount, simply enter the Fruit Bouquets promo code 15ORDER at checkout.

Where to Buy Fruit Bouquets

Fruit Bouquets Review

To order these delicious and joyful arrangements, head right over to Once there, you can shop by occasion, holiday, or bouquets that ship same-day.


Fruit Bouquets Review

Who owns Fruit Bouquets?

Fruit Bouquets is part of a large group of brands owned by 1-800 Flowers, which includes Shari’s Berries, Simply Chocolate, and The Popcorn Factory.

The floral delivery company is owned by Jim McCann and was the first of its kind to offer phone-in and online flower delivery services.

Does Fruit Bouquets ship internationally?

It looks like select products are available for international shipping, but not all. To see which ones may ship to your zip code, enter it on the brand’s homepage to see which items you can shop for.

What is Fruit Bouquets’ Shipping Policy?

Since fruit is highly perishable (especially when peeled like it is in an arrangement) and fragile, it’s important that it’s delivered by hand. Because of that, Fruit Bouquets only ships within the US via FedEx, UPS, and USPS. 

Your order will arrive in a box with a parcel sleeve with your gift card affixed to the outside for easy identification. A few things to keep in mind when placing an order:

  1. Fruit Bouquets does not ship to hospitals, funeral homes, or rural areas, and possibly some schools (depending on their restrictions)
  2. Bundles containing wine cannot ship to certain states
  3. You may need to sign for your package (not always required)
  4. You’ll need to order by 1 pm on a weekday, 12 pm on Saturdays and 11:30 am on Sundays to get same-day delivery

What is Fruit Bouquets’ Return Policy?

Fruit Bouquets are fruit and aren’t returnable. If there’s something wrong with your order or if it arrives damaged or late, just get in touch with the brand and they will make it right. 

How to Contact Fruit Bouquets

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Fruit Bouquets review, reach out to the company’s customer service team through the following methods: 

  • Phone: 1-800-476-9377
  • Live chat on their site

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